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Learn About Re-usable Natural Menstrual Care Products

Learn About Re-usable Natural Menstrual Care Products

Today Dalene will share with you information about switching to re-usable menstrual care products. Learn how to use Glad Rags cotton cloth pads, and the Mooncup menstrual cup. The Mooncup is a great alternative to tampons. These natural alternatives to conventional feminine care products benefit your fertility, health and the environment positively!

Learn About Re-usable Natural Menstrual Care Products

Moon Cup
This is a small cup that is inserted vaginally to catch the menstrual blood. They capture twice as much blood as a tampon. There have been no reports of Toxic Shock Syndrome as opposed to tampon risk. They are also very cost effective! One cup on average will last up to 10 years! Moon cups come in 2 different sizes, one pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy. The cannot be felt when inserted correctly. The companies that make these use the most eco-friendly materials possible with no harmful by-products or residue. Once inserted one cup will catch blood for 12 hours with a regular menstrual flow, this means you may only have to change it twice a day.

The average pack of tampons costs about $9.00 for 36 tampons. On average, if you are using 4 tampons a day, that will cost you $0.25 per tampon; which is $5.00 per month; that equals $60.00 a year; which equals $600.00 in 10 years. The menstrual cup on average costs about $35.00 up front and is reusable for 10 years. This would only cost you $0.29 per month for 10 years. This saves you $565.00 over 10 years.

There are some great modern companies out there making cloth menstrual pads with care and commitment to the environment and women worldwide. These pads are made of cotton cloth, usually organic cotton and come in a variety of styles, absorbency, sizes and cute colored cloth patterns. These pads can be reused for 3 years or more when proper care is taken. If you have ever worn disposable pads you know how uncomfortable they can be, cloth pads are a lot more comfortable to wear! It can take a bit of money to switch over to cloth pads, but over the coarse of a year your average savings by switching to reusable pads will be $150.00 a year.

You can also make your own reusable pads! If you are into sewing or are on a budget this is a great option.

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  1. Avatar

    Dalene mentioned in the video that the menstrual cup is one of the best inventions. I couldn’t agree more! It amazes me how unpopular these are (at least in my context.) Thanks for spreading the word! Now if I understand correctly, I can’t use my menstrual cup post-pardum. Are the cloth pads typically heavy-duty enough for post-pardum bleeding?

    • Dear Stephanie,

      It is also my understanding that a menstrual cup isn’t suggested after childbirth for postnatal bleeding unless being guided in using it by your healthcare provider. It would be best to ask the maker of the menstrual cup you have why they suggest this.

      Some cloth menstrual pads makers make a postpartum pad. An overnight pad may be enough coverage as well. It was my personal experience that both worked fine for me postpartum.

      Best wishes!