Natural Progesterone Cream Use in Pregnancy

Natural Progesterone Cream Use in Pregnancy

How to accurately use natural progesterone cream through the first trimester of pregnancy.

How to accurately use natural progesterone cream through the first trimester of pregnancy.

Natural progesterone cream is a very effective way to help women with low progesterone to achieve and sustain pregnancy. This supplement is one of the only over-the-counter ways to directly help a woman support her progesterone levels. Progesterone is the early pregnancy hormone. It is necessary in the right amounts to sustain a developing embryo. Progesterone levels are a delicate balance and should a woman with low progesterone find she is pregnant, miscarriage is a possibility without finding a way to supplement the body’s own progesterone.

We work with many women that have low progesterone who have chosen to support their progesterone levels through application of progesterone cream, with great success I might add. Once a woman finds out she is pregnant while still using progesterone cream, the use of the progesterone cream must not stop and continued support with proper education on the correct use in pregnancy must be in place.

This question and answer post was born out of the most common questions we receive from women who are pregnant and are using natural progesterone cream. If you are using progesterone cream or are thinking of using it, this is a very important read!

Natural Progesterone Cream Use In Pregnancy Q&A

1. Q: I just found out I am pregnant and I have been using your natural progesterone cream. I read on your forum that product contains herbs that are not safe for pregnancy. Should I stop taking Fertilica Natural Progesterone Cream? I am scared that if I stop using it, I might miscarry. What should I do? Please help.

A: You are correct, our Fertilica Natural Progesterone Cream contains supportive herbs that are very supportive of preconception health, aiding the body in achieving pregnancy naturally through hormone balance support, namely progesterone. Most of those herbs are not suggested to be continued into pregnancy. What is more important than discontinuing those herbs in early pregnancy though, is continuing to apply the natural progesterone cream, twice daily as directed, until you can switch over to a pure progesterone cream, like Emerita Pro-Gest. Suddenly stopping application of progesterone cream may potentially cause a sudden drop in progesterone levels, which may increase the risk of miscarriage.

Go ahead and continue the Fertilica Natural Progesterone Cream until you can switch over to a pure progesterone cream. Remember to keep two bottles of progesterone cream on hand, so you don’t run out. It is also a good idea to contact your doctor or midwife to help you with good prenatal care and proper guidance for use of progesterone cream in pregnancy.

2. Q: I watched your YouTube video on using progesterone cream in pregnancy. You said to increase the dose to 100mg by the 20th week of pregnancy. My question is, how will I know when to increase the dose and how do I do that? I am currently 5 weeks pregnant and I have been using 20mg in the morning and evening.

A: I think for women using progesterone cream in pregnancy, this is one of the scariest aspects of use; applying the correct dose at the right time. You are not alone, we get this question quite often! There is a general guide to increasing dose and it is important to realize that it is just that – a general guide – not set in concrete. All pregnant women should talk with their healthcare practitioner about continuing progesterone cream through the first trimester of pregnancy, at a dose that is appropriate for their personal needs. In addition, be sure to check the measurement specification for the progesterone cream you are using.

General guide to increasing dose of progesterone cream in pregnancy:

Note: dose measurements are based on Emerita Pro-Gest guidelines

  • 1/8 tsp. contains approximately 10 mg progesterone
  • 1/4 tsp. contains approximately 20 mg progesterone
  • 1/2 tsp. contains approximately 40 mg progesterone

Week 3 (just past ovulation to week 5): 40mg per day
20mg applied once in the morning and 20mg once in the evening.

Week 5 through 7: 60mg per day
30mg applied once in the morning and 30mg once in the evening.

Week 8 through 10: 70mg per day
35mg applied once in the morning and 35mg once in the evening.

Week 11 through 13: 80mg per day
40mg applied once in the morning and 40mg once in the evening.

Week 14 through 16: 90mg per day
45mg applied once in the morning and 45mg once in the evening.

Week 17 through 20: 100mg per day
50mg applied once in the morning and 50mg once in the evening.

How and When to Discontinue Use After the 20th Week:
By the 20th week of gestation, the placenta should have taken over producing adequate amounts of progesterone. By the 20th week most women are in the clear of having a miscarriage due to low progesterone levels, so stopping the cream suddenly should not be an issue. If you are worried though, it is also fine to slowly wean off of the cream, using less and less each day over a week, until you are no longer applying it.

3. Q: I am so excited to let you guys know that I am almost 8 weeks pregnant. While I am so happy, I know it is still early, and I have had several miscarriages due to low progesterone levels. I want to continue the progesterone cream, but at my first prenatal appointment my doctor said he wants to put me on prescription progesterone suppositories. I am really worried about having another miscarriage, but don’t want to take synthetic drugs. Which is safer and a better choice, natural or synthetic? If I choose to take the suppositories, when should I stop the progesterone cream?

A: Your fears are completely valid, but fortunately for this pregnancy you planned ahead, by working to support adequate progesterone levels before trying to get pregnant. Good for you! If you wish to continue the progesterone cream, I would recommend that you ask your doctor to test your progesterone levels, to see if you need to adjust the dose to meet your needs. Sometimes women with a history of very low progesterone need to increase their dose greatly, more than is suggested as a general guideline. Knowing your progesterone levels will help your doctor to suggest a correct dose. If your doctor is unfamiliar with natural progesterone cream application, but you desire to continue the cream, rather than take the prescription, you might want to find a naturopathic doctor who is well versed in proper use of progesterone cream, or ask your local compounding pharmacist to direct you to a progesterone cream-savvy doctor to work with, alongside your current doctor.

It is completely safe and fine to continue the progesterone cream up until you are ready to switch over to the prescription progesterone, should you choose to go that route. You would just apply your last dose of progesterone cream 12 hours prior to beginning your prescription progesterone.

As far as which one is safer, I think that really depends on who you talk to. Progesterone cream does have to be applied correctly and at the correct dose to be effective. On top of that you need to use the highest quality pure progesterone cream you can find. Think of this this way, both are designed to support progesterone production in your body in order to help you sustain pregnancy. I think that it is a personal choice, going the natural route requires you do your homework, be your own advocate, and find a practitioner who supports you. Most doctors are not familiar with working with natural progesterone cream, which is why they offer the services they are trained in – prescription medications. I know that progesterone cream can be just as effective as prescription progesterone because we have had many clients use progesterone cream to support early pregnancy, with great success.

4. Q: I plan on continuing progesterone cream into pregnancy, but do I really need to? Should I get my progesterone levels tested in early pregnancy to see if I need the cream? What kind of test should I ask for?

A: Great question. Any woman who has been using natural progesterone cream prior to pregnancy, should continue applying the cream through early pregnancy because discontinuing the cream suddenly may cause a drop in progesterone levels, which puts her at risk of miscarrying.

As soon as you find out you are pregnant, contact your doctor to make an appointment to get your progesterone levels tested. This is not a routine early pregnancy test. If your doctor or the receptionist at the office questions why you want this test, simply explain to them you are using natural progesterone cream, you have a history of low progesterone and you are wanting to make sure your progesterone levels are adequate enough to carry a pregnancy. There are two types of tests, saliva and blood. Blood tests are more common at a doctor’s office.

A progesterone test in early pregnancy is going to tell your practitioner where your levels are currently at, which will help them determine if you need to continue on with the progesterone cream, and if so, at what dose. If your doctor is unfamiliar with natural progesterone cream dosing, contact your local compounding pharmacist and have them direct you to a doctor who does. That way you will be given the right dose for your needs.

If it is determined through testing that your body is producing progesterone on its own just fine and your doctor sees no reason why you should need to continue progesterone of any kind, simply wean off of the progesterone cream over a week, applying less and less in a split dose morning and evening.


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Dr. Christine Traxler M.D., OB/GYN
Dr. Christine Traxler M.D., OB/GYN

Dr. Traxler is a University-trained obstetrician/gynecologist, working with patients in Minnesota for over 20 years. She is a professional medical writer; having authored multiple books on pregnancy and childbirth; textbooks and coursework for medical students and other healthcare providers; and has written over 1000 articles on medical, health, and wellness topics.  Dr. Traxler attended the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences and University of Minnesota Medical School,  earning a degree in biochemistry with summa cum laude honors in 1981,  and receiving her Medical Doctorate degree (MD) in 1986.

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  1. Avatar

    I started taking progesterone cream about 6 months before conception. When I found out I was pregnant (4 weeks) I stopped taking it (what the dr. vaguely recommended). Around 5-6 weeks I had cramps that didn’t stop for days and I had a gut feeling a miscarriage was coming (had one before). My acupuncturist said to use progesterone cream again, so I did ~20mg/day. The cramps disappeared and I’m now almost 20 weeks! So I’m wondering, is it safe to continue the cream throughout the whole pregnancy at about 20mg/day and rotating application spots? I don’t want to risk stopping AT ALL. I know I’m 20 weeks, but had very low progesterone before pregnancy – had a period every 2-3 weeks. Thanks

    • Dear Taryn,

      First Congratulations!

      The placenta should take over adequate progesterone production and the additional cream them won’t be needed. You really need to let your doctor know what happened and how things have changed if not and ask for the guidance of your acupuncturist and doctor moving forward. Progesterone cream application in pregnancy into the second trimester and beyond is not something to do without guidance and monitoring.

  2. Avatar

    I am currently using 100 mg progesterone cream. I should be 8 weeks pregnant, but the baby stopped developing at 6 weeks, 2 days. Is using the cream preventing the completion of the miscarriage? Should I stop the cream immediately, or slowly wean off?

  3. Avatar

    I have miscarried twice, but this time around, I used progesterone cream, and the baby is doing great. My doctor has said she wants me to stop using the cream as of week 12, but I am really scared to, and your website says week 20 is when one stops using it.

  4. Avatar

    Hi, I have never used progesterone cream but I bought a USP progesterone cream w/ no added herbs. My doctor said she doesn’t really believe progesterone creams work. If I become pregnant do you think I should start progesterone cream or have the test done first. Is there any harm in taking the progesterone if you maintain a constant dose until month 3? Or should an increase in dose be done as mentioned in the article. I am not pregnant yet however I am just trying to ask questions beforehand. Thank you!

    • Dear Jessie,

      I am not surprised frankly, but we have seen it work. Have you thought about a second opinion or working with a more natural-minded practitioner (a naturopath, midwife or maybe even a pharmacist)? Anyway, we suggest ensuring progesterone levels are low through testing before using progesterone cream. If you continue your research and choose to use progesterone cream, it is best to increase the amount used through early pregnancy as you will find many practitioners suggest.

  5. Avatar

    Hi there! This article was great, thank you! I just had a couple of questions. I had a mc in April at 10 weeks gestation. I am now pregnant again and will be 4 weeks tomorrow. I have been trying to research everything and anything to prevent another mc. I have suspected endometriosis, but this was diagnosed about a year after having my son. I was wondering now with the endometriosis, is it possible that now my progesterone is lower than before? My OB refused to check my pro. levels, and now she is gone on vacation. Is it dangerous to use Pro-Gest in the right dosages for preg. without checking my levels? I have not begun using it yet. Thanks!

    • Dear Ashley,

      It is best to test progesterone levels before using progesterone cream. Can you seek the help of another OB that will test your progesterone levels? Or is there a midwife near you that you can talk to or work with?

      I completely understand not wanting to experience another loss, but working with a practitioner who can and will guide you will be best for you and your pregnancy. You deserve a care provider who will work with you!

      As you move forward, perhaps there will be tips in our other Pregnancy Health Articles that will resonate with you.

      Congratulations and my best!

    • Avatar

      Hi there! I had posted and asked a question last month. Sorry I didn’t see the reply till now! Thanks for your reply. I came back here to ask one more question if that’s ok? I am currently 9 weeks pregnant and have been spotting pink and brown discharge since the end of July. I had an ultrasound for viability at 7 weeks. Everything looked ok and we heard the heartbeat. I was finally able to talk to my OB about my spotting last week (she had been on vacation) and she promptly prescribed me Prometrium. Well I found out that is progesterone, or progestins I should say. I am wondering why in the world she would prescribe this to me without checking my progesterone levels? And is it ok? Thanks.

    • Dear Ashley,

      Congratulations on your pregnancy!

      Please do ask this question of your doctor! Most pregnancies, even with spotting, continue without complication, but you should clarify with your doctor why Prometrium was given. She knows best why she chose to give it to you.

      My best!

  6. Avatar

    Thank you for this excellent information.. My luteal phase is just 10 days and has remains so in spite of lots of attempts to lengthen it so I am starting on Emerita Pro Gest using the guidance above. I would like to know what day post ovulation I should stop the progesterone to allow the period to come, if I am not pregnant. For example, if I test on day 14 post ovulation and the test is negative, should I spill use the cream for a couple of extra days then test again to be sure, in case implantation happens late? Thank you.

    • Dear Sylvia,

      When actively trying to conceive, one should test for pregnancy the day after menstruation is supposed to start (when it is officially late) before stopping progesterone cream. This for many will be around day 14 of use of the progesterone cream, for others it may be before and several others perhaps after. Choose a pregnancy test marketed as an “early detection pregnancy test”. If it is negative, the cream can be stopped.

  7. Avatar

    Hello! I have a random panic question! i have been on progesterone cream for two months because i have PCOS and way too much testosterone. I took 3 clicks from day 14-day 28 and stopped on day 28 in hopes to start my period (my periods were fairy regular before starting). well, after about 2 weeks, still no period and i took a pregnancy test. to my surprise, it was postiive. i haven’t been on the cream since day 28. could it be problematic? This is so crazy and unexpected as I have two daughters that i had to do IVF for.

    • Dear Nicole,

      Hello and Congratulations!

      It is going to be best to check in with your doctor. He/she will help you know if going in early or sooner than is regularly suggested might be best. They may want to see you sooner than the standard 14 week 1st appt. given you have PCOS and have had challenges conceiving naturally in the past. Should you need progesterone support, your doctor is best to guide you.

      My very best!

  8. Avatar

    My progesterone level was 11.2 the last time it was checked on CD21. My midwife suggested that I start the cream and start it on CD6 or CD7 and not wait until AFTER ovulation. Will this suppress my ovulation? I am very regular with my cycle; always 28 days and usually ovulate around CD14/15. I have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility after TTC for 2.5 years baby #2. I suffered several early miscarriages between 6-8 weeks gestation during this time; which is why my midwife suggested the cream. I am just concerned with having started it prior to ovulation instead of after like your directions say.

  9. Avatar

    Hi, my levels were taken at 3 weeks and my progesterone was 20…now at 4 weeks 5 days it went down to 17. I know that its still considered the normal range but I am concerned that it went down. My midwife didn’t seem to be concerned but after 2 miscarriages I am freaking out a little and would like to do all that I can. Would it be a good idea to start the cream?

    • Hi Gretchen!

      Congratulations on your pregnancy! Your concern would be something to talk to your midwife and healthcare provider about. Talk to them for their guidance. While natural progesterone cream can be used in pregnancy, it would be best to be guided in doing so.

      Take care!

  10. Avatar

    Hi there,
    I believe I am one of those who does not have a positive pregnancy until 6 weeks (or 2 weeks after my period). I had a miscarriage at 5W4D back in September of 2017 and I know because I was tracking my BBT. I have been tracking since 2013 and know how to do it well. I had 25 days of a sustained ovulatory temp, but tested negative at 4 weeks, and was waiting until 6 weeks to temp, as I’ve struggled with PCOS in the past. I again have gotten pregnant but am showed a negative test at 4 weeks, and want to wait until 6 weeks to test, but I am spotting and cramping! I am concerned I may miscarry again, so I want to get progesterone cream. Thoughts?

  11. Avatar

    I am 11 weeks and 4 days pregnant and I paid for a private progesterone test and it has come back at 55.5nmol which is 17.5ng. I am worried is this to low? My GP won’t prescribe progesterone so I am wondering if to try a natural cream and if so which is safe? I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks on Christmas day and this is my last chance after fertility issues to be a Mum. I couldn’t cope if I lost this little one but seem to be in it alone and told what will be will be. I have my 12 week scan on Monday and am so scared

    • Dear Catherine,

      Congratulations! I am so sorry you are worried though!

      Does your healthcare provider feel that this level is low for you? A general range for progesterone in the first trimester is 9-47 ng/ml. I know this is a wide range, so that is why it is important to know what your level means for you… whether a GP will prescribe progesterone or not. It may also help to reach out to a midwife hear you if there is one.

      We are not able to suggest using progesterone in pregnancy without guidance, so continuing to educate yourself is a great. I hope your worries are relieved Monday!

      Our best!

  12. Avatar

    After 5 years with no positive test I found out we are expecting! I had used Progessence as a cyclical supplement so conceived while using progesterone. I had my urine and blood test to confirm i was about 6 weeks and progesterone was 17, a day later driving home from the holidays we had a near collision and immediately after I had sharp stabbing pain that lasted a half an hour but there was never any blood. I’ve been fearful, high anxiety since then. The clinic took me in the next day to check my hcg and progesterone. My Pg was then 11.5, They want to prescribe 100mg oral progesterone but I’ve been learning 100 mg is equivalent to 1/4tsp cream? I am wondering if I can use cream instead?

    • Dear ahomestead,

      I am very sorry to hear of all you’ve been through! It will be best for you to follow the advice of your doctor, or ask for his advice, or that of midwife with whom you can work one on one, about using the cream in place of prescription progesterone. They are not the same thing. Do what you need to do to support this pregnancy and ease your fears. Prescription progesterone is safely used in pregnancy and can be very effective.

  13. Avatar

    Hi there, I have been taking progesterone cream for two weeks now in order to get pregnant. My cycle is normally 25 days. I started right after ovulation and today I am on day 24. This morning I took a pregnancy test, which came back negative. Would you recommend me to stop with the cream today and await my period – or take another test in say two days in order to be completely sure it is negative? Can my period start while I am on the cream?

    Thank you so much in advance and also for a very informative website!

    • Dear Catherine,

      For some women, menstruation starts on its own while using natural progesterone cream and others have to stop the cream for menstruation to start. So, if you actively tried to conceive this cycle, it may be best to way until day 26 at least to test again and then if the test is negative, the cream could be stopped. If you are concerned about this, do reach out to your doctor for support.

  14. Avatar

    Hi there, I’m currently 5 weeks pregnant, my first pregnancy. My sister had several moscarriages before her two healthy babies, and she recommended I start to supplement with natural progesterone now to reduce my miscarriage risk. Since I wasn’t supplementing before conceiving, and haven’t had any diagnosis of low progesterone, would you recommend beginning to supplement at 5 weeks or not? Many thanks for any advice and for your excellent article.

  15. Avatar

    Hi there,
    I am about to begin taking a natural progesterone cream from cycle day 12-26. My question is this: If I become pregnant in the next couple of months, do I continue taking the cream during days 12-26, or do I begin taking the cream on a daily basis throughout the first trimester? I want to know how to take it properly if I do become pregnant. Thanks so much!

    • Dear Anna,

      When pregnancy occurs while using natural progesterone cream it is then to be used daily into pregnancy. As soon as you find out you are pregnant, do be sure to contact your doctor to make an appointment to get your progesterone levels tested. Should he/she suggest a different use, please follow his/her advice.

      I am required to reiterate, “All pregnant women should talk with their healthcare practitioner about continuing progesterone cream through the first trimester of pregnancy, at a dose that is appropriate for their personal needs.”

  16. Avatar

    I am 16 weeks and 4 days pregnant and am taking progesterone suppositories. My question is, I was supposed to come off at 11 weeks, but I have enough to take once every second day for 36 more days (so around 21 weeks). I am terrified of coming off this! My Dr. wont test my levels because she said the placenta has taken over already. Since I have reduced my dosage to one every second day, I am not longer constipated. Does that mean I don’t have enough progesterone in my system? Should I get another Doctor’s opinion?

    • Dear Ashley,

      Congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope that you are feeling well!

      Prescription progesterone is much stronger and different than natural progesterone cream. We are not trained in the use and effectiveness of prescription progesterone like your doctor and/or pharmacist are, and therefore can not give advice on using it or discontinuing it. Your doctor knows the medication best. It is best to heed his/her advice.

      All my best to you!

  17. Avatar

    Hey! I am pregnant, in my 7th week and am using Progesterall. I bled a week ago and no increased my dose of progesterone cream. I measured my progesteron elevels in Dec. 2014 and then my level was to low. I started with the cream 10 mg a day (2 days ago I went up to 60mg a day). In July this year, I measured my levels again and I was above minimum level, but still low.

    I wonder how much progesterone I should take and for how long in the pregnancy? I also have myoma (12cm, 6 cm, 7 cm and 2 small) in the uterus. How will they get effected by taking progesterone cream. I have some problems with hard cramps during pregnancy (even my last pregnancy which ended up in a misscarriage).

    Thanks alot!

    • Dear Fatou,

      Congratulations on your pregnancy!

      It is a good idea to contact your doctor, or midwife to talk about the cramps you experience and to properly guide you in using progesterone cream at a dose appropriate for your needs/your pregnancy.

      While there are general guidelines for increasing the dose of progesterone cream in pregnancy discussed here, your doctor can determine the best dose for you. As shared in this article, “By the 20th week of gestation, the placenta should have taken over producing adequate amounts of progesterone. By the 20th week most women are in the clear of having a miscarriage due to low progesterone levels, so stopping the cream suddenly should not be an issue. If you are worried though, it is also fine to slowly wean off of the cream, using less and less each day over a week, until you are no longer applying it.”

      I hope you are able to reach out to your doctor or midwife!

  18. Avatar

    Do you have a chart of normal/healthy levels of progesterone week by week through pregnancy? I was just tested at 10 weeks and my levels are at 22. My Dr said that is too low for his comfort and would like me to get on suppositories or injections. I have four children and have had one miscarriage that was a partial molar pregnancy. While I have taken Young Livings Progesterone Plus serum since March (for other non fertility related issues) I do plan to switch over to Emerita Pro-gest Natural Balancing Cream tomorrow when it arrives. What would you suggest as a dosage? And will this be sufficient as I do not want to do suppositories/injections? My Dr will be monitoring me.

    • Dear Mary,

      Congratulations on your pregnancy!

      We feel it best to talk with your doctor about using progesterone cream through the first trimester of pregnancy at a dose that is appropriate for your personal needs. Be sure to share your hesitations about using suppositories/injections and ask that he/she guide you in using progesterone cream, or refer you to a practitioner who will (a compounding pharmacist is not likely to require a referral).

      I hope your healthcare provider is supportive!

  19. Avatar

    Hi Natural-fertility-info team. I have low progesterone (not ovulating) and just started taking pro-gest last week in hopes of getting pregnant. I have felt increased breast tenderness over the last few days, but that might be due to the balancing of the high estrogen in my body.

    In terms of application, I know everybody says to apply the cream to your skin but I read this article by Dr. Mercola and can’t help feel convinced that it should be applied via the vagina or rectum? Thoughts?

    • Dear Maryam,

      There are differing usage instructions of progesterone cream by different practitioners.

      We do not suggest using Fertilica Natural Progesterone Cream, or Emerita Pro-Gest vaginally or rectally. We follow the usage guidance of Dr. John Lee and his suggested application is that progesterone cream is best applied to the skin (transdermal application) to the face, neck, upper chest, breasts, inner arms and palms of hands and feet. Learn more via our Progesterone Fertility Guide.

  20. Avatar

    My naturopathic doctor just told me to quit taking the natural progesterone cream for one week so she can test my levels. I’m maybe 3 weeks pregnant and very worried to stop. She wouldn’t test my levels before I conceived when I asked (I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis + short luteal phase + high testosterone), so I’m having a hard time listening to her advice. I’m thinking I should keep on the cream but still get tested. Thoughts?

    • Hi Savanah,

      In my experience, it is best to continue on with progesterone supplementation in the first trimester, once you have begun taking it. Discontinuing use may cause a drop in progesterone levels, especially in those with low to very low levels to begin with. A sudden drop off in progesterone has been shown to cause miscarriage. It sounds like your ND wants to see where your natural progesterone levels are at, without the progesterone support. You may want to ask if this is her intention and how this is supportive of your pregnancy? Why do you need to get your progesterone levels tested at this point? Why would she not test your progesterone levels prior to pregnancy? Is she also a midwife, is this someone you plan on getting your prenatal care from? It may be best to seek a second opinion. I find that going with your gut instinct is very important to your own health, ignoring it isn’t. Clear communication with your naturopath may clear the air…

      Getting progesterone testing while supplementing with natural progesterone cream can alter the outcome of the test.

      I hope this helps you! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

      You may want to browse our pregnancy resource articles here…

  21. Avatar

    Dear Natural Fertility,

    I have been using Fertilica for a year now and now I am pregnant! I am sad to find out that I can’t use it during pregnancy. As you recommended I ordered Progest from Emerita. I have to say i am quite disappointed with the cream! I was silly enough to order the Lavender version, I now know that it is not advised to use Lavender oil during your first trimester. I started to itch and looked up the ingredients.Well the cream contains Phenoxyethanol. A very dangerous preservative that can cause harm to my baby! Could you please stop advising the use of this cream,as it doesn’t seem safe at all! Can you suggest a much healthier, organic and safe alternative please?Thanks

    • Hello Margareta!

      Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is wonderful news!

      When you have time, we would love to hear your fertility story. We know it would inspire so many others!

      We have chosen Emerita Pro-Gest because it is believed by our team to be the cleanest plain progesterone cream on the market. This being said, we understand the concern about phenoxyethanol and have a formal statement from the makers of Emerita Pro-Gest, Nutraceutical Corporation, to share. The statement follows…

      “There are a lot of preservatives out there, both synthetic and natural. Many natural preservatives are actually much harsher to the skin in the usage concentrations than some of the synthetics.

      We have found it necessary to use Phenoxyethanol, also known as rose ether. Phenoxyethanol is a sugar ether and is often used to assist other ingredients to prevent microbial contamination. It has a safety rating of ‘4’ on the Environmental Working Group, the same rating as citric acid which is derived most commonly from citrus fruit. I think it is also important to note that Phenoxyethanol is an approved ingredient for use in cosmetics by the Natural Products Association.

      Although not perfect, it is one of the better preservatives that doesn’t release formaldehyde or contain parabens. Phenoxyethanol is not known to bioaccumulate in the body like parabens, though it is classified as a mild irritant when used topically in high concentrations.

      Out developers did extensive research on the safe amounts of the ingredients used in the products.It is used in very small amounts within the safe range for human consumption. Our formula has less that 1% Phenoxyethanol.”

      Please feel free to reach out to the Nutraceutical Corporation with further questions.

      I hope this provides some peace of mind or that you are able to find a more suitable natural progesterone cream for your needs.

      Again, Congratulations!

  22. Avatar

    I have had two miscarriages in 6th and 9th week respectively. Both the times the gestational sac and yolk sac was present without the baby. My doctors are running tests for repeated losses. All tests including blood clot and thyroid are normal.My progesterone tests came back yesterday and its 7. My doctor says its normal,but what I read from internet its low and it should be 10 or more. I’m currently taking myoinositol, royal jelly and CoQ10 and no other medicines for getting pregnant. Please let me know if my doctor is right or not.

    • Dear Surabi,

      I am not a medical doctor and can not speak to your doctor being right or wrong. If you do not trust his guidance, know that you can seek a second opinion.

      According to the National Institutes of Health, serum progesterone levels for women tested pre-ovulation should be less than 1 ng/mL and for those tested mid-cycle, levels should be between the range of 5 to 20 ng/mL. Given this 7 would appear to be normal as suggested if testing was done mid-cycle.

  23. Avatar

    Thank you for this page! Easily the most concise AND comprehensive guide I’ve found in my google wanderings as I prepare to go back on progesterone in preparations for my fifth attempt and hopefully first successful pregnancy in the spring. Hard to try again after 4 miscarriages, but something still feels missing so trying to go in as educated and prepared as possible and this information is a great help!

  24. Avatar

    Thank you. but what if i want to use it til the birth of baby. Just continue on 100mg? without increasing.

    • Helo! Nina,

      It may be most helpful to you to reach out to your doctor so he/she can help you understand how to best use natural progesterone cream. It is to not to be up until the baby is born. As shared in this article, “By the 20th week of gestation, the placenta should have taken over producing adequate amounts of progesterone. By the 20th week most women are in the clear of having a miscarriage due to low progesterone levels, so stopping the cream suddenly should not be an issue. If you are worried though, it is also fine to slowly wean off of the cream, using less and less each day over a week, until you are no longer applying it.”

  25. Avatar

    Hi! When increasing application for pregnancy, yuo can still rub all of it in same area? For example 20mg is applied on inner arm, when I increase to 100 mg then I apply all of that on inner arm too? … and 200mg, 300mg so on? With rotation of course, but all in one spot?

    • Hello Nina!

      Yes, each dose, no matter the milligrams, can be applied in the same area/spot rotating the application site as suggested. Please consider re-reading the 2nd question in this article for the suggested use each week because the dose does not increase beyond 100mg per day. Also reach out to your healthcare provider about its use. He is best able to guide you in the best dose for your individual need.

  26. Avatar

    Hi, I have had three early recurrent misscaraiges.
    I’m pregnant in my 3rd Week (Lp June 2nd, ovulation/conception June 14). I started using progesterone cream, Pro-Gest yesterday June 18th, 20mg twice a day. But today I woke up at 3am and I started bleeding and cramping. I was wondering if it was safe to go on the cream during implantation even though I’ve never tried the cream before?

  27. Avatar

    Hello, I bought a bottle of Fertilica Natural Progesterone cream in anticipation of an FET IVF program next month & wondering if Fertilica Natural Progesterone cream might be helpful during the process? If so, what is the suggested use? I had a failed FET IVF cycle last year & 2 other aborted cycles previously due to the thin lining. Thank you!

    • Dear Jennifer,

      Fertilica Natural Progesterone cream is supportive of healthy progesterone levels if progesterone levels are confirmed low through testing. In the case of your FET, it would really be best to consult your healthcare provider to ask this question of him and receive his guidance on proper dose and usage. It is not ideal to use natural progesterone cream if progesterone levels are not low.

      Take time to consider our 5 Steps to Preparing for a Frozen Embryo Transfer.
      Best wishes to you!

  28. Avatar

    May I ask where you found the Emerita guidelines for use during pregnancy? I just bought a tube of it, and the insert it came with doesn’t say anything about pregnancy at all. My naturopath wants me to use about 20 mg/day (I don’t have low progesterone, but I have in the past), but I’d like to ask him about increasing the dose if I could find the original source of the info. Thank you! (I’m 4 weeks pregnant).

    • Hello Molly!

      First, Congratulations on your pregnancy! How are you feeling?

      Now to your question, the increased-use guidelines for use of natural progesterone cream in pregnancy are based on the research of our senior herbalist, the author of this article. It is meant as a “general” guide for of how one could increase progesterone over time in pregnancy.

      We use Emerita’s general suggested use as a reference point for use of this natural progesterone cream because we trust this brand for use in pregnancy as it is a pure progesterone cream.

      The resource, not specific to the Emerita brand, rather pure progesterone cream, is Rollins, Catherine P. Progesterone & Pregnancy – A guide to Using Bioidentical Progesterone to Facilitate Fertility and Support Pregnancy, 2010. Making Plans Production, .

      I hope this is helpful!

  29. Avatar

    Hello. This was my first cycle using Emerita Pro-Gest. I started after I thought I had ovulated, and then I stopped it a couple weeks later when I started to bleed. However, a couple days after that I got a faint positive pregnancy test. I started to use the cream for a couple more days, but then the bleeding got heavy and I figured I had an early miscarriage and stopped the cream. Now, I have multiple positive pregnancy tests, but I haven’t used the cream in 5-6 days. The doctor did a blood test today to see my hcg levels and will test them again on Tuesday, but when I asked about progesterone he said I will have to talk with the OB about that later on. Should I start using my cream again?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Kristen,

      We suggest continuing natural progesterone cream use in pregnancy if it was used prior to pregnancy, but it will really be best for you to work closely with your healthcare provider to learn your need for progesterone supplementation if any. It may be possible your progesterone levels are fine. Consider asking to have your progesterone levels tested and contacting an OBGYN to share your concerns and ask questions sooner than “later on” if simply just to ease your mind.

      Congratulations! May you have a happy and healthy pregnancy, birth and baby!

  30. Avatar

    I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks and i just found out im pregnant again. It is early but my progesterone levels are low so he is concerned i’m going to have another miscarriage. I asked about progesterone supplements and he said they haven’t been proven helpful so he will not be suggesting that. What should i do? I really don’t want to lose another baby.

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Lauren,

      First Congratulations!

      Might you consider seeking a second opinion? We know of may healthcare providers who suggest and support supplementing progesterone when needed in early pregnancy. I am a bit disturbed that your doctor isn’t.

      As you seek the care you need, please also consider the information you have read here. Know that this is generalized guidance and it would be best if you could have help determining the best dose for your individual needs.

      I sincerely with you well!

  31. Avatar

    Can you please clarify the increasing dose for progesterone cream? For example, when you say 40 mg per day (20mg day then 20mg night) for weeks 3-5, does that mean through 4 weeks, 6 days or through 5 weeks, 6 days. I am currently 4 weeks, 1 day today and want to be sure to increase accordingly before I meet with my midwife. Thank you so much for this guide!

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Morgan,

      This general suggested of Emerita Pro-Gest in pregnancy means that you would use 40mg a day total, 20mg applied in the morning and another 20 mg in the evening, for 7 days a week through the entire week 4. Then at the beginning of week 5, you would increase your dose to 60 mg a day total, 30mg applied once in the morning and 30mg once in the evening, 7 days a week until you reach day 1 of week 8… and so on.

      Again, all pregnant women should talk with their healthcare practitioner about continuing progesterone cream through the first trimester of pregnancy at a dose that is appropriate for their personal needs. In addition, be sure to check the measurement specification for the progesterone cream you are using.

      Is that helpful?

    • Avatar

      Very helpful, thanks!

    • Avatar

      I kind of can’t help myself from posting an update here – I’m 31 weeks pregnant now. Found out at 20-week scan that it’s twin girls!!!

    • Dear Morgan,

      Congratulations! I wish for you a happy and healthy 3rd trimester and birth experience!

      Best wishes!

  32. Avatar

    I was pregnant for 36 weeks, all sudden i had sharp pain went to ER they did ultra and told baby heart rate is no longer baby die. then after delivery they find out i had big blood clot because of thar placenta detached. want to know why this happened, and what to watch for my next pregnancy.

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Maria,

      I am so very, very sorry for your loss!

      We are not medical professionals and have no way of knowing why this happened during your pregnancy. This would be a wonderful question to ask of your healthcare provider. He/she will be able share with you insight and offer you ideas in any testing that may be helpful as you prepare for future pregnancy.

      If you don’t mind, I would like to share a link to a wonderful article our senior herbalist wrote that may offer you healing in the form of honoring pregnancy loss.

      My thoughts are with you!

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    Hello, I have just found out I’m pregnant (4 weeks). Last year I was taking progesterone cream as my doctor tested and I had low levels, however I did not continue use (due to a very heavy travel schedule).

    Now that I am 4 weeks I wonder if I should start using progesterone again to support through the next 12 weeks?


    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Sharon,

      Congratulations! I wish for you a happy and healthy pregnancy, birth and baby.

      Do not start the use of natural progesterone cream in pregnancy without the guidance of your healthcare provider! It is best to have your progesterone levels tested to know if you in fact need to support progesterone levels and also to be closely monitored during pregnancy if you have a hormone balance need. Your healthcare provider is best suited to offer you this support.

      Be well! Again, Congratulations!