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New Fertilica Products!

New Fertilica Products!

We are very excited and proud to present 11 new additions to the FertilicaTM line of natural fertility products.

For the past two years I have been working away in my apothecary researching, mixing herbs, blending extracts and testing herbal fertility formulas. Over the years we have learned about the specific needs our customers have and in response created natural herbal formulas to help support the most common fertility issues.

Meet the New FertilicaTM Fertility Herbal Formulas:

FertiliCare Phase 1 & 2 Monthly Program

A liquid herbal program designed to support general reproductive health throughout your monthly fertility cycle. Utilizing two herbal blends, one for the first half of your cycle and another for the second half, you are able to support your body’s natural fertility cycle with specific herbal blends for each phase.

FertiliCare Phase 1 supports the first half of the cycle from menstruation through ovulation (day 14 average). Follow up with FertiliCare Phase 2 for the second half of your cycle.

FertiliCare Phase 1 helps to support:

  • Normal ovulation*
  • Balanced hormone production*
  • Healthy uterine lining in preparation for implantation*

FertiliCare Phase 2 supports the second half of the cycle from right after ovulation until menstruation begins (day 15 until your period begins). FertiliCare Phase 2 helps to support:

  • Supports normal progesterone production.*
  • Promotes circulation to the reproductive system.*
  • Calms the uterus to support implantation.*
  • Supports the hormonal system.*

Click here to learn more about FertiliCare Phase 1 & 2 Monthly Program

MH5 – Male Fertility Formula

MH5 is an herbal reproductive tonic formulated specifically to support male reproductive health and fertility. MH5 combines the most important herbs for male fertility helping to:

  • Support normal sperm health.*
  • Encourage healthy hormonal balance.*
  • Promote healthy libido and circulation to the reproductive system.*

Click here to learn more about MH5

Harmonize Formula

Harmonize Formula is a liquid herbal extract designed to encourage a healthy monthly fertility cycle that may have been missing due to long term hormone imbalance. Harmonize Formula helps to:

  • Support normal hormonal balance.*
  • Encourage regular ovulation.*
  • Enhance estrogen metabolism.*
  • Stimulate progesterone production.*
  • Encourage healthy androgen levels in women.*
  • Sooth common discomforts associated with PCOS.*

Click here to learn more about Harmonize Formula


RejuvaFlow is an activating herbal blend designed to encourage and promote healthy menstruation. This formula is designed to help encourage or “re-start” the monthly menses that is missing due to hormonal irregularities. RejuvFlow supports menstrual healthy by:

  • Increasing circulation to the reproductive system.*
  • Supporting the body’s ability to “build blood”.*
  • Encourages normal and regular menstruation.*

Click here to learn more about RejuvaFlow


UteriCalm is a liquid herbal blend designed to help calm and relax the uterus. The herbs in this blend have been used for centuries to support uterine health and various stages of pregnancy, UteriCalm can be used all month long in preparation for conception as well as into early pregnancy as a uterine tonic.

Key Ingredients:

    Crampbark – Promotes a calm, relaxed and healthy uterus awaiting implantation. Helps to reduce nervous tension.*
    Partridgeberry – A uterine tonic traditionally used to help strengthen a weak uterus.*
    Black Haw Bark – Increases circulation to the uterus while helping to relax uterine spasm and contractions. Uterine tonic traditionally used to help strengthen a weak uterus.*
    Oat Flowers – Aids in calming the nervous system and reducing stress.*

Click here to learn more about UteriCalm

Radiant Womb

Radiant Womb is a therapeutic massage oil designed to help support reproductive health. Infused with medicinal herbs and therapeutic essential oils, Radiant Womb can be used during Self Fertility Massage or applied directly to the lower abdomen, ankles and feet to support the reproductive system.


  • Supports normal hormonal balance
  • Aids in softening tissues*
  • Promotes a healthy reproductive system*
  • Tonifying and supportive for the uterus*
  • Supports healthy circulation to the reproductive system*

Click here to learn more about Radiant Womb Fertility Massage Oil


RecoverWell is a comforting and supporting herbal blend designed to help support the body in recovering from a pregnancy loss. Can be used after a miscarriage to help support the body’s ability to recover, normalize hormones and ease the soul. RecoverWell supports you during this time by:

  • Calming the nervous system*
  • Supporting the body as it recovers from pregnancy loss.*
  • Encourages hormonal balance and normalization.*
  • Tonifying and supporting the uterus.*

Click here to learn more about RecoverWell

Organic Maca Liquid Extract

Maca (Lepidium meyenii), a member of the Brassicacea family, is an annual plant that grows in the highlands of Peru and is believed to have been cultivated as far back as 2,000 years ago. Maca has been used as a food source in the Andes and has been traditionally used to support stamina, hormonal health, energy and libido.*

  • Supports proper hormonal balance in both men and women.*
  • Encourages a healthy libido in both men and women.*
  • Promotes normal sperm health.*

Click here to learn more about our Organic Maca Liquid Extract

Organic Vitex Liquid Extract

Vitex angus castus, also known as Chaste Tree Berry, is one of the most popular and beneficial herbs for women’s fertility and menstrual health. Traditionally used to help support hormone production and maintain a healthy menstrual cycle, vitex is able to support hormonal balance in the body without containing any hormones itself*.

Vitex has been used traditionally to help:

  • Support a healthy menstrual cycle*
  • Encourage a normal luteal phase (second half of a woman’s cycle)*
  • Promote regular ovulation*
  • Support the body’s natural progesterone levels*

Click here to learn more about our Organic Vitex Liquid Extract

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