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Archive for the ‘Men’s Fertility’ Category

Sugar May Contribute to Infertility

Sugar may contribute to infertility, or make fertility issues you already have, worse. Learn how sugar affects fertility and what sweet alternatives there are.

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Fertility Diet Tip: Identify and Combat Sugar Cravings!

anti-fertility sugar

All refined sugar needs to be limited and eliminated from our diet to benefit fertility. Learn what anti-fertility sugars are and how to quit them…

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Will a Cup of Coffee Hurt Your Pregnancy Chances?

cup of coffee

Coffee is often put into the same category as smoking and alcohol consumption as being something that will be harmful to you. Coffee drinking has a history that dates back as far or perhaps further back than the 15th century. Millions of people drink coffee every day […]

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Men, Boost Your Testosterone Levels with Ashwagandha!

Fertilica Ashwagandha

Thousands of years of Ayurvedic experience and modern science back the use of Ashwagandha for fatigue and poor sexual performance and more…

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CBD; Can it Promote Fertility Naturally?

Fertility Health Benefits of CBD

Proven whole-body, health benefits make us believe that Cannabidoil or CBD may benefit some men and women on their fertility journeys.

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The Link Between Body Fat, Estrogen and Impaired Fertility


Know this, the level of estrogen in your body depends on how much is being made and how well it is cleared, as well as body weight and exercise.

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What is Blighted Ovum Pregnancy Loss?

Blighted ovum is a type of miscarriage. Learn natural ways to help prevent blighted ovum and increase your chances of a successful pregnancy.

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Signs of Infertility: How to Know if You are Experiencing Infertility

Have you been wondering if you are experiencing infertility? Learn how to detect the signs of infertility in both men and women.

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Male Infertility: Everything You Need to Know…

Get to know the male reproductive system and learn what to consider when facing male infertility.

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10 Fertility Diet Tips For Vegetarians and Vegans

As a supplement to our guide The Natural Fertility Diet: How to Eat for Optimal Fertility, this article offers 10 tips for vegans and vegetarians.

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