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Success Story: Ana’s Journey to a Healthy Pregnancy

Success Story: Ana’s Journey to a Healthy Pregnancy

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Ana's Fertility Success Story“If you get healthy your body will do the job it was designed to do, which is to conceive and carry a healthy baby.”

Ana’s Success Story

Ana desired a healthy pregnancy and baby after experiencing a miscarriage. Being that she and her husband were over 35, she wanted to learn how to prepare for a healthy pregnancy. Learn how she prepared for conception and went on to have a healthy pregnancy…

Name: Ana

Age: 37 years

Number of years trying to get pregnant?
2 years

What was your fertility journey prior to finding and the

In 2013, after 2 years of marriage at the age of 35 I tried to get pregnant, which I did on the 3rd month of trying. But sadly at 6 weeks I had a miscarriage due to a stressful event and the doctor’s failure to diagnose the bleeding as a treat
of miscarriage. I was devastated. After that, even though I needed time to heal emotionally, I started to look online for information about miscarriage, especially on how to prevent it. That’s when I came across Natural-Fertility-Info.

What information and products made the difference for you?

The crucial information for me was to improve egg and sperm quality since I was 35 and my husband was 45, and the the specific herbs to tone the uterus, to balance hormones, and the Fertility Cleanse.

What changes and benefits did you experience from taking the products?

From the use of the products I got a regular cycle, I got healthier overall.

What is some advice you would give others going through their fertility journey?

Do a fertility cleanse and use the specific herbs according to your specific problems. If you get healthy your body will do the job it was designed to do, which is to conceive and carry a healthy baby. Most fertility problems of this century come from eating processed food, GM food which causes imbalances in our hormones.
Ana's Son, Fertility Success Story Interview
How are you and your baby doing now? How old is your baby now?

After I used the herbs I got pregnant 6 months later without even trying, and after a good pregnancy I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. He is 4 months old now and a joy in our lives. He is a healthy and peaceful baby, with a sweet disposition.

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    I have a question I want to have my first baby and I have been having problem conceiving. I am 35 years old and my husband is 20 years older than me. We have tried IVF and that failed and they let all my eggs die. My husband sperm after taking the sperm vitamins for 3 months went from an F to a A- or B+ . They were able to freeze them. It is way too expensive to try IVF again and I really would like to have a baby. I am graduating with my Master’s Degree next year and would really like a shot of being pregnant. Do you have any recommendations. I have done the cleanse before and that did not help. I have been trying to loose the weight so that will not be the excuse they give .

    • Hi Shenna,

      Thank you for reaching out to us! First, cleansing, depending on the type, is helpful for preparing for pregnancy, regardless if you got pregnant or not. There are so many different factors at play to arrive at a healthy conception and pregnancy. Do you or your husband have any fertility health issues besides the possibility of less than ideal sperm health? Anything you would like to share that may help us point you in the right direction? Do you chart your fertility cycle, to ensure you are trying for a baby on your peak fertile days? I feel like we need more information to help guide you! If you would like more personalized guidance, we offer private fertility consultations. Our consultation program provides you with a detailed 3-6 plan and open email conversation with a clinical fertility herbalist. Click here to learn more…

      It sounds like you are feeling down, so, I thought you might like to read this article I wrote: 7 Misconceptions About Natural Conception and Pregnancy Over 35 and Finding and Sustaining Joy on Your Fertility Journey

      Our team looks forward to hearing back from you!