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Success Story: Carrie’s Challenging Journey to Conceive a 4th Child

Success Story: Carrie’s Challenging Journey to Conceive a 4th Child

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Carrie's Fertility Success Story“My advice is to trust your body. If you feel like something is wrong then go and find a solution.”

Carrie’s Fertility Success Story

For Carrie, conceiving and having children came easily, that was until she wanted one more child. Here is the story of her struggles and how she overcame them to go on and have a healthy fourth child…

Name: Carrie

Age: 29 years

Number of years trying to get pregnant? 3 months

What was your fertility journey prior to finding and the

I had 3 kids and was fortunately able to get pregnant fairly easily with all of them. We wanted to have a 4th and started trying. Again I was able to get pregnant easily. This pregnancy we were heartbroken when it ended in a miscarriage. I never ended up miscarrying on my own so I had a D&C done. We waited the recommended time frame and then began trying again. This time getting pregnant didn’t come as easily. I am very aware of my body and could tell something was wrong. I wanted to take a natural route to helping my body heal properly and to get pregnant again. This lead me to the Natural Fertility Shop.

What information and products made the difference for you?

My consultation recommended many vitamins and lifestyle changes. I decided to take the maca capsules, vitex capsules, Active Bee Power Royal Jelly, vitamin E capsules, along with my prenatal and DHA.

What changes and benefits did you experience from taking the products?

After discussing things with my consultant, it was thought I might have a short luteal phase due to a hormone imbalance. She recommended a supplemental routine as well as lifestyle changes in my eating habits.

After following her recommendations I had more energy and most importantly got pregnant only a month after starting my supplements. I really felt I had a hormonal imbalance that just needed tweaking which the supplements corrected.

What is some advice you would give others going through their fertility journey?

My advice is to trust your body. If you feel like something is wrong then go and find a solution. But don’t stress too much. What I liked about the consultation is that I handed over my stress to them and they came back with a very doable plan to follow. They lifted the load from my shoulders so I could concentrate on relaxing and preparing my body for baby. You need to find the balance between being proactive without stressing.

How are you and your baby doing now? How old is your baby now?

We are doing great. My baby is 4 months and thriving! While my journey wasn’t as difficult as others, it was definitely a real struggle for me. It was all worth it in the end for this beautiful baby I have now!

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