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Success Story: Latoya Gets Pregnant With the Help of Vitex

Success Story: Latoya Gets Pregnant With the Help of Vitex

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Latoya’s Fertility Success Story

Latoya's Fertility Success Story“I am now 37 and a half weeks and we are looking forward to our baby girl so much we can’t contain our excitement!”

Name: Latoya

Age: 28 years

Number of years trying to get pregnant? 1 year

Since my husband Andy and I got married in June 2014, we began praying and trying for a baby. From the beginning of last year we began to start looking closely at things we should be doing as for some reason it struck us that things were taking a fair amount of time. We felt that there was a bigger picture and sensed we needed to look at our diets and hormones, these temples called our bodies really do need our care!

Anyway, I began with a ton of research, because I’m a total nerd when it comes to researching to problem solve or just to learn new things! During this time we were trying to conceive, I was observing a handful of things which I knew were key to success. Things like – charting my cycles, analyzing my cervical mucus watching out for the golden fertile, ‘egg-white’ consistency, heightening awareness to my body to feel the sharp shoot of the egg being released from my ovary each month. What I relied on more than any of them though, was charting my cycles and wrongly figuring out my ‘average’ cycle. Ok, I cannot pass the buck here, it was down to me to do the research to find out that’s not how it works.

Your cycle doesn’t have to be a 28 day cycle, it could be a 32 day cycle, but as long as it’s consistent to that and doesn’t jump around, that’s when you know you have a regulated cycle. If your cycles are imbalanced it means that you are definitely ovulating at different times every month (I thought it was roughly the same time going by my calendar – hence fertile days were all wrong) or I was told, you’re not ovulating at all. I found this website that discussed in copious posts, balancing your hormones & regulating your cycle. I even asked countless questions to which the same consultant, Elizabeth came back to me swiftly and with such a helpful service and so lovingly! This site introduced me to Vitex and that’s when the game changed!

After trying to conceive for 9 months, I began taking vitex, I took a 400mg capsule of… Vitex, so two capsules in a day – in the morning and afternoon with my meals. I took it for two and a half cycles. It was coming up to our one year anniversary and we were starting to think wouldn’t this time be a nice gift!

Five days after ovulation my husband said to me ‘You are pregnant’… and two weeks after that on the 17th June just pending our one year anniversary I took a pregnancy test. Sure enough – BFP!!! I am now 37 and a half weeks and we are looking forward to our baby girl so much we can’t contain our excitement!

I’m 30 weeks in this pic, and she has definitely dropped and grown a lot bigger now!

Latoya's Fertility Success Story UpdateThank you Team,
You have been wonderful and the fountain of wisdom on the site is phenomenal.

Update April 13th, 2016

Ariela was born Feb. 12th. Her name means ‘Lioness of God’ and she truly is a little cub. She is SUCH a joy, we are loving every min and when she sleeps longer than two hours we just have to wake her up because we miss her so much haha!

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  1. Avatar

    Do you mean you took 40 mg a day or 400mg a day…and did you take them everyday until you got pregnant or only until got a positive opk? Did you take them while pregnant? What did your doctor say about taking Vitex??? Thank you and congrats!!!!!

    • Dear Carter,

      I am not sure Latoya will see your questions, so I wanted to offer support. I interpret that she took two 400mg of Vitex a day (800mg each day), which is just about the general use suggestion of 900-1000mg daily.