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Success Story: Siddiya’s 32 Year Journey to Get Pregnant

Success Story: Siddiya’s 32 Year Journey to Get Pregnant

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Siddiya's Fertility Journey Interview
“Never give up! Keep going, researching, digging and dreaming!”

Siddiya’s Fertility Success Story

Siddiya’s journey to pregnancy is probably one of most awe inspiring and motivating success stories we have ever had the joy of receiving! Her perseverance and dedication to fulfill her dreams of becoming a mother are admirable. This is her story…

Name: Siddiya

Age: 48 years old

Number of years trying to get pregnant? 32 years

What was your fertility journey prior to finding and the

I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure at the age of 16. I was told I would never be able to have children. I was devastated and did not quite understand why this was happening to me. The doctor explain to my mother that I needed to take birth control pills. I did not understand why I needed to take birth control pills when I was told I could never have children. I took the pills until I was 18 years old. The pills made me sick I was developing blood clots in my knees so I had to stop taking them. When I started working at the age of 19, I was able to get health insurance and went to see an infertility doctor, Rama Roa. She also told me that unfortunately you will never get pregnant and prescribed me with Premarin and Provera, which acts as a hormone replacement to prevent cancer, heart attack and osteoporosis. I took the medicine for 10 years.

By the time I turned 29 years old, I didn’t want to accept I could never have children so I found out about IVF with donor egg through my health insurance. I asked my sister if she could possibly donate her eggs and she said yes, however, I never completed the procedure because my health insurance was not going to cover all the cost. I was disappointed again and just went on with my life. I allowed my inner grief to control me so I did not try for many years although I thought about having my own child each day.

In my thirties I began to research about natural herbal therapies, meditation, acupuncture, Chinese teas and other remedies and tried them all but was unsuccessful to conceive naturally. So I took a break for some time until age 46. But over the years I saved money, began to do more research online about IVF with donor egg and tried natural remedies again and recently I came across Natural Fertility Info. My life changed!

In 2013, I prepared myself to have an IVF transfer but none of the eggs developed to maturity and the transfer was cancelled. February of 2015, I actually had my first transfer but miscarried at 6 weeks. In April, I reached out to Natural Fertility Shop and consulted with Anna-Marija Helt and she emailed me my natural fertility health plan. I took the fertility cleanse, along with the castor oil therapy and fertility message. I drank red raspberry tea, took my prenatal vitamins, cod liver oil, blood builder, L-Arginine and UteriCalm every day. I continued my acupuncture and drank fertility smoothies with Royal jelly and at the end of the cleanse, I felt different. During this time we also decided to go to a different IVF doctor and my IVF transfer was in August 2015 and I’m now excited to announce we are now 5 months pregnant! A boy!

What information and products made the difference for you?

All of the products.

Which products did you take and for how long?

  • Fertility Cleanse – 1 month
  • Fertility Smoothies with Royal Jelly – 8 weeks
  • UteriCalm – 12 weeks
  • Castor Oil Therapy with Self Fertility Massage – 8 weeks
  • Blood builder – 8 weeks
  • L-Arginine – 3 weeks
  • Baby & Me – each day
  • Cod liver oil – each day

What changes and benefits did you experience from taking the products?

I felt really good and alive. I knew I was nurturing my body in preparation for pregnancy.

What is some advice would you give others going through their fertility journey?

Never give up! Keep going, researching, digging and dreaming!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Thanks for offering the products and changing lives.

Update: Meet Jahsiah

SiddyaSI would like to introduce you to my precious little baby boy Jahsiah who is now 2 months old.
He was born on 5/5/2016. Words can’t explain my joy. My long battle of premature ovarian failure did not beat me down.

I was able to overcome the odds of this unfortunate dis-ease. Thanks to Natural Fertility Products and the wonderful herbal consultant team I was able to heal my body and prepare my womb to be healthy and whole for Jahsiah.

To be honest, I believe he wasn’t ready to come at 9 months, he was enjoying being inside a warm healthy, safe and whole environment.

Here are the herbs I used: Fertility Cleanse, Fertility Smoothies with Royal Jelly, Utericalm, Castor Oil Therapy, Blood Builder, L-Arginine, Baby & Me and Cod Liver Oil. Also, I stop eating a lot of sugar and ate mostly salads, vegetables, turkey meat and fish, and I drank smoothies with spirulina and lots of water.

I want to say trust yourself, your body and the choices you make. Believe that your vision pulls in your experiences!

It was all worth waiting 32 years for “my vision” Jahsiah to come!

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  1. Avatar

    I have two children 12yrs and 9year but diagnosed wit premature Ovarian Failure at 30years of age. Have been trying for the last 4.5years since I took of the birth control Implanon in may 2014 without success. My periods not come back yet. My conditions fit the same as Siddiya’s stories? any luck?

  2. Avatar

    Hi. I would first like to say Congrats!!!! But I was wondering if someone can clear something up for me as I’m a little confused. First it says that she researched donor eggs and natural remedies again. Then she prepared for an IVF transfer but none of the eggs matured. So then she went else where and had an IVF transfer. Now I just wanted to understand, did she use her own eggs or donor? Sorry I’ve been trying for 8 yrs and I’m doing a Natural IVF. Thank you.

    • Dear Sonia,

      We are so very thankful that Siddya’s story has offered you hope! All that we know is what Siddiya shared with us. We are not 100% certain if she used a donor egg or her own. She has periodically checked back here and perhaps she will to reply as well.

  3. Avatar

    Hi I’m writing to you for the second time now ,I am 47 years with 2 boys my 3rd one was still born in 2014. I thought I was over the loss however I still find myself feeling sad and have since decided to try again after reading the success stories. My last period was in March 2016. Please point me to the right direction as to which products’ to use so I can place my order.

    • Dear Fikile,

      I’m sorry you are still sad! Healing emotionally takes time! Have you read the guides I shared and are you trying any of those techniques? Have you talked to anyone, a counselor perhaps, about your pain? You deserve emotional support!

      We are more than happy to guide you to the products we feel best suite your fertility health needs. We offer this through a Fertility Consultation. Consider learning more about a Fertility Consultation here…

  4. Avatar

    I am 45 yrs old and I have a 18 yr old and a 14 yr old by my 1st husband.. I have been married for 9 yrs to my new husband & we have been trying for a child for 8 yrs I had a miscarriage 2 yrs ago . We have tried clomid, ivf & nothing has happen now my OBGYN tells me im in full memopause I have not had a period in 6 months now. Do you think there is any chance for me still to conceive ?

  5. Avatar

    thanx to share ure story with us know it gave me hope

  6. Avatar

    thanks for this inspiring story, this story gives me hope that one day l will share my own success story, l am 48 years and we have being trying to conceived for 6 years now.

  7. Avatar

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! It gave me hope again.. It’s amazing that the impact of a story can be so deep. The very essence of human experience. Thank you!

  8. Avatar

    I am really mesmerized about this testimonial. Thank you very much Hethir. I are truly saving lives and marriages.
    Just a bit disappointed because it like you are doing this for only Americans. None of your solution can be found in Africa, especially where I come from.
    Congratulations, Siddiya, I wish you all the best.

    • Dear Antoine,

      Thank you for your praise and congratulations of Siddiya.

      The benefit of being a internet-based business is that we can reach anyone with access to the web to share what we know, to educate those who comes to us and to empower everyone to make natural fertility health choices. We do work with women all over the World and the Natural Fertility Shop can ship to Africa, most countries in fact. We do our best to support everyone who comes to us and will help you to the best of our ability as well!

      Again, thank you!

    • Avatar

      Thank you!

  9. Avatar

    I am very thankful that you shared your story, you have renewed my hope, i was diagnosed with pcos at the age of 14 and all the treatments i tried including losing weight have not worked , my husband and i have been trying for the the last 10 years to have a baby of our own, and i started to lose hope but your story has inspired me a lot, and thanks to you, i am willing to try all i can to have a child of my own, thanks again for sharing your inspiring journey

    • Avatar

      Hi Alicia,
      So sorry to hear your PCOS diagnosis. With the help of Natural Fertility Products and your willingness to never give up. I will be reading your story soon and saying CONGRATS to you.

  10. Avatar

    I am truly inspired to hear about your perseverance for 32 years. I am currently going through a 5 years wait to conceive and still waiting. I am truly determined now not to give up at all cost. Your story have truly impacted me. Thanks for sharing. Loads of congratulations to you and your hubby on your successful pregnancy.

    Kudos to on your achievement. This is a strong testimonial for your credential. Congrats too.

    • Avatar

      Halle, thank you for those kind words. Wishing you all the best on your journey to bring a wonderful soul to you.

  11. Avatar

    What a beautiful and touching story and certainly proves one should never give up. It took us three years to fall pregnant naturally so I feel your pain on your journey. Very happy for you! And to everyone reading this never give up!

    • Avatar

      Hi Tracy, thank you! I agree we should never give up- no matter how it looks.

  12. Avatar

    This is a really touching story. No woman should suffer and wait that long to conceive. But I am so happy she got what she wanted and I wish her luck and peace. No woman is born “barren” or “infertile” its mostly the environment and lifestyle that causes this and therefore can be corrected in the same way . “Infertility” should be a thing of the past and now it is, you can take a look at this healthy lifestyle and ways of getting yourself in the right conditions for pregnancy.

    • Dear Daniel,

      Thank you for your well wishes and we too feel no woman should suffer!

    • Avatar

      Hi Daniel,
      Thanks for sharing your kind words. I would never ever wish this on any woman. It has been a very challenging journey. Many days and years of feeling less than but what i learned the most of carrying this cross to bare was -never give up on what you believe is possible!