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Video: 7 Fertility Superfoods You Can Find At Your Grocery Store

Video: 7 Fertility Superfoods You Can Find At Your Grocery Store

7 Fertility Superfoods You Can Find At Your Grocery Store

The Fertility Diet is one of the most important aspects of supporting your fertility, no matter where you are at in your journey. Whether you have a fertility issue, or are just preparing for a healthy pregnancy, a Fertility Diet is going to be the place you want to start. Below are my notes from this video. Join us live weekly for FREE Fertility Classes on Instagram…

1. Broccoli (hormone cleanser)
Broccoli is a member of the cruciferous family of vegetables.

  • contains compounds that help the body to get rid of excess estrogen
  • other foods that you can use for the same purpose are Brussels sprouts, cabbage and kale
  • broccoli can be eaten raw or steamed (if you have hypothyroidism, avoid eating this raw)
  • choose organic
  • I love it lightly steamed; simple with some olive oil, salt and pepper

2. Berries (high in antioxidants)
Berries are an important part of the Fertility Diet because they provide high amounts of antioxidants.

  • help to protect the body from free-radical damage
  • low-glycemic food (great for women with PCOS)
  • they defend the eggs and sperm from DNA damage and help to keep tissues of the reproductive system healthy
  • berries are great in smoothies, by themselves, with yogurt, on cereal, on top of salads, and as a quick snack
  • choose organic as they are heavily sprayed with pesticides when grown conventionally

3. Pumpkin Seeds (zinc, iron, omega 3)
Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of Zinc, an important mineral for reproductive health.

  • specifically for fertility, Zinc is used to create genetic material
  • supportive of: sperm health, testosterone levels, the immune system, and healthy DNA
  • protect sperm from chromosomal damage
  • Zinc is one of the nutrients most American’s are deficient in
  • richest source of Zinc is oysters, but they can be expensive and not everyone likes them
    some easy to find-and-eat sources of Zinc are raw pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds (look for tahini – sesame seed butter, as well)

4. Walnuts (omega 3)
Omega 3 essential fatty acids – healthy hormone production as well as healthy brain development for your growing baby.

  • 1/4 cup of raw walnuts = 2,270 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids
  • fresh made walnut milk is delicious on top of fruit or as a snack
  • must be raw walnuts, as heat damages the essential fatty acids

5. Chard (iron)
1C of steamed chard = 4g. of iron.

6. Lentils (folate)
Lentils are rich in folate (folic acid). 1 C = 90% of your daily folate needs.

  • inexpensive, easy to find and quick to cook
  • lentils are great in “What’s in the Fridge Soup“, as a curry, and sprouted on salads
  • lentils are also rich in iron, fiber and protein

7. Spinach (iron, folate, zinc, antioxidants)

  • spinach is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet
  • it is packed with folate, iron, zinc and antioxidants
  • steamed or raw spinach can be used in so many ways; add to smoothies, fresh juices, rice dishes, dips, etc.

Bonus Raw Juice Recipe
1 bunch of spinach, washed and dried
2 stalks celery
1 small chunk of raw ginger, peeled
half an apple (pink ladies are good)
1 small cucumber

Wash all vegetables well. Pat dry. Trim off any bad parts. Juice!
Click here if you have never tried to make a fresh juice on your own…

Resources talked about in this video:
The 21 Day Fertility Diet Challenge
7 Fertility Superfoods Salad – Inspired by the above video, 7 Fertility Superfoods You Can Find At Your Grocery Store, herbalist Elizabeth Willett, shares this delicious salad recipe.

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