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Your Subconscious Fertility

Your Subconscious Fertility

The subconscious part of your mind controls every function and reactions that have. It is the part of you that makes the ultimate decisions as to what happens in your body. It acts as the control board of the body and mind.

Imagine having to tell you liver to work and your heart to beat. Just think every breath you take would have to be thought about.

Well the same may go for our fertility. Have you been trying to get pregnant for a while with no reason why you should not be able to?

Our subconscious is involved with all of the hormone function’s, cervical fluids, circulation, on and on. Every action in the reproductive system is run subconsciously.

How is the subconscious programmed?

Thoughts are things. Beliefs that we heard or were taught when we were children still may be with us today. Images we see on TV or things people say to us. What beliefs we hold about our body, our fertility, and about becoming a mother may have an impact on becoming pregnant.

I have had to take a look into my subconscious beliefs about becoming a mother. On one hand I am drawn to it passionately yet once I did look deeper I realized I had some fears. I saw that I was scared to have my life change so dramatically because of choosing to become a mother. I was scared of the unknown.

So What To Do Now?

Here is one way to look at your subconscious beliefs about pregnancy, birth or motherhood.

1. Ask these questions to yourself and see what feeling comes up as you say it out loud.

  • I am ok being pregnant
  • I am ready to be a mother
  • I can be a good mother
  • I am ready and willing to give birth
  • I have plenty of time and energy to have children
  • I can get pregnant easily

  • Sit with each question and really look for your emotional/physical response. What thoughts come up?

    2. What are your beliefs about:

  • Fertility
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth
  • Motherhood
  • Career/mothering
  • Marriage/mothering
  • 3. Where did this belief come from? When was the first time you thought about this belief or heard someone mention something like it?

    4. Do you agree with this belief and does it serve you?

    5. If you have found some beliefs that no longer serve you. Take that belief and turn it around into an affirmation.

    Example: I am working on transforming the belief that once I have kids my life will be totally different in a lesser way, less fun and amazing.

    So the affirmation I have created for myself is that “becoming a mother is an amazing time in my life, my life will be richer, fuller and all with ease.”

    If you just said “yeah right” to my affirmation you may want to do this exercise for yourself.

    You are what you think!

    Hethir Rodriguez - Certified Herbalist, Nutritionist, Birth Doula

    Hethir Rodriguez is the Founder of Natural Fertility She is a Certified Herbalist, has a bachelors in Nutrition Sciences and is a trained Birth Doula and Massage Therapist. As a Natural Fertility Specialist, Hethir is dedicated to helping to provide a source for high quality, research based information and support for those on their journey to parenthood.

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    1. Very helpful! Thank you. You put it so simple and easy.