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Archive for the ‘mind-Body Fertility’ Category

A Heart at Peace – DIY Herbal Tea

rose quartz heart

Wouldn’t a warm cup of tea be nice! Learn how to make this heart-soothing herbal tea for peace and ease on your fertility journey.

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Ways to Nourish Your Body and Mind After Miscarriage

couple having nourishing tea

After pregnancy loss, it’s important to take steps to nourish your mind and body, and rebuild strength. Here are ways to nourish yourself after a miscarriage.

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Video: How To Stay Consistent And Motivated On Your Fertility Journey

consistency video founder Hethir Rodriguez covers how to stay consistent and stay motivated on your fertility journey.

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How to Create A Healthy Foundation For Fertility

Think of your fertility health in the same way you would a garden — before planting the seeds, you first prepare the soil, making sure it is rich with nutrients and all the components needed to help the seeds grow into healthy, fertile plants. You can build […]

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Menstrual Health: 10 Self-Care Practices To Ease PMS

This article shares pre-period self-care tips to ease discomforts associated with PMS.

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At Age 49, Nil Is Pregnant With Twins Via IVF

“Actually I have tried many of the products, it is hard to say which one made a difference therefore… But I believe acupuncture, fertility cleansing and fertility diet had an impact…” Nil shares more of her story here…

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Research Finds Comedy Improves IVF Success

A 2011 study finds comedy can improve IVF outcomes. This article discusses the study, and the vital role humor can play in health and fertility.

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Coping With Fertility Emotions When Older & Wanting to Conceive

We can’t dispute the facts about the impact of aging on fertility health, we can help you through this emotional journey! The tools shared here will help.

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Is Male Infertility Stressing You Out?

Like women, men have a lot to process as they work through a fertility issue. Here are a few tips for dealing with the stress of it all.

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Video: Infertility Emotions – Making Your Way Through The Holidays

We know how stressful infertility can be, especially during the holidays, at parties, family meals, baby showers, etc. Here are a few tips to help…

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