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How Long Should I Take Vitex for Fertility?

How Long Should I Take Vitex for Fertility?


Hi Hethir, I have been taking vitex for 3 weeks now and I am on day 35 of my cycle, am I supposed to stop taking the vitex on a certain day so my period will start. I did hpt it was negative.


There are two schools of thought on how to take Vitex. Most herbalists say that you can take it every day for up to 18 months, unless you get pregnant. Some other sources say to take it for two weeks before ovulation than stop, just in case you are pregnant.

With my clients I usually suggest taking it all month long.

Vitex does not contain any hormones in it yet acts by balancing the hormonal system. I personally take it daily (luteal phase imbalance), when I find out that I am pregnant I will stop.

As for your cycle being 35 days, if it was not normally that long it may be a sign that the vitex is working to balance things out. Sometimes when the body is healing it will seem a little more out of whack for a very short time and than comes back into balance.

Vitex and progesterone can be taken at the same time (remember progesterone is taken only after ovulation until menses or if you become pregnant, for at least the first three months.)

You can learn more about vitex for fertility here.

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  1. Hi, I had a copper IUD for about a year. I had it taken out in December and since then, my periods have been very short (about 3 days) and extremely light. I’ve been ttc for 2 months with no luck and I’ve noted that my luteal phase is about 11 days. Would vitex help? I have two other children and got pregnant one the first try and second try. Prior to the copper iud, my periods were exactly 28 days and a normal flow, lasting about 4-5 days.

    • Hi Sarah!

      The only think that catches my eye, is that flow is light. Have you learned about Self Fertility Massage and Castor Oil Packs? They may be the easiest first step. Vitex may be helpful too, but perhaps all that is needed is a little uterine tone/circulation support.

  2. When do i start taking vitex? and do i take it everyday ? when do i dtop taking it?

    • Dear Jenna,

      Vitex can be started on any cycle day and taken every day all cycle long. We have found that it offers the best support when taken daily without taking a break each cycle. It is also best taken consistently for at minimum 3 months. Clinical research suggests it needs to be taken longer. It can be taken while actively trying to conceive and weaned of of or continued in early pregnancy with the support of your healthcare provider, herbalist or midwife.

  3. Hello, I have a couple of questions hoping you can help me out. I have been TTC for 4 months now and I wanted to take vitex to see if it can help me get pregnant. I get my period every month but it comes at different times. Sometimes its a 30 day cycle other times it can last to a 35 day cycle. Can vitex help? When can I start taking it?

    • Dear Maria,

      Share with me more about you. Do you ovulate monthly at around the same time and have a luteal phase that’s at least 12 days long? What is your period like – red blood, little to no pain/PMS? How old are you? What are your stress levels like?

      Vitex has been found to support most cases of irregular menses and any type of hormone imbalance. It may support a healthy luteal phase, as well as healthy progesterone levels helping promote regular ovulation. While it is our go-to female fertility herb for menstrual cycle irregularities, I’m not certain the cycles you share of are “irregular”. I don’t know enough to suggest Vitex.

      If you would rather contact me in private, please email us directly here…

  4. Hello, I been taking vitex for 3 month to help me ovulate since my hubby and I are TTC. My period is so irregular and I was hoping vitex can help with that. I notice when I first take vitex I experience hair loss, and have super sore nipple. I got my period 3 day after taken my first vitex (1200 mg) after that I been having a normal period for 2 months. I’m on my 3 month of taking vitex and have not got my period like I usually do. My nipple is super sore and hard, I also start to notice clear discharge here and there as well. I’m not sure what is going on, I had took 2 pregnancy test and its came back negative. Should I continue take vitex until I get my period? Please help me out. Thank

    • Hello Mylee!

      How late is your period? I have not heard of Vitex making nipples sore and hard. In the absence of pregnancy, it may be best to either cut back on the dose of Vitex or wean off of it over a week’s time to see if these symptoms subside. Do you know why your periods have been irregular (talked to your doctor about this)?

    • Hello Elizabeth,
      Thanks you for replying back to me. My period is now a week late. I did talk to the doctor about my irregular period. She said is due to my weight and that if I lose weight I will get my period again. I have lose 30lb so far, Do you think vitex is not working for me anymore.??

    • You’re welcome Mylee!

      Congratulations on losing 30lbs. That’s great! How are you losing it and may I know how much you wish to continue to use? Clinical research tells up that Vitex shows most benefit for women who can take it 6 months to a year. So, I am not certain it isn’t working for you anymore, rather that its effects are not being fully seen yet as you continue to change your health.

    • Elizabeth, I was able to lose weight once I started change the way I eat and start workout 4X to 5X a week. Should I still continue taking vitex? Since I had taken for 3 month only?? or should I wait and start again next month. AF have not show up yet. Thanks for replying. =)

    • Hi Mylee!

      This is ultimately up to you! Weight loss, work outs (especially if they are intense) and Vitex could all be at play here. I can not know for certain if there is anything more issues at play. Be sure to keep hydrated, not work out to intensely and include a daily walk, and consider fertility massage. If you continue Vitex, it would be best to lower the dose to be within the general suggested use range of 900-1000mg daily. If you decide to wean off to see what happens, it could be started again or perhaps this isn’t the right herb (or herb alone). Yet if your periods are typically irregular, could this is just one of those irregular times? I am sorry I can’t be for sure!

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Thanks you for your advise. Its mean so much to me when you reply. TTC is hard for me to talk to anyone. I feel alone sometime but I’m glad I’m able to talk to you. I’m not sure what I should do. I might continue taking Vitex in a small dose and see what happens. What if I never get my period again with Vitex, should I continue taking it? What other herb would you recommend for irregular period when TTC? Thanks in advance. =)

    • Dear Mylee,

      I am very glad you feel you can talk to me! That is what I am here for.

      It has never been my experience that Vitex stops menstruation. In my opinion it is worth stopping Vitex for now to see if the symptoms you described go away and your period returns. Ovulation can still happen, so watch for the other common signs of ovulation like changes in cervical mucus, increased libido or one sided pressure of pain in the lower abdomen.

      I would then suggest working one on one with a fertility herbalist through a Fertility Consultation to receive help in determining the best natural fertility program for your needs if you wish to more forward with herbs, nutritional supplements and natural therapies. This will allow you to share in as much detail as possible about your fertility health, diet and lifestyle and much more, so we can help you know how to positively move forward.

  5. Hi again Elizabeth!

    I really appreciate that you allow us to ask you questions here. It’s so helpful, thank you!
    I decided to take vitex for my short luteal phase (8-9 days). I Ov regularly on CD19, and for the first 19 days my temps are usually bellow 97.5, then they jump past 98, but fall after 7 days. I started taking 400mg every morning since CD1 and now, on CD9 my temps are unusually high (97.8 and climbing) and I believe it’s the vitex. I want to stop and only take it during the luteal phase – does this make sense? Can vitex prevent or delay ovulation? I’ll mention that I have a history of PCOS.

    Thank you so very much!

    • Hello Li!

      You’re very welcome!

      How long have you been taking Vitex? If it has been only 1-3 cycles, the cycle can shift. We know this to happen for some, not all, women. Vitex is not known to stop ovulation, but may shift ovulation date. I know that this can be alarming, but it is a sign the body is responding to the herb’s actions (a good sign). We often see shifts work themselves out within the first three cycles of use.

      For hormonal balance, Vitex needs to be taken all cycle long without taking a break, consistently. It also works best along with dietary and lifestyle changes.

      Elevated follicular phase basal body temperature (BBT) can be an indicator of inflammation, elevated follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) or poor ovarian reserve, all of which can accompany PCOS. Are you eating a PCOS Fertility Diet, managing weight and supporting liver health as well? These are great to consider along with Vitex.

  6. I have been taking Vitex for a month now. I have regular spotting between periods which are regular. I have had lots of hair thinning and hair loss thsi past 2 years and am not sure if it is stress or hormones. Test came back fine though I feel off. Now I am noticing I have more spots of my face than before. Not like pimples but deeper cyst like acne. I also noticed my discharge smelled like yeast and I got bad headaches immediately after taking a Vitex pill. Will these issues ever resolve or should I stop taking this?

    • Dear Valerie,

      Vitex is not know to cause hormonal imbalance, thinning hair, cystic acne or yeast imbalances. I rarely hear of side effects of Vitex, but when I do they are mild skin reactions, headache and for some women (not all) who are depressed, slight increases in symptoms of depression. So, while I can not know if this Vitex is the culprit for you, it may be best because you “feel off” to either cut back on the dose or wean off to see if you begin to feel more normal. While Vites is an amazing female fertility-health herb, we also know it may not be for everyone.

      I hope you feel better soon!

  7. Hi,

    My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over 2 years. I think I have hormonal imbalance and lp defect as my lp is only 10-11 days long. I decided to try Vitex. My cycle are usually 24-27 days, some were 29 or 31 days. I usually ovulate on day 15 or 16th. I started Vitex on day 1 of my cycle and first time in months got more watery and eggwhite cm starting on day 8 up until day 15. I also got + opk on day 14, very strong line. However, my temp never went up.
    My cm is dry very creamy after day 15, but still no temp shift. I did not take Vitex yesterday morning or today.This morning my temp went up to 98.1. Not sure what to think or do? Should I stop or continue taking it.

    • Dear Marlena,

      While it is up to you whether you continue Vitex or not, it is known that this herb needs time to be effective and support sustained hormonal balance. It needs more time. We do see for some women slight cycle shifts when they first begin taking Vitex. Typically shifts work themselves out within 1-3 cycles of use. We also suggest at least 3 consecutive cycles of use although clinical research shows some need to take it longer (6 months+) to see greatest benefit.

      So, with all that, it may be worth continuing. Then, lastly, general suggested use is 900-1000mg daily through the entire menstrual cycle (no need to take a break).

      My best!

  8. Hi there…

    I was on birth control for 10 years due to significant emotional highs and lows and went off a year ago. I have not a had a period this entire past year unless forced with estradiol. I discovered that my LH and FSH levels are 0. I was told that my pituitary gland took a vacation because I had been on the pill for so long. I am wondering if I am a good candidate for Vitex? If not does anyone have any other ideas on what I could take? My husband and I would like to get pregnant and would like to avoid any fertility treatments if necessary. Any and all advice is welcome.


  9. I will share my Vitex story and I desperately need some advice too! I started with Vitex since my cycles were super long and irregular and mostly no ovulation. I started with Vitex exactly 2 months ago, 1200 mg a day. After my periods didn’t arrived and after many negative pregnancy test I got an positive one, which means I was ovulating very late, between cycle day 30 and 40. I have had 2 mc in the past so naturally I am seriously freaked out, I never expected Vitex to work with 1st cycle while on it. I have always had a problem with low progesterone and I am sticking to Vitex now at first trimester 800 mg a day, is that okay thing to do? Could I also add progesterone supplement?

    • Hi Lucky,

      Congratulations on your pregnancy! There is some research that shows Vitex may be safely used in the first trimester of pregnancy, to help support progesterone production. It should only be used this way while under the care of a qualified and skilled herbalist who works with and is knowledgeable about working with pregnant mothers. With our clients who are taking vitex while trying to get pregnant, we feel if there is a history of low progesterone, it is best to slowly wean off of vitex and transition over to natural progesterone cream supplementation in early pregnancy. We know that natural progesterone cream supplementation is a more reliable way to directly support progesterone levels, compared to vitex, and has been proven safe for use in pregnancy. To learn more about Natural Progesterone Cream Use in Pregnancy click here…

      You may also be interested in reading a variety of articles we have on pregnancy health, which you can access here:

      May you have a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby!

  10. Hi. I’m 41 years old and have always had a 27-28 day cycle. I could time it like clockwork. Lately though it’s been getting shorter and now my cycle is on average about 24-25 days with spotting a day or two before my period (which is very annoying). I’m not trying to get pregnant but I wondered if Vitex will help my periods get back to normal. I just took my first dose 400mg today but I wonder if it’s even necessary to take it.

    • Dear Aneatra,

      Irregular menstrual cycles (sporadic/changing menstruation and irregular ovulation) can go hand in hand with age as hormone production and balance begins to shift. This is actually natural and normal. I am sorry it is concerning you!

      Vitex has been found to support most cases of irregular menses and hormone imbalance. It may support a healthy ovulation, luteal phase, and healthy progesterone levels. The great part is that is does this without containing any hormones itself.

      The only way to know if Vitex will help is to give it a try. Clinical research shows Vitex is best taken at a general suggested dose of 900-1000mg per day and long term.

  11. I purchased Vitex, but I don’t knnow when to start taking it and how much to take. My doctor was not familiar with Vitex. I have been using the advanced clear blue fertility test, and for the last five days I have a blinking smiley face, which means high fertility, because of increased estrogen. I am waiting for a solid smiley face for peak fertility which is when there is a LH surge. Should I start Vitex now, or wait until after I hopefully ovulate?

    Also, my cycle varies from 24-43 days. It has been very irregular for the last year since coming off birth control. We are TTC.


    • Dear Alyssa,

      It may be best to wait to begin Vitex until the next cycle (if pregnancy is not confirmed). Clinical research shows that the most benefit from Vitex comes after around 6 months to a year of use. In the absence of pregnancy, it can be started at any point in the menstrual cycle and used all cycle long. The general suggested use is 900-1000mg per day. It is also best to wean off of Vitex in early pregnancy when conception occurs.

  12. Hi, I have been off progesterone only birth control for 7 months, with a regular 27-29 day cycle, but was ovulating later (cycle day 19-21). I am trying to conceive my first child, so decided to try vitex to lengthen my luteal phase on a recommendation from a friend. I’ve been on it for one cycle, and although I ovulated earlier (cycle day 16), I experienced spotting throughout my luteal phase (cycle day 23-32), and my period arrived later and is very light for me. I am not pregnant (negative test). I’m now debating whether I should stay on, or discontinue. Any thoughts? I appreciate your help!

    • Hi Lisa,

      Vitex is an herb of patience. Through the thousands of clients we have worked with that have taken vitex, we have observed menstrual cycle changes in the first few cycles of use – in some of the women. Typically this goes away a cycle or two after beginning the vitex. Vitex works best over time, when taken consistently, typically many cycles of use… around 6 – 12. It may be that the body needs more time to adjust. I hope that helps.

  13. Hi! I have regular periods of 28-30 days. My doctor said apparently I am not ovulating because my progesterone was low on cycle day 24 at 5.1 ng/ml. I have good AHM at 4.9, good FSH levels of 5.5 (mIU/mL) and my LH was at 4.1 (mIU/mL). Do you think Vitex will help ovulation? Is there anything else you would recommend? I also did an IVF cycle and it didn’t work. Thanks for your advice!

  14. Hi,

    I started taking Vitex and Maca on the 13 of this month. I have always had irregular periods, but this past year it had been month and months at a time of bleeding/spotting. I got a consultation and starting taking Vitex, Maca, and other things suggested. After a few days of taking everything my bleeding stopped, however on Monday i started bleeding again. But this time is HEAVY bleeding with severe cramping. My question is can Vitex work that quickly and cause heavy bleeding and cramping?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Amber,

      Clinical research shows that vitex may start working within 10 days, but full benefits may not be experienced until 6 months or longer. Some women do experience temporary cycle shifts when they begin taking vitex, however these are most often changes in cycle length. I have not ever heard of Fertilica Vitex causing heavy menstrual flow and cramping.

      You mentioned you are taking “other things suggested” by your herbalist in your Fertility Consultation. Please reach out to your herbalist. She knows the fertility issues you are dealing with best and how all that you are taking and doing might be affecting you. She may have better guidance for you and is there for you. If you need assistance in finding her email, please contact customer care.

  15. Hi,

    I been taking vitex and maca for 5 weeks and i been having a little tiny brown discharge every 2 weeks . I’m Trying to conceive . I don’t have regular periods . I have PCOS . I need some advice.

  16. Hi!! I am a bit concerned after takin vitex. I typically have a cycle between 30 and 32 days. I ovulate rather late, usually around cycle day 18-19. I was hoping to push up my ovulation date using vitex. I took it last month for the first 14 days and stopped. I stopped for two reasons. One reason is because it was causing me to be extremely tired daily, and I was having acne and horrible mood swings. I ended up ovulating on cycle day 21, so a week after I stopped taking it. I decided it wasn’t for me considering the side effects and it pushe my ovulation date back. My major dilemma is that this cycle I had a period or five days and spotted EVERY day until yesterday. Today is cycle day 18 and still no sign of ovulation. I’m really getting freaked out that it has messed things up. Any thoughts on what I should do? We are ttc, and I am feeling like I have made a huge mistake taking it. I really do not want to I back to taking it, and I’m scared my hormones are not going to go back I normal and I won’t be able to conceive. Any help is appreciated!!

    • Hi Candace,

      Based on the information you have provided, it is difficult to say if Vitex is the right herb for you or not. I can say that vitex is an herb that really needs time to be effective, realistically, it needs to be taken everyday for a minimum of 6-12 months. My first thoughts are that your cycles aren’t really that “off” and perhaps all that may be needed is some adjustments in nutrition levels or other lifestyle changes first, rather than taking an herbal supplement. I don’t know what your diet nor lifestyle is like, but you may want to look there first. Vitex may cause temporary hormonal shifts when first introduced, even up to the first 3 cycles of use, which can be scary, especially if you are not used to taking herbs. It may seem like you have ruined your cycle, but in fact this is a good sign your body is responding to the herb. Women who are really wanting to take vitex, need to realize that there needs to be a commitment to many months of use and it requires consistency of use.

  17. Update 2014 – We are back! We have been away for a while and we sure have missed all of your wonderful questions and thoughts on our articles. Moving forward, one of our staff herbalists will be here to respond to comments! We look forward to connecting with our readers once again!

  18. Hi

    Vitex seems to be the way to go. Please advise if it would be OK to take Vitex with Synthroid 0.125mg medication? If no, which other natural herb would be best to be used to treat thyroid issues along with taking Vitex?

    Also advise of its best way to take Vitex thus empty stomach, with food, after food (who long after food) or with lots of water etc, in order to get the optimal results from it.

    What types of exercises should be done while taking Vitex?

    Thanks… awaiting your reply.

  19. Hi, Well I just googled a question and came along this website. I have irregular periods. Its been two months since I had a period but its nothing new for me. I am going to buy vitex tomorrow before work. But my question is it safe to take the vitex and Dong Quai at the same time? Or should I just start off with vitex? How long do I have to take vitex to see a menstration cycle? I am ttc#2, so I am hoping that this works..

  20. Hello,

    I am 22 almost 23 and have been TTC for a year and a half. I was diagnosed with PCOS and there is no history on either side of my family for infertility. But I am having issues. I went on Clomid for 3 rounds and gave up! It was so expensive and made me feel pregnant even though I wasnt. I usually only get my period 3-4 times a year, due to the PCOS. The clomid has helped (it made me get my period twice) But i just hate how it makes me feel. So since November I have had a total of four periods which is awsome for me.

    I just ended my menses on the 12 and have been taking Maca Root for about two weeks, Vitex, Red Raspberry Leaves and Red Clover since yesterday. My main question is when should i start TTC again. Ive read numerous posting that Vitex can take up to 6 months, so does that mean it wont allow me to get pregnant now?

    I also have issues with Yeast infections/UTIs because every month after my menses I get one or the other and it stinks! My gyno said he has no clue whats going on and he checked me for a few things and said everything was fine. Last month I actually had a pelvic infection. Will these herbs help me with this issue? or if not what do you recommend?

  21. Hi, I have had irregular periods ever since I can remember, either they are non existent (not having for 2 to 6 months) or they last over a month. I went to the doctor and he said my uterus looks good and so does my cervix I had a pap smear and blood tests, also I had a uterine ultrasound (intra-vaginal) and nothing abnormal came up. My doctor said that my hormones are just out of whack. I read that Vitex can help regulate your cycle and help with ovulation. My husband and I are trying to conceive. I started Vitex 1 month ago and spotted a few times throughout the month so far. I am really worried that I will not be able to have a baby and that it is something that can not be fixed. Has anyone ever had a similar situation to mine and have had conception success? Also, has anyone had success in this type of situation while taking Vitex? (also I am 24)

  22. HI,
    I’m 28 years, never been pregnant (to my knowledge) & TTC. My partner & I have a donor on stand by for my O but was having lots of questions & concerns. I’m fairly new to the TTC world of herbs but this is what i am doing: I am taking a prenatal vitamin & dha daily. I heard about wild yam root (i found the mexican wild yam root) & was taking that 2x a day before my O but recently read that it should be taken after my O. I have recently started Vitex & DIM but haven’t seen too many results. My main issue is that my TTC #1 was may 29 when my cycle calendar app suggested i was very fertile. during that time i was on my prenatal, dha & wild yam root schedule. my O date was predicted to be may 30, on that exact day I began to feel what many say is light cramping or the strectching of the uterus. I felt that, nausea, dizziness, heightened smell, temp up & down & frequent urges to pee. this continued until june 12 which was 2 days before my predicted period date. it seemed to be very heavy, light red then dark red with large clots. so far it has lighted up in flow. I tested 3x even though i knew it was too early & never once got a positive. So from all of this, I’m not sure if i was ever pregnant or maybe had a chemical pregnancy. With these new supplements of Vitex & DIM, how would you suggest I take them? I was told by an holistic dr to take vitex until O & take DIM until i recieve a positive test…. all suggestions are welcomed & appreciated. Thanks!

  23. Hi there i been taking gaia vitex and maca and red raspberry leaf capsules 2 of each twice a day i been taking them now for 9 months,My period has always been irregular sisne i begin to get it at the age of 12 years old i only got it every 6 months twice a year.It has been this way ever sisne i first got it when i was 12 years old i am now 31 years old and 2 years before i started taking the vitex maca and red raspberry leaf my period went from one every 6 months to one a year this went on for 2 years i only got one period a year for 2 years.Even though i have always been irregular this was very irregular to me i was so used to getting it twice a year every 6 months i dont know what the change happened for.So i started on the vitex and maca and red raspberry leaf i have been taking them for 9 months now i started september 7th 2011 it is now june 13th 2012 the hole time i been taking them nothing was happening but in march 2012 i begun to spot a tiny tiny bit then it got to be a little more spotting then for like 2 minutes i was bleeding then it would stop and go back to spotting very light so i dont know for sure if this was to be considered a period or not.It seems that every other month i will spot a tiny tiny bit it is a faint pink and get a little cramping then when i think af willbe arriving the next day the spotting is gone again and a few days later it returns back again and goes away.The most bleeding i have had sinse starting these is the bleeding i had in march i spotted a little yesterday and today nothing again.I dont know if this is my body adjusting to the pills or not could this be what i am spotting every so often because it is my body trying to adjust to the vitex?I had the bit of spotting and bleeding in march have not seen any sinse and it is now june onlything i seen so far is some faint pink spotting yesterday and nothing today.Can you tell me what this is from and if you think the vitex and maca sounds like it is working for me trying to balance my hormones?I been on them for 9 months now i know it takes a while i take them every single day had not missed them once.I was supposed to get checked for pcos the doctor says she is almost certain i have it i dont even know if i ever ovulated i never tested to see if i did or not and when i bled the tiny bit in march i have not tested anytime after that because i dont really know if that little bit of bleeding would be considered to be a real af or not.Thank you in advance

  24. Hi there i been taking gaia vitex twice a day 2 pills a day and maca capsules 2 times a day and red raspberry leaf 2 times a day for 9 months now.Before starting them i was always very irregular ever sinse i had my first period at age 12,I would only get my period every 6 months twice a year i am now 31 years old and for the past 2 years before i started the vitex,maca and red raspberry leaf my period went from getting it every 6 months twice a year to one period a year this was going on for the past two years before starting the vitex.I was not tested very well for pcos but the doctor said she is certain i have it i did not want to be put on birth control pills it has to many side effects and they make me sick and only work while you take them then when you stop you are back to the irregular pattern again.Sinse i started vitex every other month i get a tiny tiny bit of spotting for one day then it stops then a few days later i get a tiny bit of spotting again then it stops again.In march 2012 i was spotting and it got a little darker then got a little heavy for a couple of minutes like a period then would stop and slow down a little and then i would spot this was going on for 2 weeks then stoped i dont know if it was a period or what it was such a little bit.I know i been so irregular for so long so i dont know if this spotting is because my body is trying to regulate its self and it may take time before it does sinse i went so long irregular.I only spot every other month and when i do it is so light and barely there and does it for one day and then stops then picks back up a few days later then stops again.In the 9 months i been taking all these the only time i bled a little was in march and i was taking all of these march made 6 months then finally i bled that little bit i dont know if it would be considered a real period cause i only bled a little heavy for a few minutes then stop and go back to spotting.But it is now june 2012 and i have not seen any spotting or anything sinse march until yesterday i spotted and today nothing again.I was wondering do you think the spotting is my body trying to regulate its self?D

  25. I am 35-I have had irregular periods only since my last miscarriage on my valentines day birthday back in 2010…….period disappears for two months or lasts 3weeks. Off BC since my 1st MC in 2008. TTC since,I do have kids over 8yrs old but want one not ending in MC with my current partner of 6+yrs. We saw RE later in 2010 and did all testing on myself and SA twice for my partner. All came back good & just told unexplained infertility by RE. Went thru IUI on Clomid got BFP to MC then tried TI with daily fertility shots & trigger shot twice, w/ BFP blood test end in loss. I was considering natural IVF after those but my insurance wouldnt cover it. I worked with my OB in 2011 where I was given provera 10mg to take ea month for 10days times 6months to regulate my period, which is does. Also I was told to take baby aspirin daily since last mc too.
    After reading so much on Alt to meds for TTC & my partner says best to let nature let in happen when it will, we decided to look into just supplements when this script is done, which is in 3day I finish the provera & 3 days later i should have AF! Also I am between jobs so no insurance.
    Would Soy Iso be good to take during AF as I should get in 6days? Also,
    Main question Now I wonder if Vitex is better over provera?

  26. Hello

    I have just recently started taking vitex after hearing so many stories and reviews about this product. Right now I am purely using this medication due to having irregular menstrual cycle where I would miss a few months of no bleeding which worries me everyday. I was prescribed to take birth control pills however I feel like I wanted to use a more natural herbal medication to let my body function well and so I chose to use Vitex which I bought from my local herbal store. I take the capsule medication and not the liquid form and I take the capsule as stated about twice a day which i believe is 400mg so about 1800mg a day and since taking it for about 1 and half weeks I have noticed some brown spotting and was worried that it was something serious. But I did research before that it could be the side effect of the vitex. Could this happen this early as 1 week since I have heard it could take months before any side effects occur, I also want to mention I have no other symptoms but brown spotting which worries me:) hope you can help thanks

  27. I have Just recieved vitex in the mail from ebay, I have unknown infertility and have been ttc for 2 years, with no luck, I had a mc almost 2 years ago.I am 29 yo. I don’t know is vitex right for me to take if I don’t know what the problem is? My periods are regular, but my period knocks me out every month w cramps. How can I find out if Vitex is right for me?
    thanks for your time,
    Kayla Pie

  28. Hello. After years of fertility treatments — many rounds of ivf — based on a misdiagnosis of blockage of both fallopian tubes, I ended up naturally pregnant late last year. Unfortunately, we lost our baby boy when I went into preterm labor on March 16 at 4 1/2 months pregnant. Because the entire placenta did not deliver, I underwent a D&C on that same date. After a couple months and no menstrual cycle, I started Vitex and Maca root because historically my cycles have been 35-40 days and not always regular. I just turned 41 and so am anxious to start trying to conceive again before it is too late. My hope is that these herbal supplements will help me regain the hormonal balance I need to ovulate regularly. I have been taking the Vitex for several weeks. Starting about a week ago I had very, very light spotting that lasted for 7 days. It was the first bleeding of any kind since about 2 weeks after the D&C (I had only minimal spotting and discomfort for about 1 1/2 – 2 weeks after the D&C and then no bleeding of any kind until this spotting). Is this a sign the Vitex might be working or do you think there is something wrong that I haven’t had a full bleed and that the spotting was so very light (sorry for tmi, only occurred several times each day and sometimes a little on a pantyliner, sometimes only upon wiping)?

  29. I have been seeing a good naturopath the last 5 months with ttc and have been on vitex and wild yam as well as a fertility smoothie every day
    About 1.5 months ago I started on a mix of false unicorn,dong quai, red clover, red raspberry, shantaram, rehmannia 4ml dosage 2times before bed each night … Last week we had a falling out over religion and won’t they won’t be treating me anymore , this week I ran out of the wild yam and vitex … I am due to start ivf in July when the other mix runs out do you think I should be taking the vitex and wild yam till I start my ivf cycle in around 7 weeks ???
    Thanks or your help

    Ps my cycle has always been on time even through 5 years of ivf and 1 baby

  30. I have very irregular periods. I do not produce enough progesterone and have to much estrogen do to being over weight. My doctor about 5 years ago put me on progesterone pills for 10 days which would help me bring on a normal period every month. If I do not take the progesterone I will continually bleed. It isn’t a normal period just enough to have to wear a pad all day but I never get a normal period were I have a good flow. I decided I did not want to keep taking the progesterone to bring on a normal period because I didn’t want to keep putting that into my body. So I started losing weight and exercising which corrected it on its own and I began having a period every 45 days about and it would be extremely painful and heavy but at least I wasn’t bleeding every day! Well since then the weight has started creeping back on and I haven’t been exercising. Once again I’ve started bleeding every day. So a little over a week ago I decided to start using vitex to see if it would help. With in 24hrs I started bleeding heavier. Its more like a real period now. I use about 4 tampons a day. The only side effect I’ve noticed is I feel itchy but that’s not every day, I don’t know if that will stop or not but I hope so. I’ve been bleeding like a normal period for a little over a week now and am wondering if this is normal. I figured since I have not had a real period in about 6 months that I have to shed a thicker lining and that could be why I am bleeding longer? I know when I took the progesterone I would hemorrhage (well it felt like it using a super tampon every 1 1/2 – 2 hrs) for 5 days and it would be done. Maybe because I am not bleeding like that it is going to take longer to clean myself out? I also don’t know if I am taking enough vitex. My bottle says to take 1 – 440mg cap a day. Is that enough? I sometimes find that because I am overweight I need to take more than the normal person has to take for it to properly do its job in my body. I am concerned though that if I do up the dosage of vitex the itching will become a lot worse and I don’t want that the happen either. I also have Dong Quai but I have not taken that yet. Will that help slow my period and make it regular? I don’t want to stop vitex because I do feel like it is working. I am working out and exercising again, hoping that will help also. I understand this all takes time. I want to have a baby so I need to get myself healthy and regular. Been TTC for over a year and this makes it difficult and all of this get very depressing.

  31. Hey,
    I am 20 years old i know it is young but im trying to conceive with my soon to be husband. We have been trying since last year. i have no kids yet and would love a lil one. i have irregular periods and my doctor prescribe me progesterone pills to jump start my period. I was wondering what supplements can i get with this to help get me pregnant. Im trying to get pregnant by july before my husband go away. plz help

  32. ive started taking vitex since jan 31 and i was taking the dosage according to the bottle’s directions to equal 1600 mg of vitex a day. i started spotting march 17-21 and i did not take vitex during that time. then at the end of april i reduced my dosage to 800 mg for fear that i was taking too much, now i am having cramping for about a week now like im going to get AF any minute now and period still hasnt shown, heavy increase of cervical mucus, and diarrhea. i know that vitex takes a long time to work and im trying to be patient, but it is just frustrating, please help!

  33. Ok, to add to my previous question:

    I have been on Vitex since February, and last week I started using Natural Progesterone cream twice a day, and I am currently taking 800mg of Vitex, a day. I once again had a very brief period, it lasted 2 days, and was a normal flow the first half of the first day, then it turned into spotting more or less. Is this normal? I am not sure if I’m on the right track, should I stay the course?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  34. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for almost two years. I have always had irregular periods and have been charting my basal body temperature for the last year and a half. For the most part I have been ovulating, however some cycles I do not. Some cycles are normal 28 day cycles and ovulation takes place on day 14 or 15. Other cycles have ranged from 24 days, to 47 days with ovulation taking place at different times. My doctor referred me for blood work and an ultrasound. Everything appears fine. I have been referred to an OB and have an appointment beginning of June. My doctor tells me the OB will likely put me on clomid. Is this safe? I started taking vitex at the recommendation of my Naturopath at the beginning of April. She recommends taking 3 capsules on waking prior to breakfast, each capsule having 80 mg. I have been taking these capsules regularly. I didn’t ovulate until day 29 this cycle (which may or may not be normal for me). The day after ovulation I began spotting and the spotting has continued, today is day 9 of spotting, not a period. I am getting so frustrated and feeling beat down. I am hoping and trying to be positive that my cycles will regulate and conception will happen.

  35. Hi, I was wondering about the side effects. So I been taking vitex/ dong quai and stopped after assumed ovulation in case of being pregnant. So I decided to take vitex alone and then switched to a vitex tincture mixed with other herbs. While on the tincture I got headaches and started looking online whether I should stop or reduce the dosage. Some sites said stop completely and that sadden me because vitex is my hope to conceiving. Other cites on the other hand said to continue and that headaches where just a sign of shifting in hormones and your body getting use to the herb and after a while the headaches go away. Can you help?am confused about what to do.. Thank You
    Yesica 🙁

  36. Also, I was taking 1200 mg of Vitex, daily.


  37. Hello,

    Several months ago, I stopped taking birth control because of the adverse reaction it was having on my body [and in my marriage]. I had been taking the pill for 5+ years.

    After coming off the pill, I had a really long cycle, 66 days. I started taking Vitex on the 58th day of my cycle, hoping to help my body reestablish a normal cycle.
    The day I started Vitex, I had some spotting which continued until I finally started my period. Once I started my period, I stopped taking the Vitex, in order to encourage natural menstruation.

    However, I am now on day 12 of my cycle, and I am still bleeding, albeit lightly. Because I am still on my period, I haven’t started taking the Vitex again, but I don’t know what to do.

    Do I wait it out or should I begin taking the Vitex again to help my body regulate?

    Thank you in advance!


  38. Hi,

    I had a miscarriage at the end of December leading to my period afterwards to be a week late. My herbalist suggested that I take Vitex just to balance out my hormones and get my cycle back to normal. I was taking Vitex for about 3 months and noticed that it was actually having the opposite affect on me when in the past it had helped me the way it was supposed to. I didn’t have a normal period for my last period, it was just brown fluid/old blood for about 4 days when my usual period would be medium- heavy for 8-10 days on a 30 day cycles. I am still awaiting a period now as I am about 22 days late. I have been having what feels like normal period symptoms but no period and period cramping for about 4 weeks now. I’ve taken pregnancy tests of which 2 were positive but the rest were negative (strange) so I stopped taking the Vitex just in case I am pregnant but even so the Vitex doesn’t seemed to have worked for the last couple of months. I was expecting by this month that my cycle would be back to normal but it hasn’t. I am really out of sync with my body, I really don’t know what’s going on.

    If you could advise me on what this could be then that would be so helpful,
    Thank you,

  39. hi. i m 20 years of age.from the start my periods have been irregular (missed periods)with the gaps of 4 to 5 months.i m too much upset cz i m geting marry in next 2 months i want regular periods before marriage and dont want to wait for being pregnent.plz help me what to do?i also want to know that with missed periods can i get pregnent?plz ans me in full detail.thanx

  40. Hello,
    I have irregular period sometimes going 4 or 5 months without seeing it. after my doctor said there was nothing wrong, i started on vitex and on the fourth day i saw my period, i am very happy about that. my question is should i stop taking it when i am on my period and start again after i have stopped menstruating? And also how long do i have to take it for when i start on it again? do i have to continue taking it for six months or do i just continue with it until i have a regular period every month Thank you

  41. Thanks Dalene!

    I found that when I took Vitex, the emotions, crying spells and mood swings I have before my period is replaced with giggles. I also observed I wasnt that much constipated.

    I have been advised to take 2% natural progesterone. Am not sure I want to take this though for my relative estrogen dominance. I am also exercising regularly now. Do you suggest Black Cohosh instead of Vitex?

    Thank again Dalene, very much!!!

  42. Hi,

    If you are taking vitex to conceive when do you stop taking it to see if you have conceived? Also, I have low progesterone so I really need the vitex to balance me out if I stop taking it and I have conceived then won’t it result in a miscarriage because I won’t have adaquate help from the vitex to help me make progesterone?

  43. hello, i am in need of period is very absent i seem to ovulate in the begining of the month cramping and everything else but no blood and sticky cervical mucus. i have not seen my periods in months about 2 months ago my ob/gyn perscribed me provera. it worked but only really medium amout of old blood came for 4 days. he refuse to put me on birth control to shrink my cysts cause we r trying to concieve. according to him the 3 test he took for pcos came back negative but i do have cysts on my ovaries. thyroid and all other lab work came back normal he even checked to see if im ovulating which it came back positive for that. me and hubby want to have a baby really soon i do not want to take any clomid i want to try making my period come naturally with vitamins i heard about dong quai, and vitex to stimulate period if this is correct what dosage should i use. also i heard about MACA AND DIM to shrink cysts is that true also. if so can i take all of these vitamins at the same time.

  44. Hello my name is Angel and i have been ttc for 3 years now. For the first year it was more like if it happens it happens. For the past 4 years ive had irregular periods one every 4 months. It all started when i went on bc for 3 months then i got off it because it didnt agree with me and my period was messed up ever since. then all of a sudden in Nov. 2011 my period started coming regularly every 30 days and i ovulate on day 16 and i still havent become pregnant. i just started vitex this week to help me…i am totally desperate. I was wondering what am i to expect with vitex and i also bought Dong Quai and wasnt sure if i should take it and if i should how much. just looking for a little help and advice. thank you.

  45. hi.

    i have been taking vitex tincture for the last 4 months. it has regulated my cycle to be 27 days with a 13 day lutheal phase every month for the last 4 months which is great!!

    i’m trying to conceive but i’m wondering if i stop taking vitex this month, will it change my cycle? i want to see if my body does okay on its own without the vitex but unsure if i should do it as i really don’t want to mess with my cycle now that i’m really doing my all to get pregnant.

  46. Hi,

    I started taking Vitex and Maca about 3 weeks ago. I started spotting yesterday but it was only yesterday. I know I will be getting soon since I have all the symptoms. My question is, can I still continue to take the Vitex until I get my period completely?

    Thank you,

  47. Hi There,

    I am 32 years old, I have PCOS and went of the pill last August, (2011). Two months ago I started taking Vitex, (Mid-Feb) and I am currently experiencing period symptoms, Iand light spotting that is brown, and very minor, I feel like this should be the time I get my period, as I have had similar feelings around this time for the past few months, but so far nothing has happened.

    Does the spotting mean the Vitex is working and I should just keep plugging away , hoping one of these months i’ll get my period back?

    We’re trying to conceive, but since I haven’t had a regular period in over 8 months, figured we may as well hold off until I get my body/hormones under control. I guess, what I’m really hoping to find out, is if this is normal, and if I should continue taking the vite, am I on the right trac?

  48. Hello…

    I’ve had regular 31-32 day cycles for the past few months. However, that all changed this month. I should be getting my period on Sunday, which will be cycle day 50!! I had day 3 LH, FSH/TSH tests done and they were all normal. If they’re normal, how come I’m having a long cycle?

    I’ve taken vitex last summer to regulate my long cycles. It worked great. I did stop taking it after 3 cycles. That’s when I started my 31-32 day cycles. I have a Luteal phase of 13-14 days.

    I’m wondering if I should start taking vitex again? I’m so frustrated with these long cycles. It makes it extremely difficult when you’re trying to conceive!!

    Any advise would be great… Thanks!!

    • Hi Lisa U.,

      Have you had your progesterone levels tested? It sounds like vitex may be a choice once again, you said you had good results in the past. There are a variety of reasons cycle length may be off, I just don’t have enough information about your situation to really say what it may be or not.

      Best Wishes,