How Long Should I Take Vitex for Fertility?

How Long Should I Take Vitex for Fertility?


Hi Hethir, I have been taking vitex for 3 weeks now and I am on day 35 of my cycle, am I supposed to stop taking the vitex on a certain day so my period will start. I did hpt it was negative.


There are two schools of thought on how to take Vitex. Most herbalists say that you can take it every day for up to 18 months, unless you get pregnant. Some other sources say to take it for two weeks before ovulation than stop, just incase you are pregnant.

With my clients I usually suggest taking it all month long except while you are menstruating.

Vitex does not contain any hormones in it yet acts by balancing the hormonal system. I personally take it daily (luteal phase imbalance), when I find out that I am pregnant I will stop.

As for your cycle being 35 days, if it was not normally that long it may be a sign that the vitex is working to balance things out. Sometimes when the body is healing it will seem a little more out of whack for a very short time and than comes back into balance.

Vitex and progesterone can be taken at the same time (remember progesterone is take only after ovulation until menses or if you become pregnant at least for the first three months.)

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