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Video: 3 New Ways to Use Maca for Fertility

Video: 3 New Ways to Use Maca for Fertility

3 New Ways to Use Maca for Fertility

If you are new to, you probably don’t yet know how much we love Maca root! Maca is a nourishing fertility superfood that encourages hormonal balance, reduces stress and improves libido in both women and men.

Typically we suggest that our clients add Maca root to a daily fertility smoothie, as one way to begin eating better in order to boost fertility. Maca root is a great addition to your fertility diet and in this video that was shared live on periscope, I give you three delicious Maca recipes! Download the Periscope App to get notifications of my live broadcasts!

New Ways to Use Maca Powder

There are three different ways to take maca:

  • capsules
  • liquid extract
  • powder

Types of Maca Powder

This is pure, dried Maca root. We find that it can cause digestive upset in some people.

We carry organic gelatinized Maca root in our shop. Gelatinized Maca root has had the fiber removed and is more concentrated. Gelatinization doesn’t mean it has gelatin in it.

Maca is a fertility superfood, that can help to boost fertility in both women and men. Maca powder is easy to add to recipes, making it a versatile way to enhance fertility naturally.

Maca Recipes

Click here to access these Maca recipes:
Hot Maca Milk (Do not drink after 1pm, due to its energy boosting qualities)
Maca Ice Cream
Maca Popcorn

Click here for these three bonus recipes…
Cacao Maca Mousse
Cacao Maca Fertility Smoothie
Choco-Maca Breakfast Bowl

Resources talked about in this video:
Fertilica Maca Powder
The Fertilica Maca Line
Maca, Wonder Herb For Fertility…
Maca for Fertility Q&A
10 Ways Maca Can Improve Your Fertility

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