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Increase Cervical Mucus Production to Get Pregnant

Increase Cervical Mucus Production to Get Pregnant

It is common for a woman to experience some vaginal dryness throughout her childbearing years, but if this continues it may be a sign of a hormone imbalance, an infection, and can make it difficult to get pregnant. Who knew that getting “wet” down there was not only important to the comfort and ease of enjoying intercourse, but for making a baby as well. The cervical mucus a woman produces actually helps in conception efforts. Here’s how…

What is Cervical Mucus and Why is it Important?

The cervix produces mucus that varies in consistency and amount depending on where a woman is at in her menstrual cycle. Just after menstruation, when the estrogen levels are low, the cervix produces a fluid that is thick and acidic which is designed to prevent sperm from entering the vagina. This is known as infertile mucus.

Fertile cervical mucus (CM), also known as cervical fluid (CF) is produced by your cervix as ovulation approaches and depends on a good supply of estrogen from the ovary. Cervical mucus is necessary for allowing the sperm to swim freely through the cervix. You can see it come from the vagina, or as wetness on your underwear or feel it inside of the vagina. Changes in CM can be charted and may be used to detect your most fertile time. When a woman is about to ovulate there should be an increase in thin cervical mucus, as well as a change in the mucus texture, from “wet” to a more pliable, stretchy, egg white like mucus. This is possible through an increase in both water and electrolyte content, and a reduction in acidity. This higher electrolyte content can be seen with an ovulation microscope as a ferning pattern. Healthy fertile cervical mucus nourishes the sperm, protects them from the natural acidity of the vagina, and guides them toward the ovum.

Charting cervical mucus changes is known as the Ovulation Method. Since 1988, comparative studies of different methods of fertility charting, including the most common methods used to determine ovulation signs, cervical mucus charting alone proved to be the most accurate way to detect a woman’s most fertile time (World Health Organization – WHO). There is also a product known as Ovatel that is a portable hand-held microscope that you can use to see the ‘ferning’ pattern.

Cecilia M.M. Pyper, MD, Hon. Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford and Jane Knight, Fertility Nurse/Researcher & Director share for the Global Library of Women’s Medicine that “The WHO [World Health Organization] multicenter study reported that 94% of women could detect changes in cervical secretions indicating the start of the fertile time. Most women need to observe the secretions for approximately three cycles before recognizing the changes with confidence.”

Low to No Cervical Mucus

You may have noticed that you have vaginal dryness at times, but if this is becoming a regular occurrence, it may be a sign something is not functioning properly. If you have continual vaginal dryness and cannot detect cervical mucus at all, you may need to support your body in producing cervical mucus once again.

For women that have low, thick or no cervical fluid, it is harder for the sperm to reach the vagina and beyond for conception. In some cases there may not be a friendly environment for the sperm to sustain themselves. A woman may have developed antisperm antibodies, have some type of infection (yeast or bacterial infection, STD), or may eat a diet high in acidic foods which may cause Cervical Hostility.

Causes of Low Cervical Mucus

  • Not enough water intake each day.
  • Cervicitis or inflammation or infection of the cervix
  • Poor circulation to the reproductive organs; sedentary lifestyle.
  • Hormonal imbalance may cause changes to the entire menstrual cycle, which may inhibit production of fertile cervical mucus. Both high progesterone and low estrogen levels may cause poor cervical mucus quality. Conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is the result of excess hormones from the ovary that can thicken or thin the mucus at odd times.
  • Fertility medications containing hormones can alter fertile cervical mucus production.
  • Cervical polyp or fibroid (very rare).
  • Loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) and cryosurgery to treat cervical dysplasia or HPV. These procedures can in some cases cause cervical scar tissue damage which may close off the ducts that secrete the cervical mucus. This is very rare.

Note: None of the natural options below will be helpful for those with cervical scar tissue damage. Scar tissue damage from LEEP or cryosurgery or polyp damage need to be discussed with your ob/gyn.

Natural Options for Increasing Cervical Mucus

1. Hydrate

Drink a lot of water throughout the day. This may be all you need, drink more water. Cervical mucus is made up of 90% water (Harvard University reserach in the journal Fertility and Sterility), so if you are not hydrating your body your cervical mucus production may lessen. Regardless if you use any of the supplements, you must drink enough water for your body to be able to make cervical mucus. Drink at least 8 full glasses of clean filtered water a day.

2. Nutritional Supplementation

Be sure you are getting enough essential fatty acids each day in your diet. If you cannot get these through the foods you are eating, you may want to consider taking a complete omega supplement which contains omega 3, 6 and 9.

Essential fatty acids help to:

  • Regulate hormones
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increase the blood flow to the uterus
  • Reduce sensitivity to the hormone prolactin, which can suppress ovulation
  • Increases egg white cervical mucus, which is needed to help the sperm reach the egg
  • Helps your cycle to become normalized

All of these key areas are vital to healthy, adequate cervical mucus production.

Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) has been used by herbalists for hundreds of years to increase cervical mucus. Evening Primrose Oil is high in omega 6. This plant oil has been shown to increase cervical mucus production while also aiding in hormonal balance.

EPO contains gamma linolenic acid (GLA), a fatty acid that the body converts to a hormone-like substance called prostaglandin E1 (PGE1), and French research published in Fertility and Sterility found that prostaglandins are a important part of the constitution of human cervical mucus. This finding may explain the reason EPO can support healthy cervical mucus production and cervical ripening in late pregnancy.

Borage seed oil is also high in omega-6 essential fatty acids. It has been shown to increase cervical mucus, balance hormones and is similar to evening primrose oil.

L-Arginine is an essential amino acid. Supplementation of L-Arginine helps to promote cervical mucus by supporting the production of nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels and helps to increase blood flow to the uterus, ovaries, and genitals. Proper circulation to the reproductive organs is vital to the production of cervical mucus.

Both Evening Primrose oil and L-arginine are found in the Fertilica™ Fertile CM Pack. Click here to learn more.

3. Herbs that support healthy cervical mucus production

Herbs that are demulcent and bitter are supportive of mucus gland production function. Some herbs are known to increase circulation to the genitals, while others support hormonal balance which may also be helpful.

    Shatavari root (Asparagus racemosus): This herb is a demulcent. Herbs that have a demulcent action contain mucilage. Mucilage lines the mucus membranes and acts as a protector and tonic for those membranes. Shatavari contains mucilage, this may be helpful for women with low cervical mucus.
    Dandelion leaf and root (Taraxacum officinale): Bitter herb, stimulating to mucus secretion. Nutritive, supports liver health for hormonal balance.
    Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra): Demulcent, promotes healthy mucus membrane secretions. Encourages hormonal balance by supporting the endocrine system.
    Marshmallow root (Althea officinalis): Demulcent and soothing to mucus membranes, supports natural health for proper function of mucus production.
    Red Clover aerial parts, blossom (Trifolium pratense): Red Clover has been shown to increase cervical mucus, aiding vaginal dryness. Increases circulation to the reproductive organs.

Making some of these herbs into a tea will also help to support daily hydration!

4. Use a sperm friendly lubricant prior to intercourse

Did you know that most lubricants can actually harm sperm? Luckily there are some natural options that have been shown not to harm sperm. These products supply lubrication when cervical mucus is lacking. Using a sperm friendly lubricant may help the sperm to reach their destination, which is past your cervix!

Emerita Natural Lubrication is a natural lubricant that is water-based. This product is free of petroleum, latex, and mineral oil, all of which have been shown to irritate vaginal tissue and harm sperm.


The production of healthy cervical mucus is vital for conception, as it supports the sperm in reaching the ova. Without fertile (thin, but stretchy) cervical mucus this cannot happen as easily. Cervical mucus is also a wonderful tool for detecting a woman’s peak fertile time. There are many natural options for supporting healthy cervical mucus production…

1. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of clean water each day!

2. Consider important nutritional supplements that support cervical mucus production including omega essential fatty acids, L-Arginine and Evening Primrose Oil.

3. Many herbs can support the health of our mucus glands, including how they function. Many of those same herbs also support hormonal balance, which is necessary for appropriate cervical fluid changes.

4. In the meantime, while you are working on the other 3 steps, consider using a natural lubricant to support the sperm in reaching the ova!

Too learn more about related subjects covered in this article, please visit the following links:

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Dr. Kimberly Langdon Cull M.D., OB/GYN
Dr. Kimberly Langdon Cull M.D., OB/GYN

Dr. Kimberly Langdon Cull is a University-trained Obstetrician/Gynecologist with 19-years of clinical experience. She delivered over 2000 babies and specializes in gynecologic diseases such as menstrual disorders, infertility diagnosis and treatment especially pertaining to tubal blockage and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Dr. Langdon is the inventor of 6 patent pending medical devices, and attended Ohio State University from 1987-1995 receiving her Medical Doctorate Degree (M.D.) with Honors in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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  1. Avatar

    Hi there, I’ve now been trying for a year to conceive after a missed miscarriage last year at 13 weeks.
    We both take pre~conceiption vitamins, him extra zink, me extra vitamin d. We’ve cut back on the alcohol and coffee.
    I recently had my day 21 blood test which came back as I’m ovulating and no hormone imballances. So really confused what’s going on…..

  2. Avatar

    Good day! I wish I could afford to see a specialist but the internet is all I’ve got. My husband and I are both 30years old. After 5 years of trying we did birth a baby boy in 2010. Unfortunately the Lord wanted him by His side last october due to a truck accident. So we’re trying again. I have endometriosis and an endometrioma on my left ovary. I drink at least 100ml of water a day. I’m tall and somewhat overweight and large framed. I had been taking prenatals for years but just stopped because I started taking a vit b12 (2000mcg)with folic acid (400mg) (primaryDr. recommended). I’m on a low sugar, low carb lifestyle eating vegetables, chicken/pork, not much grains except for some whole wheat bread. My CM fluid is almost nill. My cycles are shortening to about 28days and I Ovulate about the 14th day. I don’t chart, I go by feelings and wetness. Sometimes a few days prior to expected O day there is a creamy substance in my underwear (tmi sorry). I just learned how to check myself but I haven’t encountered eggwhite substance at all. For years whenever I wipe I never noticed eggwhite stretchy cm just fragments of goop. Also come to find out recently that my cervix is posterior.
    I’m thinking I should find something to increase my CM fluid. Out of the suggestions above, which do you think would benefit me best? Thank you so much for your time.

  3. I am a patient with fibroid & a right tubal blockage, presently i am taking a daily does of folic acid, i eat enough fruits i& also drink a large quantity of water is it still neccessary to take fertile CM to boost my chance?

    • Hi Libragirl,

      Fertile CM is a supplement for women who do not have cervical mucous. You would only consider using this product if you have low to no cervical mucous present. A sign of this is vaginal dryness.

      Best Wishes,


  4. Avatar

    I am 48 years I just marry as a virgin, I have not seen my menses.
    I check to know whether I am reach the menopause, but it was not the menopause. Please advice me. I want to have my baby

  5. Avatar

    my cycle is regular. i had a miscarriage 2mos ago. i was doing research to improve my chances of concieving. with my other pregnancies i never took herbs. this month i’ve been doing ovulation kits and have yet to get a positive. can vitex be thee reason i havent ovulated yet? i’ve been taking it now for about 2 1/2 weeks!

    • Hi Miranda,

      The first few cycles when using Vitex can cause the entire menstrual cycle to be off, this is due to your body adjusting to this medicinal action of this herb. Your hormones have to adjust to the vitex as well, which my cause your cycle to be different at first. This is usually temporary, the body should adjust and begin to ovulate once again. There is a concern, something you did not mention; have you had a period since your miscarriage? You said your cycle is regular, but you had a miscarriage only 2 cycles ago. If you have not yet had a period since your miscarriage, it could be your body is still adjusting hormonally to the recent pregnancy as well.

      Remember that vitex takes 6-12 months of consistent use to be effective.

      I am sorry for your loss!


  6. Avatar

    We have had all testing and have unexplained infertility. I do notice that I don’t produce the egg white mucus. The thinnest it ever gets is like hand lotion and it stays white. Could that be the problem? I recently began taking EPO and mucinex and it really doesn’t do anything.

    • Hi k210johnson,

      How long have you been taking the EPO and Mucinex. Honestly because we are a Natural Fertility website, we do not suggest taking Mucinex. When you take anything natural it takes time to be effective, it may work overnight, but more than likely not. Natural remedies need to be taken consistently over time to be effective. Be patient with your body, give it some time to adjust and then see in a month how your CM is looking.

      Have you read our Unexplained Infertility Page? If not, check it out here:

      All the best,


  7. Avatar


    Thank you so much for your wonderful website and the work that you do! I am happy to find a holistic practitioner and herbalist that specializes in fertility issues. I am wondering if I should take additional L-Arginine with FertileCM or is the amount in the supplement usually sufficient?

    Are there any negative side effects of L-arginine or this supplement that has been noted?

    Thanks once again! I look forward to your reply. 🙂

    • Hi Lisa,

      The maximum dosage for L-Arginine would be 3000mg so if you feel that Fertile CM is not working for you you may want to consider switching to L-Arginine only or increasing dosage. L-Arginine has other benefits besides increasing cervical mucous, you can learn those here:

      Consult with your health care professional prior to using this product if you are being treated for any pre-existing conditions or are taking prescription medications, such as heart medications including nitroglycerin or any erectile dysfunction medications.

      Best Wishes,


  8. Avatar

    Hi. I’ve recently started taking the depo shot in dec 2010 and my last shot was on march 5 2011. Me and my husband are now planning on starting a family. The depo shot is designed to stop eggs and decrease mucus flow. we really need to know what can help make the eggs continue flowing again and balance the cervical mucus. This would help us ever so much…. please help.

    • Hi Nikki,

      Depo-Provera contains progestin. Progestin keeps the ovaries from releasing the eggs, thickening cervical mucous to prevent sperm from reaching the uterus and thinning the uterine lining which may prevent implantation. Note: continued use of Depo-Provera may stop the menstrual cycle completely and it may take longer than average (9 months-2 years for the menstrual cycle to regulate after stopping it). Once you have gotten a shot of Depo-provera you cannot stop it’s side effects for 12-14 weeks.

      To learn what you can do to balance your hormones as well as bring your body back to its normal fertile self you may want to read our article that will guide you to the best natural remedies to balance hormones, increase cervical mucous, boost nutritional levels depleted by birth control use as well as restore a healthy uterine lining at this link:

      Best Wishes,


  9. Avatar

    I just want to tell everyone –
    that I have had an amazing experience with grapefruit juice this month. A few days before ovulating I was really craving citrus and bought a carton which I consumed over a couple of days…
    I reckon that I produced about 3 times the normal amount of cervical mucus..incredible!!! I can tell when I ovulate because I normally notice mucus then, but this month there was more, it had a more liquid consistency and it lasted a day longer than usual.
    I ran away and researched on-line, and found that there’s an old wives tale about it, but no scientific proof. Well, I will be trying this again next month. But it seems to work for me. I recommend giving it a go!

  10. Avatar

    I was on clomid and did not get pregnant. Now that I am paying more attention to my cm I noticed that while on clomid it was very abundant. Now there is nothing. I use preseed with no success and I am taking epo and vitex. Haven’t noticed any change. My period is like clock work so I am obviously ovulating. Still 2 years and no baby. I do have 1 child so I can get pregnant. Is there any prescriptions the doctor can give to enhance the mucas? Any help would be great. I have had blood, ultra sound and vaginal dye test. All looked good. My husband has been tested as well.


    • Hi Ann,

      Have you tried the other ideas like L-Argnine, drinking 8 glasses of water a day? How long did you take the supplements? Sometimes it takes many months of consistency with EPO and other supplements to be effective. We are not medical doctors, so you would have to ask your doctor about prescription medications. I wonder what your diet is like? Are you vegan? Citrus fruits are known to prouduce more mucous as well. The Preseed is for use when you are having intercourse. I think if you stick it out with some of these supplements you may find success. Your body may need some time to adjust after coming off of our clomid use.

      All the best,


  11. Avatar

    Hi Dalene,
    I am 31 yrs; ever since I started to since my period at the age of 12 I never had a normal cycle so I was place on bcp from the age of 17th I came off the pills in October 2010. Around May 2010 I was told I had PCOS so I did my research and starting to take vitex, estrosense, and maca from since October when I came off the pills. I am also taking other vitamins along with those pills, such as royal jelly, cod liver oil, even primrose oil, one a day weight smart, folic acid , calcium magnesium, omega 3679, vitamin c, zinc and vitamin e, and I haven’t have any period for the last 3 months. I am not over weight. I am 5ft 4 inch and weight 130 pounds, so I am not sure what else to do. Can you please help me? Because my common-law partner and I are ready to start having kids as soon as possible, but I want to treat my body the natural way first. Thank you.

    • Hi Ama,

      Everything you are taking sounds good, but are you eating a diet specific for PCOS to control insulin levels? A big part of the problem with PCOS is the high insulin resistance. Resistance to insulin increases the bodies insulin levels which effects normal ovulation by preventing the body from ovulating or limiting the maturation process of the released egg.
      Women who are insulin resistant are also 4-5 times more likely to have a miscarriage. Imbalanced insulin levels due to PCOS make it difficult for the embryo to attach properly to the uterus. Making a simple switch to how you eat and what you eat when may greatly help your body to respond to the natural remedies you are already taking. To learn how to eat a PCOS diet please go to this link:

      One other thing, Vitex takes many months to be effective. Best results are acheived after 6-12 months of consistent use on average. Be patient, give your body a bit more time. Be consistent with your daily routine it will pay off.

      Best Wishes,


  12. Avatar

    Hello my husband and I have been trying for about 5 years now and no luck. For the last 8 months my period has been coming pretty regular I am around 32-34 day cycle now which has improved a great deal. I am not sure why I am not able to get pregnant I have always had a hard time my son is 6 and he was a surprise as well I went about 4 months with no period and found out I was pregnant. Can you help provide me with some ideas or suggestions I am getting very frustrated…Thanks much…

    • Hi JMM,

      A great tool to helping a woman learn the best times to try and conceive is Fertility Charting. There are different ways to chart your cycle that will help you to know when you are ovulating, if you are ovulating and when to try to conceive.

      Without knowing more about your fertility history and issues it is hard to guide you in the best direction. Eating a natural fertility diet is a great place to begin. Be sure to take a wholefood multivitamin as well. You may also want to consider a natural fertility consultation. Our email consultations can provide you with natural remedies that may be just right for your specific needs.

      All the best,


  13. Avatar

    Hi Hethir,

    I’m a bite concern I started taking evening primrose oil form the first day of my cycle this month hoping it would increase my cervical mucous but this month i saw none i am very dry, i’m suppose to be ovulating today but i’m just not sure what’s going on,I started using opks this cycle and on saturday 22 jan I got a + reading But on sunday I got a – reading i’m going to take another reading again to day but what else would you suggest as i’ve be trying to have another child for over 5years now.

    • Hi Lakeisha,

      I am not sure that Evening Primrose Oil effected your menstrual cycle or not because I do not know your fertility history. Do you have a history of irregular menstrual cycles? Honestly you have not been taking EPO that long and it may need more time to work with your body to help produce more CM. I just don’t have enough information about your fertility challenges to guide you in the best direction.

      You may want to consider a Natural Fertility Consultation. Our email consultations provide you with a written guide to the best natural therapies, herbs and supplements for your unique fertility issues. Learn more here:

      Best Wishes,


  14. Avatar

    I’m in my early 30’s TTC #1. I’ve been charting and checking my CM. I’m pretty regular at a 32 day cycle and have a clear thermal shift so I know I’m ovulating. 4-5 days prior to O, I start to get a very small amount of egg white CM that is a bit stretchy. However, as O gets closer, the CM tends to get very watery (like skim milk) and not stretchy. In addition, I don’t know that the amount is enough. I’m drinking plenty of water, am a very healthy eater, taking evening primrose, maca, and red rasberry tea leaf, and I still don’t see a change. I have read that watery CM is common for many women, but that the stretchy egg white CM is the most fertile because it makes it easier for the sperm to reach the egg. Is this correct? Also, should I consider using pre-seed to supplement my small amount of CM?

    • Hi JM,

      If the pasty or sticky mucus turns to slippery mucus or a slippery feeling, this indicates slippery wetness mucous. The mucus is your most fertile time, since fertile type is produced during the days leading up to and including ovulation. You will begin to notice a second wet time, but later in the cycle, and without bleeding. The second wet time is caused by your fertile type mucus. After a few slippery wet days, the mucus may disappear or return to sticky or pasty. When it does, begin to count the days until menstruation arrives. In a normal fertile cycle, the time between the last day of slippery mucus or slippery feeling and the next menstruation is between 11-16 days.

      If you feel that you may have little CM after trying several methods to increase it, you may want to consider use a product like Pre-seed.

      Best Wishes,


  15. Avatar

    Hello, I am 24 yrs old and my husband and I have been TTC for a year and 8 months. All my tests have come back normal except my prolactin which came back a little high at 25.6 ng/mL which is slightly out of range. The second time I had the test done it was within normal range at 22.6 but that’s at the high end of the range. I was wondering if you know if my prolactin level is preventing conception or implantation? Also, I noticed that I don’t have sufficient EWCM but I’ve used pre-seed for about 3 or 4 cycles and still didn’t conceive, so I don’t think this is my main problem. I chart my BBT and I do ovulate each cycle around days 14, 15, or 16. My husband has been tested as well and he has a very high sperm count of 197 million/mL, 80% motility, and 75% morphology, so I know that’s definitely not the problem. Please let me know what you think in regards to the prolactin and if there’s any herbs that can help lower it. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Lulu,

      Vitex has been found to decrease high prolactin levels. High levels in the absence of pregnancy are often the result of a very common women’s endocrine’s disorder called hyperprolactinemia. High prolactin levels are also linked to fertility problems. There is no way for me to know if your prolactin levels are contributing to your difficulty in conceiving.

      I encourage you to consider the other ways you can increase CM besides just using PreSeed. Your body may need more fluids and essential fatty acids to produce more CM.

      Best Wishes,


  16. Avatar

    I am 43 y.o. and in excellent overall health. I eat well, organic whole foods and little animal products. I practice a healthy lifestyle living in HI (with the exception of one daily cup of coffee and occassional raw cacao nibs). I have had four natural pregnancies (age 32, 35, 40 and 42) and four natural births (the last two unassisted water births). My hormonal levels are all within normal limits and I have a healthy reproductive system. That said, I recently started working with a LAc and master herbalist to nourish my reproductive system and balance some yin deficiency in my kidneys and liver in preparation for conception. My cycles vary from 23 to 33 days and mostly it’s my luteal phase that is out of balance. I am taking a Chinese herbal formula she made for me in a tea form 3x/day in addition to folic acid, New Chapter organic prenatals, Pro Omega fish oil and calcium magnesium citrate. Could I take the supplements recommended in the fertility smoothies daily (maca, spirulina, whey, etc.) in some other form (added to cooked grains)? I put flax oil on my steamed greens. I am trying to follow a warming diet and eat mainly cooked foods to rebalance my yin body. However, it is honestly difficult to change a lifelong diet regimen and abstain from salads, smoothies and uncooked fruits. Aside from the sheer convenience factor of eating uncooked foods, I miss the textures and tastes. I began working with the TCM LAc to maximize my egg integrity, optimize my uterine health (cleaning out uterus and growing an even thick lining each cycle) and normalize my luteal phase (related to kidney yin). All of which sounds like it could be accomplished by adhering to the recommendations here? I found this site only recently and would love to combine the two methods for optimum fertility/lifestyle health! The acupuncture treatments are very relaxing and calming to my overall system, so I don’t want to stop them and yet she doesn’t focus on my diet much or what else I can be doing to support the treatments. She doesn’t advocate taking vitamins or supplements and doesn’t seem to have a positive recommendation for them. Do you recommend any of your supplements in addition to my regimen now? I am committed to doing the 21 day challenge (maybe changing it to reflect mostly cooked food though).

    Lastly, while I don’t have abundant fertile mucous as evidenced by egg white, I can note an LH surge (OPK), feel ovarian activity and record a temp increase (so presumably I am ovulating regularly). Should I follow the 5 steps to increasing fertile mucous or not worry about it? We are planning to TTC the next cycle (Nov.).

    Last year my youngest daughter passed away in my husbands and my arms at 27 days, from heart failure, leaving our family devestated. I have spent the past year healing myself emotionally, spiritually and physically in preparation for another pregnancy. My attention lately has been on focusing on what I want to happen and not what a fear most (losing another child). This is a great hurdle to overcome after being so blinsided by her passing. I want to believe I am as healthy and fertile at 43 as I was at 23, so finding a site like this further empowers my belief. There is far more negative influence on the Internet for us older mamas than positive. Thank you for your contribution to natural fertility.


    • Dear Sonia,

      It sounds like you are doing everything you can. I understand due to your age and previous loss that you want to do the best you can for your next pregnancy. As far as diet goes, I don’t think you would get the same benefit and I don’t think adding spriulina powder or a greens powder would taste that great in a cooked food. Maybe you could add the powder to a homemade dressing recipe you could drizzle over cooked rice or quinoa. You could add small amounts of soaked seaweed in with your cooked meals. For overall fertility cooked black beans are nutritive and supportive of the kidneys and adrenals. Maca and Whey may be added to oatmeal or a porridge. If you are making a soup add your leafy greens to it just before serving to maintain nutrients.

      It sounds like your CM is ok, especially if you are ovulating. Everything you are doing should help to maintain healthy CM levels.

      I am truly sorry for your loss and encourage you to seek out a Labor Doula for your next pregnancy and birth. You may need the extra support and a doula can provide a safe space in which to process and prepare for your next labor and delivery. I am glad you found us, we appreciate your questions and support. May you have a wonderful fertility journey!

      Best Wishes,


  17. Avatar

    Hi I havehad a very hard time trying to get pregnant. first of all i have been trying for over 4 years and actually got pregnant this july but miscarried at 4 weeks which has left me devastated..I dont think i have healthy cm, i am take prenatal vitamins and was wondering would it help to take epo with these..

    • Hi Karen,

      Any of the 5 tips on this article may help to increase cervical mucous. I am sorry to hear of your hard times. A mulitvitamin alone usually does not help to bring back CM, but you can safely use a multivitamin with any of these suggestions.

      Best Wishes,


  18. Avatar

    Another way to increase vaginal mucous is to drink 2/3 cup of carrot juice mixed with 1/3 cup of raw asparagus juice daily. It won’t hurt you; it has no harmful side effects but it does increase vaginal mucous. I know this from personal experience.

  19. Avatar

    Is is true that at 40 yrs old. that you may or may note produce/release an egg every cycle? I just read this recently.

    • Hi Nina,

      It depends on the individual. This could happen at any age if there is hormonal imbalance, it may be more likely to happen as we age and our hormones begin to change. We would love for you to send us the link to this article or site where you read it.

      All the best,


  20. Avatar

    Hello…. Can anyone help me? I had a miscarriage in March and been trying to conceive since. I’ve been tempting and recording my basal temp and I see that I am ovulating but I don’t notice any eggwhite cm. What should I do?

    • Hi Free,

      The most important factor here is that you are ovulating, that is great! If you do not have much Cervical Mucous in general you may want to consider some of the tips from this article. If you have enough CM and the bbt is working for you, I would not worry too much about the egg white CM.

      Best Wishes,


  21. Avatar

    To Darlene Barton:
    Raw okra really does increase CM and I know this from personal experience.
    Signed Joan Olson

  22. Avatar

    Hi Hethir,

    I absolutely love your website and have referred two friends of mine to your website who have are also having troubles getting pregnant.

    I have a question for you. My cycles have been out of the norm since I have stopped taking BC since October 2009. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant since Feb 2010 and we still haven’t had any results. I found your website last month and have started some of the natural supplements. I have noticed some changes in the past few weeks and have started my cycle again.

    Do I count the first day I see blood, even though it is brown? I feel like I haven’t been tracking my cycles correctly because in the past I woul d see some brown for a few days, then see red blood. I start counting on the day I see red blood.



    • Dear VC,

      Thanks so much for your support! We greatly appreciate feedback and kind words!

      What you are experiencing is pretty normal for women who have been on birth control. If you are just spotting brown blood and isn’t a full flow yet, begin counting on the day that your red blood appears and you have a full flow.

      Best Wishes,


  23. Avatar

    Vaginal mucous can easily be increased by eating 2 RAW okra every day for the first 14 days of the cycle; if a person wants to get pregnant they should scrape the seeds out of the okra before they eat it because seeds of all kinds have abortifacient properties.

    • Hi Joan,

      This is interesting, do you have a source that sites that okra really increases CM or is this from personal experience? I would love to hear more.

      Best Wishes,


  24. Avatar


    I had Endometriosis and had the NovaSure done. I am upset at myself because I didnt get a full knowledge from my doctor and didnt do my homework on it. I want to have another baby. Is there anything I can do to reverse this?

    • Dear Kiara,

      Please talk to your doctor about your options, we are not medical doctor and this type of procedure is beyond our scope of practice.

      Below is a pregnancy caution from the NovaSure website:

      It is important to know that although the chances for pregnancy are reduced following an endometrial ablation procedure, it is still possible to become pregnant.

      However, pregnancy following endometrial ablation is very dangerous for both the mother and the fetus. You should not have an endometrial ablation if you think you want to have a baby in the future. After an endometrial ablation, you should use some form of birth control. Please discuss these issues with your physician.

      For our readers: NovaSure uses radio frequency (RF) energy to permanently remove the lining (endometrium) of the uterus, which reduces, or eliminates, future bleeding.


      Best Wishes,


  25. Avatar

    I was wondering if I can take L-arginine to increase my CM even I have PCOS with high levels of DHEA. Thanks.

  26. Avatar

    hello I am taking EPO and fish oil softgel capsules at the same time. Is it okay?

  27. Avatar

    I have partial one block tube only one tube. some scaring an 5cm fibroid outside my uterus. 43 trying tcc with little or no cm when i did get preg i had a abundancy of cm but i mc
    please help any sugg.

    • Hi Lyvonda,

      Natural remedies for blocked fallopian tubes may take many months to be effective. At age 43 you may feel that you do not have time to work with natural remedies for blocked tubes. I you would like to learn about the best natural remedies for Blocked Fallopian Tubes go to this link:

      There are also ways to naturally reduce uterine fibroids. The herbs and supplements both help to balance hormones thus slowing fibroid growth and dissolving existing fibroids. To learn what you can do to reduce and dissolve uterine fibroids go to this link:

      You may also want to consider a Natural Fertility Consultation. Many of our readers know they want to try natural therapies to help boost their fertility but don’t know which ones are bet for their personal situation. If you are someone who has questions about what natural fertility therapies may be right for you the Natural Fertility Consultation is for you.

      Best Wishes,


  28. Avatar

    I went to my naturopathic doctor who specializes in fertily and she said Evening Primrose Oil doesn’t do ANYTHING! They actually had studies about that proved it totally ineffective.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Evening primrose oil provides women with Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), an omega-6 fatty acid converted in the body to prostaglandins – types of enzymes that have been shown to balance female reproductive hormones and support a wide range of bodily functions, including moisture regulation of mucous membranes.

      the key benefit of evening primrose oil and GLA is its function in lubricating and maintaining mucus membranes and production, thus helping their bodies naturally regulate the ideal quality of fertile cervical mucus. -Hethir Rodriguez MH, LMT

      We would be interested in seeing the studies your Naturopathic Doctor has shown to you. There have been many studies that have shown Evening Primrose Oil’s success in reducing PMS, helping the body to balance hormones and help the body to reproduce and heal damaged cells within the body. This is because of those GLA’s.

      We are open to learning more and would love you to send us a link to the studies your doctor has sited.

      All the best,


  29. Avatar

    Hi. I will try the L-Arginine to help increase my CM. The capsules I have are in 500mg. How many should I take per day and when?

  30. Avatar

    hi there,

    i’ve been diagnosed with pcos,, and i got medication nature way,, i first thought it was way too much pills haha,, but i gess thats oke,, i would like to have your opinion,, i take:

    Herbal nerve: for my anxiety in the morning
    vitex: with food
    vitamine a to zinc: also with breakfast
    Ultra prim: spread over the day
    estrosense: 2 tablets with dinner

    i just wanted to ask if this is the right treatment for pcos,, i got it from a book called sexy hormones,, the herbal nerve i’ve been taking for a long time already because i got too many anxiety with my condition,, so i wanted to ask you if this is the good suplement what i am taking for pcos, i dont have cysts
    thanks you!!

    • Hi Samantha,

      None of those products are our products, I am not familiar with most of them, so I cannot say if these are the best natural remedies for you. Women with PCOS have found that in addition to taking herbal/natural remedies that a PCOS Diet helps to control insulin resistance. A big part of the problem with PCOS is the high insulin resistance. Resistance to insulin increases the bodies insulin levels which effects normal ovulation by preventing the body from ovulating or limiting the maturation process of the released egg. This directly has an affect on your fertility and ability to conceive. Women who are insulin resistant are also 4-5 times more likely to have a miscarriage. Imbalanced insulin levels due to PCOS make it difficult for the embryo to attach properly to the uterus.

      All the best,


  31. Avatar


    my name is shef and was diagnosed with fibroid a year ago as soon as i got married. the doc said it’s about 5cm, when i asked her what will be the solution to the problem she told me i have to do surgery. i got scared because i just got married and i wanted to be able to give birth. i ordered for women best friend, baby & me and fertilica maca. i am taking them together but unfortunately i think the fertilica maca is rather making my fibroid worse. anytime i take it, i feel pain where the fibroid is located and also the fibroid pressing my bladder.

    i wanted to know whether is advisable for me to be taking all the 3 together or i shd stop using the maca for the meantime. ever since i was diagnosed with fibroid my cervical mucus is very very light compared to before. i’ve tried for almost 10 months now to get pregnant but to no avail.

    can someone please help me. can’t wait to hear from please


    • Hi Shef,

      Anytime you feel something may be making you feel worse, discontinue taking it (maca in this case) and see how you feel, if you feel better, great, if not it probably was not the maca.

      Have you read our Uterine Fibroids Page? Learning about what causes uterine fibroids and which natural remedies may be best to get rid of them is the first step in helping yourself. Without knowing more about your health history, lifestyle, menstrual cylcle, ect. it is hard to guide you in the best direction. Have you considered a Natural Fertility Consultation? Here are some Natural Remedies for Uterine Fibroids:

      These herbs and supplements support the body in helping to clear out fibroids naturally. The herbs and supplements both help to balance hormones thus slowing fibroid growth and dissolving existing fibroids.

      Natural Fibroid Remedies:

      Progesterone Cream: Helps reduce fibroids and fibroid growth by balancing the excess estrogen (which makes the fibroids grow) with 40mg of natural progestrone treatment for 2-3 months on days 14 – 28 of the cycle (day 1 being the first day of your period). Natural progesterone is safe to take and is the same molecule that your body produces. Many of the synthetic estrogens and progestins are chemically modified from the natural molecule and are dangerous to use.

      DIM: DIM balances the hormones by breaking down estrogen and removing it from the body. Estrogen is a major culprit to many of the fertility issues women face today especially fibroids, which is an estrogen dominant condition. By cleansing the body of excess estrogens should cause the fibroids to stop Ocurring.

      Women’s Best Friend: Women’s Best Friend takes down pain and swelling caused from Fibroids so you start feeling better right away. Women’s Best Friend goes to the source of the problem, helping to reduce excess estrogen that fuels abnormal growths, and stimulating liver activity for improved estrogen metabolism. It works with your body’s natural detoxification processes to clear congested endometrial tissues while reducing symptoms like abnormal bleeding.

      Other remedies that may help with uterine fibroids are Zymessence, Castor Oil Packs and Self Fertility Massage.

      Best Wishes,


  32. Avatar

    Hi Hethir,
    I have not had a pregnancy in 4 years. I am 41 years old. I have 5 children and had no trouble conceiving. My last child was delivered by a c-section (vertical cut on my uterus). I do have uterine prolapse as well as a few fibroids in my uterus. I don’t have much cerivical mucous but when I try to use the sperm friendly lubricant it just comes back out, I think because of my prolapse. I am healthy and fit and would love to have another child. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Veronica,

      Without a strong and healthy uterus it may be unsafe to try and conceive. Have you talked to your doctor about this? Your body has been through a lot with having 5 children already. One thing you may want to focus on rather than trying to conceive is to strengthen your uterus and to clear out the fibroids.

      Self Fertility Massage would be a great place to start. Here are some benefits:

      Aids the body in clearing itself of uterine fibriods*
      Promotes hormonal balance*
      Supports uterus and hormonal health*
      Increases circulation to the uterus*
      Promotes stagnant tissue elimination*

      We have an herbal blend called Pregnancy Prep. Here are some of the benefits of these herbs that I think you would find useful:

      -Tone the uterus
      -Promote circulation to the reproductive system
      -Encourage uterine health

      Learn 5 ways to increase Cervical Mucous by clicking on the highlighted word.

      The following herbs and supplements support the body in helping to clear out fibroids naturally. The herbs and supplements both help to balance hormones thus slowing fibroid growth and dissolving existing fibroids. They are DIM, Progesterone Cream and Women’s Best Friend Herbal blend.

      Best Wishes,


  33. Avatar

    I am still bfing my 20 month old between 3-4 times a day. I don’t know if I am ovulating or not, I just started temping but missed a few days. I get fertile cm but not much or for long. Is there anything I can take while bfing that will help me conceive?

  34. Avatar


    I am currently being tested for Endometriosis, as well as PCOS. I have been taking Vitex and EstroSense (another hormone balancing therapy natural suppliment), however we are still hot able to get pregnant. I think it may be due to my lack of CM. Would you still suggest taking L-Arginine to increase CM?

    • Dalene

      Hi Natasha,

      The 5 ways we like to increase cervical mucous naturally are by using the following natural supplements:

      Green Tea- Drink one cup a day from menstruation till ovulation.

      Evening Primrose Oil- Dose is 1500 – 3000 mg once daily. Take from your period till ovulation, than switch to fish oil. The dosage for increasing cervical mucous is initially 500mg, three times a day for a total of 1500mg per day. If you don’t get results in your first cycle, increase your dosage to 3,000 mg a day in your next cycle. Evening Primrose Oil can cause uterine contractions in pregnancy, which is why you should not take it past ovulation (in case you get pregnant.)

      L-Arginine- 1 tablet, 1 – 3 times daily between meals
      NOTE:Consult with your health care professional prior to using this product if you are being treated for any pre-existing conditions or are taking prescrition medications, such as heart medications including nitroglycerin

      Sperm friendly lubricant- Emerita Natural Lubrication

      Make sure you are drinking plenty of water everyday (8 glasses at least!).

      Once you find out if you have Endometriosis or PCOS you will probably want to look into other natural therapies for these specific challenges.

      All the Best,


  35. Avatar

    Hi Hethir,

    I need help, I haven’t had a period over 2 years and yes i have seen my GYN but they don’t have a clear answer as to why this happens. I first got my period when i was 9yrs old and ever sice then they have been very iregular. at the begining they came every 3 months but as the years went by they just started disapearing. here’s some info on me. However i did become pregnant when i was 14 yrs old, thats when my periods were “normal” i want to say but at 6 months pregnant i lost my baby. After that i gained over 100 pounds. About 6 yrs ago doctors told me i had abnormal cells in my cervix (very early signs) Took care of that with a treatment which i can’t remember the name of the presedure at the moment. i was clear of that and i didn’t go back until 4 yrs had past and to find out that it had came back still at a very early stage Thank God. Now i just don’t know what to do i feel that im traped no periods, i have’nt been able to get pregnant since my baby past away 9 yrs ago, and im over weight. Can you please help me Hethir.

    • Dalene

      Hi Carmen,

      I am so sorry for your loss. You have a lot going on! We would like to help you, but I’m not sure if this is the best format in which to do so. Have you read our page on Absent Period, if not I urge you to do so. Reading this will help you to understand how to get your cycle back on track. The best herbs for regulating your period are Vitex and Dong Quai. These herbs need to be taken consistently for 3-6 months or longer to achieve desired results. It would also be a good idea to implement a Nutrient Dense Fertility Diet and take a whole food prenatal vitamin like Baby and Me Multivitamin.

      It is difficult for us to answer your questions based on just a small piece of the bigger picture of your health. It is helpful for us to know your lifestyle, health history, fertility challenges and detailed questions. That is why Hethir has created Fertility Consultations. This will better help us to guide you in the right direction for bringing about a balanced body and fertility. Honestly we just don’t have the time or resources at to answer every question when we don’t have enough information about you and your health to answer properly. Please understand we hold you and your health in high regard and want nothing more than to help you help yourself achieve a healthy, fertile body. Below is a simple explanation about Fertility Consultations.

      Email Fertility Consultation
      Email Fertility Consultation with a Master Herbalist
      *Fertility Interview questionnaire
      *Email your top 3 questions
      *Personalized program and diet will be created just for you
      What to expect: After you purchase your email consultation you will instantly receive a link to fill out your fertility consultation form. Within two business days your questions will be answered based on your fertility history including personalized recommendations.

      Phone Fertility Consultation
      Get a complete fertility consultation with Master Herbalist Hethir Rodriguez.
      *Fertility Interview
      *Phone consultation with Hethir Rodriguez
      *Personalized program and diet created just for you
      What to expect: After you purchase your consultation you will instantly receive a link to fill out your fertility consultation form and a link to book your consultation with Hethir through an online calendar. You will than call in at the appointed time for the phone consultation. During the consultation a personalized program and diet will be created for you based on your fertility history and phone consultation.

      Click here on Fertility Consultation to begin.

      Best Wishes,


  36. I just thought I would update and mention that since I started drink grapefruit juice there has been a definite BIG difference! It really works!

    I did a little (tiny) amount of research on whether or not other citrus juices would work, apparently they don’t but I have been unable to find out any reason why yet.

    • Hi Laura,

      I have no idea why either, but if it is working for you then great!

      All the best,

  37. Avatar

    hi hethir

    i am 35 now and i got my son when i was 33.i had a cesarian there fore i was adviced by my doctor to wait for 3 years to have another baby.i would be 37 by than .so iam really worried that whether i would face any difficulty of conceiving becouse of my age.please advice me what steps i should be taking .
    i really appreciate what efforts you are putting through for us.
    thanking you

    • Hi Fareesha,
      I know many women that are 35 and older that have had children. The risks do go up each year after your 35th birthday, but they are minimal and there is no reason for you to not try to conceive because of your age, if you would still like to have another child. I would ask your doctor again if they really think it best to wait for 3 years because of your cesarean, I have never heard of that. Let them know your fears and concerns. If that fails ask for a second opinion, from another medical doctor or midwife. I cannot say whether you would have trouble conceiving as I am not your health care provider. If you had no problems before and your cycle is regular, I don’t see why you would have any problems now. I urge you to speak with your doctor as soon as possible if you are thinking about getting pregnant.

      Best Wishes,

  38. Avatar

    I have also heard that grapefruit juice is good for increasing cervical fluids and I was wondering if you knew if lemon juice or orange juice would help as well?

    Also I started taking Flax seed oil and noticed a difference overnight. I am hoping that with prolonged use it will continue to improve.

    • Hi Laura,

      I have never heard of grapefruit juice or any other citrus juice increasing cervical fluids. Glad to hear that the Flax oil is working for you!

  39. Avatar

    hi hethir
    thanks very much for your tips. i have been taking vitex , red clover,res raspberry as wll as eop.
    i am getting frustrated as nothing seen to be happening.i get cm but its of a watery consistency.i had my fibroids removed in 07 and the doc says they are growing ovulation count is low but i have my period likle clockwork.i took clomid went up to the 25 max.
    i am 39 and losing hope


    • Hi Christine,

      Red Clover is an herb that can help increase/mimic estrogen (estrogen promotes the growth of fibroids), so I would discontinue that herb. There are herbs and supplements that are very helpful for fibroids. While the herbs you are taking is a good start, you will want to also look at increasing your progesterone and helping your body to get rid of the excess estrogen. The Fibroid Remedy Kit is a very effective program to help with the fibroids. It will take some time to do its work so look for changes after three months of continuously taking the products. You can learn more here:

  40. Avatar

    hi.. can the use of water based lubricants actually cause any harm to the sperm

    • Hi Saki,

      It matters on what the ingredients are. But generally water based lubricants allow the sperm to move more freely towards the egg whereas petroleum based lubricants make it hard for the sperm to travel.

  41. Avatar


    I have been take Nature’s Sunshine Brand “Chinese Stress Relief” and “Chinese Mood Elevator” for OCD. I also take flax oil and fish oil twice a day. it has been really working for the OCD but my mucous cycle is almost non existant. I also was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago but i was very fat when i was diagnosed and now i lost 100 lbs and have 28-30 day cycles. My basal temps are somewhat low and my luteal phase temps arent as high as it should be.THe thing is is that I am getting accupucture and more herbs for fertility. im not sure if the Nature sunshine brand herbs are messing with my fertility because i think i had better mucus cycles when i was overweight. I am not sure but it just seems like my mucus cycles are getting less and less. I am afraid to stop taking the OCD herbs because they do help me with that but I want to get PG and I am having a very hard time at it!

    ANy help would be greatly appreciated. Also, I have been taking the fertility chinese herbs from the accupuncturist for about 1 1/2 months now but is seems like my temps are funkier than ever!!!!!!

    • Hi Caroline,

      Some herbs can dry the cervical mucous. I work mostly with western herbs so I am not familiar with all of the herbs in those blends. Congratulations on achieving your weight loss and finding natural remedies that work for your OCD. To help increase cervical mucous you can learn the different options here:
      5 Ways to Increase Your Cervical Mucous

      As for the additional Chinese herbs, make sure you are sharing with your practitioner all of the herbs you are already taking so they are not working against each other. As for the funky temps. It sometimes takes time and shifts for the hormones to balance. Low temperatures sometimes are a sign of low progesterone (which is also low in women with PCOS). As your hormones balance out and your progesterone increases you should also see a change in your cervical mucous. Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.


  42. Avatar

    Thanks so much for responding. I stopped the Tussin, and will continue with EPO and Flax seed oil (which I started a few days ago). I’m also taking Vitex, to help regulate my period and to possibly help me ovulate, which I don’t think I’m doing now, I’ve done my homework on Vitex and it’s a slow acting herb so maybe I’ll see some results in Jan, once I’ve been taking it for a while. Hopefully I’ll see more of my normal cycle return then too! Really hoping to coincieve in late Jan!!! Happy Holidays to all :->

  43. Avatar

    I have been taking EPO (1000-3000mg) for 18 days now and Robitussin for 4 days and have not noticed a real diffrence in CM (very dry or slight diffrence). I was on the pill and had alot of yeast infections & vaginitis for most of the year before going off the pill in Sept. and discovering Acidophillus & Caprylic Acid to help with the reoccuring yest infections (feeling tons better now since then!!) I was wondering if maybe that could be the reason I have no CM before this year (2008) I had very normal (quite an abundance :)CM and would notice the diffrence duing my cycle, all was quite normal and healthy however that dosen’t seem to be the case now. Any answers??

    • Hi Sabrina,

      That very well may have been what effected your cervical mucous. You may also want to look into some of the suggestions above to help increase CM, especially the L Arginine. Robitussin, in my opinion, is not addressing the root of the low cm and adding chemicals to your life that are not needed.

  44. Avatar

    Hi Hethir,

    I pulled up the information for the fertility cleanse guide and it mentions the 7 Day Cleansing eCourse for FREE. Would you please send that to my email? I did not receive it with my fertility cleanse guide.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance and all of the hard work you put forth in trying to help others.

    Tammie Black

  45. Avatar

    hi, my name is margaret and i live in the bahamas , were can i find these stuff at home, do g.n.c. carry these items? help me please desprate in the caribbeans

  46. Avatar

    dear Hethir, i noticed you do not have any mention of helping women with fibroids. that is my problem can you help me?please send me a reply thank you.estelle.

  47. hethir

    You know, I have not heard of evening primrose drying up cervical mucus. Are you taking it two weeks out your cycle, and rotating it with fish oils or flax? Also how much water are you drinking?

  48. Avatar

    have you ever heard of evening primrose oil drying up cervical mucus?
    I am on 3000 mg a day, and since i started taking it, ive had hardly any cm. im on day 15.usually ov. day 18.
    im even on robitusin 1600 mg/day

  49. Yes decaf can be substituted.

  50. They say to drink Green Tea – can it be decaf? Do you get the same benefits?