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ASK Hethir: What do I eat on the Fertility Cleanse?

ASK Hethir: What do I eat on the Fertility Cleanse?


I read on your site about the fertility cleanse and
was wondering what the diet was? I cannot eat a lot of grains, and have
found that a lot of the times, on a cleansing diet you are supposed to
eat whole grains and not a lot of animal products. That would leave me
eating mostly green vegetables, since I have a blood sugar problem.
Would I be able to do it?

Hethir’s response:

Hi Jennifer,

The fertility cleanse is a 30 day program so there are no strict cleansing diet rules. I too have blood sugar issues, which can affect fertility… but that is another topic. During the cleanse you eat a whole foods diet, all of it – grains, fruits, veggies, meats, limited dairy. When it comes to protiens stick to fish and organic and you will be good. Dairy should be limited though, unless raw and organic. The cleanse course that you get for free with the cleanse kit covers it all.

Best wishes,


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  1. Update 2014 – We are back! We have been away for a while and we sure have missed all of your wonderful questions and thoughts on our articles. Moving forward, one of our staff herbalists will be here to respond to comments! We look forward to connecting with our readers once again!

  2. Avatar

    hi Hethir,
    i’ve visited this website today…i am 28yrs old..having irregular periods for the last year an 8mths..i’ve never had this all my life..can this fertility kit get me back to a normal 28 days instead of every 20days…i visited the doctor an they said the lining of my womb was thick can but now its normal after several ultrasound..can i become pregnant if i want to with a short cycle like this…

    • Hi Crystal,

      The Fertility Cleanse may be great way for anyone who is experiencing irregular menstrual cycles to create a foundation for hormonal balance and a healthy uterus for implantation. Fertility Cleansing creates a “clean slate” within the body that helps the body to respond and utilize other natural remedies better.

      You may also want to learn about the herb Vitex. Vitex has been found to help normalize ovulation. In one study, vitex helped normalize progesterone levels and increased the luteal phase from 5.4 days to 11.4 days. Vitex is an incredible hormone balancer, which adapts to women’s different needs. Vitex has been shown to help lengthen short cycles. This herb supports the hormonal feedback loop.

      You can also learn ways to support uterine health here:

      If you are ovulating there is still a possibility that you can get pregnant, with a short cycle like that their may be some issues once you are pregnant with sustaining the pregnancy.

      Best Wishes,


  3. Avatar

    I had tubal reversal surgery done about 6 weeks ago. I began doing the fertility massage and have been drinking red clover and raspberry leaf tea daily. After having intercourse the other night we noticed pieces of tissue that were a pale pink coming from my vagina. Is this normal? I thought that perhaps it was tubal adhesions or my body eliminating the scar tissue from the surgery. Besides that, I feel fine. I have no vaginal odor or discharge. Please help!

    • Hi Jane,

      A pink tinge usually indicates a small amount of blood mixed with mucous. This may be from your recent surgery or from intercourse. It may be tissue being cleansed from the surgery. If you have large amounts of this coming out please talk to your doctor about your concerns.

      Best Wishes,


  4. hethir

    The fertiltiy cleanse is a great start. After you have finished the cleanse, focus on eating a healthy fertility diet. This diet will help you to lose weight if you follow it exactly. Focusing on low glycimic foods, cutting out processed foods, and processed carbohydrates, plus eating all organic foods, meats, and dairy. Shedding excess weight can have a great impact on your fertility. Being over weight can create hormonal imbalance… which in turn may cause you to not ovulate, have low progesterone, or high testosterone.

    Contact me throught my contact form and I can go into more detail if you would like.


  5. Avatar

    I just ordered the Fertility Cleanse.. What tips do you have on how to starting out? Is weight a major issue, I’m about 100lbs over weight and have been trying to have a child for many years. This continues to be a battle for me on what to do first.

  6. hethir

    Hi Jen,
    Cleansing should not be done while you are breastfeeding. The herbs are not safe for children, and the body will be detoxifying toxins and excess hormones which could be passed through the breast milk.

  7. I was wondering, is it safe for someone breastfeeding a four year old? My son is still nursing at four and a half, although it’s mostly only at night when he goes to sleep and in the morning when he wakes up.