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Facing Infertility

Facing Infertility

Facing InfertilityIn the past, I never used to use the word INFERTILITY. I avoided it like the plague as if uttering its name was like adding a signature to a contract of a life with infertility. My belief was that there is no such thing as infertility and saying the word was a confirmation that there was something wrong with our miraculous bodies.

Do you remember the villain in the Harry Potter series whose name should not be spoken… Voldemort? Do you also remember how Harry did not fear him, said his name and faced his fear?

Well, I have come to a whole new level of belief and it is this – It is important for women of all ages to empower themselves, trust your inner wisdom and face your fears head on.

With all of the successes our readers have had through the years, my message has not changed, it has just gotten bolder. There is so much that you can do to impact your fertility, your health, your life at any stage of your fertility/life journey. But this journey can also impact your life as a woman, a powerful woman. We must learn to celebrate the journey, this fertility/life journey, with its struggles, its hope, its potentials and limitations.

I still believe and know that infertility can be affected by lifestyle changes and good health. But I also believe that when you hear the word infertility (or endometriosois, PCOS, recurrent miscarriages, high FSH, blocked tubes…), if you say its name, look it right in the face and not let it make you fearful and you are taking back your power and taking charge of your path. Infertility then becomes just a word.

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