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Fertility Herbs and Supplements Q&A

Fertility Herbs and Supplements Q&A

We continue to get some wonderful questions in from our readers. Thank you to all of you out there who have taken the time to read our articles and desire to know more about Natural Fertility! Periodically, we find it helpful if we put a question and answer post out, so that all of you may benefit from others’ smart questions!

1. Q: Does Flaxseed oil from omega 3 supplement increase estrogen levels in the body?

A: There has been one main study that has been circulating, in which it was found that flax seeds may increase excess estrogen in the body because of the high levels of estrogen found in the urine of the test subjects. Please keep in mind that in order to receive any nutritional benefits from flax seeds they must be ground or pressed for their oil content, because otherwise they are not digested by our bodies. The results of this testing on flax showing higher levels of estrogen present in the urine may be due to the fact that the high fiber content of the flax seeds removes excess estrogen from the body which is excreted in urine.

It has also been found that flax seeds are one of the greatest plant sources for lignans. Lignans act as plant hormones. When bacteria in the digestive tract acts on the lignans, they are converted into phytoestrogens. Lignans have been found to be anti-estrogenic on estrogen receptor–positive breast cancer.** It is thought that lignans boost production of a substance that fastens on to human estrogen and then it is carried out of our bodies via urination. We do know that the high fiber and lignan content of flax helps to remove excess bad estrogens from the body. Lignans also help prevent healthy cells from free radicals.

While flax is phytoestrogenic, which means that it has the propensity to mimic estrogen, there may need to be more research to claims that phytoestrogens actually increase excess estrogen. Excess estrogen has been linked to fueling the growth of uterine fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts and some cancers. But it appears in recent studies that the high fiber and lignan content in flax actually helps to remove excess estrogens which may actually help estrogen-fueled fertility issues.

So, from what I have read, flax oil consumption promotes healthy estrogen activity in the body, which is important for a healthy menstrual cycle and should not affect the menstrual cycle negatively. The high content of omega-3 fatty acids present in flax seed has been found to reduce breast pain and dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation).

2. Q: Can Evening Primrose Oil delay ovulation? I started taking it this month to help my CM and I usually ovulate on day 12, but here I am on day 13 and I still have not got a pos smiley face on my digital OPK (I usually get a smiley on day 11). Could I have missed it?

A: I have never heard of EPO causing ovulation to be delayed. To learn how EPO works in the body, we must first learn about Linoleic Acid and Gamma Linoleic Acid.

EPO is high in Linoleic Acid and Gamma Linoleic Acid. LA is needed for prostaglandin E and the GLA is needed for the synthesis of prostaglandin E. Prostaglandins are not hormones, they are messengers that act on many different cells; they are also produced in many different areas of the body. Hormones are produced in designated sites in the body (unique to the hormone). Prostaglandins are necessary for proper hormonal balance. It is believed that the high levels of LA and GLAs in EPO have a direct effect on uterine cells. These fatty acids contract and relax smooth muscle tissue. One of the many functions of Prostaglandins is to help control regulation of hormones as well as control cell growth. Is has also been found that aspirin and aspirin-like compounds may inhibit prostaglandin function.*

I think there are a lot of different factors we need to look at here. What else have you been taking? Are you taking other fertility herbs or supplements? Have you been sick? What are your cycles usually like? Are you on aspirin therapy? It may also be a charting error.

3. Q: I am worried about taking DIM because I don’t want it to lower my estrogen levels. I see that you are supposed to take other supplements at certain times in your cycle, when should I take DIM? Am I not supposed to take it after ovulation?

A: DIM is an interesting supplement and may be a bit confusing. DIM stimulates the body to metabolize bad estrogen, not your good ones. For estrogen to be modified into its final form before passing out of the body (removal), it has to be combined with oxygen for aerobic metabolism. DIM increases specific aerobic metabolism for estrogen; this in turn multiplies the chance for estrogen to be broken down into good beneficial estrogen metabolites (2-hydroxy estrogen). When the good estrogen metabolites are increased by the DIM, this creates a reduction in bad estrogen (16-hydroxy estrogen) which have the potential to cause cancers, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, etc. Good estrogen metabolites protect the heart and brain with antioxidant activity. Increased bad estrogen may be promoted by obesity and exposure to man-made environmental toxins. DIM promotes healthy estrogen metabolism.

So DIM is not going to strip away all of your estrogen but will remove bad estrogen from your body to promote healthy good estrogen metabolism function in the body. Because of this it may be taken everyday even during ovulation and menstruation. It has to be taken with food for the metabolism of DIM to work. If you find out you are pregnant, you would discontinue this supplement.

4. Q: I have recently started Vitex and Maca. My cycle has always been regular, but I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years with no luck. I recently got my hormone levels tested, the results showed that my progesterone levels are low, so I decided to try Vitex and Maca. Since I began these supplements (1 month ago) I still have not gotten my period. I have symptoms like my period is about to begin, but I am on day 38 and nothing. What is going on? Are these supplements causing a delay in my period? Should I continue them or stop?

A: When you are first introducing progesterone back into the body (via support of Vitex and Maca) after an extended period of progesterone deficiency, the estrogen receptor sites ‘wake up’ (are stimulated) enhancing the action of estrogen for a short period of time. This often happens when women begin using herbs that support and help to increase progesterone levels in the body. This is a sign that the progesterone is actually working, even though at the beginning it can exacerbate estrogen dominance symptoms such as breast tenderness and swelling, spotting, fluid retention, dizziness, hot flashes, fatigue, headaches, and nausea. What you are experiencing is a good sign that the supplements are working. Now this may be worrisome, but with herbs like Vitex and Maca, they need to be used consistently over time (many months) to be effective. Many women will often stop taking them within the first couple of cycles because they are worried. This is a mistake because it is impossible to know if these herbs will work for you if they are not used consistently over time. Benefits from Vitex are often achieved after 6-12 months of consistent use. Vitex is an herb that requires patience. Benefits from Maca are achieved after about 3 months of use.

5. Q: Is it okay to use Fertilica FertiliGreens if you are pregnant?

A: Fertilica FertiliGreens contains some herbs that are not suggested for regular use during pregnancy. It is fine to use this supplement all month long, even after ovulation. If you find out you are pregnant while using Fertilica FertiliGreens, switch to another greens powder supplement that does not contain additional herbs like pure spirulina. Your local health food store should carry one.

6. Q: I have irregular cycles. I heard that taking Soy Isoflavones for a 5-day period prior to ovulation will stimulate ovulation. So after my next period is over, I thought of trying the soy isoflavones. Is it true that soy isoflavones stimulate ovulation like Clomid?

A: Using soy isoflavones, especially when self-prescribed, are not very effective or the best option. I feel that supporting and nourishing the systems that produce and control hormones is best. You can do this through good nutrition, herbs, supplements, and natural therapies rather than manipulating the hormones.

Many people think that soy isoflavones are nature’s Clomid and will stimulate ovulation. Clomid binds to estrogen receptor cells and blocks them in the hypothalamus. Once these are blocked, your brain no longer receives signals from estrogen. This tricks your body into thinking you have low levels of estrogen (which is released from your follicles as they are maturing). This confuses your body and then Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GNRH) signals release of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), which signals the follicle to release estrogen. The hope is that the Clomid will increase FSH production, which will stimulate the follicles to release estrogen and then ovulation will occur.

The problem with using soy isoflavones in the same way is that they bind weakly to estrogen receptor sites. So, while some of the soy isoflavones are binding, others are just creating excess estrogen. There is also insufficient data supporting the use of soy isoflavones in this way. The research goes back and forth, some say it will work for some people and other studies show that soy isoflavones have potential risk of damaging the Thyroid as well as decreasing fertility.

7. Q: My acupuncturist has prescribed Chinese herbs for my infertility; is it okay to combine the herbs in the Fertility Cleanse Kit with these?

A: We do not recommend combining Chinese herbs with the Fertility Cleanse Kit. It is best to wait to begin those herbs until after the Fertility Cleanse Kit. The Chinese herbs may interact negatively with the Fertility Cleanse Kit herbs or alter how this type of cleanse works with the body. The Fertility Cleanse Kit contains a lot of herbs already and does not need other herb for fertility added to it. The only exception is the herb Maca, which is also considered a super food. Maca is safe to use with the Fertility Cleanse Kit.

8. Q: What is the best herb to boost estrogen ? I am also wondering if you can take Vitex, Dong quai, and Black Cohosh together to try and regulate menstruation?

A: When it comes to using natural methods to heal fertility issues, it may be most important to focus on nourishing the systems that control estrogen production, rather than try and use specific herbs to manipulate your estrogen levels. Eating a nutrient-dense Fertility Diet, taking a good quality whole-food multivitamin, and exercising regularly should always come first. Next you may need to implement the help of nourishing your endocrine system with superfoods like Maca, spirulina, and essential fatty acids.

Research has shown some plants contain phytoestrogens which may mimic estrogen in the human body, but this does not mean they are the same as the hormone molecules released by our bodies. Recent studies show that phyto-estrogen molecules are planar where estrogen molecules are three dimensional. Because they are structurally and biologically different, they have different actions. So, while some plants contain phytoestrogens like soy, flax, licorice rt., and red clover, they may not boost your naturally occurring estrogen levels the same as a body that is producing normal levels of its own estrogen would.

To balance hormone levels with herbs, it really comes down to choosing ones that nourish body systems that support our fertility issues and weaknesses. Vitex is a great herb that supports the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis (hormonal feedback loop), thus helping to promote regular ovulation. Dong Quai tonifies and strengthens the uterus by regulating hormonal control, improving uterine tone, and improving the timing of the menstrual cycle. Traditionally, Black Cohosh has been used to help bring on an absent period. Lower dosage has an anti-spasmodic (relaxing) effect on the uterus, while a higher dosage stimulates the uterine muscles to contract and thus tone itself. Black Cohosh should not be used for more than 6 months.

These herbs have been shown to be safely combined, but I am not sure that Black Cohosh or Dong Quai is the best choice for your situation. Remember that Vitex and Dong Quai need to be taken for many months to be effective. Has your doctor talked to you about why your estrogen levels may be low? Finding the answer to that question may be the key as to which natural remedies may be best for your personal needs.

Do you have other questions regarding fertility herbs and supplements? Please let us know!


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Dr. Christine Traxler M.D., OB/GYN
Dr. Christine Traxler M.D., OB/GYN

Dr. Traxler is a University-trained obstetrician/gynecologist, working with patients in Minnesota for over 20 years. She is a professional medical writer; having authored multiple books on pregnancy and childbirth; textbooks and coursework for medical students and other healthcare providers; and has written over 1000 articles on medical, health, and wellness topics.  Dr. Traxler attended the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences and University of Minnesota Medical School,  earning a degree in biochemistry with summa cum laude honors in 1981,  and receiving her Medical Doctorate degree (MD) in 1986.

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  1. Avatar

    I have needed the help of medication in the past to stimulate ovulation (without meds, I rarely get my period). I am not sure why I don’t ovulate on my own – b/w I’ve done hasn’t pointed to anything. My eggs look good. I have a fairly healthy diet and get moderate exercise. I’ve started TTC for #2 with fertility meds and have had 2 negative months and 2 miscarriages. I would love to take some herbs to help my cycle become more regular and avoid all these medications. Where should I start? I was considering Vitex and Black Cohosh.

    Thank you.

  2. Avatar

    Hi, I have been told that Shatavri & Ashwaghanda can be taken by both myself and my husband to boost fertlity, we have been ttc for 2yrs. What is the correct dosage that we should be taking and how often?


    • Dear Sharon,

      Both men and women can take Shatavari and Ashwagandha. It will be best to follow the suggested use of the manufacturer of the product you choose to use.

  3. Avatar

    Hi, trying to conceive for around 7 months and my acupuncturist said she believes i have oestrogen dominance. I take Vitex, Serrapeptase and am about to start taking DIM, its it safe to take Macca as well. In fact is it safe to be taking all of these together . Its really worrying me. Thank you

  4. Avatar

    Maca and Vitex containers both say don’t take if pregnant. What if you take the herbs before knowing if you are pregnant?

  5. Avatar

    Hello! I have PCOS and had very long cycles, sometimes 2-3 months between periods. I quit the pill and now I am taking Vitex, Maca, Evening primerose oil and Royal Jelly. I have my periods in a normal timeline- mostly 30 days. But I am not sure if its ok to take so many supplements at once, I take one of each every day. And because I took them all at once I am not sure which one helped my period become regular and maybe I can stop other ones. Please let me know your opinion! 🙂

    One more question, since I quit the pill, even though I managed to regulate my period, I have hormonal acne. I am a vegan and eat clean mostly with no bad habits, but the acne is all month round, and because it is hormonal there is not much effect that surface creams or solutions have. I have been thinking about taking DIM to improve my acne as I have read it helped many women! Would it be ok to take DIM together with all the other supplements I take- maca, vitex, primerose oil and royal jelly? Or is the acne maybe from excess of to many supplements that influence my hormones and I should quit some before taking DIM? Thank you!

    • Hello Nicoleta!

      What amazing news and ways in which you’ve supported hormonal balance! So exciting!

      Vitex, Maca, Evening Primrose Oil and Royal Jelly and DIM can all be taken together this is fine. They can all also be taken long term. In general, we suggest a minimum of 3 months use, up to 6-12 months before weaning off to see how the body is able to maintain hormonal balance on its own. I am nor sure how long you have been using Vitex, Maca, Evening Primrose Oil and Royal Jelly or for how long your periods have been around 30 days, but it could be considered for as long as 6 months to a year, unless otherwise directed by a healthcare provider. It may be time now, if you haven’t already, to begin tracking ovulation to see if you ovulate each month as well.

      Great work!

  6. Avatar

    Can I take Dong Quai and Primrose oil together?

  7. Avatar

    I have been taking Estroven Weight Management and added Maca. I’m perimenopausal and still trying to conceive. Should I stop the Estroven?

    • Hi Lisa!

      If you are struggling to conceive, find you have an hormonal imbalance or feel the product isn’t benefitting you, then perhaps it would be worth stopping. I am not certain if that product can be used while ttc, do ask the manufacturer.

      My best!

  8. Avatar

    Hi there!
    I am 18 and recently stopped taking birth control (combination pill) after 2 years because It made all of my symptoms much worse and I didn’t like the idea of messing with my natural cycle! I’ve done a lot of research and heard about people breaking out with bad acne or having other withdrawal symptoms and that certain herbs can help. So I am taking DIM, Maca and Evening Primrose to balance hormones and also Wild Yam which should be effective as partial birth control after a few months. I was wondering if there is anything I should be worried about with taking these supplements together? I also take allergy herbs and vitamin C for my seasonal allergies and am on Lexapro. Thank you

    • Dear Gavi,

      In general many take DIM, Maca and Evening Primrose together with no concern. Wild yam is the same.

      That said, we suggest against combing herbs and some supplements with medications without guidance from your healthcare provider. That said, if you have chosen to combine them, at your next check up be sure your doctor knows all that you are taking and doing.

  9. Avatar

    I have lower Estrogen and my husband and I are trying to conceive our first child. I am 37. Thyroid labs came back normal and we are researching why my ovaries are “asleep”. I have irregular or missed periods for a few months at a time. After researching; this product is for menopausal women? But I am not in menopausal or pre-menopause yet. Will this product interfere with my fertility? I am trying to get my ovaries to be alert again and don’t want to take a product that will harm my ovaries or my chances of fertilization. My doctor has recommended this even though I told her I don’t want anything to stop a chance of getting pregnant. Thank you. Becky

  10. Avatar

    hi this has been helpfull,i have premature ovarian failure,im 32 years,have one child,been on medication like primulut,clomid,and now i have some mature follicles,recently the hot flashes came back, can i take black cohash and dongquai

    i want to buy the fertility cleanse your website doesnot open

    • Dear Carolynn,

      It would be best to discuss with your doctor or a natural healthcare provider combining Dong quai and Black cohosh along with your medication. We can not suggest doing so without guidance. We can also not suggest fertility cleansing with the Fertilica Fertility Cleanse while on medication.

      I am sorry, I am not sure what link isn’t opening. Click here to be taken to the Natural Fertility Shop.

  11. Avatar

    I finished the Fertility Cleanse last month and didn’t start menstruation until cycle day 39 last month. The norm is usually 27 cycle days. I attributed that to the cleanse. I am now menstruating again cycle day 18. I have been taking the DIM and I am not sure if that is the cause. I also recently got blood work done which says my prolactin levels are high. I will be seeing an endocrinologist next week. I am not sure if this is normal because of all of the herbs / supplements that I have been taking. I would like to lower my prolactin levels naturally. I am confused about what should be happening at this point. Any feedback would be beneficial. Thank you.

    • Dear Diane,

      Cleansing and supporting the body in detoxifying can cause temporary cycle shifts for some women. This is viewed as a good sign actually, even though we know these shifts can be concerning. I’m sorry if you are worried!

      Is this bleeding “normal” menstruation or could it be ovulation spotting? What is it that lead you to cleansing? Do you have a diagnose fertility health issue?

      DIM is not known to cause menstruation to begin (or stop), but any shift in hormonal balance could cause spotting or the timing of the menstrual cycle to shift as the body works to achieve balance.

      Are you only taking DIM now?

      It would help to know more about you in order to best guide you. Please contact our herbalists here in private… if you would rather and we will offer additional support.

  12. Avatar

    I stopped taking the contraceptive pill 3 months ago, I had a period on the first week after stopping but have not had one since. I have been to my GP for blood tests which have shown low estrogen levels and I am booked for an ultrasound to check ovaries. I have begun taking Vit B Complex, Vitex and DIM in the interim, just wondering if they are ok to take together? I did not start periods until age 14 and have always had irregular periods. I was on the pill for the last 3yrs, not overweight, have clean diet and exercise 6 days per week. However, stress levels could probably be managed better, could this be enough of a reason not to have menstrual cycle? Thanks

  13. Avatar

    I read in Tori Hudson’s Women’s Encyclopedia that Rhodiola Rosea can be given to help support fertility. The book mentions dose, but does not mention if it matters when in a woman’s cycle she takes it and for how long. All the online information about it says there’s no research for safety for pregnancy. I would like to take it for stress and fertility support, but don’t want to risk compromising a pregnancy if it occurs. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Dear Danie,

      Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) works to enhance fertility, offer support for overall thyroid function, and it has also been shown to improve egg maturation, as well as studied in cases of amenorrhea (loss of menstruation). It is an herb that can be taken daily and long term. It can simply be discontinued upon first determination of pregnancy if taking it while actively trying to conceive.

      Rhodiola and many other herbs may not be studied in pregnancy because researchers fear any risk, even if incredibly small, to a woman and her child… thankfully.

  14. Avatar

    For about the last year: I have spotting for 3-5 days before my period each month and then 2 days of light/medium flow followed by about 2 days of spotting. Is there something natural I can take to help my women’s health? I feel like the spotting shouldn’t be happening like that. I’ve been TTC for 6 months now. I take a prenatal vitamin, fish oil, and a few other standard vitamins and minerals as well as sometimes CoQ10.

    • Dear Alicia,

      Spotting before menstruation can be an indicator of hormonal imbalance or a fertility health issue, even a result of stress and nutritional deficiencies. Have you discussed this with your doctor to determine what might be a cause? Spotting can be tricky…

      It may be helpful to learn the Steps to maintaining a healthy cycle shared in our Natural Guide To Menstrual Health as a starting point.

  15. Avatar

    can i take vitex and flaxseed oil at the same time?

  16. Avatar

    Can the royal jelly and the women’s best friend be taken at the same time or should I finish one bottle then take the other?

  17. Avatar

    After being diagnosed with endometriosis, having it removed, then having two miscarriages, I have finally had a beautiful baby boy. I would like to have another baby (and due to endometriosis regrowing and my age, I’d like to do that soon.. if at all possible). Is it okay to take DIM while breastfeeding?

  18. Avatar

    I did your fertility cleanse program this month (fertility cleanse kit) and I just got my period at day 25. I have PCOS but with agnus castus my cycle became very regular (28 days the last 6 months). I did the cleaning to maybe increase my pregnance chances (trying over 2 years). I was wondering if continuing with womens secret (and agnus castus) is a good idea since my cycle after the cleanse was so short. Or do you have any other advice.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Anne,

      Vitex could be an option to continue on with after the Fertility Cleanse, if you feel it works well for you. We definitely feel that the Fertility Cleanse is a foundational way to prepare for a healthy pregnancy. If you are wondering if there are additional things you should be doing to prepare, our Getting Started: How to Create Your Fertility Program is a great tool to help you figure out what is best to do next!

      I hope that helps answer your question.

  19. Avatar

    I just found out that I have PCOS. I don’t get my period unless it’s with medicine. I heard that Vitex, Maca and Black Cohosh are good would it be ok to take together?

  20. Avatar

    Good to know info. Thanks. Can you advise on whether I am taking too many supplements at once? I am TTC and using tribulus, maca, shatavari, coq10, royal jelly, evening primrose and some regular multivamins

    • Dear Michelle,

      Fertilica Tribulus, Maca, Shatavari, CoQ10 Ubiquinol, Royal Jelly, Evening Primrose Oil and a multivitamin can all be taken together when actively trying to conceive. Tribulus and Evening Primrose Oil are best taken only until ovulation (not past) and the others discontinued upon first determination of pregnancy unless being guided in continuing them by your healthcare provider.

      All my best!

  21. Avatar

    Is it ok to take DIM and Evening Primrose Oil together? I have hormonal acne and have heard great things about both for helping with hormonal acne.

  22. Avatar

    I was wondering if it is to take Dim-Plus together with vitex, red raspberry and multivitamins? What are the possible effects?

    • Dear Rish,

      I have taken a look at the ingredients in DIM-Plus and it can be taken with Vitex, Red Raspberry and a multivitamin. DIM is a nutrient in nutritional supplement form that is known to support the body in healthy estrogen metabolism. The article 5 Ways to Benefit Your Fertility by Taking DIM will share more details about its fertility benefits.

      The effects of using these supplements and this herb, could be many. They each work differently to support fertility health – from hormone balance to boosting nutrient levels.

  23. Avatar

    Will Go Hormone Harmony be harmful if my fsh levels are only slightly too low or I don’t really need it. Or can it be used to boost and maintain normal levels too. What will happen if I fall pregnant unknowingly while using it?

  24. Avatar

    Can I take Maca along with DIM? Would this affect my cycle?

    • Dear Raychel,

      Fertilica Maca can be taken with DIM. Fertilica Maca is a nutrient-rich fertility superfood that is considered foundational for sperm and egg health support, energy and libido, support hormone balance without containing hormones itself and for those experiencing high stress levels. DIM promotes estrogen metabolism and balanced estrogen levels by working to process and remove excess (bad) estrogen from the body to help it achieve overall hormone balance.

      Both are known to positively impact hormone balance and promote a healthy menstrual cycle.

  25. Avatar

    Please, I saw the herb Maca, but I was told that it is for men. I want to know if the Maca for men and for Women respectively. My progesterone is very low and my menses has ceased for 2 years now, please, which of these can help boost my progesterone levels. Progestorone injection, tablet, cream and the virginal inserting progesterone.

    • Dear Beneditte,

      Maca was an fertility superfood that is can be used by men and women. Fertilica Maca is known to provide 31 different minerals and 60 different micronutrients and is considered foundational for sperm and egg health support, energy and libido and for those experiencing high stress levels, to nourish the endocrine and immune systems, and support a healthy stress response in the body. It is known to do this without containing hormones itself.

      I am not qualified to support you in using progesterone injections, tables, or pessaries, but we do have information about naturally supporting progesterone with the herb Vitex and natural progesterone cream. Please refer to our Progesterone Fertility Guide for more information.

      I hope this is helpful!

  26. Avatar

    I am 42 and was recently diagnosed with a intramural fibroid (4 cm), currently asymptomatic. I do not plan on becoming pregnant. I take the lowest dose birth control pill and I have eaten a whole foods diet for decades. I would like to try herbal remedies to slow the growth of the fibroid, but I am confused by the many options. I read that Dong Quai can cause heavy bleeding, so that’s out. Should I be taking Black Cohosh or Vitex or both?
    I just started liver-support herbs, and I plan to start drinking Red Raspberry leaf in tea form. Any other suggestions?

  27. Avatar

    I would be grateful for some advice. I am ttc #1. I am 31, normal BMI. I have had irregular bleeding since stopping the combined contraceptive pill 18m ago. Didn’t really have a cycle for 8 months and then used some soy isoflavones and seemed to kick start a cycle. Since then very irregular and anovulatory. Started to have regularish cycles over last 4m, but always heavy spotting in luteal phase. Had normal HSG and started on clomid 50mg – caused good ovulation, but continuing to have very heavy spotting in LP. I am keen to continue the clomid as ovulating, but going to start vitamin B6 and possibly DIM. Not sure if I can take with the clomid and what my other options are?

  28. Avatar

    I take DIM. It works really well for me. Lowers my bad estrogen. My cycle has always been erratic- even more so these past few years. I was thinking of starting Shatavari. Can it be taken with DIM? And if so are there certain times during your cycle you should take it?
    I take DIM all month long. Thanks so much

    • Dear Aj,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with DIM!

      DIM and be taken with Shatavari. Shatavari can be started any any time of the cycle and taken all cycle long, discontinuing at first determination of pregnancy.

      The information in our Natural Guide for Menstrual Health may also be helpful as you work to support the body in re-learning balance.

      Take care!

  29. Avatar

    Would like to know if I should stop taking all fertility products while I do the fertility cleanse kit? I heard its ok to take Maca only?

    Please advise.

    • Dear Sandra,

      We suggest not beginning to take any new herbs during the Fertility Cleanse. Herbs and nutritional supplements that have been taken for a minimum of 2 weeks time can be continued while also doing the Fertility Cleanse.

  30. Avatar

    Is wheatgrass powerfull enough to lower down FSH? What other herbal and powerful food should be taken to decrease the FSH level?

    • Dear Julie,

      Wheatgrass alone may not all that you need to consider trying when wishing to support healthy FSH levels. It provides a number of nutrients that may be beneficial, but consider also learning about FSH Levels and Your Fertility and other herbs, nutritional supplements and natural therapies, as well as lifestyle changes to consider.

      I hope this is helpful!

  31. Avatar

    I am wondering if I can take Women’s Best Friend and Evening Primrose together. I have endometriosis and was prescribed birth control pills to help regulate it. Those made me crazy (I have always been sensitive to hormones). I am trying to get my hormones back in order from the birth control and I also need some relief for the endo pain. Any suggestions?

    • Dear Jenna,

      Women’s Best Friend and Fertilica Royal Jelly can be taken together.

      Consider also reading about possible additional ways to support healthy endometrial tissue growth, including the body’s natural ability to remove excess estrogen, how to maintain the body’s natural inflammatory response and encourage normal circulation to the reproductive system.

      Be well!

  32. Avatar

    Hello! I’ve been using Fertilaid with the hope that it will boost my fertility, but it has not. It has made my cycles irregular. I already missed my period for five days, but no BFP. I just read that it contains Vitex which may be the reason why I missed my period. I only took Fertilaid for 2 weeks, but I stopped since I missed my period. How long will it take to get my period back to normal and what should i do? Will it mess up my cycle forever? Please help me!!

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Debby,

      We do not sell Fertilaid, so you may want to reach out to the maker with your concerns for their advice.

      What I can share is that some women do experience a shift in their cycle when they first begin using vitex. The length of the menstrual cycle may shorten or lengthen temporarily before it finally stabilizes. This is just the body balancing itself out and is completely normal. We find shifts as a result of taking Fertilica Vitex to be temporary and that this herb only benefits the menstrual cycle (as opposed to messing is up).

      For optimal results vitex should be taken long-term. Clinical research shows that vitex may start working within 10 days, but full benefits may not be experienced until 6 months or longer.

      Consider learning out Top 10 Natural Fertility Boosters as you decide what is best for your fertility health needs.

  33. Avatar

    I have been using FertiliGreens in smoothies leading up to and after the egg retrieval. Is it okay to use FertiliGreens in the days immediately following a fresh embryo transfer during IVF even though it is not recommended to use when pregnant?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Amy!

      We do not suggest using FertiliGreens during this time. You could consider Organic Spirulina however.

      I wish you well on this journey!

  34. Avatar

    Hello. I keep reading about how wonderful red clover is to take while suffering PCOS with severe hersitism while TTC… to drink it as a tea. So I bought some and started yesterday & today I was suffering from a tightness in my chest on the left side and I’m worried that I am making my tea too strong? How much is too much red clover & is it bad to mix it with other herbs like licorice root, milk thistle powder, & dandelion leaf? Those are the herbs I put in the tea just a pinch of each but a heaping table spoon of red clover. I am also taking green oats tablets & evening primerose oil daily. I really don’t want to hurt myself please help & thank you:) ~Jenni

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Jenni!

      While I’m not a medical doctor and can’t begin to know what caused this for you, could you have an allergy to anything you are taking?

      It may be best to discontinue taking them because you should not be feeling a tightness in your chest.

      Red Clover can be combined with Licorice root, Milk Thistle powder and Dandelion leaf, was well as oats and Evening Primrose Oil. It may help you to read the article by our senior herbalist titled Red Clover: Fertility Herb and Tonic to gain a better understanding of this fertility herb.

      Take care!

  35. Avatar

    I have very light and usually one to two day periods. I have been off birth control for two years and am trying to strengthen my cycle. I have read black cohosh is for shorter cycles but heavy flow and vitex is for longer but heavier. Which one should I take to help with getting pregnant?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Christina!

      You might get a better understanding of how to support the number of variations of the menstrual cycle through our Natural Guide for Menstrual Health.

      Light, bright red menstruation, may be a sign of a lack of circulation to the uterus and Vitex is indicated for a wide variety of menstrual cycle irregularities, but there may be additional herbs, supplements and natural therapies to support your cycle needs that you can learn about in that guide.

      I wish you well!

  36. Update 2014 – We are back! We have been away for a while and we sure have missed all of your wonderful questions and thoughts on our articles. Moving forward, one of our staff herbalists will be here to respond to comments! We look forward to connecting with our readers once again!

  37. Avatar

    Hello! Ive been trying to conceive for 4 months now. I have a regular 28-30 days cycle every month. I thought I would try vitex because I am a bit dry and I get PMS every month. I bought this product Go Healthy New Zealand Go Hormone harmony 1-a-day supplement.
    ingredients as follows:
    Black cohosh ext. equiv. to 1,500mg
    Calcium citrate 100mg
    vitex ext. equiv. to 1,500
    chromium 100mcg
    ginger ext. equiv. to 200mg
    L-Tyrosine 50mg
    Maca ext. equiv. to 400mg
    Mg Citrate 100mg
    vit b6 30mg
    wild yam ext. equiv. to 1,000mg

    I just want to double check if these herbs will affect my ovulation and my chances of getting pregnant. Thanks

  38. Avatar

    Hi, I took Women’s Best Friend, Wobenzym and DIM, made changes in my diet and I did castor oil therapy. My last period was easy. No breast tenderness, no bloating or cramps but there was a lot of clots and it had an odor. I had a myomectomy 5yrs ago. I have been ttc actively since Nov. I use a fertility monitor and check cervical mucus (which is almost non existent) but the temperature rise do not tally with the peak reading on the monitor. What do you suggest I do next? Do I continue this regimen( did it for a month) or start ttc actively again? Thank you for your good work.


  39. Avatar

    I am 40 years old women. This month I am doing Fertility Cleansing + Improve Egg Kit + Fertility Massage + Castor Oil. Also I’m taking Royal Jelly, DIM, multivitamins. selenium ans folic acid. I am exercising regularly and I am using Fertility Diet. 6 weeks ago I began Improve Egg Kit and after my last menses I started to do Fertility Cleansing. My normal cycle is 26 days and always on time. This month I am 5 days late (that never happened in my life), pregnancy test is negative. Usually few days before full flow I have some spotting, but not this time. Also I noticed that this month I did not have any evidence of ovulation. I am getting pregnant, but my 2 last pregnancy were ectopic. Also I bought from your site Fallopian Wise Fertility Kit, but right now I totally confused what should I do next? Continue Improve Egg Kit and start Fallopian Wise Fertility Kit? Or stop all supplements? What supplements or their combinations caused a delay in my period ? I read on your website you’re suggesting to continue to take supplements, and it takes 3-6 month for them to balance the hormones. That is mean that I will not have my period for few months? Also I read on your website that women who experienced hormone unbalance after cleansing had their period on time, in this case what happened to me? I feel very uncomfortable, never had late or missing period in my life. Please advise. Thank you for your time .


    • Hi Angela,

      It sounds like you have a great plan set up. It is not abnormal for some women to miss a period after the Fertility Cleanse. The herbs in the Fertility Cleanse stimulate the body to dump toxins and excess hormones into the blood stream to be removed from the body via sweat, urine, feces, lymphatic system and more. Because these are temporarily recirculating in the body, all of this may cause you to experience side effects, including a missed period. This does not mean the herbs did not have a positive action within the body. I understand this may be concerning for you, but for the herbs and supplements to have the greatest action within the body, it is usually best to continue on with them. You are taking a lot of different herbs and supplements and because I am not sure why you have chosen all of these, I cannot be sure if all of them are right for your specific needs. You should not continue to miss your menstrual cycle, nor should the herbs cause you to miss ovulation.

      The Improve Egg Health Kit products are safe to use with the FallopianWise Fertility Kit, but you may want to focus on only one kit at a time. For example: following the FallopianWise Fertility program for 4 months alone, so you can focus on the health of the fallopian tubes. It may be overload for your body to be taking so many supplements at one time. It has only been one month, so it may be that your body is adjusting to everything you are doing. If you have completely overhauled your diet and lifestyle, it can be shocking to the body. These changes take time and patience. Remember consistency over time brings about the best results. We have great consultations if you feel you need more specific guidance.

      Best Wishes,


  40. Avatar

    I have a couple of questions.

    First, I have been diagnosed with PCOS but my hormones/thyroid/insulin levels are normal. I do have cysts on my ovaries but was told my lining is good and I have lots of eggs. The issue is that I am not ovulating regularly (my cycles are really long though they seem to be decreasing).
    My question is: is there a different course of action with normal hormone levels but PCO? I am currently undergoing acupuncture and taking Chinese herbs but I would love your thoughts from a naturopathic point of view. I was using Vitex for a while but found it wasn’t doing anything (I took the required dose for many months).

    My second question: they doctor has given me a prescription for clomid. If I do decide to go ahead with it, are there any supplements that I should take with the clomid to increase good CM?

    Thank you so much.

    • Hi Cam,

      I would suggest learning more about the herb Tribulus. It has been found to be helpful in aiding in regular ovulation, as well as helping women with PCOS. You can learn more about that herb here:

      I do think it best to stick one program or plan at a time to see how effective it is for you. So giving the Chinese herbs and acupuncture time before introducing something new.

      We don’t suggest combining fertility herbs with Clomid, even in the same menstrual cycle; the days when you are not taking Clomid. Please talk to your doctor about other supplements for fertility that may increase CM, like L-Arginine.

      Best Wishes,


  41. Avatar

    My husband and I are ttc and I read some article stating vitex should only be taken before ovulation if ttc. Is this true? Or is it also safe to take it throughout my cycle except during menstruation? Also, is it safe to take EPO with vitex? 

    • Hi Joy,

      If you are trying to conceive it is best to only use Vitex prior to ovulation in case of pregnancy. Vitex has been shown safe for use with Evening Primrose Oil.

      Best Wishes,


  42. Avatar

    i trying to get pregnenat since last 3 years but no luck,doctors have found partial endometriosis on my left overies and 3 my left fallopian tube is partially blocked(they have performed laproscopy and dye test). i want to concieve naturally,,,,plzzzzz can u help me,,,, i am a regular reader of your website…plzzzzzzzzzzz help me….looking forward for you reply and guidence

  43. Avatar

    what do i take for a ceased period?

  44. Avatar

    My husband and i have been trying to conceive for 4 months and so i went to check with my ob/gyn and ive found out i have low progesterone and that im not ovulating every cycle. I’ve decided to try fetilica vitex. Recently ive been experiencing signs and symptoms of endometriosis. I will be seeing an endo specialist to see if it is endometriosis that ive been experiencing. If it is endo how soon can i start using endo wise kit after using fertilica vitex for less than a month?

    • Hi Hazel,

      With the EndoWise Fertility Kit the Fertilica Natural Progesterone is suggested usage is: Dr. John Lee’s scientifically tested and validated protocol recommends using progesterone from days 8 to 26 of your cycle to assist in reducing the effects of estrogen on the body (estrogen stimulates endometrial growth). Then take a short week off to refresh your receptor sites. Dr. Lee has had success with this protocol controlling symptoms within six months, although it is quite common for women to experience positive benefits from progesterone much sooner in the process. Once the outbreaks of endometriosis are tolerable, Dr. Lee recommends to reduce the usage to days 12 till menstrual cycle.

      Fertilica Progesterone cream automatically dispenses 20mg of Progesterone per pump, the recommended amount directed by Dr. Lee’s protocol. It is extremely important to use the proper amount of progesterone when applying it, as too little or too much could create ineffectiveness or imbalance. Fertilica Progesterone cream also contains overall fertility supporting herbs, botanicals, and nutrients in order to help support the bodies natural fertility processes and to support the utilization of Progesterone in the body

      This method would suppress ovulation to reduce the symptoms of endometriosis, therefore using Vitex while using Natural Progesterone Cream this way would be pointless. It may be best to begin the Vitex again once beginning the regular use of the NPC; day 12-26 of the menstrual cycle. This may help regulate the cycle again.

      Vitex has been shown safe to combine with the products in the EndoWise Fertility Kit.

      Best Wishes,


  45. Avatar

    My husband has had 2 Sperm Analysis done. The first one came back really bad (after only 2 days of abstinence) the second one cambe back ok (5 months later and with 4 days of abstinence) The second SA that was done the only thing that has us worried is the Normal Forms. He only has 4% normal forms with comments of Amorphous Heads, Pyriform heads and Neck/midpiece Defects. We got pregnant once before that resulted in a Partial Molar Pregnancy (which he blames on himself because of his unnormal sperm) and we haven’t been able to get pregnant since. Are there any herbs that may help with the development of his sperm and increase his normal forms? He’s not big on taking vitamins but I will MAKE him, I just bought some L-Carnitine and also a multivitamin. What else could he take?

    I’m going to be doing a Milke Thistle Liver Detox and taking Red Rapsberry Leaf to get my body ready. Also I will start again with a prenatal so I’m getting adequate vitamins.

    Any suggestions would be helpful…..

    Thank You

    Sarah Z

  46. Avatar

    does red clover tea help boost estrogen levels, and how much can i drink a day?

    • Hi Naomi,

      Some studies have shown that Red Clover may increase estrogen in the body because it contains isoflavones, making it phytoestrogenic. It can be consumed by liquid extract, capsule or tea. If you are actively trying to conceive it would be best to consider only using this herb prior to ovulation. You may want to consult a naturopathic doctor or herbalist in your area to determine if this herb would be a good choice for you.

      Traditional suggested dosage of Red Clover:

      Capsule 500mg dried herb: 1 a day
      Infusion (tea): 1-3 tsp. per cup of boiling water, steeped for 15 minutes, 3 cups a day
      Liquid extract (tincture): 2-6ml, 3 times a day

      All the best,


  47. I have been taking Vitex for 8 months now, and have had wonderful results from it. I went from cycles showing up every 18 months to every 30-45 days. I am overjoyed! However, I am concerned about the dosage I am taking. I am only taking 400mg a day, down from the 800mg I started with, because I was following dosing instructions on the package. I recently read that the recommended dosage is 1000mg a day. Should I consider increasing my dosage for maximum benefits? (My husband and I are not TTCing yet, but would like to be soon – however I have not done any testing to determine if I am ovulating or not.)

    • Hi Lynne,

      If you are still having benefits from the 400mg as suggested on the package of the vitex product you are taking, then I would say stick to that dosage. It is always best to follow the directions on the product label. Potency can vary from product to product, so it is safest to follow the directions on the product you are using. It may also be a great idea to learn to chart your cycle so you can see if you are ovulating or not. If you determine you are not ovulating then you may want to consider increasing dosage.

      Best Wishes with trying to conceive,


  48. Avatar

    Hi dalene,
    I was more than 6 months without getting my period. I did the fertility cleanse and my period came right after the 30 days. Then got a really light period the following month but now I am almost a month late and no signs of period yet. What should I do? Should I do another cleanse or should I try something else?Please help, me and my husband are trying to get pregnant for almost 2 years now after taking the pill for 3 yrs. Straight. Never got my period after the pill until my gynecologist gave me hormones, but I don’t want to take the synthetic Route but want to try to regulate my period naturally.

    • Hi Ana,

      I am glad to hear of your good results with the Fertility Cleanse products. The Fertility Cleanse is not a “cure all”. Most women with irregular cycles and hormonal imbalance will need to move on to herbs that help to regulate the cycle once the Fertility Cleanse is over. The Fertility Cleanse in general is a great way for anyone who is experiencing fertility challenges to create a foundation for hormonal balance and a healthy uterus for implantation. Fertility Cleansing creates a “clean slate” within the body that helps the body to respond and utilize other natural remedies better.

      You may also want to consider learning more about our Natural Fertility Consultations at this link:

      Best Wishes,


  49. Avatar

    Hi. I am new to your website so forgive my ignorance if you’ve already answered this question. I’ve been taking vitex 400mg a day for about a year. I would like to conceive so should I go up to 1600 or more. Before I started taking it I noticed (at age 38) that my periods painless and light and CM was very scant and my breasts seemed like they were losing their fullness at the time. Upon taking it the first month I definitely noticed a positive difference. I lower the doses and take breaks from it here and there. I know it’s probably too late to try to conceive but I would still like to give it a shot. I’m 41 I don’t drink or smoke, no drugs (street, OTC or prescription abuse), no abortions, no birth control, no extreme stress, only had one sex partner and to top it off lost my (flower) at 40. I’ve heard scary stories about people NOT “doing It” often enough or not at all develop atrophy or ovarian cancer from not ever having a live birth. is this true at all? And should I even attempt to continue with sperm donation?

    • Hi Jones,

      You did not mention why you chose to use this herb in the first place. 400mg a day is well below the suggested dosage of 1000mg a day. Increasing dosage to 1600mg a day is not recommended for this herb. Increasing dosage of vitex beyond 1200mg a day will not increase effectiveness or quicker results. In fact increasing dosage may cause problems and make your skill feel like it has ants crawling on it, also known as formication (this is a sign of overdose). You can learn the benefits of vitex at this link:

      I have many friends who chose not to have children and they have not developed ovarian cancer or atrophy of their reproductive organs. As far as the statistics on this actually happening; I have no idea.

      It would be best to see a doctor to determine your reproductive health. This will help you to make an informed decision as to whether you should move forward and use a sperm donor to try and conceive.

      Best Wishes,