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Fertility Teleclass “How to Unlock Your Fertility”

Fertility Teleclass “How to Unlock Your Fertility”

Anji is hosting a fertiltiy teleclass next week, here is the info:

I’d like to personally invite you to a fr*ee teleclass I’m hosting this Monday, January 28th at 7 p.m. CST: “How to Unlock Your Fertility”

 We’ll discuss: * How to bridge the gaps between your Mind and Body and Spirit in order to conceive * How to get your body working FOR conception not AGAINST it.

 This class is for you if: You have ever wondered why or how emotions and feelings can be such an important aspect of conceiving when you weren’t sad or depressed about conceiving when you first started trying.

You feel like there must be something MORE going on in your body than what the medical tests show because obviously SOMETHING isn’t right since you haven’t conceived yet. You have heard that you are “supposed” to be positive and optimistic, but no one has showed you how to do that when dealing with the rollercoaster ride that infertility can be. You will walk away from this class knowing what you can do today to radically enrich your fertility. Also, when you sign up for this fr*ee teleclass, you will get the opportunity to tell me what questions you have. Then, I can make sure to answer them on the call.

Register for this fr*ee teleclass right here. When you get to the registration page scroll to the bottom and fill out the registration form and click on the submit button. I’ll send you the call-in information via email. This call will last approximately 60 minutes. If you can’t make the live call register anyway and I’ll send you the call recording. I can’t wait to “see” you on the call!

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