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Heavy Cell Phone Use Damages Sperm: Increases Risk of Infertility

Heavy Cell Phone Use Damages Sperm: Increases Risk of Infertility


Cell Phone Use Damages SpermResearchers found that men who used a cell phone for four hours or more a day had fewer sperm and the sperm they did have had poor motility (forward movement) and were of poorer quality which lead to infertility issues.

The Ohio study involving 364 men was presented to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in New Orleans.

In opposition, a UK expert said it was unlikely the phones were to blame because the phones in use were not near the testes, and that the real culprit may be the sedentary state these men are in for hours a day.

“If you are holding [the phone] up to your head to speak a lot, it makes no sense that it is having a direct effect on your testes. ”
~Dr Allan Pacey, British Fertility Society

Despite some opposition, the team from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation found that the heaviest cell phone users, those who used their phones for more than four hours a day had the lowest average sperm counts, at 50 million per milliliter (ml) and had the least healthy sperm. (BBC, October 2006)


I have to disagree with Dr. Paceys statement, he over looked something very important; if a man uses a cell phone for four hours a day and then it is in his pocket for another 4+ hours for the remainder of the day, his exposure is more than previously thought. Heavy cell phone users typically don’t turn their phones off when they are not using them.

EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) are sent out from the cell phone when it is turned on to find a signal constantly. The phone is in the pocket right next to the testicles, turned on the entire time, waiting for a call. So, the link with heavy cell phone users may not be that they ‘talk’ on the phone that long, it is the habit of having the phone with them, all the time, turned on.

So what to do?
No need to get all excited and throw out the phone. There is a simple solution: I found and use these little chips you can place on the phone that blocks the effects of the EMF’s on the body. You can find them at this website along with tons of EMF research and articles. I would also put some thes on any device that uses a Wi-Fi connection.


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