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Heavy smoking lessens chance of pregnancy but increases chances of twins!

Heavy smoking lessens chance of pregnancy but increases chances of twins!


“Heavy Smoking may reduce female fertility by directly affecting the uterus – making it less receptive and reducing the chances the embryo will implant”

The results were obtained from comparing the pregnancy rates between non-heavy smokers (under 10 a day) and heavy smokers ( more than 10 a day). All of the women were receiving IVF treatments.

The non-heavy smokers had a 52% pregnancy rate and the heavy smokers had a 34% success rate.

Although the pregnancy rate was much lower for heavy smokers, those that did become pregnant were 60% more likely to have twins!
Medical News Today, Nov 13, 2006


This study has shown the effects of smoking on the reproductive system regardless of having an egg donor. Nicotine has multiple effects on the uterus, both reducing fertility and increasing chances of twins. The scientists have no idea why this is happening but has warranted further research.

What can I do if I have been a heavy smoker?
Quit smoking now to protect your fertility and increase your chances of successful conception and pregnancy. Here is a guide on ‘How to Quit Smoking to Protect Your Fertility‘.

Hethir Rodriguez - Certified Herbalist, Nutritionist, Birth Doula

Hethir Rodriguez is the Founder of Natural Fertility She is a Certified Herbalist, has a bachelors in Nutrition Sciences and is a trained Birth Doula and Massage Therapist. As a Natural Fertility Specialist, Hethir is dedicated to helping to provide a source for high quality, research based information and support for those on their journey to parenthood.

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