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What Could Reduce Men’s Fertility by 30%?

What Could Reduce Men’s Fertility by 30%?


If you are a man who walks around with a mobile phone in your pocket turned ON you could be reducing your total number of sperm by 30% according to a study at the University of Szeged, Hungary.

The research found that cell phone user’s sperm were not moving or swimming properly.

Medical News Today, June 2004


This is one of the first of many studies on cell phones showing the effects of Electric Magnetic Fields (EMF’s) on the body and its effects on fertility.

What are EMF’s?
EMF’s is the radiation emitted by electronic devices. One of the highest EMF producers is cell phones. They are some of the more harmful EMF devices because they are carried close to the body for long periods of time.

Why are EMF’s harmful?
When a cell phone is turned on it is sending out a radiation signal to the satellite. Even if you are not talking on the phone it is turned on in your pocket there are EMF’s entering your body. EMF’s heat up the cells of the body with radiation, much like a microwave, and can cause damage to sperm health, male fertility and sperm the DNA. Cell phones have been proven to cause tumors in the brain, located directly below where the phone is held next to the ear. We have personally experienced this with my husband and the phone in his pocket he had severe pain in his testicle. Also around the same time he was getting sharp eye pain on the side he was talking on the cell phone a lot.

What can we do? We need our cell phones!
Thank goodness there are some solutions that you can use on your cell phone to reduce the damaging effect they could be having on your health. There are these little chips that you can put on your phone that helps to make your body more resistant to the effects of the EMF’s on your body. They work on every type of phone and are as easy to use as a sticker.

Is there anything we can do to reverse damage that may have already occurred?
There are some things that can help to reverse damage done by EMF’s from cell phones. The first is to reduce exposure or/and protect yourself from the effects by using a qLink. The second is to make sure you are taking great care of yourself and following our suggestions for supporting sperm health.

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