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Infertility… The New Epidemic?

Infertility… The New Epidemic?

It seems lately that so many women in my personal life are trying to become pregnant. Many of them come to me with questions about getting off the pill, will a cleanse help,  should they use an egg donor… and on and on. On one hand I am so grateful that I am able to help them, but I now am beginning to realize the big picture of my path.

Fertility issues are becoming more and more prevalent. We are learning about the fertility issues faced by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez or Marcia Cross (I love her as Bree on Desperate House Wives :)). So it is not something that is just a whisper any more.

I actually see my mission as something bigger now. I think that we are facing a new world issue. The number of women having problems becoming pregnant is going up every year. Yes there are many factors, one theory being that many are deciding to begin families at a later age, but how does that explain the women in there 20’s and 30’s that are having troubles?

I believe many of the causes of this new epidemic are similar to the causes of many other major health issues. Our lifestyles are completely different than a hundred, thirty or even twenty years ago.  This is impacting our fertility. And just imagine the issues that the next generation will face.

I am now realizing that I have to reach a broader audience. In order to help as many women as possible learn and implement the lifestyle changes that are necessary to be fertile. I am taking this mission on full force.

I am currently creating a program that will make this difference.  It is the accumulation of all my research, interviews, and real life success from my clients and readers. I will keep you all up to date on the unfolding and time line when it will be available.

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