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Maca for Sperm Health: Testimonial

Maca for Sperm Health: Testimonial

We recently received this Maca for sperm health testimonial from Kimberly…

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    Hello, I got a problem with my sperm , specifically low sperm count. But according to my sperm analysis, my sperm lack the ability to swim through the falopian tube of my wife. rather, about 80% of the sperm release are inactive. We became aware of this problems immediately after my sperm examinations. Do you think Maca shall be of great help to replemish and nourished my sperm for fertilisation.

    • Hi Adams,

      Here are some specific supplements that have been found to help with sperm motility:
      -Maca helps to increase sperm health overall.
      -Panax Ginseng – Studies have shown that ginseng helps to increase sperm counts, motility and quality of sperm.
      -l-carnitine – It is a necessary nutrient for sperm cells to function normally. In studies supplementing with L-carnitine helps to normalize sperm motility in men with low sperm quality.
      -CoQ10 – Acts as an antioxidant protecting the sperm cells from damage. Studies have shown a connection between coQ 10 levels and sperm health. COQ10 has also been shown to increase sperm motility.

      Diet has a big impact on sperm health. How could it not. What you are eating today is impacting the sperm that will be swimming 3 months from now.

      Study findings show a range of 42 to 76 days from the time of sperm production to ejaculation in normal men.

      So the changes that you make today are impacting the sperm you will be using two to three months from now. So that is the amount of time it will take for the herbs and supplements to have their effects.

      To learn more about Men’s Fertility and how to increase your overall sperm health please click here: Men’s Fertility and Sperm Health

      Best Wishes,