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MH5: Important Herbs for Male Fertility

MH5: Important Herbs for Male Fertility

Men are just as likely as women to have reproductive health issues that not only impact a couple’s ability to conceive, but their quality of life. Male sexual dysfunction is often at the top of many a men’s list of concerns and can impact men’s fertility. Low libido, erectile dysfunction (impotence) and premature ejaculation can each make conceiving a child more challenging than it should be. MH5 is an herbal reproductive tonic formulated specifically to support male reproductive health and fertility. MH5 combines the most important herbs for a variety of components of male fertility, including hormonal balance and sexual function.

Popular Herbs for Male Fertility

American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) A traditional rejuvenation tonic for men, American ginseng nourishes and supports the nervous system, immune function, and proper hormonal balance. It may support healthy sex drive, erectile dysfunction and enhance sexual performance.

Tribulus (Tribulus terrestris) Traditionally used in both traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, Tribulus supports normal sperm count, motility and morphology, improves erectile function, sexual function and libido. Tribulus is known to help increase luteinizing hormone (LH), DHEA and encourages normal testosterone production- all factors which influence sperm quality and health.

Maca root (Lepidium meyenii) A tonic for the hormonal system, maca supports and nourishes the hypothalamus and thyroid, encouraging normal sperm health as well as sexual function/libido, increased energy, stamina, and mental clarity.

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) Nourishing to the entire endocrine system, saw palmetto supports overall reproductive function in men. Men with low sperm count, low libido, stress, who are irritable or experiencing anxiety, who have poor immune function, poor lifestyle and dietary habits have shown to benefit from this herb.

Yohimbe bark (Pausinystalia yohimbe) Found to support healthy male libido and increase circulation to the male reproductive organs and erectile tissues, yohimbe helps to sustain an erection and potentially make an erection firmer.

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Be sure to review our compilation of important research on the best natural treatment options for male fertility, from poor sperm count and health, low libido to infertility and beyond in our Male Fertility Resources. We also offer male Fertility Consultations if going the path to reproductive wellness alone is daunting, you’re not sure where to start, or what natural therapies are best for your needs.

Notes on these herbs worth mentioning:

  • Not to be used by those with hypertension or on hypertension medications.
  • Recent human trials have shown that American ginseng taken in high doses may alter the effects of Warfarin, a blood thinning medication.
  • Saw Palmetto berry liquid extract should have a strong aromatic flavor. If the product you purchased isn’t, it may not be as effective. Older berries lose their effectiveness.
  • Yohimbe should not be used in those people with low blood pressure or who are on blood pressure medications. Never exceed the dosage of this herb. Not to be taken at the same time you eat cheese, liver or red wine, all of which contain the amino acid tyramine.

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