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Natural Fertility Coaching Call with Iva Keene Jan. 12th

Natural Fertility Coaching Call with Iva Keene Jan. 12th

Iva KeenePlease join us for an incredible Fertility Coaching Call with Naturopathic Physician, Iva Keene on January 12th at 7pm EST/4pm PST.

We will be covering:

The Environment, How It Effects Your Fertility and What You Can Do About It

You will learn about…
*What are endocrine disruptors?
*Which food additives should you avoid to protect your fertility?
*How can plastic impact your fertility?
*What is unexplained infertility?
*What should you do if you’ve been diagnosed with unexplained infertility?

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Hethir Rodriguez - Certified Herbalist, Nutritionist, Birth Doula

Hethir Rodriguez is the Founder of Natural Fertility She is a Certified Herbalist, has a bachelors in Nutrition Sciences and is a trained Birth Doula and Massage Therapist. As a Natural Fertility Specialist, Hethir is dedicated to helping to provide a source for high quality, research based information and support for those on their journey to parenthood.

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  1. Hi, is this call for 12th Jan 2016?