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Success Story: Diet Changes Lead to Natural Conception at 40

Success Story: Diet Changes Lead to Natural Conception at 40

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Christina’s Fertility Success Story

“…continue to keep the faith. Any and all things are possible with God”

After surgical removal of fibroids, ovarian cysts and endometriosis, Christina began searching for ways to improve her diet. She found the Natural Fertility Company and participated in a Fertility Consultation. Her Fertility Consultation gave her a “road map to eating and living healthy, along with increasing my fertility naturally.” Here is her journey to natural pregnancy at the age of 40…

Name: Christina G.

Age: 40 years

Number of years trying to get pregnant?: 1 year

What was your fertility journey prior to finding and the NaturalFertilityShop?:

Prior to finding in Jan 2015 I had 2 fibroids and 2 cysts removed from my ovaries. I had them removed laparoscopically. At that time, I was told I had stage 4 endometriosis, which the surgeon stated that he removed as much as he could during the surgery. After the surgery, I searched for natural ways to increase my fertility so I decided to do acupuncture along with Traditional Chinese medicinal herbs. I found that the acupuncture with herbs regulated my cycle and I had less cramping. However, I was looking for ways to change my diet and eat more organic foods. I searched the internet and came across natural fertility and incorporated a healthier way of eating. I booked a consultation and was given direction on what foods to eat for fertility and ways to increase my fertility.

What information and products made the difference for you?:

I had a Fertility Consultation with Marija. She suggested I eat organic foods purchased from the grocery store and cook my foods at home, as opposed to eating out. Along with exercising a minimum of 3-4 times a week.

Which products did you take and for how long?:

I took Wobenzym N, DIM, Maca, Women’s Best Friend and Cod Liver Oil for 6 months.

What changes and benefits did you experience from taking the products?:

My cycle was regular and my progesterone levels were within normal limits.

What is some advice would you give others going through their fertility journey?:

The advice I would give is to continue to keep the faith. Any and all things are possible with God. Eat a fertility-based diet, take Wobenzym N, DIM, Maca, and Women’s Best Friend. Book an appointment with a local Mayan Abdominal Massage therapist or you can do your own abdominal massage… I would highly recommend to any women who sign up with to book a consultation with a natural fertility specialist. This alone was my road map to eating and living healthy, along with increasing my fertility naturally.

Is there anything else you would like to share?:

I missed my menstrual cycle in Jan 2016. I went to the Reproductive Endocrinologist and she put me on Provera to induce my cycle. She told me that I was premenopausal and that my periods will continue to be irregular, and I will never be able to conceive naturally. I was devastated to hear this news. At that point, I booked a Fertility Consultation with Herbalist Anna-Marija Helt at I knew deep down if I ate right, exercised, and focused on having optimal health mind body and spirit, I knew that I will get pregnant one day. My cycle in January was 45 days late. I booked an appointment with my acupuncturist and the next day my cycle came. I continued to follow the nutritional information I was given from the natural fertility herbalist. My cycle for the month of Feb and March we’re regular and normal 5 days long each cycle. I found out on April 28, 2016, I was pregnant, and I conceived naturally at 40.

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  1. Avatar

    I’ve never heard about Wobenzym N supplement. I’ve searched a little bit after that post, and it seems that it contains some enzymes for digestion and also extracts of Papaya and Pineapple. But I haven’t understand the effects of those digestion enzymes and fruit extracts. Can you help me to understand it a little more?

    • Hello Delilah!

      Wobenzym N is a blend of Systemic enzymes that support a health inflammation response with in the body, aid the body in properly breaking down fibrin deposits, etc. They differ from the digestive enzymes you are referring to here. Our guide How to Use Systemic Enzyme Therapy to Increase Your Fertility… explains Wobenzym N use for fertility and I would suggest looking up Enzymedica (a brand of supplements) for more information about digestive enzymes. These aid the body in the breakdown and assimilation of food.

  2. Avatar

    I went to a surgeon did a scan to check the cause of me not conceiving and they found out that my tubes are blocked medially what can I use from the fertility

    • Dear Thabiso,

      The effectiveness of natural therapies however will depend on the location and/or severity of the blockage, in addition to what has led to, or is contributing to the blockage. Consider asking your healthcare provider if he can help you understand these factors as you contemplate the best plan for you.

      Given the small size and a fallopian tube and how delicate these organs are, any sort of trauma can alter their function and damage the tubal tissues. Once they are damaged it may be difficult to reverse that damage.Fallopian tubes that are severely damaged need special care and we would suggest you work with a specialist who will be able to evaluate your unique situation and determine the best possible course of care.

      The good news is that natural therapies can be used alongside any type of treatment options you are considering, which may greatly help to improve outcome.

      Please take some time to read the article that our founder wrote about naturally supporting fallopian tube health to learn more:

  3. Avatar

    OMG thank you for this. I am going to be 41 in three weeks. I’ve been married for 3 years. Neither of us have children. I just started on my journey getting my hormones together. Getting tested was a struggle. I have been trying to get a referral to a Endocrinologist for month, but my doctor wants to see me. Ugh! So I’ve been taking DIM, Vitex & Maca for a month now. Hoping to schedule with an acupuncturist real soon.This story gives me HOPE! Congrats Christina! Wishing you a healthy baby journey.

  4. Avatar

    I love to read these kinds of stories, gives me hope that anything really is possible. Congratulations Christina, I hope you carry full term and have a healthy beautiful baby.