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Hi Hethir,

I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you are to me and my journey on becoming pregnant (hopefully in the future) your knowledge and amazing spirit makes me feel great and know I don’t have to be alone dealing with what I’m facing. I’ve been loving your periscopes to! It’s so amazing I can get in depth information by your lessons. I’ve really took on board what you have been saying and have already made changes to my diet. Just thank you so much for helping us women out here were so blessed to have support like you to keep us going. I’ve always brushed aside what I’m facing with, I’m 29 with the worst pcos, not getting pregnant or ovulating and no periods for 2 years and thought there was no way out but you’ve changed my whole outlook on looking after myself and nourishing my body.

I wrote you a week ago saying big thank you for helping me make the diet changes for my pcos. Well I’m absolute happy to say after 2+years of not having a period! my period has finally come. That’s because I completely changed my diet to a organic one and taken the wonderful vitex it’s only been a week since I changed my diet and today it has happened. I’m grateful for your information because it’s helped me think a lot about my future having children and know diet is the number one change I had to make in order to begin my journey.

You truly have an amazing heart & soul
Thank you so much

Laura M.

We had tried vitamins and diets and then finally this [Self Fertility Massage]. Apart from being a nice relaxing massage, we are now 21 weeks pregnant so something worked!!

Katie P.

Abi's fertility success storyExcerpt from: How Abi’s Positive Attitude Helped Her Get Pregnant

In 2012 we experienced an life threatening ectopic pregnancy, we had not known that we were pregnant and initially evidence of the extent of the internal bleeding was missed resulting in emergency surgery and the loss of a fallopian tube.

The following year I discovered that I had miscarried at the 12 week scan… The Dr. advised that we have genetic testing done on the baby to rule out any issues. We found that the baby had Trisomy 9.

It took us over a year to find a clinic that was prepared to take us through the testing to rule out that we were carriers, since we had ‘only’ miscarried once. During this time I found Natural Fertility, I read a variety of articles about preparing for pregnancy, improving egg and sperm health and had a consultation. As a result we both changed our diet and lifestyle. Having somebody to converse with who could offer simple steps that we could take made a world of difference…

Abi, 41 y.o., TTC 4 years

I recently got off of birth control in January 2015 – was on three different pills during that time frame. I was looking for something to assist me in balancing my estrogen levels and came across the website. Needless to say with the fertility cleanse teas and this product [Women’s Best Friend], my periods were less painful than they have ever been and my cycles were much more bearable.


Michele's 8 year journey to have a second childWe had our son 12 years ago without any issues other than a tilted uterus, but then when he was about a year old, I developed endometriosis. We began to try to have another baby when he was almost 2 without any luck. We thought it was just because I had a tilted uterus. We tried for about a year or so then took a break. A few years later we began to try for a baby again. We tried and tried and tried – no luck. In 2010 after about 2 years of no success, we sought out medical help and were referred to a fertility clinic. Our diagnosis was unexplained secondary infertility. We did a lot of tests and they followed my cycles to see if I was ovulating on my own, then we moved onto a few medicated cycles. We did 3 IUIs and more medicated cycles but still to no avail. The doctor thought that I had a egg quality issue. After a few years, I began to try some natural products to boost egg quality… I did a ton of research into egg quality issues and endometriosis and found the Natural Fertility website. I read quite a few testimonials and followed some of the advice.

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After having 3 miscarriages, my prolactin level shot up so high my gynacologist could not explain. I was placed on parlodel bromocriptine for more than a year, but no improvement. Each time I stop taking parlodel, the prolactin goes high. In July 2013, my gyn. decided to place me on Carbagoline but I said no, that I was tired. I told her about vitex and that I want to give it a try. Though she didn’t give me a go ahead, I started taking vitex since September till date and so far, I have taken it for 2 months now. I had to do another hormonal profile test and to my surprise, my prolactin level did not shoot up this time around. The last test I did was in June/July 2013 and the result showed 75.4ng/mL. The recent prolactin test I did on November 2nd, 2013 showed 35.75ng/mL. Waow! even my gyn. was speechless. Though it is still high but taking vitex for just 2 months has drastically reduced it. My gyn. just said “if it works for you, please continue; I will like to do a research on vitex someday”. I have not stopped taking vitex; I am going to continue for the next 6 months and see it work permanently on me. Thanks a lot Dalene, Hethir, JC Cash and all the entire team at Natural Fertility shop. I just purchased more products to help boost my fertility.

Update 4/15/14-

Funmi around 7 months pregnant. 10/30/15

Funmi around 7 months pregnant. 10/30/15

A note from Dalene: Funmi has been given the go ahead by her doctor to try to conceive for the first time in years, because her prolactin levels have reduced enough to do so. Go Funmi!

My prolactin level keeps reducing by the day. Thank God for Vitex liquid extract. The last time I shared my success story in November 2013, my prolactin result was 35.75ng/mL. I just had another test result this month of April 2014, It has reduced to 33.3ng/mL.

Update 7/3/15 –

It is with great joy that I write to inform you that I am almost 3 months pregnant. I am so happy. Yes it has been a long journey but thank God I finally got pregnant. The fetus is visible and heartbeat strong. Thanks to everyone and everything that made this happened. I can say I have been on Fertilica supplements for more than 2 years and have been consistent with it.

Funmi, 36 years old

Miriam's Fertility Success Story InterviewA friend had recommended this cleanse to me as I was struggling to get pregnant. I typically don’t like to take supplements that I don’t know much about but the idea of a cleanse appealed to me as I knew my overall body could use it. The process was pretty easy. The only thing that got a bit old by the end of the month was making all that tea BUT in the end it was all worth it. I did the cleanse in September and found out I was pregnant on October 4. I would highly recommend this product!

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Kelly's Fertility Success StoryMy personal journey with infertility came when trying to conceive my 3rd child with my new husband. After hitting 40 years and trying for a year for a healthy pregnancy, I fell pregnant only to have that journey for 8 weeks, in which point, had miscarried. I then underwent help with IVF with the 1st cycle with no success. Shortly after that, I underwent another round of IVF in which, fell pregnant and had that journey for 6 weeks, in which point, had miscarried. I turned to the experts and wonderful ladies and gentlemen at Natural Fertility in which I received a ton of information, advice and genuine care from the entire team! I first purchased the Fertility Cleanse Kit, for recovery after my miscarriage with IVF. That product gave me the sense of a “fresh start” and releasing all old products from my body, in which prepared me to my success with conceiving naturally. I conceived naturally with the help and my faith in the Fertility Smoothie Pack (favs in that were the Whey, Bee Royal Jelly and the Maca) and with starting on the Baby and Me multivitamin in which, I believe, gave me the foundation to conceive naturally. I am now 8 weeks pregnant and off to a healthy beginning with this pregnancy and owe a world of thanks to the natural, wonderful products and support that Natural Fertility Shop team has to offer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for my dream becoming a reality!

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I am so very blessed to have found the natural fertility website! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 2.5 year with no success! I came across the natural fertility website searching for natural alternatives. I have struggled with fibroids and heavy irregular periods since I was 13. I decided to do more research on natural alternatives and heard about vitex and Self Fertility Massage and decided to give it a try! After about 3 months of taking this and changing my diet to a more plant based diet my husband and I conceived! I was loosing hope and thought we would never conceive. Now we have a healthy 2 month old baby boy healthy and strong with no complications! The natural fertility team are so helpful and answered all my many questions.:) Thank you so much Natural Fertility team we couldn’t have done it without you!

Anuah, TTC 2.5 years

I have severe endometriosis. I’m 27 and not married, so not planning to have kids soon. I had 3 large cysts so I did a surgery to remove them. I had a frozen pelvis and before the surgery I had major pelvic adhesions. I’m entering now premature ovarian failure because my undiagnosed endometriosis decayed my ovaries.

I’m going to start next month egg freezing. What I’m doing now I want 1st to make it as successful as possible so I’m trying to improve the quality of eggs. 2nd I’m trying to avoid the recurrence of endometriosis. 3rd I’m trying to work on minimizing the adhesions already existing and further adhesions from happening due to the surgery or endometriosis.

I started by changing my diet. I made a huge research on nutrition. I turned into a vegan, and I took out any chemicals, sugar, and gluten. It was such a fantastic effect on me. My blood tests which were always terrible are now perfect. I feel more energetic and healthy and much less pain. My skin looks way better, less eczema and asthma than what I suffered for years.

Then I started to do yoga daily. I lost weight, my body shape looks better, my digestion is better, no stress at all in my life anymore.

Lastly I bought the Self Fertility Massage DVD . I’m doing it daily and the castor oil pack too. My stomach feels really well. Finally after 5 months my period is regular and less painful, with less bleeding. I can feel less tension every day from the muscles under my fingers during the massage.

I believe everything will fall in place with time. I feel better now and I will see the real effect in my checkups and egg freezing process.