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Here you will find testimonials and letters that have been sent in from customers, clients and readers. We hope these stories help to inspire and build hope for you on your journey towards parenthood.

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I tried the castor oil packs to try and reduce my fibroids. I’m been doing the pack now for about 3 weeks. I had no idea how relaxing it is. I really feel like my circulation has improved. I’m so happy I purchased it. I love this website. I’m a fertility doula so I will be referring clients to the site and this is one of many more purchases to come. Very pleased.


Fertility Cleanse

I wanted to share a review that answers some questions that I myself had during the process. During phase 1, the tea has a pleasant taste. I enjoyed drinking it on the way to work and at night. The Milk Thistle was very tough for me to take down. The directions say take with water, but that didn’t go so well; I took my 3oz with my tea each day. The pills are, of course, easy to follow and do not have any lasting taste. Overall, the amount of each product was well worth the cost. If all directions are followed, there is enough to save or go into the next cycle. It has not changed my cycle in any way. Although there are no obvious signs of it working, I feel great just mentally knowing I’m taking the right steps. Thank you Natural Fertility Info.


PMS savior!
I bought this system [FertiliCare Phase 1 & 2 Program] to attempt to address the fact that I was routinely developing a horrible mood from day 14 of my cycle through to the start of my period. I have been taking these drops in conjunction with royal jelly and ubiquinol to help with general pre-ttc prep. It has been like night and day! I have had two cycles with stable and happy moods. I also noticed some dark blood in the first cycle which leads me to believe these herbs also had a cleansing effect. I actually enjoy the taste too. I’m very happy and will be ordering more!

Zoã« G.

“I have been on and off various forms of birth control for over a decade… Form personally after my journey, I believe that birth control reeks havoc on the female body and should be avoided at all costs.”

Talia, 26 years old

We think you will want to read how Talia supported her body naturally after stopping birth control! If so, Talia’s story is here…

Through PCOS, unsuccessful treatment with Clomid and an ectopic pregnancy, Diana perseveres with faith, naturally supports her body and achieves success.

She shares, “I try for 8 years unsuccessful, I have polycystic ovary. I got treatment with clomid. I got ectopic pregnancy, after that I found natural fertility in YouTube. I hear all advices from Heather Rodriguez!! Was difficult for me because my main language is Spanish, so have to hear many time to understand!! After exactly 6 month, I got the beautiful surprise, I was finally natural pregnant!!” Read her full story of success here…

Diana, 32 years old, TTC 8 years

We’ve been ttc for 2 & 1/2 half years, challenge may have partially been due to mucus plugs blocking my fallopian tubes. I purchased this [FallopianWise Kit] and started it 2-3 weeks before a saline ultrasound to help flush my tubes. There was a blockage in my right tube which the doc was able to clear after a few tries. I really think the combination of herbs, enzymes, castor oil and massage helped loosen up mucus/adhesions. Still using Women’s Best Friend and have noticed improvement in my menstrual flow (no clots) and minimal cramps.


I did the natural Fertility Cleanse in September, then followed the recommended fertility diet, supplements, fertility massage with Radiant Womb oil, castor oil packs, exercise and acupuncture, and other tips Heather recommends on her YouTube channel. I did a round of IVF in November and am happy to announce that I’m 12 weeks pregnant today!!! Thank you so much for all your fertility advice and guidance along my journey!


Hi there. I’m not sure if I sent a message to you guys or not, but I’ve been meaning to for a long time. My husband and I had been trying for a long time to get pregnant. I wish so much I could find the person who told me to check you out on YouTube, because it changed everything. Through watching your videos and learning as much as I could, and going with my gut according to what your videos taught me. It took a couple months, but I found myself pregnant. A couple months, that was it. When I got my positive, it was one month short of us trying for 2 years. I’m 34 weeks now, and have my shower with my co-workers this weekend. That 2-year quest seems so long ago, but I haven’t forgotten it. I wanted to message you and say, thank you. I give so much credit to your YouTube videos, I could never express how appreciated they are, but this is me trying. Thank you so much for what you do.


FertiliGreens – Tastes great with orange or apple juice. Great product. Would buy again!! Hoping to be at the end of my ttc journey!! Jesus loves you!


Great fertility massage [Self Fertility Massage]. I could feel that my connective tissue in my lower abdomen was very tight, and I definitely needed that worked.