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After 16 years of infertility, 2 ectopic pregnancies, 5 live IVF cycles and 2 IVF thaw cycles, I did not know if there was hope for me to ever have a baby. Ok, now not to sound religious, but just to be truthful, after years of praying that God would bless me with a child, and praying he would lead me to do whatever I could do in order to help myself conceive, I truly believe He lead me to the Natural Fertility Shop and to take the Maca supplement after doing your fertility cleanse. I have done many cleanses over the years (candida, parasite etc…) and never had a successful pregnancy. Then in may of 2013 I took your fertility cleanse for one month after doing a two week whole body cleanse by Renew Life. I also was taking your Maca and Royal Jelly. The Maca made my cycle go from 27 days to 31 days the first month. Then, guess what??? I got pregnant the following month. I could not believe it!!! I was more than surprised and excited. We just had our precious miracle baby girl 11 weeks ago on 4/11/14. She is perfect and beautiful. I am so grateful to God for your company, and your products. I believe they totally helped me conceive.


VanessasmUpdate May 2014!

Hi, I just wanted to follow up on my success story: “Vanessa’s Pregnancy Preparation & Blessing.” I want to let everyone know that on March 4th, my son Victhor was born. My pregnancy was high risk and Victhor came at 32 weeks gestational age weighing 3 lb 10 ounces. But nevertheless, he was born healthy and strong. I tell everyone I meet with a fertility issue or not about this site and about the useful knowledge and products available. Keep up the great work guys and I wish all of you success in your journey.

Vanessa, TTC 2 years

I would just like to say THANK YOU to you and your wonderful team.

I had low AMH levels and High FSH and thanks to your products of the OvaWise kit and your advice to take vitex my AMH was 0.1 in July 2013 and my FSH was 11.2 and I started taking ovawise in October 2013 and vitex dec 2013 (though had both levels retested in dec 2013 and AMH was same but FSH was higher at 17.6) And NOW in May 2014 my FSH is now 8.4 and AMH is now 1.69. My doctors have told me that FSH and AMH levels do not change it can only get worse not better. You PROVED them wrong.

Thank you!


Hi Dalene,

Hazel's babyI just want to let you know that I got a positive pregnancy test this morning! I got a positive pregnancy test just being on your consultation plan for a month! I’m so overwhelmingly happy!!!! Thank you so much for helping my husband and I in our ttc journey :-) I believe God has used you to guide my husband and I in our ttc journey.

I just gave birth to a healthy baby girl 8 weeks ago. I would like to say thank you so much for your guidance and the necessary information you have given me during my infertility, pregnancy, and postpartum journey.

I’m glad I found your website. It has been a blessing to me and my family. I attached a picture of my baby girl who has been keeping me busy :-)

Hazel, TTC 3 + Years with endometriosis and irregular cycles

HolllyAfter a year of trying to get pregnant with no success, I found the Natural Fertility Info website and soaked up all the great information. After the second year of infertility I was diagnosed with endometriosis and had surgery to remove it. But before that I did the fertility cleanse, started drinking smoothies and eating healthier in general. I believe Hethir’s advice and products also helped my body heal in order to conceive. I was able to give birth naturally in our home to a healthy 9lb. 7oz. daughter, and I’m still drinking some of those smoothies! Healthy for breastfeeding, too!

Holly M., 32, TTC 2.5 years

IvelisseI found Natural Fertility after suffering a very physically & emotionally traumatic natural miscarriage. My Doctors acted like it was no big deal and encouraged us to try again in 3 months. Well I wasn’t willing to sit & do nothing for 3 months, get pregnant, and chance having another miscarriage. That was not an option for me. I needed to be proactive and learn how I could help my body fix whatever may have gone wrong. After many blogs I ran into and it instantly stood out from the rest. It gave so much helpful information without trying to sell me anything. I could really get a sense that Hethir & her team were in this to help women. I ordered the Fertility Cleanse & Self Massage video. I did the cleanse for 2 months along with the self massage & castor oil packs. I really felt like I was helping my body heal while God helped my heart heal. At age 37 with a long history of female issues I started to feel like maybe our family was just meant to stay at the 3 of us. 3 months went by before we knew it and although I did not feel ready to try again God felt otherwise and I just completed my first trimester! The baby is healthy and heart beat is strong! We couldn’t be more thrilled! I really appreciate the wisdom shared and I have shared your website with so many of my friends going through fertility issues. Thank You!



I just wanted to thank you for your excellent advice. Had been trying to conceive for almost 2 years and really thought I would need IVF for unexplained infertility. Thankfully I read some of your articles, watched some of your videos, including self-fertility massage and started using Vitex and to my surprise I found I was pregnant. I had been in a very stressful job situation and when I finally went off sick with stress I was pregnant within the first month!!!! I tried to visualize a baby and think this worked too. I think the time at home to relax really helped and I tried watching calming videos online too to get in the right frame of mind. Thanks again as this baby has been so longed for for many years :)


Hi Hethir, after 5 years of trying to conceive, and being diagnosed with multiple polyps, even one fertility doctor told me I wouldn’t be able to conceive. But I didn’t give up, coupled with lots of faith and prayers, I tried your Fertility Cleanse, castor kit, EndoWise kit and Fertility Yoga cd late 2012. I even had a couple of acupuncture sessions..and finally last september 2013 for the first time, I got a positive test result, I am due this april and I cant thank you enough for your products! I hope I can help more women who are suffering from infertility..more power!

Lorra, 34 yo, TTC 5 years

Success: 7 month old baby boyI am writing this to thank you for the fertility information. I have endometriosis and I did the Fertility Cleanse after my failed 6 months fertility work-up. 3 months after cleansing, I got pregnant. I have been married for 9 years and now we have a 7 month old baby boy. I am grateful that I found your website.Thank you so much! God bless you always!

Sheila, Philippines

Sabrina shares her experience with the Fertility Cleanse after experiencing PCOS infertility, and no period for two years, she has an amazing story to share….

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