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Video: How To Stay Consistent And Motivated On Your Fertility Journey

Video: How To Stay Consistent And Motivated On Your Fertility Journey

How To Stay Consistent And Motivated On Your Fertility Journey founder Hethir Rodriguez covers how to stay consistent and stay motivated on your fertility journey. Learn some tips for consistency, to set yourself up for success. This video was shared live. Download the Instagram App to watch our live broadcasts!

How To Keep Moving Forward on Your Fertility Journey

The key to success is going to be staying consistent!
The key to being consistent is being motivated!

There are a lot of ups and downs… with natural fertility methods you have to be consistent in order for them to work.

Tips on consistency:

Create a plan for success! The essentials to a good plan include:

  • Create a healthy foundation: Fertility cleansing, take a multivitamin, eat a healthy Fertility diet that includes essential fally acids (omega 3s) and a greens powder like FertiliGreens
  • Add a mind-body element, something(s) to help you with stress: essential oils/aromatherapy, meditation, or exercise
  • Improve circulation: movement/exercise, Self Fertility Massage, Castor Oil packs
  • Find support: friend/girlfriend, counseling, therapy, online forum, or Us!

Tips for motivation:

  • Read success stories! Find testimonials and letters from customers, clients and readers on Natural Fertility Info here… or from others online.
  • Look for changes. These show you things are on the move… changes have begun. Don’t forget the small ones! Do you have more energy? What about your sleep, relationship(s)? Has your cycle shifted? Every one of our clients that has been consistent has seen great results!
  • Do something nice for yourself! It’s okay to splurge a little on a reward for yourself for staying consistent!

For even more motivation, we cover each of the areas and so much more on

If you need help in creating a plan for success, we are here for you. Do you feel this you? Are you not sure where to begin, but feel you need to make changes in your life to improve your fertility? Have you already made some natural fertility changes, but wonder if your choices are right for you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, a Natural Fertility Consultation is right for you!

Set realistic goals, keep re-evaluating, and be consistent. ~ Venus Williams

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