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Video: Top 5 Things You Can Do To Boost Your Fertility

Video: Top 5 Things You Can Do To Boost Your Fertility

Top 5 Things You Can Do To Boost Your Fertility

When you are preparing for pregnancy and trying to boost your fertility naturally, there are 5 areas you should focus on for the quickest and best results… Here are notes from Hethir’s video.

Adjust Your Diet

The very first and most important step is to transition to a natural fertility diet. The idea of fertility dieting is not about losing weight, but incorporating healthy foods that will help support fertility wellness. The best way I have seen for our clients to make the transition to a healthier diet for fertility is to gradually add in foods that are more healthy and fertility friendly, instead of focusing on cutting things out like you would on a normal diet.

    1. Focus on eating foods that are rich in antioxidants. Foods that are rich in antioxidants almost always have a lot of color. Really bright berries or berries that are exceptionally dark are naturally rich in antioxidants, as are vegetables that have bold colors. Antioxidants are very helpful in supporting egg health and protect cell DNA from free radicals in your system.

    2. You should also be eating a variety of healthy fats. Make sure you incorporate plenty of nuts, seeds, and healthy oils, such as flax or walnut oil. Avocado and grapeseed oils are a good choice for cooking. Healthy fats are an important part of fertility because they are the basis of many reproductive hormones. All sex hormones require healthy fats as building blocks for production.

    3. Fiber is crucial to fertility because it actually helps the body eliminate excessive amounts of hormones through digestion. Whole grains should be included in your daily diet to maintain healthy fiber levels – which are important for getting rid of excess hormones from the system. Green leafy vegetables and beans or lentils are very good sources of fiber as well.

    4. Folate (folic acid) and iron are also very important in the diet. Both of these can be found in leafy green veggies, beans, seeds, and nuts. Folate is important because it supports healthy fetal development and is known to help prevent the birth defect spina bifida.

Incorporate Herbal Supplements

One of the top ways to boost your fertility is through the use of fertility herbs. Herbs are a wonderful way to support the body’s functions and to help support overall fertility health. Herbs can help support all aspects of fertility but they do take some time to have their effect. Herbs are not like pharmaceutical drugs because they are actually helping the body to balance itself and function as it is supposed to, instead of artificially forcing the body to do something.

There are many different types of herbs that are used for fertility purposes. Each herb brings something different to the table and not every herbal combination will be recommended to every person. The herbs that you take for fertility should be directly relative to the concerns you have and the actions that you are trying to bring about in the body. Some of the top fertility herbs include:

  • Maca Root – Promotes hormonal balance and nourishes the endocrine system.
  • Vitex (Chaste Tree Berry) – Regulates hormonal balance and encourages timely ovulation along with a balanced menstrual cycle.
  • Tribulus – Helps boost sex hormone production and may help to regulate ovulation.
  • Milk Thistle Seed – Supports a healthy liver, which helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

Cleanse and Prepare Your Body

Cleansing for fertility is incredibly important for fertility wellness and to help prepare the body for pregnancy. Fertility cleansing helps to support both uterine and liver health through the use of whole herbs and herbal liquids. With the first phase of the Fertility Cleanse you are supporting the liver with liver cleansing herbs, helping the liver to do it’s very important job of getting rid of excess hormones from the system. The second phase of the fertility cleanse focuses on uterine health and circulation, helping to create an optimal environment for conception to occur as well as supporting healthy hormonal balance. The Fertility Cleanse should only be done prior to pregnancy.

Take Initiative to Boost Your Circulation

If you are planning to try and get pregnant, having healthy circulation becomes very important. You and your partner should be working to boost circulation to the reproductive system. There are several different activities that can help boost your blood circulation, such as:

  • Massage and Self Fertility Massage
  • Fertility yoga
  • Exercise
  • Hot/cold therapies
  • Dry brushing
  • Running or walking

Most people don’t realize how important circulation is for a healthy reproductive system, which can easily be impacted by the way we live our lives day to day. Lack of exercise and sitting at a desk for hours on end means that your circulatory system is likely suffering. Yoga is a very relaxing and pleasurable way to boost circulation to the reproductive system. Keep in mind yoga does not have to be super-intense in order to be effective. Calm fertility yoga focuses more on deep breathing and gentle maneuvers than strenuous activity and many people find it to be more relaxing than difficult.

Choose and Implement a Functional Mind-Body Practice

Stress is a very common cause of hormonal imbalance. When stressed, you release stress hormones which causes the liver to direct all of its energy to processing the outpour of stress hormones from the system. Unfortunately, this refocus of attention to stress hormones can deter the natural elimination of excess sex hormones, like excess estrogens, from the body. For example, if there is excess estrogen in the body, this excess estrogen should normally be eliminated by the liver. However, if you are constantly stressed, the liver will be more intent on getting rid of the stress hormones than the excess estrogen hormones.

There are several different ways to incorporate a mind-body practice in your life to help reduce stress. A few examples would include meditation, exercising, deep-breathing techniques, using essential oils, and even yoga. Yoga helps boost circulation, but is also notorious for helping people find relief from stress. The key is to find a practice that works best for you and your lifestyle, whether it is hiking, or creating art, be sure you are having fun doing whatever you choose.

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    Thank you so much for this information! Is there a type of Maca that is better than the other? I’m using red maca right now, but previously used regular yellow maca. Thoughts on this? Thank you!!

  2. Avatar

    I had severe endometriosis cyst on both sides of ovary right side cyst was removed by surgery.Left side was small in size and was left. Now I have low AMH and high FSH.One tube is partially blocked.I am taking Maca 500 mg,royal jelly bee pollen propolis 400 mg,Cod lever oil 300mg,multivitamin and multinutrients 1 tablet daily.
    My husband has low motility .He is taking Horny goat 500 mg weed with maca 75 mg,Cod lever oil 300mg,multivitamin and multinutrients 1 tablet daily.
    My question is these combination of medicines are alright? Should we increase the dose or these tablets once in a day is fine?