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Wholesome Fertility Podcast with Michelle Oravitz & Elizabeth Willett

Wholesome Fertility Podcast with Michelle Oravitz & Elizabeth Willett

Wholesome Fertility Podcast Elizabeth WillettAt Natural Fertility Info we know that there are many paths to balance and healing, and many practitioners who can help get you there. Different healing modalities can add unquantifiable value to a natural fertility program. Many couples choose to use herbs, nutritional supplements and natural therapies while seeing a chiropractor and having acupuncture, sometimes even while working with their medical team. It is for this reason that we enjoy sharing our work with practitioners of other modalities, like Licensed Acupuncturist Michelle Oravitz, host of The Wholesome Fertility podcast. At the center of the work that we do is to provide information to empower couples on their fertility journeys.

Our recent conversation shares my personal journey to becoming an herbalist and how I became Senior Herbalist with the Natural Fertility Info and the Natural Fertility Shop. Michelle and I also discuss the process for choosing herbs for clients, the many ways herbs are taken, and talk about herbs that work synergistically. We touch on conflicting information found on the web about using Vitex (Vitex agnus-castus), a very well-known female fertility herb, and more.

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Michelle Oravitz AP, L.Ac. sees clients at her Miami Beach practice The Wholesome Lotus and hosts The Wholesome Fertility Podcast.

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