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Top 5 Reasons to Start Making Fertility Smoothies Today!

Top 5 Reasons to Start Making Fertility Smoothies Today!

If you’ve begun having a daily Fertility Smoothie, HIGH FIVE! If you haven’t, consider this easy, delicious, nutrient-packed, balanced (be sure to add protein) way to start the day and boost your fertility naturally. Fertility Smoothies are:

1. Rich in Antioxidants – Antioxidants protect cellular health, DNA integrity and are necessary for sperm and egg health. They protect the entire body from free-radical damage. Lipoic acid, vitamin E, vitamin C, CoQ10 and glutathione are five fertility-protective antioxidants to ensure you are consuming daily. A Fertility Smoothie filled with colorful fruits and veggies as a part of your Fertility Diet will help you get there!

2. Packed with vitamins and minerals – It is crucial to make sure to get enough vital nutrients daily when preparing for conception and wanting to boost fertility health. Vitamins and minerals (antioxidants too) are necessary for maintaining hormonal balance, nourishing the female egg, helping build healthy sperm and creating a baby. It’s no mystery that whole foods provide an array of important nutrients for fertility.

3. High in fiber – Whole fruits and vegetables, versus just their juice (enjoy fresh-squeezed juices though too!), are naturally high in fiber, fiber that benefits your fertility when it gets blended into your smoothie. Fiber naturally slows digestion to reduce the post-meal insulin spike, supports healthy elimination (helps keep the colon clean) and perhaps most important, fiber supports the body’s natural ability to metabolize and eliminate excess estrogen and xenohormones.

4. Easy to fill with Fertility Superfoods – Fertility Superfoods like Maca, greens powder containing Spirulina and Royal Jelly, Goji berries, essential fatty acids, etc. The following are in our convenient Fertility Smoothie Kit

  • Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is one of our favorite ways to support endocrine system function, libido and energy levels (without caffeine).
  • Greens powder like FertiliGreensTM that contains Spirulina provide dark leafy greens and veggies in one serving. The blue-green algae, Spirulina, is considered to be of the highest quality protein, superior to all other plant proteins and an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and essential fatty acids.
  • Royal Jelly provides support to the endocrine system through its superior nutritional profile – amino acids, lipids, vitamins, sugars, proteins, fatty acids, iron, calcium and Acetylcholine (which transmits nerve impulses from cell to cell) – protecting liver, egg and sperm health, while supporting healthy immune system function.

5. An empowering fertility tool – You get to choose what you eat! You get to make food choices for yourself every day. This is one part of a fertility journey not dictated by testing, doctor’s/therapist’s/specialist’s schedules, cycle timing, BBT or ovulation, or how much you feel “in the mood”. Smoothies are a great way to hide foods you may not otherwise care to eat and they are perfect for sharing with your partner! And now you know how much you are benefitting yourself by starting your day off right with one nutrient-packed, yummy smoothie.

Tips for Getting Started

The easiest way to turn any smoothie into a Fertility Smoothie and balanced protein/carbohydrate beverage is to rely on the Fertility Smoothie Kit. This kit comes with the Fertility Smoothies: Elixirs for Optimal Fertility eBook that is filled with over 72 fertility smoothie recipes. If you haven’t yet begun making smoothies, join our The 10 Day Fertility Smoothie Challenge! 10 days of fertility smoothie recipes will be delivered to your email inbox (you can even keep remaking the ones you love after the challenge is up). Enjoy this easy, tasty way of boosting your fertility and making eating healthier a habit!

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