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How a Fertility Cleanse Differs From Other Cleanses

How a Fertility Cleanse Differs From Other Cleanses

Fertility cleansing is a foundational step for women and men who are preparing for conception and can be a useful tool throughout one’s fertility journey. Did you know that men benefit from fertility cleansing too? They can! At the foundation of fertility cleansing is the gentle way it helps the liver clear away and process excess hormones and toxins, aiming to reduce excess hormones in the body to help the hormonal system maintain balance through this liver support. Something that is necessary for both women and men.

Fertility Cleansing Details:

The Fertility Cleanse Kit (for women) consists of two phases:

  • Phase 1 – cleansing and nourishing the liver (details shared above)
  • Phase 2 – cleansing and nourishing the uterus – encouraging the uterus to clear any tissue and blood leftover from previous cycles, aiming to encourage a healthy period each month through improved uterine health

The Male Fertility Cleanse consists of two phases as well:

  • Phase 1 – cleansing and nourishing the liver (details shared above)
  • Phase 2 – continuing to help the body eliminate environmental toxins and chemicals from the blood, as well as supporting the male hormonal system, normal sperm production, encouraging circulation to the reproductive system, vitality, libido and general overall health

In short: Fertility cleansing is a way to support the body in helping the liver, uterus and male reproductive system properly cleanse and to offer these organs nutrients to function at their best.

The Difference of Other Cleanses

If you’ve considered a cleanse in any form and taken some time to search the web for general cleansing resources, you’ve undoubtedly come across many different types of cleanses – cleanses with juice, water or herbal teas, cleanse kits with multiple supplements, Master Cleanses, whole body cleanses, colon cleanses and enemas, etc. None of these are designed specifically to promote optimal fertility healthy directly.

The focus of these types of cleanses largely revolves around detoxifying after indulging (excess sugar, alcohol, fat, salt, etc.) whether for one night or a stretch of time, losing weight quickly, or cleansing the intestines of buildup. While cleansing for these reasons may help you reset in terms of digestion and intestinal health, and can be supportive short term, experts and those who commit to such cleanses mostly agree that they can be harsh, aren’t often enjoyable and/or safe long term. Moreover, the results of these fast and often furious cleanses can be quickly reversed (when they are stopped) resulting in the feeling of needing to do another cleanse. This can lead to a cyclical pattern of relying on cleansing rather than a healthy holistic lifestyle to manage weight, keep the colon clean, or create new eating patterns.

Prepare for conception with a Fertility Cleanse
The time while you are preparing for conception is one of the most important times to create a healthy body! This is an important time to eat a healthy wholefood Fertility Diet, take a whole food multivitamin and omega 3 essential fatty acid supplement, to begin creating a natural fertility program that could include fertility superfoods like Maca (Lepidium meyenii), Royal Jelly, Goji berries and more, a program that starts with a Fertility Cleanse.


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    Hi I am not in the us and it is very difficult for us to get these cleanses. Would you advice some basic liver and uterus cleansing for her and liver cleanse for him? thank you!