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Is it Maca or Vitex, or Maca and Vitex?

Is it Maca or Vitex, or Maca and Vitex?

Question :
Your site is amazing.

I was wondering…I already take MACA, and I noticed the fertility kit contains Vitex. I was wondering if Vitex and Maca counteract each other, as they both balance hormones. I was told not to take 2 adaptogen herbs together, but it seems that you can according to your site. What is the recommended dosage for taking MACA and Vitex?

Thank you so very much for your time,

My thoughts on Maca is that first and foremost it is a food. It is eaten in Peru as a staple, not “supplemented” so adaptogen, yes, but first it’s a food. So usually 1T. a day is recommended but some maca products are condensed so read the label. Vitex and Maca do not counteract each other, but compliment. Every herbalist is different in how they use herbs; see what your body says to you. With vitex, tincture or capsules are the best. Suggested usage is generally 60-90 drops 1x a day.

Dr. Christine Traxler M.D., OB/GYN
Dr. Christine Traxler M.D., OB/GYN

Dr. Traxler is a University-trained obstetrician/gynecologist, working with patients in Minnesota for over 20 years. She is a professional medical writer; having authored multiple books on pregnancy and childbirth; textbooks and coursework for medical students and other healthcare providers; and has written over 1000 articles on medical, health, and wellness topics.  Dr. Traxler attended the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences and University of Minnesota Medical School,  earning a degree in biochemistry with summa cum laude honors in 1981,  and receiving her Medical Doctorate degree (MD) in 1986.

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  1. Avatar

    HI , can I take Maca along with follic acid and vitamin supplements, my uterus lining is less than 5 mm, I am 33 year and trying to conceive, have had a history of irregular periods, my scan mostly shows, bulky uterus, with fibroids, will this combination help me improve my condition.

  2. Avatar

    Hi Guys,
    Great work 🙂 ..I’m Priya 28 years old. I’m from India and came to USA after mrg and its been 2 years now.For the last 1 yr, I have irregular periods of 35 -60 I had reg period of 28 days before that and gained weight rapidly in the last year 30lbs and so we went to OB/GYN to check She diagnosed me with PCOS and vit D deficiency. I want to cure this in a natural way so changed my diet and started exercising & yoga changed my sleeping time and wanted to include some herbs in my diet so I’m drinking vitex tea in the morning and licorice powder in water after lunch and shatvari pw in eve can I have all of this herb at a time wht changes can i do to my herb? thank u so much 🙂

    • Dear Priya,

      PCOS is a complex endocrine system disorder in which the coordination of the production of and delivery of hormones to where they need to go within the body isn’t happening properly.

      Consider learning important information in this article titled How to Reduce the Damaging Effects of PCOS on Fertility Through Diet and Herbs. This guide will share more about the herb Vitex. To have a effect on hormonal balance, it may be best to consume Vitex in capsule or liquid extract form. I am sure your doctor suggested a vitamin D supplement as well and if not, talk to her about this.

      It is important to support your body in re-learning balance by promoting healthy hormonal balance, a healthy uterine lining, regular ovulation, improved estrogen metabolism, reduced cravings for sweets and improved digestion all of which you will learn how to do in the article above.

      I hope this is helpful!

  3. Avatar

    Hi, I m husband and I are TTC and my periods are long and irregular, from 30- 49 days, I’m worried that this might mean I’m not ovulating or not regularly. I want to start taking some herbs to regulate my cycle, but wondering which ones to take in conjunction. I was thinking evening primrose, yarrow, milk thistle, maybe saw palmetto and then a prenatal vitamin, but I’m worried about interactions or over-doing it. Is there a better combination, or should I just be taking one of those with my prenatal? Thank you. Oh and I take a fish oil too. (overkill?)

    • Dear Aleah,

      Evening Primrose Oil, Yarrow, Milk Thistle, Saw Palmetto, a prenatal multivitamin and fish oil supplement can all be taken together. This is just fine!

      It is difficult for me to answer your question based on just a small piece of the bigger picture of your health. I’m sorry to hear about your struggles and challenges! It seems as though it may be most helpful to book a Fertility Consultation in order to work one on one with our fertility herbalist to help determine the best natural therapies for your needs.

      As you contemplate this experience, our guide What To Do If You Have Irregular Periods may offer helpful tips.

  4. Avatar

    Hi, I just recently purchases vitex 400mg and maca 500mg and would like to know what your recommended dosage is? They are both capsules. Also, my husband will be taking the maca too, is his dosage different?

    I am taking zinc (reduce inflammation), magnesium (same as zinc), vit d (I’m VERY deficient), evening primrose oil (2 weeks on and 2 weeks off) and a multi vitamin as well.

    • Dear Raquel,

      General suggested use of Vitex is 900-1000mg per day and that of Maca is 500-3000mg daily each day of the menstrual cycle (month for your husband :-)). Each can be taken all month without taking a break and long term as well. It is best if new to these herbs to start with the lowest suggested dose and work up from there if you wish to. Suggested use of Maca is the same for men and women.

  5. Avatar

    Hi There! I’m taking maca and vitex. I just wondering if after ovulation is best to stop taking maca just in case of pregnancy but keep taking vitex. In case of no pregnancy should I start taking maca again when my period start? Thanks

  6. Avatar

    Hi, I’m 38, have had PCOS and issues with irregular cycles since I was 15 and haven’t had a ‘real’ period (not induced by pill or gonal-f injections) since I was 15. I have been ttc for 16 months. My doctor just prescribed Metformin and Maca. But I had already ordered Vitex and Red Clover blossom and Raspberry leaf dried herbs. I am just wondering if I can continue taking my Vitex capsules (2 each morning -880-mg), drink my tea (red clover, raspberry and spearmint) and take 1-2 tsps of Maca each day while also taking the Metformin? – I wanted to try using just herbal remedies, but I’m nervous that with my age and issues I don’t have the time! 🙁

    • Hi Trish,

      It would be fine to combine all those herbs, but you will have to get your doctor’s approval to combine all of them with Metformin. They shouldn’t have alter how Metformin works in your body, but it is always best to let your doctor know your plans, since you are working with them and they are monitoring how the Metformin is working for you.

  7. Avatar


    I am 32 and I have irregular periods since I was 21, been married for 8 years , trying to conceive. I used to get periods every 2 weeks and last for 7 days, mostly on contraceptive to make it regular. it never worked,. I heard about maca and Vitex . I started with royal jelly, Omega 3, vitex and wheat germ oil since two months. I do see a lot of improvement in overall health,however I have spotting everyday and no periods, my doc suggested to have Crina and fertipro sachet. Can I take these tablets along with these herbs. or should I chose one of these treatment.

    • Hi Sindhu N,

      Vitex should not be combined with any hormonal medications. Vitex takes time to be effective, it must be taken consistently for many months to achieve desired results, typically. Since it sounds like you are achieving some results, you may want to give it more time, at least a few more months. If you want to go with the medications, discontinue the vitex. I am not familiar with Crina or FertiPro.

  8. Avatar

    I dont get my period for since two years.
    my fsh is 150 and LH 49. Now I have started on following supplements -> Vitex-400 mg , Damiana 1000 mg and royal jelly. Please suggest me , if i can add maca-500 ? Any other suggestion from you ? thanks you

    • Dear Noura,

      General suggested use of Fertilica Vitex is 900-100mg per day each day of the menstrual cycle without taking a break. Traditional suggested use of Royal Jelly is 500 – 3000mg of pure royal jelly per day, taken in 2 – 3 separate doses throughout the day. Traditional Suggested Use of Damiana is as an Infusion (tea): 1 cup 2-3 times a day – Liquid Extract (tincture): 2-4ml two times a day – Capsule: 2-4g (2000-4000mg) two times a day.

      Maca can be added to each at a general dose of 1000-3000mg per day.

      Each is best used consistently for several months for desired effects and even before an effect is noticed.

      Regarding other suggestions, it is hard for me to do so without knowing more about you. If it might be helpful to have a natural fertility program created just for you, consider working one on one with our fertility herbalist through a Fertility Consultation.

  9. Avatar

    Its been a year that I dont get periods. I am always on progesterone for withdrawal bleeding.
    Follicle rupture does not happen naturally. Now I have started on following supplements -> wheatgerm oil- 500 , Vitex-1000 mg , ubiquinol-100mg . Please suggest me , if i can add maca-500 and royal jelly to my daily supplement intake? Any other suggestion from you ?

    • Dear Priya,

      It would help to know why menstruation has stopped. Fertilica Maca and Royal Jelly can be taken with Vitex, CoQ10 Ubiqiunol and wheatgerm oil. This is fine!

      It is difficult for me to make additional suggestions knowing only a small piece of the bigger picture of what is your health. I recommend a Fertility Consultation. This allows time for properly evaluating your overall and fertility health in order to receive a personalized natural fertility program. Learn more about a Fertility Consultation here…

  10. Avatar

    I have met my period since 6 months ago because of PCOS.
    Now I am taking Evening Primrose Oil, can I take Maca Peru together with it to treat PCOS?

    • Dear Phoebe,

      Evening Primrose Oil can be taken with Maca. This is fine!

      The goal of our programs is to support the body in re-learning balance and/or supporting balance when fertility issues are present. The great part about herbs, supplements and natural therapies is that they often work wonders in doing this given commitment to dietary and lifestyle change is made as well.

      Consider however also learning more about supporting the body in re-learning balance by promoting healthy hormonal balance, a healthy uterine lining, regular ovulation, improved estrogen metabolism, reduced cravings for sweets and improved digestion. Learn more and how to do the above in the following article How to Reduce the Damaging Effects of PCOS on Fertility Through Diet and Herbs.

      I hope this is helpful!

  11. Avatar

    I’ve currently been taking vitex and maca for about 30days or so. And now my cycle has disappeared. My energy is great and I have noticed great changes in my body but this one wasn’t expecting. I’m not pregnant took a test. How long before my cycle will regulate?

    • Dear Lady,

      How great that you have seen changes, but I am sorry absent menstruation is causing concern. Some women do experience a shift in their cycle when they first begin using herbs that have an action on hormone balance, like Vitex and Maca. The length of the menstrual cycle may shorten or lengthen temporarily before it finally stabilizes. This is just the body balancing itself out and is completely normal.

  12. Avatar

    Hey everyone! I am TTC, and also trying to regulate my cycles. I have been taking Vitex 800mg a day. This was my first cycle using it and I ovulated, and got my period! Is there anything else that I can be doing to help my body and help the odds of my conceiving on my this cycle coming up? Would love any suggestions y’all might have!
    Much Love and Baby Dust!

    Also, I read that Vitex is used for your whole cycle EXCEPT the days of your period and then other sites says something else. Can someone verify the exacts? I have been taking it everyday besides my period days.

    • Dear Tiffany,

      It is great that you have seen changes from Vitex and how you are taking it. While general suggested use is 900-1000mg per day each day of the menstrual cycle without taking a break, there may be no need to change how you are taking it now.

      Additional changes to consider implementing from how that have show beneficial for fertility health are our Top 10 Natural Fertility Boosters.

      Take care!

  13. Avatar

    Can I take vitex, maca, and tribulus together?

  14. Avatar

    I have not seen my period naturally for about 8 years now. My period will not come unless I use the drug Primolute N.

    I stopped taking the drug last year and to date my period has still not come. I am considering taking Vitex and Maca. Will that be useful?

    Please assist a troubled heart.

    • Dear Tall Joy,

      While Fertilica Vitex and Maca are known support hormone balance, which is often a contributor to amenorrhea or an absent period, it is important to learn what may be contributing, or has led to your period being absent. There may be additional natural ways to support the return of menstruation and the body is re-learning balance.

  15. Avatar

    I have just bought nature’s answer vitex 40mg to use in balancing my hormones (irregular periods). Will this help or do I need higher dosage?

    • Dear Maami,

      It is best to follow the suggested use of the manufacturer of the supplement purchased. This being said, Vitex is generally suggested to be taken once a day in the morning on an empty stomach (half an hour before breakfast). Suggested use of Fertilica Vitex in capsule form is 900-1,000mg a day all month long without a break.

  16. Avatar

    What is the contraindication to taking both Metformin and Vitex together? I only know you are not supposed to take both together, but cannot find out why.
    Thank you

    • Dear Franceska,

      I am not a medical health professional well versed in medications so I can not offer a concrete answer. What I do know is that some healthcare providers may support taking Metformin with herbs and others may not.

      We have to suggest that if currently already on fertility medications or undergoing a procedure you should not combine herbs with your medications. Herbs that act on the hormonal system could affect how your medications are working. It is best to only use herbs in preparation beforehand and not mix the two. It is also best if wishing to take an herb with the medication you are on to be guided in doing so so that your healthcare provider can monitor your health and adjust doses should there be a need.

      I hope you are able to reach out to your healthcare provider or a pharmacist for more specific guidance.

  17. Avatar

    I am almost 41 and the last time I saw my period was Dec. 6th. It came at 24 days and flow lasted a little over 10 days. My normal flow is usually about 4 to 5 days, while my normal cycle was 30 to 31 days. This month, it has been over 7 weeks and I still do not have a period. Is this a sign of menopause? I am definitely not pregnant. What do you recommend?

    • Dear Cynthia,

      I am sorry for your concern, but I can not know if this is a sign of menopause. Testing with your healthcare provider is the best way to know this.

      There are many factors that can contribute to missing a period, from age, diet, gaining or losing weight quickly, drastic changes in an exercise routine, to not being properly hydrated and even travel. Consider taking time to refer to our article How To Get Your Period Back to learn ways to support hormone balance and having a healthy menstrual period.

      You may also appreciate the guidance in this article, Preparing for Conception Over 40.

      I hope this information is helpful!

  18. Avatar

    I have a 25-27 day cycle with minimal pms, short periods and ovulate day 12-14. Last cycle I experienced abnormal bad pms with an extremely light 3 day period. I started maca and vitex thinking my hormones must be off. I started spotting again and still am. Can it be these two herbs that causes this spotting that I have never had before? With my luteal phase starting tomorrow I plan on using progesterone cream for the second half of my cycle and see if this will clear it up. Thanks

    • Dear Christi,

      Vitex and Maca both have an action on the hormones without containing hormones themselves. They can cause temporary shifts in the menstrual cycle for 1-3 cycles after which any shift should balance out. What does of each are you taking each day?

      Have you confirmed low progesterone levels through testing? I ask because you would not want to increase progesterone levels if it’s not needed. Over time, using natural progesterone cream when it isn’t needed may create a situation in which too much progesterone is in the body, leading to further imbalance.

    • Avatar

      Thank you for your response!
      I am taking Maca 500 once a day and Vitex 400 three times a day. I thought of the progesterone cream mainly due to my short luteal phase and other clinical symptoms I was experiencing. I also have no CM so I tracked my ovulation with an OPK and has had an LH surge every time. Lots of stress lately might also be part of our current infertility. Been trying for about 7 months. Thanks again.

    • Hello Christi!

      Thank you for sharing more information. While I can not know exactly the cause of the spotting you experience, it may a result of starting the use of two herbs that have an action on the hormones. General suggested use of Vitex is 900-1000mg per day. Consider decreasing your daily dose a bit if you can. It may also be worth giving each herb another 1-2 cycles, more time to be effective and support hormonal balance for you before starting natural progesterone cream.

      Yes, Stress has an incredible impact on the menstrual cycle.

      I hope you see a shift soon!

    • Avatar

      Thank you for assuring me. I did see a shift and experienced my first very normal cycle in a long time. On top of that we did conceive although I did not expect it. I have not had any problems carrying my previous pregnancies to term so I am hoping this one would be no different. But I have not used vitex or maca with the previous ones. My question now is if I should stop using anyone of these two herbs or if I should continue taking them throughout this pregnancy. Thanks for a great informative site!

    • Hello Christi!

      We can not suggest continuing Fertilica Maca during pregnancy because we don’t know of studies proving Maca safe to continue in pregnancy. We have to suggest is be stopped. Fertilica Vitex can be weaned off of in early pregnancy. Learn The Safe Way to Discontinue Herbs in Pregnancy here…

      All my best!

  19. Avatar

    Hello. I just ordered a bottle of Vitex. If I take Vitex with Maca, does that increase chances for pregnancy, or is there no benefit for combining the two?

    • Hello Laci!

      Fertilica Vitex has been show to support female hormone balance without containing hormones itself, support for any type of menstrual cycle irregularity as a result of hormone imbalance and encourage a normal luteal phase, promote regular ovulation and support the body’s natural progesterone levels

      Fertilica Maca is a fertility super food that provides 31 different minerals and 60 different micronutrients and one supplements we consider foundational for sperm and egg health support, energy and libido, high stress and even thyroid health. Maca nourishes the endocrine and immune systems and supports a healthy stress response in the body.

      All of these benefits combined are how they support fertility health. Will they increase your chances of pregnancy? I can not know this given I don’t know that much about you, but they can work to support you in many ways on your path to pregnancy.

      There is benefit to combining the two of them and many do.

      I hope this is helpful information!

  20. Avatar

    Hi! I too wonder if maca & chastetree berry can be combined. I do have an almost 17yr old son and would like to eventually have another, but things don’t seem to be going so well. We have been ttc for almost 2yrs with a miscarriage about 10 moths ago and another one about 3 moths ago. After which my system went haywire and I have since been diagnosed with low progesterone and endometrial hyperplasia. I don’t want to use synthetic progesterone pills, but need something to help get my system back on track. I have been trying a cream called Internal Harmony, which has seemed to help a little, but am not sure if it’s the right thing to use – some of the herbs can increase estrogen too. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello!

      Fertilica Vitex (Chastetree berry) and Fertilica Maca can be taken together. Extracts of Vitex and Maca are already in the Internal Harmony progesterone cream, if I have found the proper product. I can not speak to how much of each extract is in this product you are already using and it would be best to learn this so that the dose stays within the general suggested use of each of these herbs. It would be best to contact the maker of this product.

      Consider reading our Progesterone Fertility Guide to learn more about naturally supporting healthy progesterone levels.

      Take care!

  21. Avatar

    I was trying to conceive from seven months. I had undergone all tests to know why i was not able to conceive, all tests were perfect and then i believed that i had hormonal imbalance. I took Maca for a month to balance my hormones and it did its job well with my periods. I took Vitex for ovulation and i ovulated like never before. finally i got BFP.
    Thank you for your advice and suggestions.

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Congratulations Neha!
      Our team wishes for you a happy and healthy pregnancy, birth and baby!

  22. Avatar

    I am 41 and trying to conceive for first time. I have been diagnosed with low amh and high fsh. I started taking vitex (400 mgs once a day) and maca (500 mgs once a day) with hopes of improving egg quality. Previously I was on a regular 27 day cycle. This past cycle started at 30 days. It was a lot lighter than normal but also longer than normal. Is this a side effect of the vitex and maca? Should I discontinue usage?

    • Hi Lissa,

      When first introducing herbs that have an action on the hormonal system, it is quite common to experience a shift in the menstrual cycle. This means ovulation timing may be different, cycle length changes or even bleeding time changes. This typically regulates over the first few cycles of use. I know it can feel scary, but really it is best to continue on with the herbs you are taking, as herbs work best when taken consistently, as directed, over time. In the case of vitex and maca, we fine they work best when taken for many, many months.

      I hope this helps you feel a little relieved.

  23. Avatar

    i am 30 year old with always regular 26-28 day cycle, normal body weight and had been diagnosed with endometrosis and Pcos. i had laproscopy last november and Dr removed my endo-cyst which was only at my right ovary. my dr put me on metformin 500mg. and friend of mine has had the same problem and she advise me to start taking inofolic sachet to improve the egg quality as i am actively trying for a baby since 2 years. i have unwanted facial hair on my chin area and neck and also had acne problem. but since i am using metformin and later start taking inofolic 2000mg once a day, my facial hair growth has improved dramatically and my acne has gone also. i am always been a healthy eater with no sugar and low crab plus 45 minutes daily walk. i am taking pregnacare vitamins too.
    i heard alot about vitex, which i started taking since one month to normalise my hormones level. now i am thinking of start taking Maca and evening primrose oil also to work better and quicker. please advise me on this..can i take all these herbals vitex, maca, and evening primrose oil (1-14 only) all together considering my above medical health…..???
    As, my foremain porpose is of getting healthy pregnancy/baby.

    • Hi Malika,

      Thank you for contacting us and sharing what is working well for you, based on your fertility challenges.

      Maca and evening primrose oil are fine to combine with vitex, inositol and folic acid supplements. All of those work best when taken all month long, except for the evening primrose oil which has an action on the uterus and is best taken from day 1-14 in the cycle. Please let your doctor know you wish to take some herbal supplements for fertility, since you are on the medication Metformin. Remember herbs take time to be effective, so adding in maca and evening primrose isn’t necessarily going to get you pregnant “quicker”. 🙂

      All the best to you!

  24. Avatar

    I am 30y in good health and have regular cycles. I was pregnant once at 18 and had a miscarriage. I have been ttc now for over a year and it simply doesn’t seem to be happening. I am unable to afford appropriate health care. I am confident that the problem is with me and not with me mate because he has 5 children from a previous marriage. I am considering taking herbal supplements but am unsure if I should when my cycle is so predictable. I want a baby more than anything. Can you please advise me on what I should do??? Thanks so much.

    • Hi Losing hope,

      A consultation with one of our herbalists can help you learn what natural therapies may be appropriate for your unique needs. The consultation can also provide you with ideas on testing you may need to help you determine what may be inhibiting conception.

      A common cause of difficulty in achieving pregnancy is improper timing of sexual intercourse. Learning how to chart your fertility cycle and detect ovulation so you can time intercourse can greatly improve your chance of conception.

      You said your cycles are irregular, so fertility charting is a great place to begin, so you can see if you are ovulating, if you perhaps have a hormone imbalance, etc.

      I urge you to consider a consultation!

  25. Update 2014 – We are back! We have been away for a while and we sure have missed all of your wonderful questions and thoughts on our articles. Moving forward, one of our staff herbalists will be here to respond to comments! We look forward to connecting with our readers once again!

  26. Avatar

    I have pcos more than 15 years. I am 33 years old. I have very irregular periods. I am suffering from mennorhagia also (only when i got the period after 3 or 4 months). But if i take medicines for periods to come means, period automatically stop within 4 or 5 days. I have acne, thick hair in the chin, hairloss etc.. But i am not overweight(height 153 cm, weight 55.5 kg). Now only I heard about the herbs vitex, dong quai, saw palmetto. Just 3 days before only I started to taking this 3 herbs together. Is it ok to take all the three herbs together. after taking this herb i feel severe head ache. What to do? can i continue these herbs please advice me. I am also taking cinnamon and blackmores conceive well gold for past 1 week.

  27. Avatar

    I been ttc for about a year. but when nothing was happening I went to my Dr and sadly I was diagnosed with PCOS. He prescribed me metformin 500mg bid. I got so discouraged that i stopped taking the pills when I still didnt get pregnant. my periods eventually stopped, so my Dr told me I need to still take it to help me regulate my cycle. I recently started taking the metformin again and still no period. I came across this website about maca root and how it helps with fertility. if I were to take the Metformin and the Maca root together would that be dangerous for my health or will it actually help increase my hormones to get balanced. also i wanted to take a multivitamin. would these be too much at once for my body? This is very difficult for me. i need your help please. thanks

  28. Avatar

    I have been ttc for about a year, and when nothing was happening i went to my Dr and was diagnosed with PCOS. I was taking the metformin, but became very discouraged because I still didnt concieve so I stopped taking the metformin and my periods stopped coming. I recently stared taking the metformin again for about 2 months now and still no period.

  29. Avatar


    Yesterday I was told I have high prolactin levels. A year ago I had been taking Maca for three months and was able to get pregnant. Sadly I miscarried in July at 9 weeks. We had been trying to conceive for almost 2 years. Here I am 10 months later and once again having problems getting pregnant. I was wondering if I took Vitex and Maca combined if this would help my prolactin levels and also help me conceive.

  30. Avatar

    i just turned 47 and did not have a period for 3 months after screwing up and becoming estrogen dominant last year due to applying patches but no progesterone. i have ovulated the past 2 months but the first one wasn’t strong so the second one i administered a trigger shot and applied natural progest creme. now i have a period, and it’s heavy.

    i would like to try vitex but my understanding is that it helps with progesterone or defeating estrogen dominance. i am no longer estrogen dom, in fact i suffer from low estrogen and high fsh.

    what is the mechanism for vitex; does it help estrogen or progesterone? thanks.

  31. Avatar

    Ps-I forgot to mention above that I am 30 years old, and (feel) healthy if that makes any difference

  32. Avatar

    Hi Darlene,

    I have been taking vitex for the past 2 months but I think it may have been a mistake based on what I’ve been reading in the comments above. I’ve always had very regular cycles of about 28/29 days. We have been trying to conceive our 3rd baby for a year now (and with our first 2, it happened very quickly). Starting about 3 months ago, I started getting 3-4 days of tail end brown bleeding/spotting (which is usually about 3-4 days of red bleeding before the brown bleeding). I’ve researched that this can indicate low progesterone. Every cycle around CD13-15 I get left (and it’s always left) ovulation pain. I’m so confused/anxious as to why I haven’t fallen pregnant yet. Are there any herbs that you would recommend specifically? Maybe maca? Lastly, should I stop taking the vitex since I have always had regular cycles?

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

  33. Avatar

    Hi Dalene,
    I ve PCOS confirmed by trans vag U/S and last year I had two m/c in a row. I ve done a lot of blood test since then and the only concern was progesterone level which was 20 at day 21. The gyne wanted to repeat this test on day 20, 23 and 26 to check if progesterone is increasing. In that case he will start me on Clomid and Metformin.
    However now my problem is that for these last 2months I ve missed my period and can’t do the tests until it comes. I advised my doctor and he is starting me on Lutera (which is birth control) to get my period and then test for progesterone.
    What advise do you give me, shall I start Lutera or shall I try to take Vitex and Maca for the first time to get my period? Can I take the Lutera pill and Vitex and Maca herbs altogether?
    thank u 4 yr help.

  34. Avatar

    I have amenorrhea from pcos for about 12 years now, I’m desperate to have my own period and ovulate, I took vitex for one month then my reproductive endocrinologist told me to stop since we were trying clomid. That didn’t work so I’m back on vitex 1600mg, I’m wondering if this is enough, or to much I heard of some women taking 2000mg of vitex. Is there anything else I can do to get my own period with out provera? I was also just on crinone 8% on February 24th through March 3rd (because fertility friend said I ovulated on valentines day and my cervix was high soft & open plus I had really stretchy egg white cervical mucus for the first time in my life a few days before like on the 12th or 13th of February! I had my progesterone drawn on the 23 or 25 of February and it was around .3 so I was worried if I did ovulate I could miscarry because of the low progesterone) and had a lil brown spotting on the 8th & now nothing (I have been taking vitex since March 5th) I’m having cramps like I want to start can vitex prevent me from having my period or should I keep taking it. The day I had the spotting my cevix was low, really swollen and closed, now it’s medium somewhat firm and closed. I just feel so confused.

    • Hi Amber,

      All this confusion may be due to trying various hormonal medications on and off. This alone is very confusing for the body. Then on top of that you are going back and forth with herbs for fertility, all of this is very confusing for the body. Consider giving your body 6 months without any medications, making and sticking to a natural fertility plan, to see if natural remedies can work for you. The suggested usage of vitex is 1000mg a day, 1600 is a lot. Do you know why you have amenorrhea? Knowing the root of the problem will help you to know what natural remedies may be best. If you are completely confused, you may want to consider finding a naturopathic doctor in your area. We offer consultations which may help guide you and make a plan for natural fertility healing and pregnancy preparation.

      Best Wishes,


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    Hi Dalene, can taking vitex cause a regular menstral cycle to become irregular? I’ve just been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and would like to become pregnant as soon as possible, but I’ve heard vitex is only useful when periods are irregular.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Rochelle,

      I feel that vitex may not be the best choice for a woman that has very regular cycles with regular ovulation. There is a chance that a woman that has a cycle that is regular may not be ovulating though, and in that case vitex may still be supportive.

      Best Wishes,


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    I have a question about Vitex. I had a BFP (after taking Vitex 800mcg daily) on 02/19/12 but on the same day, I began the miscarriage process. (My HCG was 20 when I went to the E.R. on 02/21/12).
    Today I received the “all clear, just wait for your next period” to begin trying again.
    Is it advisable to begin taking Vitex at this time to encourage my body to begin again? If not, when should I start taking it again?
    Thank you!

  37. Avatar

    Hi Dalene,

    A small correction to my post above. I have only one cyst in each ovary . So that should be endometriosis not PCOS.

    Blood tests taken during october 2011 showed TSH as 2.350 and Prolactin is 7.2
    Please suggest me what herbs do i have to use to get rid of endometriosis completely. I also have scanty periods and pain during intercourse.

    Is multiple follicles a good sign??

  38. Avatar

    I am 29 year old (born on April 28, 1983) born and brought up in India. I have come to USA on May 6, 2011.
    I used to have severe pain during my periods from June 2009. I had an abdomen ultra sound in November 2009 which showed that everything is clear. My gynecologist has given me Meftal-spas tablets to get relieved from pain. But the pain seemed to increase for each period and I feel like committing suicide.
    My Pelvic ultrasound in March 2010 showed hemorrhagic cyst in the left ovary. But the gynecologist said that the cyst may shrink itself and has not given me any medicine.
    The pain increased more seriously and I used to vomit during pain.
    I got married on September 3, 2010. I used to get severe pain during intercourse. So we do not have intercourse at all.
    My ultrasound during the first week of November 2010 showed that both of my ovaries are found to have chocolate cysts.
    Unable to bear the pain, I underwent laparoscopy on Nov 26, 2010 for PCOS. Post-surgery, the doctors have given me LUPRIDE injection (one injection a month) for three months.
    Until then I do not have any other problem except severe pain during menstrual cycle and pain during inter course
    As and when the course of LUPRIDE injection got over, in the mid of March 2011 my body suddenly started blotting, my face has got swollen and I got multiple joint pains (waist, knee, heel etc.).
    I consulted several doctors but they were unable to find out the reason for sudden multiple joint pains. Also, came to know that my TSH levels have increased to 8. Unable to do any sort of work …not even able to sit, stand ……. I used to have complete bed rest. Only after getting physiotherapy ( chiropractic sort of) for two months I am able to come to a stage where I can manage my work but I still have bearable pains every day even now.
    In October 2011, I had an abdomen and pelvis ultra sound. The report showed multiple follicles.
    LH is 8.2 and FSH is 4.5. (Blood sample taken on day 5 of my period)
    largest follicle in the right ovary measures 1.8 x 1.5 x 1.7
    largest follicle in the left ovary measures 1.4 x 1.4 x 1.6
    trace free fluid in the cul-de-sac
    I also have very scanty periods from October 2011 and the periods get scantier.

    Actually we were not in a hurry to have a child but when we consulted the gynecologist (on Dec 12, 2011) for her suggestion, she suggested that it is better to finish the pregnancy as soon as possible. When I asked her to give me some tablets which increase the chances of getting conceived she gave me vitex.
    After coming home I read on the internet that vitex regulates hormones and that it takes 6 to 12 months to show the results. So I thought to wait for vitex to work instead of rushing to have pregnancy.
    I started taking vitex from December 12, 2011. So I will finish 3 months of course by March 12, 2012. Right now I am taking two capsules daily. Each capsule is 400 mg.
    So I want to give time for myself so that my body is completely set hormonal wise and all sort of other respects before trying to conceive.
    I am planning to conceive in January 2013. So before that I would like to get the things to the right state.
    Kindly suggest what I should use to get complete cure for PCOS, scanty periods and get rid of any toxins that are left in my feminine health system.
    Why do I have scanty periods?
    I also have pain during intercourse these days.
    I went to a different gynecologist for a second opinion and she told me to use folic acid and prenatal multivitamins for 3 months before trying to conceive.
    I am very impressed with vitex. So I want to get natural cure for all my problems. I want to have a healthy baby in all aspects. I want even me to be healthy in all aspects.

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    how is endometriosis different from PCOS. or are they related? If my ovary has multiple chocolate cysts or ovarian follicles to which category does this belong to

    • Hi Swapna,
      A chocolate cyst is caused by endometriosis, and formed when a tiny patch of endometrial tissue (the mucous membrane that makes up the inner layer of the uterine wall) bleeds, sloughs off, becomes transplanted, and grows and enlarges inside the ovarie. * wikipeadia

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    I started the Fertility Awareness Method in September and noticed I had a short luteal phase (whole cycle 21 days , luteal phase 9 days) and no egg white cervical mucus. I started taking high dose vitamins and minerals along with Vitex by self diagnosis. I have had wonderful results. I also eat organic where I can and stopped coffee, soda and alcohol. Also using Evening primrose oil for Cervical Mucus with great results!

    After 3rd month of taking Vitex (400 mg in am, 400mg in pm) my husband and I are TTC. I ovulated on day CD14. I am now on day CD15 and I’m unsure of what to do now? I have been reading this thread. On one hand I get the impression to start to wein myself off the Vitex slowly over the next 7 days and on the other hand I’ve just to stop taking it?
    I have an appointment to see a Natureopath Doctor but only appointment i could get is in 2 weeks time. Please can you give me some advice?

    Thank you

    • Hi Heather,

      This post is quite old, sorry about that, we are a bit backed up! Hopefully you figured out what to do. It may be best to begin to wean off of vitex once you have confirmed pregnancy or not.

      Best Wishes,


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    In India , I underwent laproscopy for treating endometriosis (as i get pain to death during my menstrual cycle). After an year , my ultra sound showed that my ovaries are back with some follicles of size 2 cm. The doctor then suggested to finish the pregnancy soon and she told me to use vitex until my pregnancy gets confirmed. When i went to a different doctor for a second opinion , she gave me 1mg folic acid and prenatal vitamins.

    Based on the reviews of vitex , i am more inclined to the things like vitex treats hormonal imbalance and PCOS i would like to continue using vitex.

    Now i would like to know if i can take vitex, 1mg folic acid and prenatal vitamins together. Please respond quickly as i have to make decisions

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    I been reading a lot lately about both vitex and maca, and I have a couple of questions. I have not had my periods come naturally for about 2 years now, and I would like to try one of these herbs. However at the same time I am trying to fix my health by eating right and exercising. Therefore I plan to “make myself healthy” by losing weight and keeping it off and continuing to eat healthy (throughout my entire life, basically). So, ideally I would only like to take these herbs for a short amount (just until I get my periods back and they keep coming monthly). I really do not want to add anything to my body that will stop it from producing its own hormones or make it dependent on it forever—and that is why I am thinking about taking maca. I am a bit confused on vitex however, because on this site it is mentioned that vitex solves the root of the cause and incites the body to produce its own hormones instead to adding hormones to it—however on another site…it claims that only maca has the capability to that and vitex has some hormonal properties. Basically I like the best treatment—one which I won’t have to continually take my entire life to balance my hormones….I would like my body to fix itself. So, I would like something that incites the body to fix itself and keep results (forever, ideally—granted that I continue to lead a healthy lifestyle afterwards by eating healthy and exercising). Furthermore I am currently taking powdered maca and some supplements which include: calcium, vitamin D-3, a multivitamin, cinnamon, chromium, vitamin C, fish oil, Co Q-10, milk thistle, and a super B-complex. Is this too much? Is it okay to take all these supplements along with maca all at once? Could one of them counter effect the benefits of another? Additionally I have had an raised liver in the past….so I am a bit worried that taking all these supplements at the same time might cause even more damage to my liver….or that my liver just might not process the supplements well enough. So is there anything I could take to make sure the liver functions properly (I am already taking milk thistle) and I anything to make sure my body actually absorbs all the supplements—some people say to eat grapefruit, or any citrus fruit. Furthermore would you recommend taking D-chiro-inositol along with all of that as well—since that is apparently an effective treatment for PCOS. However it costs a lot…so some say to take buckwheat instead. However, I thought PCOS’ers weren’t supposed to take too many carbs or grains per-say. Sorry for all the questions =( I am just a bit confused.

    • Hi Yellow,

      The overall goal with Vitex and Maca is to use them to bring the body back into balance, just supporting the body enough to function properly on its own. We do not want anyone to be dependent on either of these herbs. They are not habit forming, but Vitex does take a while longer to be effective. Vitex=6-12 months, Maca=3-6 months. I am glad you understand the importance of diet changes long-term as this is going to have the greatest impact on health. You are taking a lot of supplements, but the Vitex and Maca should not react with any of the ones you are taking. I don’t think you need to add any more supplements on top of what you are taking, especially if you are taking a good whole food multivitamin and eating a whole food diet. Buckwheat is a good alternative to refined grains and if it is eaten with an equal amount of protein, there should be not problem with eating buckwheat.

      All the best,


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    Hi Dalene,
    I’m having anovulatory cycle and I want to start taking vitex. I am a triple negative breast cancer survivor, is it safe for me to take vitex?

    • Hi Kim,

      In all of the research and observation I have done with Vitex, there is no indication of it increasing risk of breast cancer.

      I wish you all the best,


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    Hello! Could you tell me if Maca (capsule form) will be as energizing as a B-complex vitamin? I tried a B-100 vitamin capsule for about a month ..I had to stop taking it because it made me feel nervous and jumpy.. I am assuming it was too energizing for me.. Will Maca have the same effect? Thanks!

    • Hi michelle,

      It may or may not be. It depends on the person. Maca may increase energy in some people. Some people find that if they take it late in the afternoon, they stay awake in the night or have sleep disturbance. It is best taken earlier in the day.

      Best Wishes,


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    I have fibroids…. so I shouldn’t take Vitex? I thought it helped if you had to much or to little estrogen. If I shouldn’t take Vitex what is another supplement I could take. To help balance hormones and increase fertility. I already use Maca. And can you start Vitex any time during the month. (around your cycle).

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Vitex may or may not be right for you depending on many factors, non of which I have answers to base on the information you have provided. Vitex helps more with low progesterone. It may also help to increase LH, which may help with ovulation. Vitex is best started the day after your period and continue all month long, except during menstruation. To learn the best natural remedies for uterine fibroids please go to this link:

      Best wishes,


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    Can i take calcum tablets whiles taking vitex. i have high prolatin level with irregular menstrual cycle. i have been taking vitex for part month still do not see any improvement. Is it possible that i’m not getting the dosage right. i mix a teaspoon of powdered vitex in water and drink every morning sometimes in the night before i go to bed. please advise what i’m doing wrong.

    • Hi enyo,

      The suggested dosage for vitex is 1000mg a day, for 6-12 months. Results are often not achieved until at least 6 months of consistent use. Vitex is fine to take while also supplementing with calcium. Perhaps diluting it in so much water is not effective.

      Best Wishes,


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    Hey, I know this is probably not exactly right place for this, but I’ve been looking around online for answers to my question and haven’t really found any… was just wondering if you knew…

    I want to take Maca for the hormonal balancing, sex drive, and health effects. I stopped taking hormonal birth control about two months ago and am now using condoms, spermicide, and withdrawal simultaneously to prevent pregnancy. The thing is, I -don’t- want to get pregnant, and reading that people are taking it for fertility purposes has quite alarmed me. Will Maca decrease the effectiveness of my birth control methods?

    • Hi forestgirl,

      Maca cannot affect condoms, spermicide, or withdrawal method. None of those birth control methods is full-proof, so avoiding sexual intercourse around ovulation time might be a good idea.

      Best Wishes,


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    Hi Hethir,

    I am 28 and married one year back with a no child yet. we did not plan for children till now. but we want to plan in may 2012.

    At, the article states: People with hormone dependent conditions such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and cancers of the breast, ovaries, uterus or prostate shouldn’t take vitex.

    i have read that people with endometriosis should not use vitex. but my gynecologist have given me vitex to get the chances of conceiving more better. so is it safe for me to use vitex with LH as 8.2 and FSH as 4.5.
    largest follicle in the right ovary measures 1.8 x 1.5 x 1.7
    largest follicle in the left ovary measures 1.4 x 1.4 x 1.6
    my pelvic ultrasound shows the following impressions:
    trace free fluid in the cul-de-sac

    • Hi sapna,

      While’s Cathy Wong, N.D. is well educated and respected, I don’t always agree with her findings or statements on this website. She must err on the side of caution and I find that her answers are usually very cautious, perhaps due to the fact she works for a large company. She never sites any references for her information, which can be frustrating. Her statement “People with hormone dependent conditions such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and cancers of the breast, ovaries, uterus or prostate shouldn’t take vitex.”, may be associated with a study that was performed on rats, that showed a potential for vitex to elicit an estrogenic like effect. Most of those conditions mentioned are linked to estrogen dominance, so it would make sense to avoid any herb that might have an estrogen-like effect. Vitex has been used for hundreds of years for regulating the menstrual cycle, even for women with endometriosis and uterine fibroids, with no proof that this herb makes the condition worse. Through years of clinical observation, vitex has been shown to improve endometriosis, along with dietary, exercise, lifestyle, other herbs/supplements. Vitex is not a “first choice” herb for endometriosis, there are other herbs that are more specific for that condition. If you would like to learn about the remedies we find are best for endometriosis please go here:

      I would say that vitex may not be your best choice based on the information you have provided.

      Best Wishes,


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    Hi Hethir ,
    i am glad to see your response

    From ur response, i have got a question. what brand of vitex do u suggest.

    From my studies i came to know that low carb diet and raw food, plenty of water, breathing exercises will help in PCOS.

    Are there any specific fruits that help with PCOS.

    • Hi swapna,

      We like our chosen line of Vitex products.

      High fiber fruits and vegetables would be best…

      Fruits high in fiber are apples, all berries, kiwi, guava, oranges and pears. Just be sure you are not consuming too many fruits with a high glycemic index if you are insulin resistant.

      Best Wishes,


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    Hi, from the time i use vitex i see increase in my hair fall. is it because my hormones are trying to get balanced. does the hair fall stop once the things get normal. or is there any natural way to stop hair fall caused by vitex. i use nature’s way vitex fruit 2 capsules a day. please help me in getting over PCOS and hair fall. i love my hair

    • Swapna,
      Hello, It does not make sense that the vitex would be causing your hair to fall out, this has not been my experience. Diet, lack of essential fatty acids, hormonal imbalance, stress, exposure to chemicals can cause the hair to fall out. Have you seen a doctor about this? Have you made diet changes to help with the PCOS? Diet makes the biggest difference when it comes to PCOS. I personally do not recommend Nature’s Way products as I find the quality to be low. After diet changes have been made you may want to look into nettles or rubbing castor oil into your scalp to help with hair loss. But this also will not work if your diet is off.