IVF Boosting Ideas

IVF Boosting Ideas


My question is that l had my first ivf cycle in may 07 and it failed. l have blocked tubes and pcos . I will be going for ivf again in September o7.they said some of my eggs were immature and a few mature ones out off 20 eggs only 3 fertilized. My partner has a sperm count of 11 million which is just under average. I’ve started to take 500mg of maca a day and spirulina powder l teaspoon is this enough? of both powders. Do you have any tips to boost my fertility up. I have also started acupuncture to help.
Thank you for your helpful website


Thank you for visiting the website!

Ok, there are a couple of things you may want to look into. First have you seen the PCOS fertility diet?

Second you are taking the right amount of spirulina, see what it says on the bottle.

Third, have you ever looked into fertility hypnosis in preparation for your IVF? I read a study today that says Hypnosis helped IVF – (good timing)

“According to Levitas’s team from Soroka Hospital in Beersheva,
hypnosis can double the success of IVF treatment. Levitas’s study of 185 women found that 28% of women in the group who were hypnotized became pregnant, compared with 14% of those who were not.”

Hope that helps,

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    Hi there,
    I started taking Suprecur yesterday and just wondering can I keep taking Bee Pollen?
    Thanks in advance for your advice

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Margaret!
      I can not speak to the use of bee pollen with Suprecur. This is a question you may wish to ask your healthcare provider or a pharmacist.

  2. Update 2014 – We are back! We have been away for a while and we sure have missed all of your wonderful questions and thoughts on our articles. Moving forward, one of our staff herbalists will be here to respond to comments! We look forward to connecting with our readers once again!

  3. I read all the information about stopping L-Arginine and Royal Jelly as well as CoQ10 when starting IVF meds but does that mean when I start using the nasal spray SUPREFACT or when I start the Menopur injections?

    My gosh! I should of brought my viatmine to the computer…I again forgot to say that I am also taking Bromelain. Ok that jst be about right…;-)

    Oh I I forgot…I am also taking Maca powder, vitamineB, Acid Lipoic, Omega3 and a natural prenatal viatmine. Are those to be stopped also?
    Thank you a site like your is sooo very important.


    • Hi Chantal,

      I am sorry we have been away and not responding to comments for years, but I wanted to address this one for future readers. The supplements, except the multivitamin, omega 3 and vitamin B should be discontinued once you begin any medications for IVF, including Suprefact which is a GnRH antagonist. Talk to your doctor about continuing the Lipoic acid and CoQ10.

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    i just wanted to tell you that my second ivf succeeded so now We had a little boy, he came the11th of january.

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    Hi there

    Can you please advise the correct quantities of the following, to be taking prior to starting an IVF cycle? I presume bottle directions aren’t for infertility patients :).

    * Maca
    * L-Arginine
    * Royal Jelly
    * Spirulina
    * CoQ10
    * DHEA
    Also, a bit confused on when to stop what. If L’Arginine helps with implantation, should this not be continued? (I see on this page that it is advised to stop L’Arginine, Royal Jelly and Maca – or should these only be stopped if a positive pregnancy result is achieved?).
    And is there anything else I should add? I alread take pregnancy supplements, folic acid, calcium and magnesium, the omegas, base powder, a probiotic…and cranberry concentrate.

    Advice appreciated, thanks!

    • Hi K,
      General Suggested Dosage:
      * Maca: 1500mg-3000mg a day
      * L-Arginine: 1000mg-3000mg a day, L-arginine is an amino acid that has been shown to increase ovarian response, endometrial receptivity, and pregnancy rates in IVF patients who supplemented in large doses (16 grams) of L-arginine. (Published in Human Reproduction 1999). You would need to get your doctors approval before supplementing with L-Arginine like this. Do not continue L-Arginine into pregnancy or after transfer without the approval of your doctor.
      * Royal Jelly: 1000mg-2000mg a day
      * Spirulina: up to 3000mg a day
      * CoQ10: 100mg a day (split in two doses)
      * DHEA: We do not support the use of DHEA, as taking pure DHEA is likely to convert into the wrong hormones and can also go into androgen and estrogen pathways, causing more hormonal imbalance. The goal should be to support the endocrine system by using adaptogen herbs and supportive nutrients, to help the body to restore hormonal balance, instead of using supplements as hormonal replacement therapy.

      It sounds like you are doing everything you can.

      All the best,


      If you do wish to use DHEA, we would suggest you work closely with your doctor a naturopath, so your hormones can be monitored while you are taking DHEA. If you choose to use DHEA while also taking other herbs and supplements for fertility, it should only be done so under the supervised care of your doctor.

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    Why would CoQ10 and l-arginine need to be stopped for IVF? I’ve read that l-arginine can even help with implantation rates during IVF.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      We suggest to stop them once you begin your meds for IVF, but you may be able to continue those two supplements if your doctor approves it. It is more of a liability issue. We cannot risk altering the outcome of the IVF, that is a decision the patient and doctor need to discuss and decide is worth trying.

      Thanks for your question,


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    Hi all,

    I have read so many things about taking vitamins pre IVF cycles for low responders / poor egg quality, & as we have now had 3 failed IVF cycles I am willing to give anything and everything a shot. This last cycle we only retrieved 2 eggs and both were immature. The previous 2 cycles we made it to embryo transfer, but unfortunately neither of them resulted in a pregnancy. We are waiting until April to go into our 4th IVF cycle and until then I was told to take per day:-

    * Maca – 1,000 mg
    * L-Arginine – 1,000 mg
    * OPC-Bark – 100mg
    * Folic acid
    * Royal Jelly – 200 mg
    * Chlorella – 2,250 mg per day. This seems like a lot to me, 3 tablets, 3 times a day.
    * CoQ10 – 300mg
    * Omega 3 – 1,000 mg
    * Pre natal multi vitamin – I take Baby me Now.

    Its quiet a cocktail!

    Is anyone taking similar? Can someone tell me when I should cut out some of these supplements / vitamins before our next IVF cycle starts. What should I continue taking during the IVF cycle?

    Thanks! We are hoping for success this next cycle.

    • Hi Tammy,

      Your plan sounds very similar to our Prepare for IVF tips. We do not suggest continuing all these supplements once you begin your medications for IVF, except for omega 3, your prenatal vitamin and perhaps Chlorella at a lower dosage (if you doctor approves). You should not need to supplement with additional folic acid, your prenatal has enough. Have you considered acupuncture or Circle+Bloom’s program for IVF? These are additional ways to support success!

      Best of luck in this next cycle!


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    I am with the ARGC in London the top clinic in the UK and my consultant has said I am Ok to take Royal Jelly throughout my IVF treatment. I wonder if IVF consultants dont really concern themselves about the effects to ‘natural’ supplements have on their patients as they consider them un tested anyway? so should I consult a homeopath or similar for advice as I dont want the royal jelly to interfere with the dosing of my IVF.

    Also how long before should I stop my Macca, and Royal Jelly before the treatment – is it literally on the day of my first medication, or does the supplement need to be completely out of my body first- is that 2-3 days or a week?

    • Hi V Johnstone,

      The cautions really have to do with liability for companies that sell natural supplements, due to regulations. It is best, in our case, to be safe than sorry. Many women continue these supplements into pregnancy, but we do not suggest them mixing with fertility medications. You would want to stop them a week prior to beginning the medications. There is just a theoretical risk that poses the problem. It is really up to you and your doctor to decide what is best for your particular situation. You may want to contact your local naturopath to see if they feel it is okay to mix daily royal jelly consumption with IVF meds. Remember, Royal Jelly has the propensity to mimic human estrogen, so it may be best to avoid mixing it with synthetic hormones. The Royal Jelly may compete for receptor sites, which would not be good when you are taking synthetic hormones.

      Best Wishes for your upcoming IVF! Think Success!


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    Hi Dalene,
    Can you tell me why your advice is to stop taking MACA and bee pollen during IVF so I can understand. I am about to have my eggs collected tomorrow (fingers crossed). I have 9 follicles but unfortunately my oestrogen level is not high enough to support 9 (it’s only 3,000). What does the MACA do to the levels? Up until today, I had continued to take it as it was recommended by my naturopath.
    Thanks, Dianne.

    • Hi Dianne,

      IVF is very sensitive and expensive. We do not want to be liable for any sort of risk that may effect the outcome of a successful IVF. Because both bee products and Maca affect hormones, they could potentially react with fertility medications you are taking for your transfer. Because we are a web based company and not your naturopathic doctor we cannot recommend these products be used while on fertility medications, during pregnancy, or medical procedures. There is little research in the United States on using these in combination with the previous situations I mentioned. The risk is high enough we cannot recommend these in those situations. If your doctor and/or naturopath give you the ok that is different because you are under their supervised care.

      Warm regards,


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    I am going for my third round of IVF, starting on the stims tommorrow. I’ve been taking quite a few supplements to improve my egg quality and chances this time around.

    For the past five months I have been drinking a fruit smootie consisting of 250ml of fresh fruit juice, 1 teaspoon of Maca, 1 teasponn of Spirulina, 1 scoop of whey protein and one 30 ounce shot of Wheat grass. I have recently increased this to two shots.

    I am also taking 500 mg of Royal Jelly, co-q10 120mg a day, iron and vit c tablets, omega and DHA tablets (MorEPA).

    I’d be ver grateful if someone can get back to me as to when to stop the following:

    Maca & Spirulina:
    When should I stop taking them, after my ER, ET or is it safe to contiune taking them through 2ww and hopefully right through pregnancy.

    Royal Jelly:
    Should I stop before I start on the stimms? I am taking 500 mg tablets from Holland and Barratt.

    Wheat grass:
    I’ve been taking two frozen shots of wheatgrass every morning in my smoothie. Should I stop that at any point?

    Should I reduce my Co-Q10 dose. At the moment I am taking 120 mg/day.

    I am taking 500 mg (from Holland and Barratt) every other day.

    Baby asprin
    75mg every day. The nurse at the clinic told me this was fine to continue with.

    I’ve also been drinking two litres of water every day now for the past few months. This needs to be drunk throughout the day and not all in one go in the evening/morning.

    The clinic has recommended that I now start drinking 1 litre of milk every day. In addition to this they have advised that I don’t eat three ‘big’ meals a day but rather graze throughout the day on things like nuts and fruit (which is what I do anyway). Certainly avoid big meals in the evening.

    Thank you very much in advance,

    • Hi Pixie,

      Royal jelly, CoQ10, Maca, L-Arginine, should all be stopped. Everything else should be fine, please talk to your doctor about the baby aspirin.

      Keeping my fingers crossed for your IVF!


  11. Avatar


    I wonder if you can tell me about these supplements.
    I am just beginning the IVF medications (day 2 of my cycle) .
    I see that in the 2009 post it says O.K to use L’arginine during the IVF cycle, but on the 2011 post it says Not to use it. Can you clarify.

    I see a consensus of NOT using the Bee pollen, royal jelly combo, and No Maca.

    But can you please let me know about the rest of the supplements that I’m taking.

    I currently take: CO-q 10; Spirulina, Vitamin D sublingual, Prenatal DHA, L’arginine, Omega 3,6,9; Wheat grass, Rescue remedy, DHEA 5mg, Prenatal vitamin and lastly from Bach their Oak essence homeopathic.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Deborah,

      Stop taking the CoQ10, L Arginine, Bee products and Maca prior to beginning IVF medications. The others are fine to continue. If you could please send us the link of where you saw the 2009 post stating that it is ok for use during IVF cycle that would be great. That way we can review it and update if necessary. You can submit it at this link: http://www.naturalfertilityshop.com/help_answer.asp?ID=17

      Best wishes on your upcoming IVF!


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    im going to have ivf done monday and wasnt prepared what can i take for the very short 3 days to help? im also using a donor eggs?

    • Hi Angela,

      Hope your IVF went well, I am sorry I was unable to see this until now. We really don’t recommend any herbs or supplements for anytime during your IVF, starting from the time you begin medications. The best thing you can do is eat a whole food nutrient dense fertility diet!

      Sending you positive thoughts and love for your transfer and embryos!


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    My question is, can I continue to take the royal jelly in addition to my IVF meds/Suprecur? or should I discontinue them as soon as I start the stimulations?

    Best wishes

  14. Avatar


    My husband and I have been ttc for 3 years and I have been diagnosed with unexplained fertility. He doesnt want to go the IVF route but with my POF it seems almost impossible!

    We are currently trying the natural route with prenatal vitamins, Spirulina, Vitex, cohosh and folic acid.

    we are also doing acupuncture once a week and are hopeful.

    any other suggestions or do you think im wasting my time and should just do the IVF?

    • Hi bbn,

      You say that you have unexplained infertility, but in the next sentence you say that you have Premature Ovarian Failure (POF). Everything you are already doing sounds great and right on track. It is pretty much a consensus across the board that POF is a difficult condition to properly diagnose. If you have already been given a diagnosis of POF it is important to have clear communication with your doctor about the tests you have been given for this conclusion. A definitive diagnosis of POF usually means that you will have extreme difficulty getting pregnant; though women with POF may still become pregnant, so do not give up hope if you have not yet had a child because it could still happen.

      I think learning what a diagnosis of POF means is going to help you to know in which direction you should go. You can learn more here: http://natural-fertility-info.com/premature-ovarian-failure.html

      Best Wishes,


  15. Avatar

    A huge thanks to you Dalene for answering all my Q’s, hadn’t a clue appart from what I’d read, wasn’t sure I was taking the correct amount or anyhing, desperation has set in for sure 🙂

  16. Avatar

    Can anyone please help, I’ve been diagnosed with unexplained infertility and been ttc for 3 years now, I had low progesterone of 13 when it was last checked, tried clomid for 6 months but hated it and didn’t work. Heard so much about these herbal remedies and now I’m on maca root poder capsules 1000mg a day and vitex of 1000mg a day also roayal jelly 150mg L-arginine 750mg a pregnancy multi vit and omega 3 and thinking of addind spirulina and coq10 to my mix, is this ok? and when before my Ivf cycle should I stop maca and vitex?? please help

    • Hi Amanda,

      It has been shown safe to combine all of what you are taking including the CoQ10 and spirulina. Royal Jelly, Maca, L-Arginine and Vitex should be stopped prior to beginning your IVF fertility medications, a week prior. It has been shown to be safe to continue the omega 3, spirulina, Prenatal vitamin and CoQ10.

      Best wishes on your upcoming IVF!


  17. Hi Hethir,
    My husband and tried to ivf the first time in 08-10 but failed, Could the reason be that because i did not take any of the ivf boosting staff? We are planning to repeat it in nov or dec is it too late for me to start because ive started already with maca and coq10 please help as we are so desperate
    Regards Pricilla

    • Hi Pricilla,

      There is no way for anyone to know for sure why your previous IVF did not work. You can only move forward, by using the maca and CoQ10 you are already working toward improving your egg health. You should have time to improve egg health for your upcoming IVF. It is best to prepare for IVF at least 3 months prior to beginning medications for IVF. Learn other supplements that may be beneficial at this link: http://natural-fertility-info.com/increase-ivf-success

      Best Wishes,


  18. Avatar

    Hello. I have been drinking your fertility smoothies for the past 6 months. In a few days I will be strating my first IVF cycle. My question is, can I continue to take the maca, spirulina & l’arginine in addition to my IVF meds? or should I discontinue them as soon as I start the stimulations?

    • Hi Gloria,

      The Maca should not be taken while you are on IVF meds as it has an effect on the hormones. The spirulina and L-arginine should be fine, but speak with your doctor first just to make sure. The L Arginine has been shown in studies to help with implantation:

      L-arginine is an amino acid that has been shown to increase ovarian response, endometrial receptivity, and pregnancy rates in IVF patients who supplemented in large doses (16 grams) of L-arginine. (Published in Human Reproduction 1999).

  19. hethir

    As for your diet. Are you focusing on eating equal amounts of proteins and carbs? If you are eating 23 grams of protein you will want to eat no more than 23 grams of carbohydrates. The easiest way to do this is to make sure most of your meals consist of protein and vegetables. There is a great supplement that helps to reduce the insuline resistance and keep the blood sugar levels balanced called SX Fraction.

    PCOS Diet info- http://natural-fertility-info.com/pcos-fertility-diet

    I would like to know more specificaly what you are eating. Can you send me two days of your diet written in detail. This is one of the most important parts of getting pregnant with PCOS.

    Best wishes,


  20. Avatar

    Hi Hethir

    I have tried to go under “ask hethir” but when I submit it says error already subscribed. So I will ask my quest here. I have pcos and wanted to know if there was any herbs that I can take to help with losing weight. I have been exercising, drinking water, eating 3-4 meakls a day. since I have changed to this healthier routine I have actually gained weight, I know for fact that it’s not muscle. I am getting so frustrated because no matter what I do I can’t lose. Thanks for your help.