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Maca, Maca, Maca: Maca and Ovulation

Maca, Maca, Maca: Maca and Ovulation

Question :

I am planning on ttc within a few months. I have been reading about maca. My question is, well, I don’t know if I will have problems conceiving, but is it okay to take MACA even though I may not have any problems? I read that it caused a few people to have a delayed ovulation and also caused CM to dry up (on a message board). I also read that it enhances FSH levels on an information site. From what I understand, the higher the level, the harder it is to get pregnant. But on the other side of the coin, I read so many good things about it. Do you think it’s best to ttc without MACA first and then if there is no success, at that point to try MACA? I read also on a site that is selling this product, that you should use it for 3 months, then stop using it for a month, alternating it. Thank you for your help and advice!! this is so confusing for me, lol


The great thing about Maca is it is a food, similar to turnips. It does not contain any hormones yet it acts on the body as an endocrine balancer. As for the delayed ovulation and dry CM, Maca does not work that way. There were probably other factors that caused those effects. When we start something new we are looking for effects from it, so every little thing that happens ’must’ have been caused by that certain thing we took, which is not always the case. Maca’s actions are gentle (that is why it can be taken long term), so it may take some time for the effects. I would take it for at least 1-3 months before expecting any dramatic results.

It would be fine to take Maca whether or not you are ttc. It enhances your health in many ways. But more importantly is to focus on eating a nutrient-dense fertility diet and taking a food-based prenatal multivitamin.

When taking most herbs for a longer period of time (3 months) It is a good idea to take a short break, BUT if you are using it TTC, then it is best to stay on it until pregnant. Once you are pregnant you don’t need to take it anymore.

You can learn more about maca for fertility here…

Focus on becoming pregnant easily and at the perfect time. What you focus on is what you get 😉

Best Wishes,

Dr. Christine Traxler M.D., OB/GYN
Dr. Christine Traxler M.D., OB/GYN

Dr. Traxler is a University-trained obstetrician/gynecologist, working with patients in Minnesota for over 20 years. She is a professional medical writer; having authored multiple books on pregnancy and childbirth; textbooks and coursework for medical students and other healthcare providers; and has written over 1000 articles on medical, health, and wellness topics.  Dr. Traxler attended the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences and University of Minnesota Medical School,  earning a degree in biochemistry with summa cum laude honors in 1981,  and receiving her Medical Doctorate degree (MD) in 1986.

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  1. Avatar

    Hello, i was wondering they dont have maca at wal mart do u think they will have them in a pharmacy?

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    I hope you will be able to help me. Everytime I used an OPK to test my LH level, it was positive. No matter when. I started taking vitex and the most amazing thing happened ONE month later… I got my first negative LH test strip result. Now I seem to be “normal” in that way.

    We have been TTC for a few months- I’m taking False Unicorn, Royal Jelly, Vitex, B6- and drinking Red raspberry tea and Dong Quia occasionally.
    My question is, I would like to start taking Maca but am I already taking too much?

    Thank you.

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    me and my wife have trying to have a baby for a while but she has PCOS i recently been doing research on maca and im liking what i see and she is willing to take it…….is there a chance she can get pregnant with PCOS if she takes maca
    Thank You

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    My husband and I have been ttc for over a year now. I am 35 and he is 34 yrs old. We have 2 girls that were conceived without any problems, although my youngest is 10 yrs old, so I was a lot younger. I got pregnant with her the 1st month we tried. We have been seeing an RE for 6 months now. My husbands semen analysis came back great! The only thing they have said was wrong with me is low progesterone. I have a regular menstral cycle and ovulate on my own. I have been on Clomid, progesterone supplements and had 2 unsuccessful IUI’s. We have decided to take a break from all the meds and try on our own again. My hubby did some research and discovered Maca root for fertility. We have started taking Solaray organically grown pills. We are taking 2 pills each per day. We are new to this, although I do take a probiotic 3 x a day, and prenatal vitamins every night. Is Maca ok to take with both of those, and what else do you suggest I take to help balance out my hormones? Do you suggest I increase my dose of Maca? I take 1000mg a day. Thanks for your help!

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    I’m on cycle day 40 tomorrow and no period, but been having signs of pms for the pass 2 weeks. Boobd hurt, tired, moody all the works but no sign of AF. I’m sure if maca root is the cause. I take 1,000 mg daily, 1 in the am and 1 in the pm. I also take 369 Omega supplements, multi vitamin, B12. Is this normal? I’ve done prego test but all negative.

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    Hi I wad woundering if taking macca root and evening primerose wad safe to take together along with prenatal pills we are trying to conceive (ttc) thanks:)

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    Hi everyone,.

    It has been interesting reading all your post , and very informative. I too would like some insight. My boyfriend and I found out I was pregnant December 2011 and then lost the baby in January 2012. This was a miracle pregnancy anyway, b/c my bf was told that he could not have children. ( I already have 3 from a previous marriage) ???? So……since then we have been trying to get pregnant again and no luck. 🙁 But I have been reading about Maca and we have both been taking Nature’s Way Maca Root capsules, 525mg for about 2 weeks now hoping this will help us concieve. What do you think and can this really help. We are very anxious and pray this does help.

  8. Avatar

    Hi I have been diagnosed with pcos/pre-diabetic and I have been ttc for about a year now. My Dr prescribed me metformin bid to help with ovulation. But i been reading a lot on maca root and i wanted to know if it is safe to take together. Thanks for taking the time to read about my concerns.

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    Hi. I’m 27 years old. I used to have regular periods and have gained alot of weight over the years. My periods are irregular, most of the time I don’t ever have a period. Drs say I’m normal and that everything is fine. I’m just wondering if Maca will help me get a period back?

  10. Avatar

    Hi.I am 27 I do not have a regular cycle. I used to be regular….. I have gained alot of weight over the years.. Which I have read can cause irregular periods. Dr’s say I’m normal and everything is fine. I’m wondering if Maca will help me get my prior period again? I don’t need to increase sex drive…thats great already.

  11. Avatar

    Hello, I was wondering if Maca is safe to take with Metformin. I will be starting Metformin next week.

    Thank you.

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    I’ve been reading up, and i have found an organic honey product that contains royal jelly, pollen and propolis. The manufacturer recommends 2 teaspons a day. In addition to the concoction above, can i use this honey in a cup of raspberry tea leaf. I dont think I want ot take DHEA at all, the research is too scary. I read on your site about spirulina. Can I add it to my concotion, since i’m already taking wheatgrass that contains chlorophyll. I found one product which contains 5oomg per pill of organic spirulina. the dosage they recommended was. Take 6 tablets per day with water. Take a half dose during the first week of use – 3 tablets per day. This helps the body get accustomed to the spirulina and minimises detoxifications symptoms. Is this dosage ok.

    If I may remind you from my earlier post. My concotion is Dr Wheatgrass super shots – one shot a day, Maca (2500mg one a day), Vitex (1000mg – one a day), Vit B (one tablet a day) Vit E (one tablet a day), Flaxseed oil (contains omega 3, 6 and 9 one a day).

    What I would like to add to it is Raspberry teal leaf, one tea bag brewed and taken with one spoon of honey (with royal jelly, propolis and pollen), twice a day, morning and evening. I want to also ask if i can add Spirulina – the dosage i typed above.

    I have been going through your page on improving egg health, and I inted to follow it. Giving my history, is there anything else you can recommend.
    Considering i already take the herbs, using the smotthies will take above the recommended dosage, so i’ll stick with the pills. You guys are doing a great job offerring support to women facing reproductive problems. Please keep it up.

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    I had my first period at age 13. I have always expereinced regualr periods, 28 – 29 day cycles. Very painful and very heavy, I have had numerous blood work done, I was in my early and mid teens, and I guess they didnt want to scare, me. All I was told was I had hormonal imbalance. I was put on clomind, but reacted badly to it and it was stopped.10 years ago I had surgery to remove a large dermoid ovarian cyst on one ovary. During the surgery, they discovered that one ovary was not located where it was supposed to be, but somewhere else. As with the dermoid cyst, this was likely congenital. During the surgery they reattached the wandering oveay, and removed the dermoid cyst and things seemed to normalise but a few months later, the pain was back. A gynae recommended oral contraceptive pills, which I took for a month, and reacted violently to it when my periods came. They were the most painful I have ever had and I was admitted and doesd with IV of Morphine. I went back to my other gynae who said I am contra-indicated to oral contraceptive pills. I did more scans and blood tests, and took a whole bunch of meds which I cant remember now. I have a family history of fibroids, so i wasnt surprised when one of my scans revealed them. They are very tiny, and I was told they were too small to be of nay consequence, but they may contribute to my heavy flow and heavy clots. I was given tranexamic acid to control the flow, and they really worked for years. My 7day periods reduced to 4 or sometimes 3. I still had scans to monitor my ovaries and the fibroids. I had functional cysts, which i was told not to worry and the fibroids had gotten bigger but not by much. In July last year, i sufferred a bot of bad news which stressed me greatly, I missed my periods for about 6weeks and i thought it was stress. I had a hormone blood panel done, and was told it was fine. In a space of 5mths i only had a period twice, so i went back for another test. my fsh was 52, and LH was slightly below that, but my estrogen level was fine. I was told i may be experiencing POF. I took another test 3mths after that and FSH was 92, LH much lower but oestrogen level was very normal. It is puzzling bcos when FSh levels are raised, oestrogens level go down. Me estradiol levels are normal. For slightly over a month, I’ve been taking Wheatgrass (Dr Wheatgrass Supershots – one shot a day), Maca (2500mg a day), Vitex (1000mg a day), Vit Bco, Vit E and Flaxseed oil (1 tablet each a day). yet no period. My last period was second week in January., it lasted about 4days. it was very unusual, as in little bleeding and clots, it ceased for a day and came back again, all in all, it lasted 4days. I will say though that I am experiencing cramps (the type i usually get before my periods), I’m not sure what to think of it, because i get cramps 2 to 3 days before my period, and I am not menstruating yet. I am also expereincing bloating, which is typical before my period, yet no period. I have no sore breast yet though (this is my most definite sign of an impending period), so I dont know what to think. Are the herbs working, or is my body more out of sync because of the herbs. I have modified my diet now for about 3 months (no caffeine, alcohol, dairy, reduced red meat, eat vegetables every day, no processed food, or canned food) taken up yoga and pilates for about a mth, I have been exercising 5days a week, for about 3 months, In fact i’ve lost a little weight, and i have always been slim. So I know the lifestyle changes are working, but still no period. The waiting list to see an endocrinologist is very long, which is why i started taking those herbs, besides with my experience of synthetic meds and hormones that doctors prescribe, i’m not in a hurry to see doctor, if i can get help from alternative medicine. Is it safe to add Royal jelly to my concotion and raspberry tea leaf. I have also read about DHEA, but i’m scared since it is a steroid, and it may interfere with the other meds. I am in my late 20’s, so a diagnosis of POF is devastating. I am not trying to conceive yet, but I would like my system resolved, so I dont go through the harrowing experience of infertility when I get married. is there anything else you can prescribe

  14. Avatar

    Unfortunately, I started today 🙁

  15. Avatar

    Hello, my husband and I have been TTC for over 3 yrs now. I am 30 yrs old and have had 2 miscarriages and 1 ectopic pregnancy in the past 5 yrs. I went into the whole food store and was recommended taking Maca Root. The brand is NOW and they are 500 mg each and I was told to take 3 capsules for 6 months everyday except on my menstrual days and then go down to 2 capsules. I started taking it Feb 24th. I have yet to start my period. I would be about 9 days late now. My last period was Feb 18-22. Since my last miscarriage I have had regular periods. I usually get cramping 2 weeks before my period is to start but this time it was 1 week before and I had been having very watery creamy cervical mucus. I still have the cramping except for today and my breast started hurting after I missed my period. I took an HPT Thursday afternoon and it was negative. I took another Friday and still negative. I went to the dr for a blood serum pregnancy test the same day (Fri) and I won’t know anything until Monday. Could the Maca be messing with my periods or is it still possible to be pregnant?

  16. Avatar

    I recently stopped bleeding after a miscarriage. The bleeding lasted 5 1/2 weeks (it started before miscarriage already took place) The actual bleeding post M/C was exactly 4 weeks. I want to get my body back on track so we can start TTC again. I just ordered some Vitex and I’m waiting for that to come in the mail. I’m also wanting to take Maca. Is it ok to take both to get my body back on track? Should Vitex be taken the whole cycle or just until ovulation? I found out my progresterone was VERY LOW when the miscarriage was realized. Could Maca have helped that? I need to know when to start taking the herbs and what parts of the cycle they should be taken.

  17. Avatar

    thanks 🙂

  18. Avatar

    Hi Dalene, I have been taking maca powder for about 3 months now, 1 rounded tsp a day, I usually have 29 day cycles, with ovulation around day 16 and a 13 day luteal ph, in feb I spotted (brown) for 5 days then had my usual 5 day period, then had an early ovulation on day 12, had mid cycle spotting day 16-19 and now have just got my period on day 25 (luteal ph still 13 days), I had increased my maca to 1/2 tbsp , and have never had any issues like this before, I’m also on royla jelly, bee pollen, evening primrose, flax seed oil, fish oil, coq10 , 1tsp raw cacao and 1tbsp vital greens per day, in your opinion do you think that the increase of maca could have caused the shortened cycle and early ovulation and would this affect my chances of getting pregnant due to the shortened ovulation phase?

  19. Avatar

    I just recently started taking maca (1350mg) and dong quai (1500mg) because I have been battling what I think is homone imbalance anxiety, it started almost 4 months after I had my baby 14 months ago and had never experienced anxiety before, the anxiety got so bad I went to the neurologist had MRI´s, cardiologists for a holter monitor and other drs. which did some testing to rule out thyroid disfunction. After I weaned my baby in August I started taking birth control which kind of leveled me off but I had other side effects so I went off the pill on the 28th of January, had withdrawal bleeding and felt fine until a week ago when all hell broke loose again.

    The question here would be is it better to combine maca and dong quai or would vitex be a better option if we ttc in a couple of months? I´m due for an appt. with my Dr. to have a homone panel and see where I´m at.


    • Hi Brenda,

      It think it is best to research each herb individually. That way you can see which herb may be best for your particular needs. Each herb has different actions and benefits, so learning more about the herbs you are interested is going to be helpful.

      Vitex works to support the systems in the body that regulate and manufacture hormones, so overall it is more of a hormonal supportive herb compared to Dong Quai. Doing Quai is better for those with absent periods, stagnant conditions of the uterus, painful menstruation, weak uterus, iron deficiency.

      Best Wishes,


  20. Avatar

    I have been off the pill since end december 2011 just before my periods, I have had periods in January exactly the same time as I was still on the pill, but I had experienced severe pains on my lowere back. After understanding exactly what happens when you take birth controlls I was bit scared, but then i read about Maca, now I have been on Maca for about 1 week. What I need to know is what changes I’m I going to see if it is working or not, or if I get my periods how will I know that it is real period not the unovulatory bleeding.Baring in mind that I am ttc. Thanks

  21. Avatar

    I’m interested in taking Maca root to bring on my period , i suffer from secondary amenorrhea and have not had my period on my own without provera since feb 2011. My doctor gave me provera over the holiday and i did have a period but im not sure if i ovulated. I decided against taking another round of provera this month to see if i would get my period naturally, i did not , so now im looking into natural remedies and wanted to know if Maca root would bring on my period and ovulation or if i should take maca root and vitex (we are ttcing), or if maca root wont even help someone who has amenorrhea. My doctor is of no help, i have no issues with my thyroid or any of my blood work that was taking. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Ally,

      Maca may help you to balance hormones by nourishing the endocrine system, but this plant is not specific for bringing on a menstrual cycle or regulating ovulation. It is more of a nourishing fertility super food. Vitex, Dong quai and Tribulus are more specific to regulating the menstrual cycle and ovulation. Maca has been shown safe to combine with those 3 herbs and is an excellent way to support hormonal balance in the body.

      If you feel lost and need more specific guidance, please consider a consultation.

      Best Wishes,


  22. Avatar

    How long does it normally take for most couples to get pregnant while taking maca?

    • Hi Ally Spinner,

      There is no simple answer to this question. It is different for every couple dependent on diet, health history, stress levels, existing health conditions or imbalances, how well they stick to the program, and how severe the fertility issue is. If you are on one of our health programs, you should begin to see changes within 1-3 months. These changes could be increased energy, improved cervical mucous, ovulation, correction in cycle length, etc…

      Best Wishes,


  23. Avatar

    Hi, just need a bit of advice! I’m currently taking vitex, maca and royal jelly to help me ttc, can you confirm which I shouldn’t take whilst I’m on my period?. I’m a little confused because I keep reading different advice on when to take them and I just read on one report about how a women’s period was delayed by 10 days because she continued to take maca? . that info had me concerned.. any help would be appreciated.. thanks

    • Hi Jane,

      Every person’s body is different and may react or adjust to these supplements differently. In general here and NFI, we don’t suggest using vitex during menstruation, but many women continue to use it through that time, with no problems. Maca and royal jelly are fine to consume all month long.

      Best Wishes,


  24. Avatar

    Hi Darlene,

    I’m 38 and want to conceive baby #2. My cycles have always been weird, I sometimes skip one month but last cycle was the weirdest. I started spotting on cycle day 49, I spotted for 13 days, then I got what i think was my cycle for 7 days and then I spotted again for 2 days and I’m positive I did not ovulate. I have an appointment with my doctor on Nov. 23rd, I’m currently on CD 20 and have not ovulated.
    Do you think Maca can help me regulate my cycles and with ovulation?
    Any other supplements you recommend?


    • Hi Shirley,

      Maca works by nourishing the endocrine system. The main function of the endocrine system is to serve as our body’s message center. Hormones deliver messages, the endocrine system coordinates hormones. Maca has the ability to affect key hormones in both women and men without containing hormones itself. So, it may help balance the hormones, but it is not specific to regulating ovulation. Depending on how much hormonal imbalance there is, your body may need other supportive herbs that are specific to aiding in ovulation, while also regulating the entire menstrual cycle. Herbs that are specific in aiding ovulation are Tribulus and Vitex. You may want to wait until after your doctors appointment before choosing to begin a new herbal regimen. This is because your appointment may shed light on what is causing your cycle to be off.

      Maca has been shown safe to combine with both Tribulus and Vitex.

      Best Wishes,


  25. Avatar

    Hi! I’m 38 and ttc for 8 months.I went for workout,I took HSG(and my fallopian has no problem),I took clomid 50mg for2 cycles and progesterone and HCG injections.I’m a bit confused that’s why I took 2nd opinion to another hospital,and they check my FSH level and he said it was high (18) and I could not be able to conceive normally,he told me and refer me to take IVF. I’m scared of IVF because of side effects for the baby.That’s why I research and stop going to the hospitals,I want to ttc normally.I’m now taking maca capsules 1.86mg,coenzyme Q10,and royal jelly it could really help?thank’s

    • Hi Mai,

      I am sorry to hear of your struggles. An herb specific to lowering FSH levels and balancing hormones overall is Vitex. While FSH levels are used to determine if there is an imbalance, low or high FSH is not the direct cause of fertility issues, just a sign that their may be one. Often FSH levels are elevated when there is poor egg health. Eggs that are in poor health may not respond to the signal of FSH being released and so the FSH levels will continue to rise trying to get the eggs to respond and mature. The supplements/super foods you have chosen are a good start! I have seen women increase their egg health tremendously with diet changes alone!

      Best Wishes,


  26. Avatar

    I just took MacaSure today for the first time. In my reading it says that it can increase progesterone which is good if you get pregnant. My question is, if I find out I’m pregnant and stop maca root right then and there, will the lak of progesterone cause a miscarriage?

    • Hi Robyn,

      It is not suggested to continue maca into pregnancy. It is best to wean off of maca over a 1-2 week period once pregnancy is positive. To do this, the pregnant woman would take less and less maca each day until she stops. If you are worried about progesterone levels in the first trimester, see your doctor right away to determine if you need progesterone supplementation after weaning off of the maca. Maca does not contain hormones, it indirectly may support adequate progesterone levels through endocrine support.

      Best Wishes,


  27. Avatar

    I would like to ask if is safe to take Maca with Bee Pollen , I had two loss in 4 months, my last one was yesterday October 28th with 5 weeks.
    I would like to know how long I should wait and try again to conceive, how long it takes to the body to recuparate from a loss, and if I take both suplements together will help to balance my hormonal process, I have three girls already , I am 42 and my husband and I want another baby but we are having issues.
    Thanks a lot for your answers.

    • Hi Olga,

      I am sorry to hear of your losses! Listen to your body, it will tell you when you are ready to try and conceive again. Wait until you have stopped bleeding to begin any herbs for fertility. Maca and Bee Pollen are safe to combine and they are fine to begin before your bleeding subsides. This is because they are super foods that support the endocrine system. The main function of the endocrine system is to serve as our body’s message center. Hormones deliver messages, the endocrine system coordinates hormones. Both Maca and Bee Pollen may aid in proper hormonal balance through support of the endocrine system.

      Best Wishes,


  28. Avatar

    I started drinking maca magic (about 1 big tsp) every day at the end of Sept. when I started IUI treatments. I was trying to replace coffee which has been hard to do until Maca.
    I had a normal cycle the first IUI (although sadly bfn) and ovulated on cd13. Well this cycle I went in for my baseline scan at cd6 and was already to ovulate! For what I am assuming is the fastest ever, I have confirmed through ultrasound ovulation at cd8. Also my lining, even though I’d only stopped menses 2 days prior to first scan, was a triple A thick lining.
    I don’t know if this is good or bad that my ovulation was moved up so much and don’t know if it was from the maca or not. Now I don’t know if it will be good to keep drinking or bad!!

    • Hi Kristi,

      Maca Magic liquid extract suggested dosage is 1-2 full droppers a day. It sounds like you are taking a bit more than that. Also you say that you began taking maca while you were also doing IUI treatments. Were you also taking fertility medications that contain synthetic hormones? I am not sure how to answer your question because I don’t have complete information. It is best to not exceed dosage of any supplements.

      Best Wishes,


  29. Avatar

    Hi Barton,

    i liked your site , and wanted to ask question, that my period had been stop since march 11, after have blood test my fsh was 115 higher, i am 35 , my doctor told me that sometime its happen like early menopause. i would like to know that is it possible after having maca would get back my periods.from 6 month i am on TTC.
    since last week i am taking maca 375 mg . like i have 750mg capsule but i remove maca powder in it and taking just half capsule powder every morning.
    i feel that if i go on higher dose of maca i am very aggressive or feeling very sad – mood that day.

    please advise .

    God Bless U


    • Hi sonu,

      I am not sure if you typed this correctly….your FSH levels was tested at 115? Did you mean 15, which is very high for a woman your age. Maca, while very supportive cannot alone decrease your FSH levels. Other herbs and therapies may be very beneficial. Your doctor saying this is early menopause is incorrect. Some people think that Premature Ovarian Failure is premature menopause, but menopause is a natural process which a woman goes through when her body gradually no longer produces eggs; estrogen and progesterone levels naturally decline thus causing the menstrual cycle to come less often until eventually this stops. The normal age range for women to naturally go through menopause is 45-55, with the average mean age of 51. Unlike menopause, POF is not a naturally occurring process for a woman’s body. There are different reasons a woman may be diagnosed with POF; these are broken down into two categories: follicle dysfunction and follicle depletion. To learn about the causes of this, and supportive therapies please go to this link:

      Please talk to your doctor about your options, if you would like a more natural approach, you may want to contact Clear Passages for fertility options, or talk to a naturopathic doctor in your area.

      Best Wishes,


  30. Avatar

    Hey I just have a quick question about Maca root…

    I started maca root 1 day before my menstrual cycle came on, is it safe to take maca root while on my cycle or should I stop taking it and wait until my cycle is over to finish taking it????

    • Hi Honey,

      Because maca root is a nourishing food herb, it has been shown safe for use all month long, even during the menstrual bleeding time.

      All the best,


  31. Avatar

    hi i took maca for the first time this month i’ve ben ttc 2yrs now and i heard about maca i read up on it and decide to give it a try i took it from cd1 to cd15 i also let my dh take it as well i heard its good for his sperm and for my eggs , well to my suprise i got my bfp am so happy maca worked for me first time i took the capusles 3 daily but my dh took 4 daily.

  32. Avatar


    I started taking Maca a couple of weeks ago to promote conception (we’ve been trying to get pregnant for 9 months). I have two questions:

    – I have elevated prolactin levels and have been taking Parlodel for two months, as prescribed by my RE. Could Maca interfere negatively with this treatment in any way?

    – Since I started taking Maca (at the beginning of my cycle), I have noticed two changes: increased eggwhite cervical fluid, however it appears at random times during the cycle, not necessarily during ovulation. Second, I typically have a very strong luteal phase – full 14 to 15 days with good progesterone levels – and so far, with Maca, I am noticing much lower tempertaures in the luteal phase, ergo lower progesterone levels. Could Maca interfere with this and mess up my progesterone levels? Also, does Maca increase estrogene levels? If yes, it is probably not recommended during the luteal phase or overall, for women dealing with estrogene dominance issues. Could you shed light on this?

    Thank you.

    • Hello Maya,
      We do not suggest maca to be used with hormonal medications as we do not know how they will work together. Maca is known to help balance the hormones and increase progesterone (if needed). It is not known to increase estrogen levels.

  33. Avatar

    I was using maca for a week. Within that period , I got my period only 5 days after bleeding from the previous cycle stopped. This is way tooooo early and what really scarres me is it doesn’t show any signs of stopping any time soon. This is my 6th day and blood is still crystal clear as it usually is on my 2nd or 3rd day. Usually at this point I would have only dark traces. I stopped using maca the moment I got my early period.
    I don’t know what to do. 🙁

    • Hi Elma,

      I understand your concern. Honestly I would need more information about why you chose to begin the maca and what your menstrual cycle is typically like. Do you normally have long bleeding times? There are astringent herbs that can help to subside long or heavy menstrual bleeding times like the herbs in the product Slow Flow. If you are still bleeding and need more information and would like to discuss this further please contact us at this link:



  34. Avatar


    I just started taking Maca and Vitex together to help regulate my periods and promote ovulation..

    I have the Nature’s Way brand of both in capsule form.. The vitex is 400mg and the Maca is 525mg..

    My question is I take 3 vitex and 4 Maca capsules each day.. Do you think this doseage is ok to start with or should I lower or up it..??

  35. Avatar

    Once pregnant, how long should a person continue taking maca? Is it safe to take the entire pregnancy and after while breastfeeding? Thanks so much 🙂


    • Hello Heather,

      I recently wrote an Maca Q&A, one of the questions is the same as yours, below is my response to those questions. It is important to tell your doctor all the supplements you wish to continue into pregnancy and breastfeeding. Because there has been limited to no research on the subject of using maca during pregnancy or breastfeeding you may want to err on the side of caution. There is not a lot of information out there to say if it is safe or not. Some women choose to continue it into pregnancy other do not, it us up to you and your health care provider.

      Q: Is Maca safe to take during pregnancy? Does it have toxic effects on my baby?

      A: Most nutritional supplements as well as herbal supplements are not suggested for use during pregnancy. Many herbs and supplements should not be used in pregnancy, but this is not true for all of them. This caution statement protects manufacturers from liability in case something adverse happens to the mother or baby during pregnancy while using the product. This caution also alerts the user to the potential for adverse effects. In some cases this caution is a generalization and the risk is relatively low. Manufacturers can not know the potential risks for each individual consumer, so putting a caution on the product makes it safer for consumers in general, minimizing risk to the mother and baby by having them not use the product at all.

      Maca has been used for thousands of years by the peoples of Peru, and they eat it daily; even during pregnancy. Acute toxicity and cytotoxicity studies have shown no potential toxicity for Maca. Hundreds of thousands of people have used maca with no reported side effects. Foods like processed soy have shown to have adverse effects on the developing fetus as well as the mothers hormonal balance due to phyto-estrogens. Maca does not contain hormone like substances like soy or other plants containing phyto-estrogens.

      We really have to think about other foods we consume daily like soda with aspartame, preservatives or food dye, all of these effect our bodies adversely, but they are deemed “safe” for regular use. Maca is a superior food as far as nutritional value goes, so why would this plant be a poor choice for pregnancy? Most maca is also organic. Because it is considered a nutritional supplement and herbal supplement it is still advised that you get permission or talk to your health care provider about using Maca into pregnancy. It is always best to be on the safe side and let your healthcare provider know all herbs and supplements you are taking, especially if you are pregnant.

      Best Wishes,


  36. Avatar

    What are some natural lubricants that mimic cm? I am on Clomid and have been experiencing dryness.


  37. Avatar

    I have been taking Maca for 2 months now and no period. I recently stopped taking for a week because I did not feel a difference. I spotted for 3 days and then I started my period. Could Maca possibly keep my period from coming? I started on on 800 mg and worked up to 2400mg daily. Another question I took 3 pills at once. Is that ok?

    • Hi Crystal,

      Every woman is different and can be different in how it responds to maca. It may be that you do not need to take this supplement or that your body and hormones are adjusting to taking it. Maca may need to be used for 3-6 months consistently to see results, since you are at the 2 month marker with no results or results that you feel are not helping you, you may want to consider discontinuing use. Stopping the maca will also help you to know for sure if it is contributing to your absent period. Are there other fertility issues that may also be causing your absent period?

      Because I don’t know what brand you are taking I am unable to say if that amount is ok.

      All the best,


  38. Avatar

    I am just wondering about spotting while on maca
    I finished my period about 2 days ago.. Although it was a short on.. Now after taking making maca for two days.. I am having bleeds of a morning.. Is it the maca doing it. I am taking 3 – 550mg capsules of a morning. & i am taking concieve well gold as well.

    • Dear Danielle,

      It may or may not be the maca, every woman’s body reacts to certain herbs differently. The only way to see if it is the maca for sure is to stop taking it or lower the dosage.

      I am not sure what Conceive Well Gold is, and it is not a product we sell, therefore I cannot comment on that.

      All the best,


  39. Avatar

    Can you take maca in the two week wait?
    Also i read it has to be certified organic as sometimes is contaminated from the mines in the andes highlands, where maca grows

    • Hi Andrea,

      Yes the Maca should be organic or from a farm that practices organic agriculture. Yes, it should be fine for the two week wait, if you stopped it you run the risk if you have low progesterone to have your levels drop which may potentially cause a progesterone surge and may possibly cause miscarriage due to low progesterone.

      Best Wishes,


  40. Avatar

    A question about taking Maca Root and Soy Isoflavones together. I will be taking Soy Isoflavones on CD 2-6, and was wondering if I can take Maca root at the same time or just after I finish taking the Soy? Someone suggested I should take it after Ovulation, as Soy Isoflavones act similar to Clomid.
    Any suggestions?

    • Hi Tracey,

      Hethir and I do not support the use of Soy Isoflavones, therefore combining Maca with Soy Isoflavones is not supported either.

      I am always leary of someone taking a new supplement based on what “someone” suggested. Soy Isoflavones are usually used to induce ovulation, so taking it after ovulation would not make sense.

      If you would like to learn more about how Soy Isoflavones work and more in general about them please go to this link:

      Best Wishes,


  41. Avatar

    Hi there!
    I am just curious….can stopping Maca cause spotting? According to FF chart I am 12dpo and I have been brown spotting since 3dpo….I stopped Maca about a month ago…..My cycles are very long right now for some reason (day 74 right now)….I will be going to an endocrinologist next month for thyroid nodules will talk to her about it….but I hoped someone had some insight into spotting in relationship to Maca….btw I was on it since early April.

    • Hi Pat,

      If you have been off of Maca for a month it should not be attributed to your spotting. It is difficult to say what may be causing the spotting as I just don’t have enough information about your situation. I think seeing an RE is a good idea, they may be able to give you some insight as to what is going on with your cycles. Did you stop the Maca cold turkey? or wean yourself off of it over time? Why were you taking it to begin with? What dosage were you taking? Were you taking it all month long? These are questions that may be helpful. I have never had anyone say that after a month of going off of maca they have begun spotting for a long period of time. Because Maca has the ability to affect key hormones there is a chance you are experiencing hormonal imbalance and shifting since going off of it.

      Best Wishes,


  42. Avatar

    i seen it in a few ttc forums, it’s been scaring me abit, as they say it could make your cycle go crazy :/ but i went out and bought some anyway (the blackmores brand) i thought well whats the worse it can do? 🙂

  43. Avatar

    thanks Dalene 😉

    yeah but i heard Vitex can delay ovulation? what if i give them both a try combined?
    i’m wanting to conceive again by the end of the year when my body is healed and i get the ok from the doctor, my baby i have just had is severely disabled, so i want to make sure my body is very very healthy too. she is tube fed, so i don’t breast feed, i did express, but stopped as it was to hard with all her other needs, i got my first cycle around a month after stopping, i know alot of woman who dont get them for well over a year after stopping breatfeeding so i guess i can’t complain! lol, but alot of my friends who had there bubbys around the time i did have perfect 28 day cycles now, and they say i’m lucky and they wish they didnt have there’s as often as they do! haha i feel the same way about them! lucky girls!

    ok? so vitex? if it dont delay ovulation? and maca maybe? 🙂

    • Hi Casey,

      We would love for you to site your source or tell us where you heard that Vitex can delay ovulation. One of vitex’s main actions is to promote and normalize ovulation. Vitex and Maca may be safely combined. I am sorry if this message is a bit short, it is hard for me to have discussions in our comments area as I cannot see past threads, if you have additional questions please contact us directly here…

      Have a wonderful day!


  44. Avatar

    sorry… i meant to say under “35 days” not 25 days 🙂

  45. Avatar

    not sure if i am in the right place, sorry, bare with me??
    anyway i had my baby 4 months ago, started my first post baby cycle on the 10th of may, it is now the 15th of june, and i am on cycle day 37, still no period in sight, and i am not pregnant, i think i ovulated on cycle day 28 🙁
    i know that it can take time for ones cycles to return to normal after giving birth, but i am weird, and if my reproductive system is not working 100% well, i am very very low about it,
    i have been looking into Maca root for a few days now, and i am interested.. will or “could” it give me a shorter folliculer phase? and could it give me a shorter cycle all together? like under 25 days? i am thinking about taking it in powder form in my smooties with flaxseed oil, vitamin c powder, and organic fruits? can someone please send me in the right direction? or am i already on the right track??? thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Hi Casey,

      It can take up to a year after giving birth to get your cycles back to normal. Your body is still going through major hormonal shifting. Maca may be a good choice to help nourish the endocrine system which may help to create hormonal balance. Vitex is another option. Many women like to use Vitex after giving birth to promote regular ovulation. Both are safe for breastfeeding as well. Not sure if you are breastfeeding or not. If you are still breastfeeding you may not get your period back for some time. It sounds like you are completely normal and have nothing to worry about except taking care of that sweet baby, Congratulations!

      Best Wishes,


  46. Avatar

    According to what I’ve researched and experienced maca has the tendency to shorten cycles because it stimulates that follicles and ovulation….it actually made me spot for 4 days before my period ,when I had been having regular 14-15 day luteal phases…..some women have experienced highly shortened cycles with reoccuring bleeding because of this…this leads me to believe that maca is best used during the folliculer phase…….just a nurses opinion and experience.

    • Hi Rachelle,

      Thanks so much for your comment and experience. We would love for you to cite your research sources, it would be greatly appreciated as it helps us to keep up to date with all research that is out there.

      All the best,


  47. Avatar

    Is it safe to take maca and vitex at the same time? together with a multivitamin, to ttc?
    what are the safe dosages for both herbs? and can they be taken when BFP? or must stop immediately when gotten a BFP?

    • Hi Enoir,

      Yes it is safe to take Maca and Vitex at the same time. Both are safe while taking a prenatal vit. and while ttc.

      I am not sure what BFP is, could you please use words, thanks.

      Traditional application for Maca:

      Traditional use is 2000-3000 mg a day. To obtain desired results maca needs to be taken regularly.

      There are no side effects from taking maca, remember it is a food. If you are taking our capsules you will want to take 3 – 6 capsules a day. With our powder start with 1/2 t. of powder and work up to 1 T.

      Traditional application for Vitex:

      Capsules: 1,000mg a day is the suggested amount to use. Take vitex capsules all month long except during menstruation.

      Tincture: Take 10-15 drops of vitex extract, taken 2-3 times a day all month long except during menstruation.

      However, unlike powerful hormone drugs, vitex works slowly to normalize the body. Maximum benefits are often achieved after 6-12 cycles with vitex.

      Best Wishes,


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    Hi, Can Maca be taked with Clomid or not? I have been taking Maca for about 6 months and just started my first round of Clomid yesterday.

  49. hethir

    Hi Liza,

    You will actually want to take maca all month long. Maca is a root vegetable so it is safe to take daily. You can learn more about it here:

  50. Avatar

    Hi is it best to take Maca at the second half of the cycle or throughout-thanks I have low progesterone and have ha 3 misses ttc again not had a pregnancy in 9 months-thanks for help