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Is Serrapeptase the Right Enzyme Therapy for Fertility Issues?

Is Serrapeptase the Right Enzyme Therapy for Fertility Issues?

Serrapeptase Enzyme Therapy Pain, swelling, scar tissue, these are commonly associated with sports injury, but in our line of work, they are commonly experienced by women with reproductive health issues. From endometriosis, uterine fibroids to Ashermans syndrome, women with fertility health problems are constantly looking for relief from their uncomfortable symptoms.

The drugs and procedures they are offered often aren’t as effective as they would like them to be, may have side effects and time and again don’t solve the root of the problem. This leads women to look for alternatives. One increasingly popular natural alternative is enzyme therapy. With a plethora of enzymes out there, how’s a gal supposed to know which ones are best for fertility health issues?

Enzyme Therapy for Fertility

In our practice, we like to work with Systemic Enzyme Therapy, which consists of a blend of specific enzymes shown through research to be beneficial to women with infertility. Systemic Enzyme Therapy isn’t very well known though, and when people first become interested in enzyme therapy, they begin doing research and may stumble upon information about a specific enzyme known as serrapeptase, and for good reason. Serrapeptase’s benefits may help women with reproductive health issues feel better and take part in healing their body, from the inside out.

There are distinct differences between serrapeptase and Systemic Enzyme Therapy. My goal is to help you learn the difference between the two and why we prefer to work with the group of enzymes that make up Systemic Enzyme Therapy, rather than serrapeptase alone…

What is Serrapeptase and What Does it Do?

Serrapeptase, also referred to as serratiopeptidase, is a proteolytic enzyme, or a protease that works to break up, digest, and assist the body in removing unnecessary proteins circulating in the bloodstream (necrotic debris and fibrin) that deposit at the site of inflammation or injury within the body. Both are known to be contributors to chronic illness. Proteolytic enzymes also have been found to be pain relieving through their ability to block the release of pain-producing amines* from inflamed tissues.

In the 1970s, serrapeptase was discovered in the digestive tract of Japanese silk worms and found to be produced by the non-pathogenic bacteria called Serratia sp. E-15 thriving there. Many resources still share that serrapeptase come from silk worms. This is false, at least for serrapeptase products manufactured in the US. Due to demand after its discovery and initial research findings, serrapeptase is now largely produced through microbial fermentation in laboratory settings.

Using Serrapeptase for Female Fertility Issues

Research also shows serrapeptase has the ability to dissolve and digest non-living tissue – scars, fibrous cysts in the breasts and uterus, and blood clots.

Studies out of Singapore and Japan reveal that 85.7% of female participants with fibrocystic breast disease experiencing breast engorgement (swelling), pain and firmness, showed moderate to marked improvement after undergoing serrapeptase therapy versus those receiving a placebo.

Extensive research has been conducted on the ability of serrapeptase to reduce chronic inflammation and support a healthy immune response within the body to reduce inflammation and swelling. Serrapeptase does this by digesting the biofilm (fluid bubble) at the site of injury or around inflamed or damaged tissues, thins the fluid within the biofilm, and increases drainage of these fluids.

It is because of these actions that serrapeptase is used in natural medicine to treat the following health issues which happen to be common side effects of many fertility health issues…

  • chronic inflammation
  • pain associated with proteins – often from scar tissue and edema
  • viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections
  • postoperative inflammation, lesions, and scars
  • varicose veins

Systemic Enzyme Therapy with Serrapeptase?

We say, Yes! In all the reading I have done in both scientific journals, literature from enzyme manufacturers and even in opinion pieces by medical doctors and natural healthcare providers, not one person disputes the powerful impact enzymes have on the body, or the way they support the body. What I have discovered is that enzymes are often manufactured and sold in blends containing multiple enzymes and some also contain vitamins and antioxidants.

Choosing a Serrapeptase Supplement

We like Fertilica Choice EnzymesTM for systemic enzyme therapy because it is specifically formulated to support the body in addressing a variety of fertility issues. It is a one-of-a-kind blend and an excellent choice for vegetarians and vegans as it is entirely plant derived (many enzymes come from animal products).

Click here to learn more about the benefits of Fertilica Choice EnzymesTM for fertility health…

Serrapeptase is measured by its potency within a product which appears on the product label with the abbreviations SPU or SU. Look for these measurements. Serrapeptase supplements in general often contain 100,000 SPU or SU and have varying suggested use instructions because its effectiveness is dependent on the person. Enzymes work with an individual’s biochemistry.

Talk to your healthcare provider about taking serrapeptase if you are taking any medications, especially any form of anticoagulant medication because serrapeptase is a blood-thinning agent, or if you are undergoing a medical procedure.

The “Miracle Enzyme”

Serrapeptase is touted as the “miracle enzyme” and has been extensively studied in relation to its effects on the cardiovascular system, otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose and throat) disorders, musculoskeletal injury and surgery, and for its ability to promote a healthy inflammatory response and improve circulation within the body, each area important for overall health including, fertility.

*Definition of amines: an organic compound derived from ammonia by replacement of one or more hydrogen atoms by organic groups.


Dr. Christine Traxler M.D., OB/GYN
Dr. Christine Traxler M.D., OB/GYN

Dr. Traxler is a University-trained obstetrician/gynecologist, working with patients in Minnesota for over 20 years. She is a professional medical writer; having authored multiple books on pregnancy and childbirth; textbooks and coursework for medical students and other healthcare providers; and has written over 1000 articles on medical, health, and wellness topics.  Dr. Traxler attended the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences and University of Minnesota Medical School,  earning a degree in biochemistry with summa cum laude honors in 1981,  and receiving her Medical Doctorate degree (MD) in 1986.

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  1. Avatar

    May I say what a great article on the enzyme Serrapeptase, I have been taking Serrapeptase for two years now to help me with hip pain caused by bursitis inflammation. To be honest it has worked really well for me to get rid of my hip and leg pain. I wouldn’t be without it.

  2. Avatar

    Does serrapeptase cause LUFS? I’ve read that LUFS is due to a chronic follicular inflammatory response (i.e., failure of prostaglandins to terminate preovulatory hyperemic reaction induced by proinflammatory agents, such as histamine). I know that NSAIDs can cause LUFS by suppressing COX-2 and thus this mechanism. Doesn’t serrapeptase work the same way and therefore potentially interfere with egg release?

    • Dear Jackie,

      I have not ever heard or read evidence that Serrapeptase causes LUFS or interfere with egg release. Early research shows LUFS is in part the result of a chronic inflammatory response, a negative inflammatory response. Serratiopeptidase (Serrapeptase) breaks down proteins, fibrin and mucus, to support the body in maintaining normal blood flow/circulation to the reproductive organs, aid in healthy fluid retention, and support a healthy inflammatory response. Given the it may be helpful in cases of LUFS.

  3. Avatar


    I’m suffering from endometriosis and my gynecologist adviced me to take serrapeptase. I wonder can taking serrapeptase affect the effectiveness of the birth control pills (which I’m currently using)? Thank you!

  4. Avatar

    Hi I have pcos and have excess androgens and testosterone in my system would you recommend taking serrapeptase enzymes? I’m trying to allievate symptoms of rapid hair loss and excess hair growth all over the body hoping this will be helpful… Thank you very much for your response !

  5. Avatar

    I am 27 yrs old with one blocked tube, I am currently looking into yoni steams and different natural ways of unblocking my tubes. I have recently come across Serrapeptase enzyme would this help to dissolve dead tissue and clear passage? Thank you.

  6. Avatar

    Hi GOOd Day ,I had bilateral hydrosalpinge both my tube are damage,if I take serraptase and Enzyme and the Chinese tea (Yi mu Cao ,Xi Xian Cao),Do I have a change to get healed my both blocked damage tube?. thanks

    • Dear Grace,

      Serrapeptase can be combined with other systemic enzyme blends, yet I would suggest talking to your Chinese Medicine practitioner about taking them with the tea you are on. I am not educated in Chinese herbs. It is likely to be fine, but it’s best to ask.

      To learn more about supporting healthy fallopian tube function, please refer to this guide Natural Therapies for Blocked Fallopian Tubes.

  7. Avatar

    hello, i had an ectopic pregnancy , i now have one fallopian tube thats blocked … i wanted to know will serrapeptase help the blockage ?!

    • Dear Nish,

      I am sorry to her of what you’ve been through. While I don’t know when the ectopic happened, the tips in our guide Healing From Ectopic Pregnancy may be helpful.

      Serrapeptase may offer support, but is not all we reply upon alone to support healthy fallopian tubes (as you will read above).

      I hope this is helpful!

  8. Avatar

    I’m 44 years old. I started use serrapetase 6 month ago to reduce my fibroid. Surprise… my fallopian tubes were opened after a Ectopic pregnacy in my tube. I got naturally pregnant, but when I stopped the supplement I Had my 5th miscarriage because The P.A told me no to use any supplement during pregnancy. I ask for chromosomal anormality test, and the result was normal. There is not a naturopract close to my area. What can I do to keep pregnacy to full term? Thank!

    • Hello Mercedes!

      I am very sorry for your loss!

      I have not heard of stopping Serrapeptase causing miscarriage. And we do often hear of medical professionals who advise against supplement use in pregnancy. We also strongly advocate for seeking support if you wish to use supplements in pregnancy from a practitioner willing to guide you.

      That said, we offer 5 Steps To Decreasing the Chance of Recurrent Miscarriages that may be worth considering.

      Then lastly, it may also be worth checking if the makers of the Serrapeptase supplement you took have a customer support team or enzyme specialists on staff to also offer support.

      My best!

  9. Avatar

    Is it okay to take Serrapeptase during ovulation and menstruation? I suffer with fibroids and wasn’t sure if it causes heavier bleeding.

    • Dear Dee,

      Systemic enzymes can be taken all cycle long, even during menstruation and after ovulation unless menstruation is heavy. If you already, naturally experience heavy menstrual blood loss, they are best paused during menstruation.

  10. Avatar

    I have high NK cells with TH1 dominance, as well as blood clotting issues (and the MTFHR gene). I’ve had two miscarriages last year, and been 9 months since the last pregnancy. I’ve done quite a few scans and my tubes aren’t blocked, but did fall pregnant after a HyCosy. This with in mind, would you recommend Serrapeptase or Wobenzym N? How do these interact with Clomid and Predinisolone?

    • Hi fleur,

      We prefer Wobenzym N over Serrapeptase alone, because Wobenzym N is a blend of specific proteolytic enzymes, not just one enzyme alone. Wobenzym N is fine to combine with Clomid, with approval from your doctor. Because Predinisolone has an action on blood issues, and Wobenzym N has a slight blood thinning action, I am not sure the two should be used at the same time. It would be best to ask your doctor about this.

      Best Wishes!

  11. Avatar

    Hi, I was wondering if the serrapeptase and wobenzym would dissolve adhesions and scar tissue after several surgeries including hysterectomy and removal of ovary and 3 colon surgeries due to endometrial tumor within the lining of the colon?

    • Dear Michelle,

      I have to be frank and honest, and share that I do not know the answer to your question.

      You have read about Serrapeptase and Wobenzym N is known to support the body’s ability to break down fibrin (the substance that makes up scar tissue), aid the body’s natural ability to reduce tissue buildup in the uterus and supporting the body’s natural inflammation response each which may be helpful after what you have been through. Consider learning more about Systemic Enzyme Therapy using Wobenzym N here… as well as about its advanced usage.

      Our Natural Endometriosis Guide may offer helpful tips as well. Endometriosis is estrogen-sensitive, meaning that it responds to estrogen — growing in response to circulating estrogen. Excess estrogen in one of the main culprits in causing not only it’s growth, but also hormonal imbalance and it’s growth outside of the uterus. It is important to support the body in metabolizing excess estrogen through diet, herbs and supplements even post surgery (which does not address this piece of the endometriosis puzzle).

      All my best!

  12. Avatar

    So, what are your opinions on whether this medicine works to clear out scar tissue and adhesions?

    • Dear Maureen,

      Thank you for asking, but I can only share what I have shared in this article, that Research also shows serrapeptase has the ability to dissolve and digest non-living tissue – scars, fibrous cysts in the breasts and uterus, and blood clots. I have not used Serrapeptase personally with clients in order to comment on, or share my opinions of its effectiveness.

  13. Avatar

    Can you tell me from what animals the enzymes are taken from? I am presently taking wobenzym n but was unaware there were animal enzymes in it? My faith does not allow me to have anything from pig source.. any info would be helpful, thank you.

    • Dear Nina,

      Serrapeptase is most often made in laboratory settings through microbial fermentation. Wobenzym N does contain pancreatin from an animal, pork, source.

    • Avatar

      Thanks for your prompt reply. Baby aspirin cannot be taken with Wobenzym N? My doctor recommended baby aspirin, but I would like to do the Wobenzym N instead because it is more holistic. They have the same effects such as anti-inflammatory and preventing blood clots? In addition to Wobenzym N, I wanted to take serrapeptase for blood thinning properties as well. Any advice would be very appreciated. Thanks!

    • Dear Nina,

      Wobenzym N is not to be combined with anticoagulant drugs unless being guided by your healthcare provider in using them both.

      I am not a medical doctor who knows why baby Aspirin was suggested to you, so it really would be best to either speak with your healthcare provider about a more natural approach to addressing your fertility health concerns, or find a naturopath near you to guide you.

      All my best!