Fertility Super Food – Royal Jelly

Fertility Super Food – Royal Jelly

While there are a number of different “superfoods” that have proven to be highly effective at helping with fertility, Royal Jelly is more than likely the reigning King…or Queen of the bunch. This nutrient dense substance is a secretion that comes from glands in young worker bees, and is used to not only create a queen bee for procreation, but is also fed to honey bee larvae to provide them with optimal health and growth.

Royal Jelly is rich in amino acids, lipids, sugars, vitamins, and most importantly, proteins. It contains high levels of vitamins D and E, and also has ample levels of iron and calcium. As all of these are essential to proper health and organ function, it is very easy to see how Royal Jelly can help with in assisting with fertility.

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Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is the main food source for bee larva in the first 3 days of their development. One larva that is to be the Queen Bee is fed only royal jelly its entire life. This exclusive feeding triggers the full development of her ovaries which are needed to create the millions of eggs she will lay in her lifetime. The Queen matures in 5 days and weighs double that of a worker bee. A worker bee only lives to be 30-45 days old, but the Queen bee lives to be 5 to 6 years old. The queen also lays around 250,000 eggs in one season and in peak season she may lay up to 2000 eggs a day. This may have something to do with the extremely high nutritional content of the Royal Jelly which is this Queen’s exclusive diet.

Royal Jelly is rich in amino acids (29 to be exact), lipids, sugars, some vitamins, fatty acids and most importantly, proteins. It contains ample levels of iron and calcium. Royal Jelly also contains acetylcholine, which is needed to transmit nerve messages from cell to cell. Regular consumption of high-quality Royal Jelly has been shown to help balance hormones. This makes it beneficial to those individuals that suffer from a hormonal imbalance, as it helps to provide support to the endocrine system. It may also help with problems that are related to hormonal imbalance. A study done in Japan and published in 2007 shows that Royal Jelly has the propensity to mimic human estrogen, which may help those that suffer from low estrogen levels. Estrogen is essential for healthy bone formation and healthy gene expression, and is vital for a healthy menstrual cycle. This study also showed potential for increased size of uterine cells in the rats studied. While there may need to be more studies done to show full potential of Royal Jelly consumption on uterine health this is exciting potential for women with weak uterine muscles or thin uterine lining due to long-term hormonal birth control use.

Royal Jelly may be beneficial for the following:

  • To increase libido
  • Support egg and sperm health
  • Diminish and reduce the signs of aging
  • To reduce inflammation caused by illness or injury
  • To naturally boost the body’s immune system

Making Informed Decisions When Choosing Bee Products

Be sure that you are choosing high quality products from a reputable source. This is very important not only to you, but to the health of the bees. As you may well know bees are rapidly declining and much of this is thought to be linked to environmental pollution. Choose to support organic, free-range, biodynamic farming and bee keeping practices when possible. Your choices make a difference!

Take the time to learn more about bees and how the sustain our food chain, without them we might perish. There are some great documentaries out there on Colony Collapse Disorder, the lives of bees and how they are on the brink of total collapse. Please keep in mind their vital role in our daily lives!

Our Natural Fertility Shop carries a premium choice of Royal Jelly which is pure Royal Jelly freeze dried to maintain quality. We also carry Alive Bee Power which contains a wonderful blend of these 3 bee products as well as some immune boosting herbs. This company has been certified organic since 1995.

How and When To Take Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly comes in either capsules or in a semi-liquid state. Be sure to follow instructions for use on the label of the product you have purchased. For general information on suggested use, see below…

Traditional Suggested Use:
The traditional suggested use of Royal Jelly is 500 – 3000mg of pure royal jelly per day, taken in 2 -3 separate doses throughout the day.

Royal Jelly is best taken between meals. Royal Jelly is fine to take all month long.

Important Caution

It is extremely important to note that if you are allergic to bees or honey you should avoid all bee products. Side affects and reactions can include minor to severe skin irritations, difficulty breathing or even anaphylactic shock. If you begin to develop a reaction to any of these products discontinue use immediately. Do not feed to infants under 1 year of age. Do not use bee products during pregnancy if either side of your family or the father’s family has a history of bee allergy as this may affect the baby.

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  1. Hi. I’m 37 years old. I have tried everything. The growing age factor is the basic cause for not getting conceived. Someone told me to use Royal Jelly. Can you guide me further,please.
    Which Products should I use? Where from we can get the Royal Jelly & your products ?
    Rani (Pakistan)

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Rani,

      Royal Jelly is considered a fertility superfood due to its high nutrient content. You are welcome to check out our Royal Jelly here…

      There is additional information about Royal Jelly, as well as additional supplements many women approaching and over the age of 40 consider in supporting egg health in this article… How to Increase Your Egg Health in 90 Days.

      I think you might also enjoy learning about the .

      I wish you well!

    • Thanks. But can you help me what should I choose between Fertilica Royal Jelly and Mecca. As the report says my FSH Level is :12.4 & LH:7 ….. and 2 IUI unsuccessful attempts…Uterus is Bicornuate . Anxiously waiting for your reply.

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Dr. Rani,

      Hello again!

      I think you are asking about Maca. Is this correct?

      Maca and Royal Jelly are two different nutrient dense fertility foods, superfoods is what we refer to them as. Often they are taken together.

      I know you have learned about Royal Jelly here, but also take some time to learn about Maca here. This should either help you know you want to try both, or simply one or the other.

      Maca and Royal Jelly are both supportive of fertility and hormone balance, and compliment one another. They can be taken together.

      I hope this is helpful!

  2. Hi, I was wondering that if you are taking Maca and Royal Jelly when TTC, then stop once you get pregnant; could this have adverse effects, like miscarriage? I have read such mixed reviews on taking these products while pregnant and am confused. I know they work as a fertility treatment, but wouldn’t your body be “thrown out of whack” once these products are taking away completely, therefore having negative effects on the fetus?
    Thank you

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Michelle!
      Maca and Royal Jelly are not to be taken into pregnancy unless being guided to do so by your healthcare provider or midwife.
      While they are safe to take while trying to conceive, it is true that for some women, suddenly stopping some herbs in pregnancy may potentially cause a miscarriage due to hormonal disruption.
      If you have been taking herbs and learn you are pregnant, you now should take time to make a plan of how to wean off of that herb slowly, over time.

      A good way to wean off of Maca or Royal Jelly (any herb or herbal blend actually) is to take less and less each day over a week or two. You can learn how to wean of off herbs in pregnancy here…

      I hope that is helpful!

  3. Im thinking about taking royal jelly but my hormones are all over the place and I have completely stopped ovulating….with this help? My next step will be ivf if not :(

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hi Barbra!
      I am sorry for the challenges you are having.
      Royal Jelly may be supportive as it works to support normal reproductive health by encouraging normal hormonal balance and healthy estrogen levels, nourishing the body and aiding in normal endocrine-system function. There could be any number of reasons sadly that anovulation is happening. Consider learning more about Getting Ovulation Back on Track, or a Natural Fertility Consultation to have one of our staff fertility herbalists help you create a program specific to your needs. You can learn more here…

  4. So true, thanks for your concise article.

  5. can you take royal jelly and maca at the same time (in one smoothie)?

  6. Is it okay to take ginseng royal jelly (liquid form)? I start Lupron this Wednesday and I want to know if I can continue to take this?

  7. I am about to start fertility treatment in two days. I have been taking maca, royal jelly, polen and chia seeds for about 3 weeks. Can i still take all of these while in treatment of Lupron, merional and gonal f?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Sandy,
      We do not advise taking Maca, Royal Jelly, or bee pollen while taking fertility medications. Chia seeds are find to continue to my knowledge, but if you have concern, please ask your healthcare provider.
      I wish you well!

  8. Hi dear, thanks for the helpful information. I had a question , I have PCOS, and irregular periods ,prolonged ..like mostly on periods (u could say Polymennorhea), I have started taking omega 3, prenatal vitamins, and now Maca , i have changed my diet as well and feeling little lighter and better.. can i use Royal jelly and milk thistle tea along with these things and supplements ? as i read that Royal jelly is good for those who have low estrogen and i think i don’t have low estrogen problem…Please suggest me on that …

    Thank you NFI team

    • Hi Suma,

      It may help to support healthy estrogen levels in people with low estrogen. Royal Jelly is first and foremost a superfood, rich in nutrients show to support hormone balance overall. Royal Jelly is fine to combine with maca, milk thistle seed, prenatal vitamins and omega 3 EFAs.

      Because you have PCOS, I would urge you to learn more about eating a PCOS specific diet along with what you are currently doing. Learn more about that here: http://natural-fertility-info.com/pcos-fertility-diet


  10. Hello. I have a question about Royal Jelly. I have Kallmann’s Syndrome and do not ovulate at all. I would love to get pregnant again naturally without going through IUI treatments again. Do you think the Royal Jelly help my body ovulate…It took a while for Dr’s to find out my problem because my test results were always normal. Like I said I do not have a period or ovulate…so I know it may be a stretch going the natural way but I am willing to try anything. ..Thank you!

  11. Update 2014 – We are back! We have been away for a while and we sure have missed all of your wonderful questions and thoughts on our articles. Moving forward, one of our staff herbalists will be here to respond to comments! We look forward to connecting with our readers once again!

  12. Hi,my daughter has poor egg quality and her chances of falling pregnant are only 7%,my question is can she take royal jelly while on fertility drugs which she is due to start in 3 weeks,any help much appreciated thank you.

  13. Hi, my daughter has been trying for a baby for 2yrs,she has had all tests relating to infertility,and she has been told that her egg quality is very poor,And she only has 7% of falling pregnant.I looked on website and found that taking Angus cactus is very good and royal jelly,I know that we can’t take Angus with fertility drugs which she is due to start in 3 weeks,but what about the royal jelly is that safe to take with fertility drugs.Thanks any help much appreciated.

  14. Hi I was dx with endometriosis last month, it was mild they cauterized it off and said I have a 6 month window of where conceiving chances are great, I am trying to do everything else possible. I am taking Bee pollen, prenatals, and bee propolis. I have heard about all of the benefits of royal jelly, but I also read that it can mimic estrogen so with the endometriosis I was afraid that it might exacerbate it or would it help? Also a woman at the health food store suggested that I take an efa supplements that has omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 fatty acids as well as sacha inchi oil, sea buckthorn oil, acai oil, goji oil, hemp seed oil, coconut oil, pumpkin seed oil, and flax is this safe for endo as well? I just don’t want to make it come back faster, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  15. Hi,

    We have been ttc for quite some time and in the past year I have turned to the more natural route to try to correct my hormone imbalance. Ovulation day varies every cycle but on average it’s between cd 20 & 25. I have a slightly short luteal phase at around 10-11 days but sometimes it’s longer & has stretched to 13 days (lately it dropped to 10 days). In mid January I started to take vitex and within the past month or so I have added maca & royal jelly to the mix. I also take prenatals, acai berry, baby aspirin, chromium & acidophilus. After ovulation I also take flaxseed oil supplement. I suspect that I have estrogen dominance & am desperately trying to correct this but not sure if any of the supplements are counteracting with each other?

    Can you please help? I desperately want to ovulate earlier to give us a better chance …


  16. Hi,
    My husband has high DFI & even i had lapro for tube blockage removal & had hormone imbalance. Is this product fine for both of us.
    I plan to buy Royal Jelly & Bee Pollen in honey from london or italy. Can anyone suggest me good links/shop to buy the same.

  17. Hi my name Dimple ,I have ten year old my marriage but i have no baby , I conceive two times naturally but no growth &miss carriage, please suggest me what we do…?

  18. Pls is the Tasly royal jelly also good for hormonal balancing, and where can I get maca in Nigeria, I will like to be a distributor as well.

  19. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 8 months and I started taking Maca and Royal Jelly right after my period and i also told my hubby to take it and the next month we were pregnant :) Thank you Hethir for the help!!!

  20. I started taking Royal Jelly, so as my husband. How RJ can help men?
    For how long this product can be used?
    Thank you.

  21. HI started taking Royal Jelly to help me with fertility and regularizing my period. Is this a good move.. i have been trying to become pregnant for 5 years now.


  22. Hi.

    My husband and I have been ttc for almost four years now. We have a daughter already. We are both 27 years old. My doctor said he has no reason to think that I’m the reason we are having a hard time conceiving. My husband has done testing and they came back with not enough for testing which confuses the doctors. They said that since we have one daughter already it doesn’t make sense for his levels to be low. We have sort of hit a road block. I started taking a multivitamin, vitamin B6 and Royal Jelly. We have a somewhat healthy lifestyle (there’s room for improvement). My husband is starting a multivitamin and some zinc. Is there anything else you could possibly suggest for us? Thank you in advance.

  23. Hi, Im taking royal jelly, primrose oil, & multi vits, i have pcos and only get periods every few months also taking agnus castus am i taking too much or is this combination ok??

  24. Hi ,
    I am 36 years old, we’ve been trying to conceive for 5 year, but never happened. I have regular menstrual cycles (26-28 days). What kind of herbs that i should take? I am taking Maca ,Vitex, Royal Jelly for 3 days now. do they help me for become pregnant? can I take those herbs with fertilAid together? Please help me, because I really want have a baby. Thanks

  25. Hi am 29 yrs I had mascarriage in 2000 and ectopic in 2010 I also did HSG my doctor said my tube is blocked now am in process of IVF, is there any herbs to unblock my tube.now am drinking Aloe Vera jelly and proposil tablets help pls

  26. Hello Hethir,

    I am Fauziah from Singapore. I take a lot of time to browse the websites about pregnancy and natural fertility. Finally, I find natural fertitlity in your website and read many testimonals that can arouse people’s feelings. I am asking you about how to clean my infertility.. but I am suffering from mild asthma, hypertension and irregular periods-(sometimes discharge blood clots during menstruation). So how? I am afraid that I may buy wrong products online without your consultation. Please advise me on the products that are suitable for me. Thank you

  27. We are TTC and I take 600mg coq10 pus prenatal. I would like to start evening primrose rose oil and royal jelly if we are not preg this month. How much do I take and do I stop at ovulation for all 3?

    • Hi Marie,

      Royal Jelly has been shown safe for consumption all month long. Evening Primrose Oil is best used only prior to ovulation as it may cause slight uterine contractions. CoQ10 has been shown safe for use all month long.

      These products are not suggested for use into pregnancy.

      Best Wishes,



    • Hi Shannon nielsen,

      I am not sure what you mean. The Fertility Cleanse Kit lasts for one menstrual cycle, about 28 days. You would not want to try to conceive during the Fertility Cleanse, but it is fine to try on the cycle after the cleanse is over.

      Best Wishes,


  29. Hi
    Just wondering if spotting mid cycle or around ovulation when taking royal jelly is normal or a “good” fertility sign. It seems i only spot at or around ovulation when i’ve taken royal jelly supplements. (only 1 or 2 months, but i’m back at it this month. but the liquid this time not the pills) Thanks

    • Hi Emily,

      Mid-cycle spotting is a sign of ovulation and usually occurs because of a sudden drop in estrogen just prior to ovulation. I am not sure this is related to your use of royal jelly. The best way to find out is to stop taking it one month and see if the mid-cycle bleeding stops.

      All the best,


  30. Hi,
    I have been married for 3 years now,the month after my wedding my period became very in regular ,the 1st year I saw my period just three times,the 2nd year I saw it just about twice and the 3rd year I don’t see it at all.the doctor checked my homornal profile and said that my FSH and LH was too high and that my overies were not producing eggs and am not ovulating am so amazed.i am 39 years old.please I need an urgent advice or answer thank you

    • Hi Christa,

      I am sorry I just don’t have enough information about you to say what may be helpful. Did your doctor give you a reason for your severe hormonal imbalance? You may be interested in reading our article about premature ovarian failure. It may help you understand the causes of this and possible supportive options.

      Best Wishes,


  31. HI
    My hubby and I have been trying for almost 7 years. Im 25 and he is 26. We have been trying all different things and nothing seems to work. I have been trying to find out what is the best all natural stuff to take and what can be taken together. I keep coming across your site and i hope you can help me. I take bee pollen 1000mg, royal Jelly 1500mg and Maca2000mg a day all capsules. I wasnt sure if im taking the right amount or if I should change something up by adding something else or taking away. I was also told by someone that taking maca with vitamin E really helps together. Is this true? I was taking the combo together but I just felt so uncertain about it I thought I should get more info on it. Also I wanted to know what could help my husband best. He takes bee pollen 1000mg, maca 1500mg and vitamin E400. I have been reading differnt things up about the vitamin E that I hope maybe you can help me put some of my uncertainties to rest. I have read that taking it long term is not safe and that the 400ius is too much. Hes taking it for fertility of course. Also how long should we stay on these combos of herbs before taking a break? We also try eating healthy and doing what ever we can the all natural way. We just have hit a road block in ttc and really need some advice.

  32. Hi,
    I am 30 year old female trying to concieve since the last 14 months with no luck. I recently tested my self with a gynae and though my progesterone levels were normal, the other hormone levels indicated I had low follicular reserve. Will Royal jelly help in my case. Wat other natural alternatives do I have since my husband is not keen on assisted methods for pregnancy. I am currently taking folic acid, omega 3 and vitamin C

  33. Can Royal Jelly be taken with the Fertility Cleanse & FallopianWise Kits? Thanks so much!

  34. Hi. After TTC for almost 5 yrs, I have taken the natural route. I have done IUI’s and IVF’s, all with no luck. I have PCOS. After researching long and hard, these are the supplements I have come up with; royal jelly, vitex,chromium, fennel seeds,evening primrose oil and baby aspirin. What do you think of these combos? I am also doing really healthy eating. Thanks!

  35. I have been taking multivitamins for her and fish oil with omega 3 for 3 months. Should I take royal jelly along with these vitamins? I don’t have any honey allerge. I have a cycle of 31-32 days and it lasts for 3days. If I start taking royal gelly, how long should I take to have optimum results for conceiving ?


    • Hi Kammy,

      Honestly there is no way for me to know if you should take royal jelly or not. Royal Jelly is an excellent super food, aiding in overall hormonal balance, supporting optimal fertility health and protecting the body from xenohormones. It is up to you to decide if this supplement may be helpful for your situation or not. In general royal jelly may be best used for 3-6 months in preparation for pregnancy.

      Best Wishes,


  36. Hi,
    So I have heard of Royal Jelly and decided to use it this past weekend. I am just getting comfortable with the taste but it’s worth the possible benefit it will have. I also have PCOS (irregular periods), and taking metaformin.My husband and I are TTC naturally before making the decision to go further with any other treatments. Will the Royal Jelly and metaformin be okay to take? Also could you recommend any other natural herbs and the best multi-vitamin.


  37. Hi,

    I would like to know what herbs are best suited for a 40 yo lady whose progesterone is more on the low-mid scale, and a low AMH. Specifically I am interested in Maca, L-Arginine, Spirulina, CoQ10, Vitex and essential oils. I have done the fertility cleanse for two months as my periods average 23 days., and am taking Wobenzyme together with Spirulina, Chorella and Barley grass, plus Maca, L-Arginine. I have no children yet my husband was diagnosed with sperm count of 3 mil (reason for further separation issues although I hope to get back together and consider IUI or IVF). I also use only organic cosmetics and have eliminated all harsh chemicals in the brands I use.
    Could you please assist.


  38. Hi there,

    Is it ok to take royal jelly right through the cycle without a break? I am not sure with certain supplements if I should only take them up to ovualtion and then stop incase of pregnancy? (I have unexplained infertility) if you could advise me whether I can take this all the time upto a BFP? that would be great! also the same question for:
    Maca capsules (500mg twice a day)
    L arginine

    • Clare,
      All those are fine to take all month long. The maca I would stop during your period and begin again once bleeding stops. Once you suspect you are pregnant you would stop using the supplements and herbs.

  39. i have pcos,can i take maca and royal jelly as food supplement at the same time?

  40. Is Royal Jelly safe to take while nursing?

    • Hi Ashley,

      Some women choose to use royal jelly while breastfeeding, but this should only be done so if you know you do not have a history of bee allergy on both sides of the baby’s family. Consuming bee products while pregnant and breastfeeding, when there is a history of bee allergy on either side of baby’s family, has been shown in rare cases to have sensitizing agents, that may lead to the development of bee allergy.

      All the best,



    • Hi Joanetta,

      Vitex is an herb that needs to be taken consistently for at least 6-12 months consistently to achieve desired results. It may be that you gave up on your herbal plan too soon. It may also be that your body is still adjusting; trying how to function on its own without being “told” what to do my the hormones in the birth control. It is a good sign you have gotten your period back, but it would be good to know if you are ovulating for sure. Sometimes it can be very difficult to pin point ovulation with OPK’s alone. I urge you to learn other ways of charting. Combining other methods of charting with OPK may help you to determine if and when you are ovulating. Check out our new Fertility Charting Guide! Something else that comes to mind is that for some methods like the Implant or Depo-Provera, some women do not get their menstrual cycle at all and it seems that these women have a harder time getting their menstrual cycles to come back. These two forms of birth control are very strong, and may be affecting your ovulation! You can learn how the Implant affects your body and the best ways to bring your body back into balance by reading our article at this link: http://natural-fertility-info.com/birth-control-fertility.html

      I hope you have gotten some good news from your doctor!


  42. hi Dalene

    how long does it take to pregnant after the fertility cleansing?

    • Hi Peepa,

      The Fertility Cleanse in general is a great way for anyone who is experiencing fertility challenges to create a foundation for hormonal balance and a healthy uterus for implantation. Fertility Cleansing creates a “clean slate” within the body that helps the body to respond and utilize other natural remedies better. It is not a “cure all”, and there is no way to know if you will become pregnant or not. No one can know for sure who will go on to have a successful pregnancy or not. I cannot stress enough the importance of thoughtful preparation for pregnancy. Fertility Cleansing prior to pregnancy is one of the best ways to prepare your body for healthy conception. Cleansing before conception may be one of the last opportunities you have to rid your body of toxins that could be passed onto your baby in utero.

      Best Wishes,


  43. I have been ttc for several months now. I was on a regular 28 day cycle, but have since had some annovulatory cycles. One thing I am noticing is that my bbt temps are low (around 97.2) consistently, and my body is acting as if it is approaching ovulation (creamy cm), but no thermal shift. I have been taking 400-800 mg of Vitex daily (along with Maca), but recently stopped because I thought that it might be suppressing the ovulation. I’m confused because my temps aren’t bouncing around but are consistently low. I was thinking of using some natural progesterone creme to jump start my cycle, but have concerns that it will just suppress ovulation. I am wondering if my lack of ovulation is more due to lack of progesterone (which might explain the lower bbt’s) or could be a livers issue. Prior to this my cycles were regular, but periods were on the scantier side. Not sure I should just continue with Vitex, do a liver cleanse to see if this brings on a period, start using Progesterone cream, or take the Provera that my doctor presribed. I’d prefer a natural route, but I’m getting inpatient!

    • Hi Cara,

      Have you had your progesterone levels tested? If not, it may be worth looking into. We do not suggest using natural progesterone cream without knowing if in fact you have progesterone deficiency. If you had regular menstrual cycles, that were consistent and you know you regularly ovulated, then Vitex may not be a good choice. I have seen women choose Vitex, women with regular cycles, and then the vitex threw the cycle off. Vitex is not an herb for women with regular ovulation and perfectly timed cycles. I am not sure why you chose Vitex. Otherwise I am not sure why your cycles have suddenly become so irregular. Dong Quai is an herb that is more specific to women who have light, scanty periods.

      Best Wishes,


  44. Hello,

    I have been trying to conceive from past 1.5 yrs with no luck, I have PCOS but my periods are not that irregular. I don’t know when i ovulate. I tried charting my temperature but sometimes its so hard to figure it out. I was taking Metaformin 1500 and clomid (2 cycles) but no luck.
    After lot of research I thought i should start Royal jelly (750mg) with Maca and Folic acid (400mcg). Is it ok to add vitex with Royal jelly, Maca and folic acid? I am 24. Me and my husband both are active.


    • Hi Sindy,

      Yes, all of those have been shown safe to use at the same time. Don’t give up on charting yet! We have a great group of women that chart at our Natural Fertility Community! They can offer guidance, support and recommendations! Some of them have PCOS like you. If you feel you don’t know how to chart that well, please consider joining a fertility charting website like Fertility Friend.

      All the best,


  45. Hi there – I just stumbled upon this website. I am 45 & have been on birth control pills for a long time (almost 20 yrs). My question is a bit diff than most I see here; I am not looking to get pregnant but but someone recommended Royal Jelly as opposed to a calcium supplement. My question is, will taking this interfere/interact with birth control pills & make them less effective?! I also have high cholesterol (but not on any medication). Would that be of issue? Thx so much!

    • Hi JK,

      Royal Jelly contains ample levels of calcium and iron, but should not be relied on alone to supply calcium in the diet. Additional herbs could be considered in combination with RJ, like Red Clover and Nettles, both of which contain high levels of easily absorbed calcium. We do not recommend using herbs and supplements for fertility while on birth control. High cholesterol should not be an issue with these supplements.

      All the best,


  46. Hello, After 20 months TTC I have been taking 2000mg of Royal Jelly / bee pollen for three months now. This month I became pregnant. I am now starting my 5th week of pregnancy. I am concerned about continuing this remedy in the instance that there may be a small chance that my unborn child may have allergies. Is there any evidence that this is safe to continue through pregnancy and if you do have an unborn child that would be born with allergies if it could somehow hurt the unborn child? I do not want to continue it if it is at all possible. I however also don’t want to just stop taking it if that could cause problems to the pregnancy as well? Also I am not sure on Red Raspberry Leaf. I am in a dillema. I starting taking wo RRL pills daily which comes to a dosage of about 960mg of RRL. I read it could help tone the uterus since there was some evidence I may have had some issues there. My FIRST month of trying RRL I ended up pregnant. Entering my 5th week of pregnancy I am uneasy about continuing it now for fear that it could actually in some way induce miscarriage but I am unsure if it is safe to suddenly stop it. I was wondering if there is any true evidence to it being unsafe/related to miscarriage at this stage in the first trimester at the dose I am taking. Also do you know if it would be safe to just stop it or perhaps drop down to one pill (half of the 960) for like a week than stop it? I would prefer to ween off of it and than restart it in the third trimester if there is any risk in continuing to take it now but I want to be sure that it is safe to stop it. Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Lillou,

      If you have no reason to be concerned about bee allergy (both sides, mother and father have not bee allergy history), then you should be fine. The reason we advise not to continue it into pregnancy is because there is little research to confirm its safety for use, especially high amounts consumed in pregnancy. But many women eat royal jelly and bee propolis throughout pregnancy. You may want to ask your doctor about it, and not stop unless you are advised to do so.

      As for raspberry leaf, if you have not noticed any spotting, contractions or pain, you are probably fine to continue on with this. Again talk to your doctor about this. Raspberry leaf is a very gentle herb, but in some women with a weak uterus or history of miscarriage, it has in very rare cases caused spotting in the first trimester. I have never heard of it causing miscarriage. If the pregnancy is healthy and strong you would be fine to stop taking it, or continue on with the approval of your doctor/midwife. Honestly there is little risk with raspberry leaf. It is an extremely nutritive herb, but for liability reasons we must put a caution.

      Congratulations! May you continue to have a healthy pregnancy!


  47. I’ve heard good things about royal jelly and fertility. I’ve never been stung by a bee so I don’t know if I’m allergic or not. I’m not allergic to honey for sure. What do you suggest? I would hate to take it and have a bad allergic reaction.

  48. Dear Dalene,

    My husband and i have been trying for a baby for 3 years now without any success. I did 5 IVF and 2 IUI but nothing worked. I was diagnosed with endometriosis but have absolutely no symptoms except a chocolate cyst on my left ovary. I tried Vitex as well as Macca and did a hormone test on day 2 of my cycle and got FSH: 7 and LH 11.7. My doc told me my LH is high and he told me i might need to take the pill to bring it back down but i really dont want to take anymore meds. Could Vitex and Macca be the reason my LH is high. I would really appreciate your feedback on this issue coz im desperate and donno what to do should I stop Vitex/Macca r should i continue taking it.



    • Hi Reem,

      We do not recommend getting hormonal testing done while using herbs for fertility. Vitex may acutually cause hormonal testing results to come out differently than if you were not using it. It is best to get testing done while not using any herbs for fertility. That way you have a reference point of how your body is functioning on its own. If you think these herbs are altering your hormone levels negatively, the best thing would be to discontinue using them. Get hormone testing done then. After you get your results you will be able to better determine which fertility herbs, if any may be needed to help support hormonal balance.

      If you feel completely lost, but would still like to use natural remedies, you may want to consider a Natural Fertility Consultation.

      Best Wishes,