Fertility Super Food – Royal Jelly

Fertility Super Food – Royal Jelly

While there are a number of different “superfoods” that have proven to be highly effective at helping with fertility, Royal Jelly is more than likely the reigning King…or Queen of the bunch. This nutrient dense substance is a secretion that comes from glands in young worker bees, and is used to not only create a queen bee for procreation, but is also fed to honey bee larvae to provide them with optimal health and growth.

Royal Jelly is rich in amino acids, lipids, sugars, vitamins, and most importantly, proteins. It contains high levels of vitamins D and E, and also has ample levels of iron and calcium. As all of these are essential to proper health and organ function, it is very easy to see how Royal Jelly can help with in assisting with fertility.

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Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is the main food source for bee larva in the first 3 days of their development. One larva that is to be the Queen Bee is fed only royal jelly its entire life. This exclusive feeding triggers the full development of her ovaries which are needed to create the millions of eggs she will lay in her lifetime. The Queen matures in 5 days and weighs double that of a worker bee. A worker bee only lives to be 30-45 days old, but the Queen bee lives to be 5 to 6 years old. The queen also lays around 250,000 eggs in one season and in peak season she may lay up to 2000 eggs a day. This may have something to do with the extremely high nutritional content of the Royal Jelly which is this Queen’s exclusive diet.

Royal Jelly is rich in amino acids (29 to be exact), lipids, sugars, some vitamins, fatty acids and most importantly, proteins. It contains ample levels of iron and calcium. Royal Jelly also contains acetylcholine, which is needed to transmit nerve messages from cell to cell. Regular consumption of high-quality Royal Jelly has been shown to help balance hormones. This makes it beneficial to those individuals that suffer from a hormonal imbalance, as it helps to provide support to the endocrine system. It may also help with problems that are related to hormonal imbalance. A study done in Japan and published in 2007 shows that Royal Jelly has the propensity to mimic human estrogen, which may help those that suffer from low estrogen levels. Estrogen is essential for healthy bone formation and healthy gene expression, and is vital for a healthy menstrual cycle. This study also showed potential for increased size of uterine cells in the rats studied. While there may need to be more studies done to show full potential of Royal Jelly consumption on uterine health this is exciting potential for women with weak uterine muscles or thin uterine lining due to long-term hormonal birth control use.

Royal Jelly may be beneficial for the following:

  • To increase libido
  • Support egg and sperm health
  • Diminish and reduce the signs of aging
  • To reduce inflammation caused by illness or injury
  • To naturally boost the body’s immune system

Making Informed Decisions When Choosing Bee Products

Be sure that you are choosing high quality products from a reputable source. This is very important not only to you, but to the health of the bees. As you may well know bees are rapidly declining and much of this is thought to be linked to environmental pollution. Choose to support organic, free-range, biodynamic farming and bee keeping practices when possible. Your choices make a difference!

Take the time to learn more about bees and how the sustain our food chain, without them we might perish. There are some great documentaries out there on Colony Collapse Disorder, the lives of bees and how they are on the brink of total collapse. Please keep in mind their vital role in our daily lives!

Our Natural Fertility Shop carries a premium choice of Royal Jelly which is pure Royal Jelly freeze dried to maintain quality. We also carry Alive Bee Power which contains a wonderful blend of these 3 bee products as well as some immune boosting herbs. This company has been certified organic since 1995.

How and When To Take Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly comes in either capsules or in a semi-liquid state. Be sure to follow instructions for use on the label of the product you have purchased. For general information on suggested use, see below…

Traditional Suggested Use:
The traditional suggested use of Royal Jelly is 500 – 3000mg of pure royal jelly per day, taken in 2 -3 separate doses throughout the day.

Royal Jelly is best taken between meals. Royal Jelly is fine to take all month long.

Important Caution

It is extremely important to note that if you are allergic to bees or honey you should avoid all bee products. Side affects and reactions can include minor to severe skin irritations, difficulty breathing or even anaphylactic shock. If you begin to develop a reaction to any of these products discontinue use immediately. Do not feed to infants under 1 year of age. Do not use bee products during pregnancy if either side of your family or the father’s family has a history of bee allergy as this may affect the baby.

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  1. Hi. I have a question. I’m trying to get pregnant. I ordered some of the Alive Royal Jelly, and am excited to take it. I am currently taking GABA for adrenal health. Would the GABA interfere with the royal jelly, should I stop taking it? Thanks so much.

  2. Does Royal Jelly include CoQ10? What is the difference between Wellwoman , Wellwoman 70s, Biotin and Royal Jelly? What is the relationship between them and CoQ10?

    • Hello Zeinab!

      Royal Jelly does not contain CoQ10. Royal Jelly is nutrient-dense food on which a Queen Bee lives. Consider learning about this Fertility Super Food – Royal Jelly. CoQ10 Ubiqionol is an antioxidant that has been shown to protect cells from oxidative stress. This enzyme in every cell of the body and helps the cells produce the energy the body needs for cell growth and maintenance.

      It is my knowledge that Wellwoman is a women’s multivitamin and Wellwomen 70+ is a women’s multivitamin for senior women/women over the age of 70. Biotin is a B Vitamin involved in the synthesis of fatty acids and glucose.

      Each of the supplements you have asked about have very different health and fertility benefits.

  3. Hello,
    Are Royal Jelly and Vitex safe to take while pregnant? If not, should they be stopped when trying to conceive since you don’t you are pregnant for a few weeks weeks after implantation??

  4. Hello, I started taking royal jelly last month and now I am going to start taking Vitex. I also take a multivitamin, omega 3 and ubiquinol on a daily basis. Because I am taking all these supplements, I just would like to know if I can take Royal Jelly and Vitex at the same time? I am 38 and suffer from poor ovarian reserve and luteal phase defect, I am looking after myself the best I can in order to conceive naturally. I did your fertility cleanse last month and felt very good, I even lost a bit of weight. I would appreciate it very much if you could reply to this question and also give me general advice, thanks so much to you and all the team of this website, you are a great help!!!

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Rose!

      Yes Fertilica Royal Jellly and Fertilica Vitex can be taken at the same time.

      Best wishes!