Xenohormones: Causing a Hormone Imbalance Epidemic

Xenohormones: Causing a Hormone Imbalance Epidemic

Is your fertility being affected by xenohormones?

Xenohormones are substances not found in nature that have hormonal effects on the body. They have an estrogenic effect on both the male and female bodies causing a progesterone deficiency. These toxic substances are easily absorbed through the skin and build up in the body over time.

We come into contact with xenohormones on a daily bases. Once you know where and what they are you can avoid them or not use products that contain them. There has been extensive research on the connection between xenohormones and hormone disruption, which leads us to fertility issues and imbalances. 

I wrote this article to bring you to awareness so you can avoid these substances, especially when you are preparing for pregnancy and are pregnant; they need to be avoided at all costs.

How xenohormones have an estrogenic effect :

  • They combine with estrogen receptor sites and activate the estrogenic action
  • They induce the formation of extra estrogen receptor sites
  • Inhibit the ability of the liver to excrete estrogens
  • Common sources of xenohormones

    -Solvents and adhesives – These enter the body easily and can be found in paint/varnish, nail polish and in dry cleaning. Solvents can damage a developing fetus and should be strongly avoided by pregnant women, in any amount.

    -Car exhaust

    -Almost all plastics

    -Meat from conventionally raised livestock (non-organic)- They feed them estrogenic drugs to fatten them up

    -Petrochemically derived pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides

    -Emulsifiers found in soaps and cosmetics

    -PCD’s from industrial waste

    NOTE: You can absorb xenohormones by ingestion, inhalation and direct skin contact.

    What you can do…

    1.Stop using pesticides of all sorts, bug sprays, lawn sprays. – Instead use organic treatments for your lawn and garden, and natural bug sprays made with essential oils

    2. Eat organic, especially your meats, dairy and coffee.

    3. Avoid exposure to solvents, plastics, cosmetics, and soaps made with petrochemical based emulsifiers – a.k.a. mineral oil. Switch to a skin care line that is safe and pure

    4. Do not use mineral oil products on your body. Mineral oil is made from crude oil (the same stuff we make motor oil, gasoline, and plastics out of) and is like putting plastic on your skin.

    5. Do not microwave your food in plastic. This will release the xenohormones into your food

    6. Stop wearing polyester clothing (it is made out of plastic).

    7. Do not use air fresheners, fabric softeners, fake wood paneling when building a house. A healthy alternative would be using air fresheners that are made with essential oils.

    8. Don’t use spermicide.

    9. Avoid all synthetic sex hormones.

    10. Use natural feminine care products. Feminine care products contain rayon, polyester, propylene, polyethylene and fiber finishes.

    Natural Alternatives for Xenohormone Exposure/Estrogen Dominance

  • Progesterone Cream helps to balance the estrogen dominance by balancing the hormone levels. Learn more about using natural progesterone here.
  • The Fertility Cleanse- aids the body in eliminating excess estrogens and toxins in preparation for conception.
  • DIM stands for diindolymethane. DIM balances the hormones and aids in the breakdown of excess estrogen.