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Fertility Q&A: How Do I Know Natural Therapies Are Working?

Fertility Q&A: How Do I Know Natural Therapies Are Working?

 Fertility Q&A: How Do I Know Natural Therapies Are Working?If you’re using natural therapies for fertility and wondering how to know they’re working, you’re not alone. For some, feeling or noticing changes can be hard. We’re not always in tune with our bodies enough to notice changes, or may not even know what it means to “be in tune” with the body. Likewise, so many functions happen within the body that we don’t ever feel.

To be completely honest, with natural therapies you need to trust that they are working and believe in their ability to support change and optimal health. If you can trust in the natural therapy(s) you have chosen and be open to a myriad of changes, perhaps even changes you weren’t expecting, that is when it may be possible for you to easily see how they are helping the body return to balance.

Two of the more common fertility health concerns, egg and fallopian tube health, are most frequently asked about. So, I hope that by sharing two recent questions we’ve received, that you feel confident in your choices and motivated to stick to your program for at least three consecutive months while trying all that you can to naturally support your fertility health.

1. Q: “When using the castor oil pack to help remove tissue scared from fallopian tube that is blocked, how do you know that it is working?”

A: Given the small size of a fallopian tube and how delicate these organs are, it is very rare to feel them or their actions. In fact, I don’t know a woman who can. So, it is understandable to wonder how to know if natural therapies are supporting the health of these organs. Castor Oil Therapy is but one part of a natural fertility program to support healthy fallopian tube function. We do not rely upon this therapy alone for support. That said, it is known to be effective!

In terms of knowing if this therapy is supporting fallopian tube health specifically, a follow-up hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is perhaps just one of two ways to know for sure, natural conception would be the other. One may also notice other changes (not limited to); increased circulation to the reproductive organs that can be “felt or experienced” as regulation of menstruation or the menstrual cycle, increased energy or circulation (some are able to feel this as increased warmth), changes in bowel movements, etc.

2. Q: “If I have improved my egg health, how will I know and the signs of the egg has improved in health.”

Great question!

It’s important to remember that all that is being done to improve egg health naturally is supporting the entire body in its normal functions and is supporting the body on a cellular level. Most of us won’t feel cells respond to nutrients. Eggs are cells!

Common ways some women have shared they know natural therapies are working are that they see a shift in their menstrual cycle, experience relief from occasional menstrual cramps or PMS, see an improvement in skin health, improved cervical mucus production and/or feel a shift in libido, energy levels and mood. While egg health may be the focus, these are all wonderful signs of natural therapies working.

With that, we hope the #1 sign that your efforts to improve egg health worked is conception, and a healthy pregnancy and baby (as well as all of those other benefits mentioned earlier), whether natural or through IVF.

The egg health program is beneficial to overall health no matter the path to parenthood you choose. Even something as seemingly insignificant as improved energy throughout the day is considered a really good sign!

Trust Your Choices and The Process

Many women wonder what signs to look for to know that the natural fertility program is working. Every woman is unique, some say they feel no different, where others report experiencing different, yet normal signs of the body responding. Just because someone isn’t “feeling” any different doesn’t mean that natural therapies aren’t working. Trust me!

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