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Coping With Fertility Emotions When Older & Wanting to Conceive

Coping With Fertility Emotions When Older & Wanting to Conceive

What Is Your #1 Fertility Concern? We frequently ask this question across our social media platforms and each and every time, many women share that their #1 fertility concern is age; “my age”, “haven’t had any success in getting pregnant…almost giving up. I’m almost 47”, “Being 40”… We can’t dispute the facts about the impact of aging on fertility, we can help you through the emotions of this journey!

It’s universally known that many couples are waiting longer to conceive than in centuries past. Yet, what lacks is a true realization of how discouraging the medical community can be about this choice when older and trying to conceive. This can cause and contribute to physical and emotional distress.

Perhaps more troubling than feeling “too old”, is the lack of recognition by the medical community that the specific thoughts women repeatedly tell themselves during their struggle can lead the body to believe these very thoughts and hinder efforts to heal, stay well, or achieve fertility success.

You may not know this, but emotions that are not regularly released get stuck and are stored in our energy fields and tissues. The body creates and holds onto stress hormones when emotions are suppressed. These stuck emotions may then lead to imbalances, impair healthy organ function and can contribute to infertility. For example, grief and bereavement settle in and bring sadness to a woman’s heart, uterus and ovaries. Fear and anxiety can harm the kidneys and urinary tract and are believed to inhibit male and female sexual function and sexual desire.

So, it is very important to work to reframe the fear, doubt, anger, sadness, disbelief, guilt and shame that often feel inescapable. Learning to channel your energy and control your thoughts so that you can eliminate unnecessary feelings, emotions and not cause yourself undue distress will help you experience:

  • clearer, more rational thinking
  • empowerment on your journey
  • a greater sense of control over your emotions and stress levels
  • the ability to be open to, accept and consider all the options and choices to boost your fertility
  • ease in making positive decisions to move you forward towards your fertility goals
  • the ability to stay positively focused on continuing to try to conceive longer without feeling like giving up
  • knowing when to seek support if you need it

Take Control Of Your Thoughts & Emotions

This is an extensive list of tools to learn about. They may not all be for you and that is just fine. My hope is that in sharing of all of these tools, something will resonate with you and be useful as often as you need it.

Do All That You Can!

Beyond working on your emotional health, consider putting all the rest of your energy into doing all that you can to boost your fertility health. There may be many ways to do this and programs to follow, that could include:

  • naturally supporting egg health and/or sperm health
  • addressing a specific fertility health issue
  • creating your fertility team, including both natural and medical professionals
  • integrative treatment options and natural therapies like flower essences, essential oils, fertility massage, exercise (fertility yoga), Acupuncture, Chiropractic care, etc.

A quote that I came across that I think will resonate with you:

“Try to remember who you were before infertility. Find her or him again and remember to continue seeking her or him out whenever the darkness starts to take over.”

… AND keep moving forward using all the tools you have!

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