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Ease Stress With Mind-Body Programs For The Two-Week Wait

Ease Stress With Mind-Body Programs For The Two-Week Wait

Ease Stress With Mind-Body Programs For The Two-Week WaitThe two-week wait is an exciting, emotional time for anyone with a fertility concern. Waiting to learn if you are pregnant may feel a little crazy. You probably obsess about your body’s every twinge, wondering if you’re pregnant. You may feel anxiety that you won’t become pregnant or that your body will be unable to carry a pregnancy. You may feel mixed emotions about being hopeful. If you’re going through this experience, it’s a good time to take extra good care of yourself, work to ease stress and try to relax.

Mind-body therapies decrease stress and promote relaxation during the entire fertility journey, even your two-week wait. They can be incorporated at any point during a fertility program, but are especially ideal while you wait to hear your news.

  • They are gentle, but effective.
  • They come without lists of interactions, side effects or concerns for a possible pregnancy.
  • They are often free or low-cost.
  • They help you take an active role in easing your worries and decreasing anxiety.

Mind-body therapies help you eliminate negative distractions and focus on your goal: normal implantation, balanced hormones and ultimately, a healthy, happy pregnancy.

Top Mind-Body Programs for the Two-Week Wait

1. Guided Imagery: Guided Imagery, along with meditation, encourages full, deep relaxation, and can target specific fertility issues.

Circle+Bloom uses Guided Imagery, and is endorsed by many medical professionals including IVF clinics. Circle+Bloom audio programs are based on scientific research, which demonstrates the negative effects stress has on fertility. Their programs utilize therapeutic visualizations and emotional awareness exercises to support you as you walk through your fertility journey.

Here are a few Circle+Bloom programs to consider:

  • For women working with natural or medical therapies, Circle+Bloom offers a Natural Cycle For Fertility Mind-Body Program. This program is designed to help you use the power of your mind to encourage normal ovulation, fertilization, and healthy implantation and pregnancy.
  • If you’re beginning IVF or IUI, Circle+Bloom’s IVF and IUI Mind-Body Program supports you through the entire process. It incorporates special visualizations to support normal implantation, healthy progesterone levels and acceptance of the embryo.
  • If you’re planning for FET, Circle+Bloom’s Frozen Embryo Transfer Mind-Body Program helps you take an active role in reducing the anxiety and stress associated with preparing for the procedure and waiting for your results.

2. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique): EFT uses an acupressure tapping method to decrease stress that may come up during your two-week wait. Are you concerned about miscarriage? Are you fearful about the success of your Fertility Program? You can use EFT to reset your thinking and calm anxiety fast.

EFT is based on the theory that negative emotions result from disruptions in the body’s energy system. EFT helps to remove psychological blocks to a fertility issue and redirect anxiety from past traumas. EFT can be done anywhere and often works quickly. You can work with an EFT practitioner or learn to perform the tapping method yourself.

3. Positive Affirmations: Positive affirmations can increase your self-confidence and help you let go of negative thinking patterns during the two-week wait. It’s easy to get unconsciously caught up in negative self-talk. Sometimes, we do this as a coping method so we won’t become disappointed. Yet, negative thinking does not serve our health, fertility, or our lives.

Focus on positive thoughts to create shifts in your fertility and entire well being. Here are a few examples of affirmations to practice daily during your two-week wait: I am on the right path. I am nourished, healthy and fertile. I am ready to embrace a fertile future.

Harness the Power of Your Mind

Harness the power of your mind! Mind-body therapies encourage positive thinking to bring about real change in the body. Mind-body therapies are easy to fit into most people’s lifestyles and can be practiced daily. Use the Mind-body therapies in this article to take special care of yourself during the two-week wait. Remember to reach out to us if you need support any time during the process. We are here for you to walk with you towards your happy, fertile future!


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