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Video: Progesterone and Fertility Q&A

Video: Progesterone and Fertility Q&A

Progesterone and Fertility Q&A

Progesterone is a key hormone for fertility. One of the main actions of progesterone is to help to support a developing embryo. Vitex has undergone numerous studies that have shown its ability to help restore normal progesterone levels. This Q&A shares some of the common questions we receive about progesterone, Vitex, and much more. This video was shared live! Download the Instagram App to watch our live broadcasts!

1. Q: I am taking Maca, CoQ10 and Vitex. Once pregnancy is achieved, what do I stop?

A: Once you are pregnant, we suggest weaning off Vitex. CoQ10 can be continued into pregnancy, though it is not necessarily needed then. In Peru and Equador, Maca is something that is very normal and not necessarily considered a supplement there, however, maca should be discontinued since it has not been tested into pregnancy. It is best to talk with your doctor or herbalist if you want to continue it. It is generally best to focus on specific nourishing herbs and foods that are fine to consume throughout pregnancy.

2. Q: What is good to increase progesterone other than cream?

A: Vitex is something to do more research on. It is fantastic at helping to promote balanced healthy levels of progesterone in the body, because it helps to support the pituitary gland. This gland’s job is to communicate to the body how much/when/what hormones to release.

3. Q: Is it safe to take progesterone cream with vitex?

A: Yes, it is fine. However, I really like working with Vitex first and seeing how that goes, and then moving to progesterone cream if it is needed.

4. Q: What about Red Raspberry Leaf and Nettles into pregnancy with a history of multiple miscarriages?

A: I don’t t suggest using these herbs at all when you’ve had multiple miscarriages. Red Raspberry leaf helps to support and tonify the uterus. With recurrent miscarriages, you do not want to overstimulate the uterus. You might want to look into the herbal formula UteriCalm that is a calming and nourishing herbal blend for the uterus that does not contain Red Raspberry leaf.

In a normal, every day pregnancy, Red Raspberry leaf is a fantastic nourishing herb.

5. Q: Are progesterone shots safe and how long should they be taken?

A: It depends on how you feel about them and how they are working for you. If you are working with a healthcare practitioner because you have low progesterone, follow their protocol since they are testing and monitoring you.

The positives about progesterone shots:

  • you are being monitored by a medical professional
  • you know the exact dosage being given
  • generally the dosage is very high which you cannot get from natural products

When using natural therapies to help promote progesterone, it is a much different approach, as shots are much stronger. If you have had previous miscarriages, or there is a specific reason that you need such a high dose, work with your doctor because sustaining a healthy pregnancy is going to be more important than my answer.

6. Q: Anything you can recommend for women in their forties?

A: One of the things to focus on is egg health. The reason is that as we age, over the years, the eggs we are born with are exposed to a number of different things (toxins and free radicals). There are natural therapies that can help support the environment the eggs are in and the nutrients they receive from the body when they are preparing and maturing for ovulation.

Go to where you will receive a step-by-step, three-month program – a free guide – on how to support egg health and improve chances as you age. Additionally, know your cycles and when you are ovulating.

7. Q: My second IUI has failed. Any tips on preparing for an un-medicated IUI?

A: I would suggest our IVF preparation tips because it is as important when preparing for IUI to prepare your uterine lining, supporting egg health and increasing circulation to the uterus. If you go to there will be a free guide explaining the steps to take when preparing for fertility treatments. All of these steps would be completed before treatment starts.

8. Q: I am having some digestive issues, can that affect my chances of pregnancy?

A: I do not think that digestive issues would have a direct impact, but they might have an impact on the ability to absorb nutrients, so then there could possibly be nutritional deficiencies. You definitely want to have healthy digestion, focus in on and address it. Think about what kind of food is causing the digestive issues.

9. Q: Do you recommend the Fertility Cleanse as a next step after using Clomid for five months?

A: Possibly. That is a very long time to be on Clomid. It is hard to know the next best steps, since we do not know your health history. I suggest booking a Fertility Consultation with us, so that we can figure out why you are not ovulating, take a look at your diet, and what other possible imbalances there may be. We can totally work with you to create a program.

10. Q: I have been on Vitex for three months or so but still no period. I have PCOS. Any suggestions? I also struggle with saying no to sweets.

A: Vitex is not necessarily a go-to for helping to promote the return of a period. We’d need to know more about you and what’s going on. Why has menstruation stopped? How long have you not had a period? Were you on birth control before that? What is your diet like? There is not a specific herb I would say to take, because there are a lot of reasons for an absent period. Not having a period is one sign from the body that something is going on.

Knowing why you are not having a period is step one. Vitex may be helpful, but when it comes to PCOS and getting menstruation back there is much more to consider. Are you taking steps to help with insulin resistance? Helping to balance insulin resistance and control through diet is very important and effective. An unfortunate side effect of PCOS is that there is a higher rate of miscarriage that happens due to hormonal imbalance that is caused from insulin resistance.

In terms of sweets, it’s not just about stopping eating them, but also about moving away from soda, processed foods, white bread, white pasta. Focus on eating more fresh, whole foods, whole grains and lots of fiber.

11. Q: My testosterone levels are elevated on my test results.

A: Even though testosterone is the only thing that is elevated on your test, that is going to affect all the other hormonal levels, such as progesterone. Do some research on an herb called Saw Palmetto that is known to help the body metabolize excess androgens (male hormones like testosterone). My formulation called Harmonize is something that helps when there is too much testosterone or too many androgen hormones in the system. If your diet is not spot on, herbs are going to help, but they are not going to be everything needed.

12. Q: What about magnesium for fertility?

A: I think magnesium is good. I use it to help me sleep. Our guide Magnesium – This Overlooked Mineral Delivers Incredible Fertility Benefits will help you understanding the role magnesium plays in achieving optimal fertility and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

13. Q: Should I stop taking Vitex and just use Saw Palmetto?

A: I do not know enough about your background to tell you that. [Neither herb alone is the answer to helping the body find balance with PCOS] These herbs work differently. Saw Palmetto is going to help with excess androgens. Vitex is going to support the body to get back to or maintain healthy and normal progesterone levels. With that information, you can decide for yourself what you think is best. These herbs are used together very often.

In closing…
We know that many would love to hear a black and white answer to their questions, but there often aren’t. We are here to support you, but also to educate and empower you to make natural fertility health choices. We empower you to listen to your intuition, to listen to your body and become in tune with what’s going on within your body. This is one way, along with educating yourself, that you’ll know what’s best for your needs.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions, not a one are silly! You may even hear it on a future live Q&A. We hope this is helpful!

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