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Fertility Q&A: Vitex + Maca + Cleanse?

Fertility Q&A: Vitex + Maca + Cleanse?

1. Q: Hello, I am considering the Fertility Cleanse, along with taking Vitex and Maca
together, is this safe or should I wait until after the cleanse? Also do you think the cleanse would be the best product to start after 4 years of using Birth Control Pills to have a period?

A: We do NOT recommend using Vitex with the Fertility Cleanse Kit. Vitex is best taken after the Fertility Cleanse is over. Maca has been shown safe to use with the Fertility Cleanse, as it is a superfood. We have found that Maca actually supports the body through the cleansing process, providing support for stress, while nourishing the endocrine system through hormonal changes.

The Fertility Cleanse Kit may be one of the best ways to begin your Natural Fertility Journey after prolonged birth control use. In general, it is a great way for anyone who is experiencing fertility challenges to create a foundation for hormonal balance and a healthy uterus for implantation. Fertility Cleansing creates a “clean slate” within the body that helps the body to respond and utilize other natural remedies better. To learn the best ways to help get your menstrual cycle to regulate and your body cleansed and nourished after years of birth control use, please read our article on the subject at this link:

2. Q: I purchased the Fertility Cleanse Kit and only did Phase I. I did not get to start on Phase II. Do I need to purchase another kit and start over?

A: If you had to stop after phase 1 because you began your period, you can begin the phase 2 uterine cleanse products when your period ends on your next cycle. So, you would use the Conceptions Tea and the Women’s Best Friend from after your period ends until day 17 if you are not trying to conceive. If you are trying to conceive stop the products on day 12-13 (ovulation).

3. Q: I have long cycles, and have been TTC. I ordered several of your products through Amazon. Last cycle, I didn’t ovulate until cycle day 30, and then after my temp rose, I started using the progesterone cream. I had a 14-day luteal phase. I plan to take this cycle off, as I’m ovulating late and I think that’s effecting egg health, etc. I’m a bit confused about when to start using the cream. According to the video, you have I should start at day 12, but if I haven’t ovulated won’t that prevent ovulation? As I’m planning to skip this cycle of TTC to get my cycles hopefully shorter, should I take progesterone cream on day 12 and on, or should I take it all cycle? What would be the best way to shorten my cycles with this cream? I’m not going to TTC this month.

A: Are you sure that you need to use progesterone cream? Have you had your progesterone levels tested and have you been diagnosed with any fertility issues? Knowing the answers to these questions would be helpful for me to understand what may be going on in your body. If your only issue is really long cycles, but you know you are ovulating, you may want to learn about the herb Vitex. Vitex is specific to helping the body by regulating timing of ovulation. Vitex increases luteinizing hormone production while mildly inhibiting the release of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). This indirectly boosts progesterone production and chances of achieving and maintaining a successful pregnancy. Vitex has been found to adapt to a woman’s different needs, helping to shorten long cycles, or extend short ones.

For some women, their bodies respond well to using Vitex alone to help normalize ovulation timing, regulating the length of the entire cycle, and boosting progesterone. Vitex and Natural Progesterone Cream have been found safe to use at the same time. So, for some women, they may find great results with Vitex alone and do not have to use progesterone cream at all.

The general suggested use for Natural Progesterone Cream would be to use it from day 12-26. That is, if you have regular 28-day cycle. A woman who does not have a cycle that is regular may need to use the NPC differently. You would continue to chart your cycle and begin the progesterone cream after ovulation. Now if you have always had irregular long cycles you could consider learning how use the NPC to help create a regular 28-30-day cycle by doing 2-3 suppression cycles like you mentioned. For two to four months, Dr. John Lee had his patients use natural progesterone from days 5 to 26 in the cycle (stopping on day 26 to bring on menstruation). Using the progesterone prior to ovulation effectively suppressed ovulation. After a few months of this, he had them stop progesterone use. If you still have follicles left, they seem to respond to a few months of suppression with enthusiasm — the successful maturation and release of an egg.

4. Q: I am 42 years old and have 5 unsuccessful IVFs behind me (one pregnancy, and generally not enough eggs) done over the last 5 years. I have one daughter, 8 years old, naturally conceived with an easy pregnancy. I have been doing your fertility cleanse for over a month combined with a vitamin program (multi vit, selenium, garlic and vitamin C, nicotinamide) based on a hair analysis from Foresight UK, which shows too much manganese and copper. I have just got my period, which is quite full of old brown blood, and very light. Is this a result of the cleansing? What should I expect?

Please help as I feel very alone. The doctors are not at all helpful with anything to do with herbs and natural cycles.

A: I am sorry to hear of your struggles; it sounds like you have had a long road of disappointment and struggle! You are not alone; many women are in a similar situation. Keep your head up and move forward!

Old brown blood combined with a scanty flow is a sign of uterine stagnation. It sounds like your uterus may need some support to help it cleanse itself. I am glad to hear you have done the Fertility Cleanse as this will help your body to build a healthy foundation for uterine and hormonal health, which will help your body to respond better to other natural remedies. It may be that your uterus needs a little more support. Below are some ideas to help you get started.

The best natural remedies to help improve uterine health are:
1. Walking and Fertility Yoga
2. Self Fertility Massage
3. Dong Quai
4. Red Raspberry Leaf
5. FertiliCare Phase 1 & 2
6. L-Arginine
7. Royal Jelly

To learn more please read our article on this subject called Improve Uterine Health for Fertility, Conception and Implantation.

Another important subject you may want to research would be how to Improve Egg Health in a 90-day time frame.

I know all of this information can seem overwhelming, because of this you may also want to consider a Natural Fertility Consultation. Our email consultations provide you with a written guide to the best natural therapies, herbs and supplements for your unique fertility issues.

5. Q: Hi, My lady was practicing the stomach massage around the pelvic region and she experienced some pains at the two side of the pelvis, I just want to know if this is normal?

A: It is normal at first have some tender areas around the reproductive organs when beginning the Self Fertility Massage. She should not push so hard that it hurts; lightly rub over those areas. If she has ovarian cysts, blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids, she may experience some pain as the body and massage work to loosen tight scarred tissues. When scar tissue and adhesions are present, they may attach organs to muscles or other parts of the body. The Self Fertility Massage may help to loosen and break those up, which may be uncomfortable at first. If the Self Fertility Massage is combined with Castor Oil Packs, which is recommended, this therapy will help to further dissolve the scar tissue and adhesion.

6. Q: Is it ok to use the Fertility Cleanse Kit if I do not have hormonal imbalance? Will it mess up my hormones if I do not have hormonal imbalance? I just had a miscarriage 6 weeks ago, is it ok to begin the Fertility Cleanse Kit now? My body is a little out of its normal routine at the moment.

A: I am sorry for your recent loss. You do not need to have hormonal imbalance to use the Fertility Cleanse Kit. Many women use it to prepare their bodies for conception and pregnancy. Others have used it to keep their fertility healthy. It is a useful tool for anyone who is wanting to keep their hormones balanced, as well as sustain good reproductive health. For women with more severe fertility issues, the Fertility Cleanse Kit is a good way to create a healthy foundation for hormone balance and proper reproductive function. The Fertility Cleanse also helps the body respond better to other natural therapies, herbs and supplements used afterward.

6 weeks post miscarriage is a great time to consider the Fertility Cleanse. Your body should be healed up by now and may respond greatly to the herbal support the Fertility Cleanse provides. The Fertility Cleanse may also help to nudge your body back to a regular cycle, so that you can go on to a healthy pregnancy! Miscarriage is tough, be sure to take all the time you need to mourn and process what you have just been through!

Dr. Christine Traxler M.D., OB/GYN
Dr. Christine Traxler M.D., OB/GYN

Dr. Traxler is a University-trained obstetrician/gynecologist, working with patients in Minnesota for over 20 years. She is a professional medical writer; having authored multiple books on pregnancy and childbirth; textbooks and coursework for medical students and other healthcare providers; and has written over 1000 articles on medical, health, and wellness topics.  Dr. Traxler attended the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences and University of Minnesota Medical School,  earning a degree in biochemistry with summa cum laude honors in 1981,  and receiving her Medical Doctorate degree (MD) in 1986.

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  1. Avatar

    I am 34 years old with no child. I have a question about vitex. I have heard that using vitex may reduce ovary reservation..Is it True? I have low ovary reservation . It is 0.7 . Can I take this herb ?
    Thanks a lot

  2. Avatar

    On 5/1/15 I had my 4th D&C for missed miscarriage. I’m still in my 1st cycle post D&C, though I believe my period is going to start soon. I’ve had longer cycles since my last D&C in 6/2014, so my naturopathic dr. started me on Vitex last year (I stopped while pregnant). I restarted the Vitex 6/1/15 & have been using the tincture every morning since.
    My question is: the post above says not to do the fertility cleanse while on Vitex; however, a response to another woman in the “Prepare for Conception with a Fertility Cleanse” post said it was alright to start this fertility cleanse while taking Vitex provided you had been taking it at least 2 weeks. Could you please clarify? Thanks!

  3. Update 2014 – We are back! We have been away for a while and we sure have missed all of your wonderful questions and thoughts on our articles. Moving forward, one of our staff herbalists will be here to respond to comments! We look forward to connecting with our readers once again!

  4. Avatar

    hi i have pcos and blocked fallopian tubes i also wanted to improve my egg quality. I am thinking of having a third ivf. I seen 3 different therapies here on this site. can i do all three at the same time or one at a time fertility cleanse with castor oil pack, pcos therapy and the improving egg quality therapy.

  5. Avatar

    3 weeks ago My husband and I found out we were expecting. I started having some bleeding a few days later and after blood work we found out I would be miscarrying. 9 days ago I went thru the actual miscarriage and past large clots along with having bad cramping. I went in yesterday for blood work to see if it was still showing I was pregnant. It is…2 weeks ago my number was 75, and even after the actual m/c it’s only down to 49. I’m still bleeding and I was hoping there would be a herb that would help cleanse out the rest of the tissue that may be left in my uterus causing the HCG to only have gone down a little bit since the last test 2 weeks ago. I’m ready to move on as I knew this miscarriage was coming so I’ve had time to deal with it. Now I just want to move on and get past the reminder of it every time I go to the bathroom. What herbs can I take?

    • Hi Sarah,

      I am sorry for your loss! May you continue to heal. I am sorry this post is a bit old. I am sure you are probably past your bleeding and actual need for this support any longer, but for future reference Dong Quai, Red Raspberry Leaf, Black Cohosh, and Motherwort may be worth looking into. You can do a search and Natural Fertility for information on these herbs.

      May you go on to have a healthy and happy pregnancy!

      Best Wishes,


  6. Avatar

    Can I continue to use Women’s Best Friend after a positive hpt? And can my husband continue with his Male Factor formula kit after getting a BFP?

    • Hi blessing,

      Women’s Best Friend should not be used after ovulation if you are trying to conceive, it should also not be used during pregnancy. The Male Factor Formula Kit products are fine for your husband to continue while you are pregnant.

      Best Wishes,


  7. Avatar

    Hi dear,
    I am using Vitex for a month now, but my AF is 3 weeks late. I did pregnancy test but was negative. I am so frustrated. I have two daughters, one is 9 and the other is 4. both of them was delivered Surgically.
    I want to use fertility cleanse kit but I have late period and should use it as I get it, or should I wait until the period comes??? should I stop taking Vitex because I think it causes the delay of AF????
    tell me what to do please.

    • Hi lshan,

      I find that vitex is not a good choice for women with very regular cycles. It is a better herb for women with irregular menstrual cycles and ovulation. If this is you, you may want to consider discontinuing the Vitex. We do not suggest taking vitex with the Fertility Cleanse Kit.

      Best Wishes,


  8. hi,
    can i start using cleansing fertility kit now.
    explan the superfoods.thank u

    • Hi emily,

      We do not have a kit called the Fertility Kit. We have a Fertility Cleanse Kit and a Fertility Preparation Kit. The Fertility Preparation Kit contains super foods. Super foods are foods that have superior nutritional value compared to other foods. Many of them have the ability to nourish the endocrine system. The main function of the endocrine system is to serve as our body’s message center. Hormones deliver messages, the endocrine system coordinates hormones. Super foods may support hormonal balance by nourishing the endocrine system.

      Best Wishes,


  9. Avatar


    I’m just about to purchase the fertility cleanse kit in a few days and want to purchase the PCOS cleanse kit as well since I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago and have been opting for the natural way to get rid of the PCOS & I’m glad i got your website!!. Which one should I use first:- the fertility cleanse kit or the PCOS Kit.

    And when I’m taking the fertiity Cleanse kit, is it o.k. to use a multivitamin as well since the fertility cleanse does not come with a multivitamin?

  10. Avatar

    hi! I was hoping someone can help me with the next step…
    I just finish the fertility cleanse bc my period showed up… What to do next? Can i go back to take vitex, royal jelly? Or should i continue with something different.
    I had been trying for 3 yrs. doctors said is hormonal imbalance, an also my cycles are short only 24 days. I was really hoping for the fertility cleanse to help me extend my cycle… But today is day 24 and my period is here 🙁
    I’m so confuse, sad….
    What should I do next ???
    Please help! Thanks

    • Hi Miracle,

      I see that you have also posted this comment to our Luteal Phase Defect page. Good, I am glad you read that! Do you chart your cycle to know if you have other signs of LPD? Charting may help you to determine if you may have LPD, and then you may want to consider some of the suggestions on that page. If you were using Vitex and RJ prior to the Fertility Cleanse, it may be a good idea to pick that back up. Vitex takes time to be effective, so if you choose to begin it again, it is important to be consistent with taking it. Vitex usually takes 6-12 months to be effective. Regarding the Fertility Cleanse, it is not uncommon for a woman to have her typical cycle length at the end of the cleansing period, so don’t be too disappointed. Just because you did not have a longer cycle, does not mean the herbs in the Fertility Cleanse kit did not have positive action in your body. The Fertility Cleanse in general is a great way for anyone who is experiencing fertility challenges to create a foundation for hormonal balance and a healthy uterus for implantation. Fertility Cleansing creates a “clean slate” within the body that helps the body to respond and utilize other natural remedies better.

      Best Wishes,


  11. Avatar

    Hello i just got dong quai and vitex but im not sure what to do because for dong quai i read im supposed to wait one day after my period but i dont get my period …..can i start this without a period?

    • Hi Carolina,

      If you do not have your period, you would just pick a day to begin the herbs, then continue on with them until your period began. Discontinue using the herbs during your bleeding time. Traditional useage for these herbs is up to 6 months for Dong Quai, and a year for Vitex. If you know you have begun to ovulate and you are trying to conceive, these herbs should only be used from after your period ends up to ovulation and not after in case of pregnancy.

      All the best,


  12. Avatar

    Hello, firstly thank you for all the wonderful information and resources available on your website. I will be starting the Fertility Cleanse in September. I have read from your previous comments that it is safe to take Maca during the fertility cleanse. I just wanted to check whether this went for all Superfoods such as Royal Jelly and Spirulina? Also I just wanted to confirm that I can start the enzyme therapy with the Fertility Cleanse?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Lisa,

      Maca, Royal Jelly, Protein powders, greens powders like Spirulina are safe to use with the Fertility Cleanse and are encouraged. Fertility Enzyme Therapy is also find to use with this cleanse.

      Best Wishes,


  13. Avatar

    I have multiple fibroids the largest measures 6.64 x 5.71cm. My uterus is anteverted and enlarged in size about 17.75x 12.70cm. I have a fibroid in my cervix measuring 7.18x 6.21cm. I also have a cyst in my ovary.

    Please I have just purchased the fertility cleanse kit, I have been using the fibrowise kit for about 3 weeks. Should I discontinue using the fibrowise kit when I start the fertility cleanse? I am also taking Rejuvenzyme.

    Do I need to take a higher dosage? What else can I do to reduce the size of the fibroids?

    • Hi Valerie,

      If you have already begun the FibroWise Remedy kit, including the Progesterone Cream, it may be best to continue on with the FibroWise Kit during the Fertility Cleanse. In general it is best to use the Fertility Cleanse Kit first prior to beginning other kits we sell. RejuvenZyme is safe to use with the Fertility Cleanse Kit products. We never recommend upping the dosage beyond what is recommended on the product label or kit instructions. An increase in dosage does not mean quicker or better results, in fact a very high dosage of anything can be dangerous and toxic to the body. Please follow all kit or product instructions.

      Other therapies that are very beneficial to reducing uterine fibroids are Self Fertility Massage and Castor Oil Packs.

      Due to the size and location of the fibroids, it would be best to talk to your doctor about the best options for your fertility in relation to your health.

      Best Wishes,


  14. Avatar


    • Hi Ann,

      Have you learned about using Natural Progesterone Cream or heard of the work that Dr. John Lee, MD has done with this natural supplement? Progesterone cream can help to oppose the estrogen dominance that occurs with PCOS. By using progesterone cream you are able to mimic a natural cycle and help the body to establish its own cycle, including ovulating, again. Dr. John Lee believed that with progesterone cream, changing to a PCOS specific diet and exercise, PCOS could become obsolete. You can learn the best natural remedies for PCOS at this link:

      Best Wishes Ann!


  15. Avatar

    my question is should i ttc when i am taking the clearnsing?

  16. Avatar

    I have been on the depo shot for 10 years and got my last dose on June 21st 2011 and was wondering when I need to start counting the day the BC is out of my system b/c I know that I have read that it takes anywhere from 4 months to 1 year to conceive after depo and plus I have been on it for so long and am now 30 years old this year, I wasn’t aware of the hard time conceiving after depo until I just started doing research on it and came across this site. I was wondering what would be the best thing to do to try and get this out of my system? My next apt was supposed to be b/w Sept 6th and the 20th but I am not going. I want to TTC now. I was thinking about the cleanse but I never had a period during the whole time of being on the depo and I see that the cleanse is done around your cycle which I don’t have one so I am not sure how I or when to take it. Also is there anything else I should be taking to help get my body back on track?

    • Hi Jessica, I am not sure how long it takes for the depo to leave the system. Doing a Fertility Cleanse can help the body to process any leftover hormones. You can do the cleanse without a menstrual cycle. You would just choose a start date and begin. If you get a full period during the cleanse pause the cleanse until your period has stopped, then begin again. Some women have issues after birth control medication, but there are others who do not.

  17. Avatar

    I am a 40yrs old woman and never seen period on my own. Going through your website, i saw many herbs to use. I ordered dong quai and vitex and im taking them at the same time. Was i suppose to use the cleansing kits first. Please help me.

    • Hi Maggie,

      It is best to do the Fertility Cleanse first prior to beginning other herbs for fertility. The Fertility Cleanse in general is a great way for anyone who is experiencing fertility challenges to create a foundation for hormonal balance and a healthy uterus for implantation. Fertility Cleansing creates a “clean slate” within the body that helps the body to respond and utilize other natural remedies better. This does not mean you have to do the Fertility Cleanse first, but it is best to do first because we do not recommend using Vitex or Dong Quai during this cleanse. If you chose to do the Fertility Cleanse we would suggest you stop the Vitex and Dong Quai and then begin them again once the cleanse is over.

      All the best,


  18. Hi,
    I have a question, with the smoothie kit do you use all those ingredients at one time or does the book suggest different super food supplements for different days? To be more clear, does the kit come with Maca, royal jelly, etc.? Do I mix them all together or would it suggest a smoothie with royal jelly in this one and Maca in another? I hope you get what I’m trying to ask.

    yours truly,

    • Hi Jenny,

      Some Fertility Smoothie recipes have maca, some have royal jelly, some have a combination of superfoods. The superfoods for each recipe in the Fertility Smoothies eBook varies. You can add what ever superfoods you prefer. You do not have to make the recipe exactly as it is. The recipes are meant to be a guide, but it is fine to add other superfoods to them. You can receive 10 free Fertility Smoothie recipes by signing up for the 10 Fertility Smoothie Challenge at this link:

      Best Wishes,