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About Sarah Abernathy – Certified Herbalist

About Sarah Abernathy – Certified Herbalist

Sarah Abernathy
Certified Herbalist

I’m so very excited to become part of the Natural Fertility team! I’ve worked in the field of natural foods and herbalism for over 20 years. I’m a published author (millions of copies sold), certified herbalist, and health and wellness consultant. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in English from St Mary’s College in 1993, and graduated from Professional Herbal Studies at the East West School of Herbology in 2005. Working with women on their journey to wellness is my passion! I love to share what I’ve been blessed to learn from naturopaths and other herbalists over the years.

We all need to take a measure of responsibility for our own health. I feel our healing tools are all around us. Further, your body is intelligent and knows what it needs to thrive. Are you listening to what your body is telling you? Your body needs a good lifestyle with quality whole foods, pure water, exercise, and plenty of rest. Herbs, in particular, are healing essences that the body can use to support its natural functions and balance itself. In addition, I never take for granted the mind-body connection, our spiritual well-being and the role of stress in health. Taking care of your mind and body is easier said than done in today’s world.

My own research into natural fertility started nearly ten years ago. Working with many women and experts in the field, I found many fertility problems are improved through lifestyle changes, use of supportive herbs and supplements, and increased education about you and your partner’s fertility status. I’m thrilled to be able to share what I’ve learned and to learn from your stories, too. I am here to support and guide you wherever you may be on your journey.

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