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Video: Creating A Healthy Foundation For Fertility

Video: Creating A Healthy Foundation For Fertility

Creating A Healthy Foundation For Fertility

These are things we feel you need to be focusing on to begin to boost your fertility naturally. Are you doing these things on a daily basis?

Human fertility is a lot like preparing soil when farming – the farmer looks at the soil to analyze the vitamin and mineral content to see if anything needs to be removed or added. They want to make sure that the soil is the healthiest it can be before seeds are planted, so that the plant can grow as large and healthy as it can. The same is true for fertility. It’s important to “prepare the soil”, aka the body and reproductive organs, so that conception can happen without issue when the time is right. You need to make sure you have a foundation in place!

This video was shared live! Listen in and read on to hear Natural Fertility Specialist Hethir Rodriguez explain in detail what we mean about creating a foundation for healthy fertility and conception. Then, download the Instagram App to watch our live broadcasts!

1. First, make sure you’re starting with the cleanest slate you can.
Women and men often start their natural fertility journeys by cleansing. Cleansing for fertility is very specific to reproductive health; focusing on the liver and uterine health (for women).

  • One of the liver’s main responsibilities is getting rid of excess hormones and toxins in the system. There are herbs that we use to help the liver function at its best.
  • The uterus is essentially going to be our “soil” in this example. We want to make sure that there is circulation to the uterus, that the uterus has a clean slate – no stagnation or old blood.

2. Then add nutrients to the “soil”!

  • Take a Multivitamin. Worthy of noting is a nurses study done at Harvard, the results of which showed that women taking a multivitamin ovulated more regularly and had higher fertility rates than women who weren’t taking a multivitamin. This step is super simple to do! A whole food multivitamin is what we suggest. Learn more about:
    FertilicaTM Fertile Woman One Daily
    MegaFood Men’s One Daily Multivitamin

  • Don’t forget about essential fatty acids (omega 3s). EFAs are important for creating/building hormones and hormone production. FertilicaTM Cod Liver Oil can help ensure your essential fatty acid stores are high enough during preconception, so that you can supply these nutrients to your baby’s growing brain and nervous system during pregnancy.
  • Eat your veggies! We all know that we need to be eating vegetables for minerals and fiber. Folate (folic acid) is a critical fertility and pregnancy nutrient, and one of the main reasons I am always talking about eating greens. Greens are an excellent source of folate! Vegetables are also rich in fiber. The body uses fiber to get rid of excess hormones (think estrogen dominance). One way to meet the daily servings of green is to use FertiliGreens.
  • Focus on eating a healthy Natural Fertility Diet. You get to choose what you eat every day! What you are eating today is going to impact the egg that you ovulate three months from now. It is the same for the health of the sperm. Include a high-quality protein powder: FertiliWhey or FertilicaTM Plant Protein Powder, rice or hemp protein powders even.

Quick recap for foundational steps:
1. Consider a Fertility Cleanse
2. Take a multivitamin
3. Eat essential fatty acids and take a omega-3 supplement
4. Eat your veggies and add a greens powder to your daily diet
5. Eat a Fertility Diet including clean proteins

Come on back next week to to learn more about the science behind the Fertility Cleanse!

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