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The Best Natural Alternative Therapies for Endometriosis

The Best Natural Alternative Therapies for Endometriosis

For women diagnosed with endometriosis, finding helpful, accurate information on natural alternative therapies for this condition can be challenging. As if these women didn’t already have enough to deal with, from pain to infertility, endometriosis can be one of the most difficult reproductive health concerns to navigate and heal.
Alternative Natural Therapies for Endometriosis
We find that a balance between good medical care and specific complimentary natural therapies can make all the difference in achieving pregnancy and improving quality of life for women with endometriosis.

Below is a compilation of important articles on the topic of natural alternative therapies, use of complimentary natural therapies and the most up-to-date medical procedures to help women with endometriosis.

5 Steps to Reversing Endometriosis Infertility

Understanding the Different Stages of Endometriosis

Destroying the Root: Excision Surgery for Endometriosis

Natural Treatments to Continue After Endometriosis Excision Surgery

Pycnogenol: Better for Endometriosis than Anything Your Doctor Can Give You?

Lupron and Endometriosis – What You Need to Know

Bee Propolis May Improve Fertility in Women with Endometriosis

The Link Between Candida and Endometriosis

5 Anti-Inflammatory Foods Women Should Be Eating

Beyond the Endo Diet: Understanding Food Intolerances and Individualized Plans

Fertility Q&A: Systemic Enzyme Therapy, Dong Quai & Endometriosis

Cinnamon Benefits PCOS, Endometriosis, Uterine Fibroids & Menorrhagia

Immune Infertility: Natural Options for Immunological Fertility Issues
(Important information for women with stage 1 & 2 Endometriosis)

Herbs and Supplements with Estrogen Action Q&A

You Can Reduce Excess Estrogen with Supplement DIM

Progesterone Fertility Guide for Endometriosis

How to Use Systemic Enzyme Therapy to Increase Your Fertility

Herbs for Endometriosis

Mercier Therapy for a Conscious Conception
Mercier Therapy is a deep pelvic organ manipulative technique to help restore movement and blood flow to the reproductive organs in order to improve fertility.

Dr. Christine Traxler M.D., OB/GYN
Dr. Christine Traxler M.D., OB/GYN

Dr. Traxler is a University-trained obstetrician/gynecologist, working with patients in Minnesota for over 20 years. She is a professional medical writer; having authored multiple books on pregnancy and childbirth; textbooks and coursework for medical students and other healthcare providers; and has written over 1000 articles on medical, health, and wellness topics.  Dr. Traxler attended the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences and University of Minnesota Medical School,  earning a degree in biochemistry with summa cum laude honors in 1981,  and receiving her Medical Doctorate degree (MD) in 1986.

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  1. Avatar

    Hello, I am 37 years old and ttc with stage 2 endometriosis. I have had 2 laparoscopic surgeries and hysteroscopy with polyp removal. It’s been nearly a year since my last surgery and I’m still suffering with debilitating pain. I’ve tried nearly everything from herbs and supplements to acupuncture, castor oil packs, yoga and meditation. We are currently undergoing IUI with femara and ovidrel trigger shots. I have taken vitex, maca, wobenzym n and recently active bee power. I read some conflicting information about combining herbs with fertility meds, therefore I was wondering what your opinion was on taking maca and active bee power superfoods with femara and ovidrel? I stopped the vitex.

    • Hello Sara!

      I’m sorry you still live with the pain!

      We can not suggest combining herbs or fertility superfoods like Maca and Royal Jelly that have the potential to impact hormonal balance with prescription medications that do that same unless your doctor approves and is willing to guide you in combining them. It is not known hot the two will interact… and wouldn’t want to interfere with the purpose of the medications during a medical procedure.

      Should you moved beyond IUI and wish to support the body naturally (in the absence of pregnancy) consider learning about the benefits Black Cohosh has to offer for those with menstrual cycle pain and uterine health.

      My best to you!